Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Li Mo and Song Dashan stayed in the Captain’s Mansion for another night, and early in the next morning, they packed up their things and got ready to go home.

When they were taken away that day, Meizi and the two children were probably scared to death. Since they hadn’t returned home in the past two days, they didn’t know how worried the people at home would be if they didn’t hear from each other.

Song Dashan drove the donkey cart, carrying Li Mo, and rushed back home. Behind them was Sima Haoran, accompanied by a group of people.

Li Mo guessed that they were going to have trouble with the county magistrate. Sure enough, after arriving in the town, Sima Haoran took the troops directly to the county office, leaving Song Dashan to wait for his news.

Song Dashan and Sima Haoran agreed and drove the donkey cart to take Li Mo back home.

The gate of the house was open, so Song Dashan drove the donkey cart directly back to the courtyard.

It was estimated that Meizi was the first to rush out of the yard. When she saw Li Mo and Song Dashan, her eyes burst into tears, as she cried out as if she could not believe it. “Brother, Sister-in-law, it’s you. You are back! “

Xiao Bao, who ran out after Meizi, said nothing and rushed to Li Mo like a little cannonball. He hugged Li Mo’s leg to death, choked on his voice, “Mother, mother, mother…….”.

Xiao Bao shouted “mother” over and over again and made Li Mo’s tears also flow out. She rushed to hold Xiao Bao in her arms, kissing his face to soothe him, “Xiao Bao is good, Mother and Father are back, it’s okay, do not be afraid.”

But Xiao Bao still clung to Li Mo’s neck as if he was going to lose her in the next second.

Li Mo’s heart was aching. This time, the incident really scared the child.

Meizi and Tiezi also-ran to the front with Xiao Shu in their arms, both of them looking haggard.

Meizi looked at Li Mo and Song Dashan to make sure they were really back in one piece, and said in a trembling voice, “Sister-in-law, you’re really back safely! We couldn’t find you guys. We really didn’t know what to do if you didn’t come back. We were going crazy! “

Song Dashan patted Meizi and Tiezi’s shoulders, “It’s okay, we’re back, we’ll be fine from now on, don’t worry.” He said, guiding everyone towards the house, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

When they entered the house and sat around the table, Song Dashan told them what had happened in the past two days.

The children did not understand, but Meizi and Tiezi listened to the ups and downs.

When Song Dashan finished, Meizi was so angry that she slapped the table, “This magistrate is really bad. If my brother didn’t know the newly appointed captain, our family would have been really hurt this time.”

Tiezi blamed himself, “This time we were really scared to death. It’s all my fault that I wasn’t at home at the time. Otherwise, my brother wouldn’t have been hurt so badly alone, and my sister-in-law wouldn’t have been taken away so easily. “

Li Mo said, “Okay, okay, don’t blame yourself. This time, it is a blessing behind misfortunes. The most important thing is that our family is safe and sound together. Don’t say anything. Let’s cook a few dishes at noon to celebrate, as a way to get rid of bad luck for our family. “

“That’s one way to put it. I’ll go prepare the dishes, sister-in-law, while you and my brother rest. Tiezi and I will do it. Today at noon, we must have a good celebration, “Meizi said.

Meizi and Tiezi went to the back to prepare the meal, and only then did Li Mo ask Song Dashan about Sima Haoran, “Dashan, what did Sima intend to do with the magistrate? He shouldn’t have at least the right to move the magistrate, right? If he does, will it cause trouble for Sima? “

It was reasonable to say that this matter for the county was not a big problem. In the eyes of the people above, it was probably just a small mistake that was not worth mentioning. Even if reported to the court, it would not attract any punishment, and even if there is punishment, it would not be under the authority of the captain. Li Mo was concerned that Sima would be forced to take charge of this situation and ended up causing himself problems.

Song Dashan took Li Mo’s hand and said: “If the matter is done in public, it is not a big deal and the county magistrate can’t be punished. But Sima’s family background is not ordinary. For us ordinary people, the magistrate is a superior official who can take charge of our life and death, but for Sima, it is easy for him to punish the county magistrate. Sima did not plan to do anything to the magistrate today and only wanted to scare him. The real punishment would come after. “

Song Dashan continued, smiling soberly, “The magistrate will not be promoted in this life, nor will he live a comfortable life as an official here. When the time comes, there will be a good place for him to go, but I am afraid that he will not be able to show off his might. “

Hearing Song Dashan’s words, Li Mo could roughly guess what Sima was going to do to the magistrate and felt that she had removed a burden.

