Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 61

Chapter 61

In the end, Lin Xiaoyu did not go to that powder shop again and came over here every day for Li Mo to do her makeup.

But after a depression period for nearly half a month, the shop has gradually improved, and the previous customers have come back to let Li Mo put on their makeup.

Among them was Mrs. Wen, who came to buy the balm a few days ago.

Early this morning, Madame Wen entered the store with a smile on her face and greeted the owner first, “Boss, I want to do my makeup today. That’s why I came to your store.”

Boss Yue curled her mouth and extended her hand to welcome her, “Yes, Madame Wen, please come in.”

Madame Wen entered the makeup room familiarly and smiled when she saw Li Mo, “Madame Song, do my makeup today, make sure it looks good. I have to accompany our master to a banquet for a good friend today.”

This was the first time Li Mo had ever seen a woman with a face that acted too natural, as if she hadn’t been to another shop for makeup some time ago. In fact, inwardly, Madame Wen was still a bit faintly embarrassed.

The two stores had hired makeup artists, one for only fifteen wen and the other for only twelve wen, so she could only choose the cheaper one. Her money did not come from the wind.

She went to the cheapest one first, but she was so angry that day.

The makeup that the makeup artist gave her was at most a little better than the makeup she had done at home. The shortcomings on her face were still clearly visible, her face was still so fat, and her nose was still upturned. How could it look good? Obviously, when Madame Song made her face, her face was a lot thinner, and her nose couldn’t be seen upturned.

She was so angry that she argued with the boss, but she got a sentence from him: “This makeup can’t replace your face. How can we get rid of the flesh on your face and get your nostrils down? Your request was simply unreasonable. “

She was so angry that she vowed never to buy anything from this store again.

After a few days of rest, she did not give up and went to another shop that costs fifteen wen to try again. This time, the makeup was much better than the last, and it looked okay, but it was still far inferior to Lady Song’s work.

She reluctantly strengthened for two days and didn’t go.

This time, an old friend of her master hosted a dinner. All the businessmen in this town and even the city were invited. The wives of each family would also go. Of course, she could not save money anymore for such a grand event. I have to go with the best image, so I still went back here.

Now, looking at the boss lady and Lady Song’s attitude, it was not any different from before, so she relaxed. I guess they didn’t know that she had gone to the other two shops before.

Li Mo did not want to probe the thoughts in Madam Wen’s heart and only seriously started to do her makeup.

This time, it only took her half an hour to finish her facial makeup. Thinking that Madam Wen was going to an important dinner party, Li Mo thought about it and gave her a dignified and beautiful Korean updo.

“Mrs. Wen, it’s ready. Take a look.” Li Mo said and put away the tools in her hand.

Madam Wen looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied to the core.

“Madam Song, your handiwork is unmatched by anyone.” Mrs. Wen praised her as she took out the money.

Li Mo took the money and nodded with a smile.

After Mrs. Wen left, Boss Yue came in with a smile, “I think this Mrs. Wen was not satisfied with the makeup artists of the other two shops. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come back for makeup.”

Li Mo nodded, “The occasion is very important. You know you can’t save money.”

“I really don’t understand what this person thinks,” said Boss Yue, laughing and shaking her head. “Her family was so rich, and there was no shortage of money; why is she stingy with those few wens?”

The richer people are, the more they like to be stingy.

After talking about this, the boss lady asked about the flower garden, “Is the flower garden at home built yet?”

Li Mo replied: “The wall was built a few days ago, and I bought the seeds. My sister-in-law and an elderly gardener whom I had invited were planting flowers at my house these days. They have already planted flowers. That’s it. The old gardener used to grow flowers for large families. He is very powerful, and it won’t be impossible if he is there. “

When Boss Yue heard those words, she replied: “Okay, then I can rest assured. I hope there will be many different scents of your balm in the future. When the time comes, customers will have more choices, and our business will be better. “

Li Mo nodded, “This time, we planted many varieties of flowers, and when spring starts next year, we may plant many more varieties, and then there will be more kinds of balm.”

After saying this, Li Mo opened her mouth and asked Boss Yue to leave, “Sister Yue, tomorrow, I have to go to the city with our family’s Dashan to treat his legs again, so I won’t come for the next two days.”

