Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 66

Chapter 66

Five days later, the villagers who came back from the town said that the current Magistrate had transferred to Mohe, and the new Magistrate was coming.

Li Mo smiled when she heard the news and looked at Song Dashan, who was also contemplating. His eyes flashed.

Sima Haoran’s actions were extremely fast. He completed the transfer of the Magistrate in just five days. Li Mo now truly believes that the power of Sima Haoran’s family is not ordinary.

However, why was the Magistrate transferred to Mohe?

Seeing Li Mo puzzled, Song Dashan answered her doubts, “The area of Mohe is adjacent to the Three Kingdoms of Tatar, Shayun, and Fuyu. There are always small disputes, and the situation there is complicated. The court is not willing to manage it, plus the terrain and the climate are rather problematic. The environment was extremely poor. Ordinary people are reluctant to live there, and those who can live there aren’t people that easy to provoke. The government is only a decoration for the people there. There are often incidents of beatings and intimidation subjected to the officials. In short, that place is like a nightmare for all officials. Going there is tantamount to life-long exile.”

Li Mo then realized.

After understanding the situation, Li Mo felt that Sima Haoran was indeed really cruel. Such a result was worse than directly taking off the official position. However, as a victim of the Magistrate, Li Mo will not act like a female deity[1]圣母 (shèng mǔ): Female deity, goddess. Used to describe the character that is full of compassion and always forgiving others’ mistakes “mary sue” who sympathizes with the Magistrate at this time. If they were not lucky enough to meet Sima Haoran this time, maybe their family will be separated, and they will never see each other again. If that really happens, then at that time, Song Dashan will probably go crazy. Thus it will not be far from the destruction of the family.

Knowing that it has ended, Li Mo and Song Dashan both tacitly did not mention this matter again but discussed what was to come.

Her injury was not serious, but Song Dashan’s injury… he needs to recuperate, so she did not go out in the past few days. She stayed at home to look after Song Dashan, but she can’t stay at home like this for too long. Since many things have been delayed, it is time to manage things.

“Dashan, we can’t keep delaying the firewood for the restaurant because we promised people we’d keep sending it. Now that you’re injured and can’t do physical work, so don’t go to the mountains to cut firewood during this period; instead, you can just send it. You go and talk to Uncle Zhao’s family, let them do it. We’ll give them more money.”

Song Dashan nodded his head. His body had been severely injured. Therefore he was unfit for physical labor. At present, he can only drive the cart.

“I also have to go back to Sister Yue’s place. There’s no news for so many days. Sister Yue is probably very anxious.”

After she was rescued, she heard from Song Dashan that when she had been taken away by the Magistrate, Sister Yue was so anxious to the point of went back and forth at the Magistrate’s residence many times to inquire about her.

Song Dashan also held a great deal of gratitude for the Boss Lady, nodded at her words, “Okay, I’ll send you there tomorrow.”

Li Mo sighed in her heart when she thought of Sister Yue. The situation of the Magistrate’s family was chaotic because of her. She was worried since Sister Yue and the Magistrate’s family were relatives.

Li Mo held this concern in her heart and went with Song Dashan’s donkey cart to town the next day.

As usual, Li Mo got off the cart and went straight to the store with her makeup case.

As soon as she entered, she saw Sister Yue standing behind the counter, distracted, seemingly thinking about something troubling.

“Sister Yue!” Li Mo opened her mouth and shouted.

When Sister Yue saw that it was Li Mo who had returned, her eyes lit up, and she quickly ran out from behind the counter, hugging Li Mo, her eyes red with excitement, “Sister, is it really you? Are you back? “

Li Mo, who was still worried about being awkward with each other, was relieved to see such an attitude coming from Sister Yue. She hugged her back, and her eyes also turned red, “Sister Yue, I’m back, I’m fine.”

Sister Yue saw that there were already people sizing them up at the gate, came back to her senses. She wiped her eyes, hurriedly pulled Li Mo inside the dressing room, sat down side by side, took Li Mo’s hand, and didn’t let go. She looked at Li Mo from head to toe. She saw that she seemed to be fine and was slightly relieved, but she still asked uneasily, “Sister, are you alright? Did you suffer a lot? “

Li Mo shook her head, “No, nothing is wrong. Except that I was stabbed with needles many times, I did not suffer any other injuries.”

Hearing Li Mo talked about being stabbed by the needle, Sister Yue pursed her lips, feeling very uncomfortable, “Sister, this time you have suffered, your sister’s useless, I wasn’t able to help you.”