As a result, not long after the family had eaten, Sima Haoran came over with his men and horses, and what was more unexpected was that the governor also followed, and was thrown into the house by Sima Haoran with his collar.

Before the magistrate could stand steadily, he immediately kneeled down with a ‘poof’, and before Li Mo and Song Dashan could react, he kowtowed several times with a fierce knock.

“Mister Song, Madame Song, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault. I simply wasted my time as an official. Please forgive me, I’m willing to compensate you. “

Li Mo was a little confused. Looking at the person who was arrogantly and unbearably bullying them before, they were suddenly overwhelmed a little bit and unable to react. The county magistrate, who had no regard for ordinary citizens, was kneeling and kowtowing to them, the ordinary people, to admit his mistake.

Looking at the magistrate who was still kneeling on the ground, and then at Sima Haoran, who was drinking tea leisurely by the side, Li Mo realized for the first time the great benefits of power and status under the ancient feudal system.

This is power, this is status. In front of people who have more power and authority than you, you have to lay down your dignity, you have to be at the mercy of others. Before, they were at the lowest level in the face of the powerful county magistrate. They could only yield and be hurt. But in front of a higher power, those who hurt them also need to bow down. Just like them, he was powerless.

This is the cruel reality of the feudal system.

After allowing the county magistrate to repent and admit his mistake for a while, Sima Haoran said, “Okay, don’t kneel. Kneeling will not make up for the harm you have caused to people. Get up. “

The magistrate looked at Sima Haoran fearfully and stood up while shivering, “Yes, yes, your honor, I will make up for my mistake. This is my compensation to Mister Song’s family. This is my compensation for you and your wife’s suffering. You must accept it. “

Li Mo looked at the stack of silver banknotes in front of her and looked at them carefully with curiosity. This was the first time she had seen what silver banknotes looked like since she came here, and there were large amounts on them. Each banknote was equivalent to one hundred taels.

This was too much money for an ordinary farming family; normally a family’s savings could only amount to a few dozen taels. It was a shock to see so many silver banknotes at once, but Li Mo had seen a lot of money in modern times, so she felt no sense of amazement.

Song Dashan looked at the banknotes that the governor insisted on handing over and refused to accept it. He looked at Sima Haoran.

This is too much money, even if it is in the name of compensation. They do not require so much. Medical expenses plus other compensation; at most, it costs 20 taels. How can Sima punish the magistrate if he accepts so much money from the magistrate, isn’t it the same as accepting his bribe?

Knowing Song Dashan’s concern, Sima Haoran smiled and said: “Dashan, this is the compensation you deserve. You were so badly injured by his people. My sister-in-law was also injured. You also need to recuperate well. This loss, shouldn’t the county magistrate compensate you? Don’t you think so, Sir? “

The sweat was dripping down the magistrate’s brow, and it was too late to wipe it away. He immediately nodded his head like pounding garlic, “Yes, yes, I should compensate, must compensate, please accept the money. If you don’t, I won’t be able to sleep and eat well.”

“This…” Song Dashan looked at Li Mo.

Li Mo was not a saint either. This incident has scared the family and almost took half of their lives. Song Dashan was even beaten all over his body. He wouldn’t recover within a month. She hated the county magistrate in her heart. Thus, it’s impossible to refuse the so-called compensation which should have been given to their family.

But Li Mo knew that the real punishment had yet to come. Sima Haoran wanted to give the magistrate the greatest punishment. There would be no good end for the magistrate. Therefore, the hatred in her heart could also be calmed. There is no such thing as accepting money to dispel hatred. Therefore, this compensation should be taken, but she will only take the compensation that she deserves.

According to the modern compensation law, the medical expenses plus the expenses to be used for nourishing their bodies, added with the cost of delaying their work and the family’s emotional damages, not more than a hundred taels, so they will only receive one banknote.

Li Mo said to Song Dashan, “Dashan, we deserve this compensation, but we don’t need so much. Just accept one banknote.”

Song Dashan fully supported Li Mo and really accepted only one banknote. He said to the magistrate, “This money is what we deserve. Take back the remaining banknotes. We can’t afford it.”


Seeing that Song Dashan refused to accept all of the banknotes, the magistrate immediately looked at Sima Haoran with fear and trepidation, not knowing what to do now.