Boss Yue thought about it. It was indeed the day to see the leg once every half month, so she nodded her head and agreed, “This is the right thing to do. Now I see that your Dashan’s leg was much better. It’s not as lame as before.”

After several treatments, Song Dashan’s leg was indeed much better, and now it was not so swollen and unsightly.

The flower garden at home is now on the right track, so all we need to do is to take good care of it. Song Dashan will send the firewood for the next two days to the restaurant today; the house is now under the care of Meizi and Tiezi, so they don’t have to worry about it and can go to the city tomorrow to treat his legs without worry.

The next day, Song Dashan drove his car to the city once again with Li Mo, but this time they didn’t bring Xiao Bao with them.

Meizi watered and fertilized the seeds at home according to the old florist’s instructions while watching the two little ones, and at night, she even slept with Xiao Bao in their bed.

The next day, Meizi looked at the time and estimated that Li Mo and Song Dashan were coming back and hurried to serve the seeds and went to the vegetable garden. Today, she wanted to cook early so that they could eat when they came back.

But before she could pick the vegetables from the garden, there was a banging on the door of the house.

Meizi pondered the fact that this was not the time for her brother and sister-in-law to return, and who was knocking on the door?

Meizi hurriedly put down the dishes in her hand and hurried to the front door, opened the door, and saw that outside the door was a group of men whom she did not know. The leader of them was about forty years old, with a goatee, wearing a long shirt and looking well-mannered.

This group of men did not look like ordinary countrymen.

Meizi spoke hesitantly, “Who are you?”

The leader smiled and bowed with both hands, “Hello, young lady, I would like to ask if this is the home of Madame Song?”

Meizi nodded, “My family’s name is Song. I don’t know who you are looking for?”

The middle-aged man asked again, “Then the mistress of this house is a makeup artist? We are looking for her. “

Meizi guessed that this group of people was looking for a sister-in-law to put on makeup and nodded, “My sister-in-law is a makeup artist. May I ask why you are looking for her?”

The middle-aged man stroked his beard, “My surname is Chu. I am the housekeeper of the governor’s family. I am here to find your sister-in-law. I don’t know where she is. We want to talk to your sister-in-law face to face. “

As he said, he took out the token representing the prefectural government and showed it to Meizi.

When Meizi saw that the other party was from the governor’s office, she was shocked and rubbed her hands nervously: “My sister-in-law and my brother have gone to the city, and they are not at home now.”

Butler Chu smiled, his brows knitted, stroked his beard, and asked, “When will they be back then?”

Meizi said truthfully, “They should be back before noon.”

Butler Chu: “Should we go in, then? We are waiting for your sister-in-law to come back. “

Meizi pursed her lips, knowing that it was impossible to offend the governor’s people, so she had to open the door, her voice a little nervous, “Then please come in.”

Meizi welcomed several people into the house and poured a cup of tea for each of them.

The few people who came did not seem at all uneasy, sitting and drinking tea in a rather natural posture, but Meizi was a little nervous standing on the side, and the two little ones around her were also filled with curiosity and nervousness as they looked at the group.

Seeing that the two youngsters were looking at them nervously, Butler Chu smiled and said, “You don’t need to be nervous, we don’t have any malicious intent this time, we just wanted to cooperate with your sister-in-law, have good cooperation, only good for your family, no harm.”

Meizi pulled the corner of his mouth, did not speak. The eyes on the guard were still very deep.

During that time, she poured tea for this group of people once more, and when the second cup was about to reach the bottom, Li Mo and Song Dashan came back.

Li Mo looked at the carriage and several horses parked in front of her house and was puzzled. When she and Song Dashan, who were also puzzled, hurriedly entered the door, they saw a group of men sitting in the hall of their house while Meizi and the two little ones were standing at the side.

Li Mo and Song Dashan looked at each other with worry in their eyes.

Song Dashan, as the head of the family, entered the house and first said, “I wonder who these people are? Is there something you want to do at my house? “

Butler Chu looked at Song Dashan and finally cast his eyes on Li Mo, who was behind Song Dashan, confirmed Li Mo’s identity and immediately stood up and said with a smile, “Gentlemen, we are from the governor’s house. I am the butler of the governor’s family. My surname is Chu.”