Li Mo hurriedly squeezed Sister Yue’s hand, “Sister Yue, how can you say that? I’ve heard from Dashan, this time, you’ve been very anxious. You’ve even spied on the Magistrate’s office for my news. This much has made us grateful already. Besides, the Magistrate’s mind was not something you could change, so how can I blame you? Don’t blame yourself. “Li Mo finished and looked at Sister Yue’s face. She hesitated for a moment and tentatively asked: “Sister Yue, this time the magistrate was reassigned, are you aware of it?”

Sister Yue smiled when she heard the words. Didn’t know what she thought of. Her face was difficult to read, and she nodded slightly, “I know, he was transferred to Mohe.”

Li Mo bit her lower lip and asked with difficulty, “Sister Yue, you won’t blame me, right?”

Sister Yue raised her eyes, seemingly surprised that she would ask this, “What are you talking about? What can I blame you for?”

“Sister Yue, this time, the matter was done by Lord Duwei. The Magistrate was transferred to Mohe was arranged by the Lord. In fact, Dashan and I can be safe this time, all thanks to Lord Duwei’s rescue. The Lord and my Dashan are old acquaintances, so my Dashan went to him for help, and that’s why this happened,” Li Mo said honestly.

(Dnf: Duwei was a military rank used in ancient China, Official with this rank is sent by the Imperial Court to help the Prefect manage the Military. So it is like General then Duwei followed by other military ranks below them)

Sister Yue suddenly realized, “So it’s true. At first, I didn’t believe it.”

Li Mo was puzzled. She didn’t know why Sister Yue said this.

Sister Yue sighed, “You don’t know, my cousin’s family came to me the day before yesterday and asked me to help intercede with you, saying that I just asked you to help them plead with Lord Duwei. At the time, I thought they were offending the high officials and wanted to put all the blame on you. But you and Da Shan are ordinary people, thus where can you find Lord Duwei to support you, so I didn’t believe them. I gave them a half-hearted response. In the end, I was scolded by the Magistrate’s mother, that is, my aunt, and had a lot of trouble in my shop.” Sister Yue looked a little ugly when she said that.

Li Mo knew that Sister Yue must have been aggrieved and felt a little guilty, “Sister Yue, the Lord, did punish the Magistrate because of us. What will happen at your side?”

Knowing Li Mo’s meaning, Sister Yue patted Li Mo’s hand, “Sister, do not think too much, even if this matter was really because of you, I am not in a position to blame you for anything. Am I so unreasonable? You and Dashan suffered so much this time, all because of the selfishness of the county head magistrate and the Ninth Miss; I can’t imagine what would have happened to you if you hadn’t found help from the Lord; fortunately, good people have good karma, and you safely survived this disaster.”

Li Mo did not expect Sister Yue to be so reasonable. She not only did kept ties with them but also stand on her side. She really didn’t know how to thank her right now.

“Sister, I’m not going to lie to you; although our family is related to the county magistrate, we are not as close as you think; we are ordinary people. The county magistrate had never cast his glance at relatives like us, except when he asked us for money. You actually do not know. We need to pay an amount of money for his protection. Every year we need to pay a large amount of silver to pay respect to the county magistrate. The money that the store earned every year, for a large part of the money, we would give to the magistrates’ office. In this situation, do you think we still have deep affection? “

Li Mo did not expect that there was this kind of matter behind the scenes, but, remembering the luxurious life of that Magistrate’s house, it’s not surprising at all. If there is no money, how can he maintain that kind of glory and wealth? Alas, being so cruel to your relatives, it’s too unkind.

Although Sister Yue has little affection for the Magistrate’s family, after all, they are still her relatives. Since she couldn’t do anything even after the Magistrate’s family has personally come to the door to beg for mercy, her clan may be displeased with her as their clan has lost a magistrate who protects them ah.

“Sister Yue, then will there be people coming to trouble you? After all, you didn’t do them any favors. “

The smile on Sister Yue’s face became bitter. She sighed deeply. “I actually did not tell you. Yesterday, my eldest aunt and the clan’s old Patriarch came over again and ordered me to make sure that this thing would be set right. I said I do not have that ability. As a result, they relied on the old man, made a big fuss. But they are my elders. I cannot say anything!”

Li Mo’s face also looked ugly, and her brows wrinkled deeply.

Sister Yue didn’t want the two of them to be sad, so she waved her hand, forced a smile, and said, “Well, don’t think about it, the transfer order from the top has come down, going to Mohe is the nail in the coffin, no one can change it, what’s the use of them coming to me?”

Li Mo was not so optimistic.