Sima Haoran looked at Li Mo, a trace of appreciation flashed in his eyes, and nodded to the county magistrate, “Since my brother and sister-in-law will only accept so much, you can take back the rest.”

The magistrate was relieved to hear Sima Haoran said so. He took back the rest of the banknotes. Figuring that the matter was almost over, he looked at Sima Haoran hopefully and flattered: “Then my lord, this matter has passed, right? I won’t be held accountable anymore, right? “

Sima Haoran raised his eyes and looked at the country, smiled meaningfully, and waved his hand, “You don’t need to stay here, go back, I have my own arrangements.”

The governor did not get a clear answer. Feeling uneasy, he could not help but ask: “This… My Lord…”

But Sima Haoran scowled and stared straight at the county magistrate, making him tremble with fright. He didn’t dare to say anymore, and immediately turned around and ran away.

Until the magistrate’s figure disappeared, Song Dashan smiled and sat down, patting Sima Haoran’s shoulder, “Sima, this matter, you really helped a lot. Thank you.”

Li Mo also bowed to Sima Haoran, “Sima Haoran, Thank you so much. We are grateful for your help.”

Seeing that both their brother and sister-in-law expressed their gratitude, Meizi and Tiezi also hurried to follow suit.

Sima Haoran frowned and said impatiently, “Don’t do this, I’m tired of this. If you guys still do this, I’ll get angry. “

Song Dashan knew Sima Haoran’s temper and said with a smile, “Okay, okay, we will not be thanking you anymore. But you coming over suddenly, we have nothing to entertain you. So, stay for dinner at my house. How can you not eat a meal? “

Sima Haoran was quick to nod his head this time, “Okay, of course, dinner is fine.”

Li Mo heard the words and immediately instructed Tiezi, “Tiezi, you will drive the cart. Go to town now and buy some meat, two more fish. Along the way, buy a few large jars of wine when you come back. The meat should be in large portions. Several men are joining the meal. “

Tiezi nodded, “Sister-in-law I know, leave it to me. You can rest assured. “

Tiezi thus went to town. Li Mo asked Song Dashan to take Sima Haoran to the flower garden in the back and talk, while she took Meizi to Aunt Zhao’s house to borrow enough tables, chairs, and dishware. She also asked Sister Lanhua to come over to help, as there were many people at night and two tables of dishes had to be made, as it would be too hectic if only a few people did it.

When they went to Aunt Zhao’s house, the Zhao family naturally hugged Li Mo and asked her about the incident that day. The whole village heard about it but did not know what was going on. Some people speculated that Li Mo’s family had offended the big shots.

The Zhao family was worried for days because of this.

Li Mo explained as briefly as possible, saying that she had been out of danger and was helped by an important person, but she did not explicitly tell the identity of Sima Haoran.

Aunt Zhao learned that Li Mo and Song Dashan were fine and that they were going to entertain their guests tonight, so she naturally did her best to help out, bringing out all the good dishes from the house, asking Zhao Changbang to send the table and chairs directly, and asking her two daughters-in-law to help.

With the help of the two sisters-in-law, the work was done quickly, and the two tables were ready before it was dark.

Li Mo’s family and Sima Haoran sat at one table, while the subordinates sat at another table.

Song Dashan filled Sima Haoran’s bowl with wine, “Brother, for your great kindness, I won’t say thank you, but receive this bowl of wine and have a toast!” He said, tilting his head and drinking the wine.

Sima Haoran smiled and followed suit, tilting his head and drinking a bowl of wine, “Good, let’s have a good time! We used to drink such a big bowl when we were in the barracks. “

Song Dashan laughed and poured the wine for Sima Haoran, “Then today we will drink well and not return until we get drunk.”

“Okay, if you don’t get drunk, you can’t go back.”

At the end of the meal, Song Dashan and Sima Haoran were both red-faced and very happy.

Li Mo wanted to keep them here for the night, but Sima Haoran shook his head and refused, “I have business tomorrow that I can’t delay. I have to rush back to the city tonight. Thank you sister-in-law for your kindness. Next time when I’m free, I’ll come back and drink with Dashan.”

After that, he hugged Song Dashan and told him to look for him the next time he went to the city.

Li Mo didn’t hold back anymore and sent Sima Haoran out of the village together with Song Dashan. In the dark, she watched a group of people leaving the village till they gradually disappeared from her vision.

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