In fact, the first time she saw Butler Chu, she recognized him. She had seen him when she went to the governor’s house to do makeup for the Ninth Miss, and he was the governor’s housekeeper.

Li Mo’s heart thumped. She inexplicably had a bad feeling, but still maintained a normal face, did not make a sound, wanted to see what this group of people’s purpose was in the end.

Song Dashan also frowned slightly when he heard the words and said quietly: “It turns out to be Steward Chu. I wonder what happened to you visiting us today? “

Butler Chu smiled and glanced at Li Mo before replying, “I am here today on the order of the governor to cooperate with Madam Song.”

Song Dashan’s folds between her eyebrows intensified, and he waved her hand, “I don’t dare. What can a small citizen like us do to cooperate with the governor.”

Butler Chu laughed, “You guys are too modest. Madam Song is not an ordinary commoner. Her makeup skills are so amazing that no one can compare. The last time she did makeup for the ninth lady of our house, everyone was so impressed. Our governor was also very impressed.”

Hearing this, Li Mo almost already knew their general intention, and for a while, she only felt the cool breeze pouring into her heart, making people have chills.

Butler Chu was still saying, “The makeup that Madam Song put on our ninth young lady last time was so beautiful that our ninth young lady managed to be seen by Lord Shangfeng and gain his honorable favor. Part of the credit for this goes to Madam Song.”

“This time, we’d also like to request that Madam Song continue with our Ninth Miss’s makeup,” he said, stroking his beard.” As for the payment, the governor is willing to give your family a hundred taels of silver.”

When Butler Chu finished speaking, a faint self-satisfaction appeared on his face. For this family’s situation, a hundred taels of silver was undoubtedly a great temptation. With a hundred taels, you could buy a very good house in town. If you wanted to marry a beautiful woman, it would also be very easy. Even if Madam Song herself was not happy, the rest of the Song family must be very happy.

At first, she thought she had escaped. She didn’t seem to have escaped completely. The governor’s family was not going to let her go.

Li Mo tried his best to calm himself down, suppressing the coldness in his heart, and asked, “As far as I know, this Ninth Miss has already gone to the capital with Master Shangfeng. Why do I need to put on her makeup?”

Butler Chu nodded, “Good, our Ninth Miss has been brought back to the capital by Lord Shangfeng and has become Daren’s concubine. For this makeup, she naturally invited Madam Song to go to the capital, and she will be with Miss Nine in the future. Don’t worry. In addition to giving you one hundred taels of silver, I will also give you monthly silver every month. The treatment is definitely better than Ninth Miss’s personal maid. “

Li Mo shivered.

This was not to invite her to do makeup but to force her to travel to the capital and work as a dresser for the Ninth Miss, to be used by the Ninth Miss.

However, it had obviously been so long ago. Why did this not happen in the first place, but now, they come to force her?

What she didn’t know was that the Ninth Mistress had the idea of taking Li Mo to be her servant, but the Third Aunt at that time rejected her idea, thinking that Li Mo was too good-looking and it was too unsafe to stay by the Ninth Mistress’ side and that she might hook up with Lord Feng.

In addition, the third aunt thought that there must be a lot of makeup maids in the capital who were better than Li Mo, so she would just spend money to find a new makeup maid when the time came.

After listening to the Third Aunt, Ninth Miss gave up her plan to turn Li Mo into her maid and found a makeup maid to follow her around to do her makeup after she went to the capital.

At first, she was favored for a while, but gradually, Lord Shangfeng felt that her face was not as stunning as the first time he saw her, so he gradually lost interest and stopped coming to her room. No matter how Ninth Miss dresses, there is no way to regain the Lord’s heart, and Master Shangfeng’s backyard has added several good-looking newcomers. She is almost out of sight of this adult.

The Ninth Miss became more and more anxious, thinking about the problem of the makeup artist. She hired this makeup artist, but she was not as great as Li Mo, and she couldn’t achieve the stunning effect no matter how she turned it, which made her very dissatisfied.

After a concubine came in and got pregnant, Miss Nine finally couldn’t sit still and immediately sent a letter to the governor informing her of her current predicament and asking the governor to quickly bring Li Mo to the capital to be her makeup maid.

This is what happened today.


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