This matter was all because of her. If the people of Sister Yue’s clan saw that Sister Yue was still on good terms with her, wouldn’t they be angry in their hearts? She has the Lord’s backing, so they wouldn’t be able to do anything to her. But there is no guarantee that this anger will not be vented on Sister Yue, who has a good relationship with her, and she is still making money in Sister Yue’s shop.

As it turns out, her thought was right.

The day Li Mo went back to Siter Yue’s store to put on makeup, a group of people arrived at the store, including the governor’s mother, Sister Yue’s eldest aunt, the clan’s Patriarch, and several clansmen.

When the Magistrate’s mother entered the store and saw Li Mo who was in the middle of putting on makeup, she was so angry that she grabbed the abacus placed on the counter by Sister Yue’s side and flung it to the ground, making a loud bang, scaring all the customers in the store, making them ran out of the store and stayed at the entrance of the store.

Sister Yue looked at her with a black face and asked, “Auntie, what do you mean by doing this?”

The Magistrate’s mother pointed her finger at Li Mo and said angrily, “She is the reason why my son went to that place. You could have helped us to plead for mercy, but you refused to help. Now you still took her and did her work in your store. Do you not put our Liu clan in your eyes?”

After saying this, she pounded her cane fiercely, “My son has protected you a lot. If not for my son, you wouldn’t be able to open this store to earn money in peace, right? Now you have become a white-eyed wolf. Not only did you not help your own family, but you also took the side of the enemy as if you were sisters. How can you live up to us? “

Sister Yue was so angry till her eyes went red, “Auntie, it’s initially uncle’s fault. He took Sister Li Mo by force to the capital to make her work as a maid for your Ninth Miss, almost breaking up her family and beating her husband till he was full of injuries. I’m only an ordinary woman. How am I going to plead to the Lord? “

The Magistrate’s mother gave a fierce “bah,” full of hatred, “Nonsense! What’s wrong with working as a maid? Many people want to work as a maid but can’t get in. We give her the opportunity, and she was still not happy! And you! you think I will believe your words? You are a white-eyed wolf, you don’t want to help us, yet you helped your enemies! “

Sister Yue’s hands were shaking with anger, but she still took a deep breath and said, “Auntie, you are too unreasonable! What kind of status do I have? How can the Lord listen to me? Is it useful for me to beg for mercy? Madam Song was also the same. The Lord only helped her with good intentions. Can she influence the Lord’s decision? Do you think we are ones who can plead for mercy? “

The Magistrate’s mother was stirred by Sister Yue’s words, “Good for you, Liu, your sophistry is first-class. You have no respect!” She stepped forward and was about to hit her with her cane.

The clan elder next to her then stepped forward to stop the woman who was about to hit Boss Lady, held down her cane, and calmed her down: “Older sister, take it easy, don’t bother with the younger generation, they don’t know what’s good, you’re losing your face by hitting them.” She said.

He looked at Sister Yue and spoke in a serious tone: “Liu, even if we believe your words about not being able to intercede, but you still let the people who have harmed your uncle’s family make money in your shop. Isn’t this too unreasonable? Don’t you take our clan seriously? How can you face our clan after doing this? “

In fact, this Patriarch was also very angry. After so many years, they finally have a magistrate in the clan, which made him go everywhere with a raised face, but now it’s all gone. He really can’t wait to kill this Li Mo! He knew that the result could not be changed, but seeing the people who had harmed them were still making money in their family’s shop, they couldn’t stop the fire in their hearts.

Sister Yue opened her mouth and just wanted to refute the Patriarch’s words when Li Mo took her hand and shook her head, signaling her not to start a conflict with the clan’s men, which would not do her any good.

Li Mo looked at the Magistrate’s mother, the Patriarch, and the other clansmen and said, “We ordinary people have no way of making a statement about what the Lord has done, and neither Sister Yue nor I can ask for mercy. Now you have nothing to say, right? “

“Sister!” Sister Yue exclaimed, reaching out and pulling Li Mo’s sleeve.

Li Mo smiled reassuringly and looked down to start packing up her makeup case.

In fact, she really can’t stay here anymore, just because of the attitude of the Magistrate’s mother and the Patriarch. She knows with the attitude of Sister Yue’s clan, if she still stays here, she will only bring trouble to Sister Yue.

This is a family matter. She is an outsider and could not help Sister Yue to solve it. The only way was to leave.

“Sister, don’t be like this. No one can drive you away while I am here!” Sister Yue stopped Li Mo’s hand from packing the case.

Li Mo was touched by Sister Yue’s attitude, but based on this, she couldn’t make it harder for Sister Yue. Li Mo patted Sister Yue’s hand. “Sister Yue, it’s me who wants to leave, not because of anything else.” Li Mo couldn’t say much and can only find another opportunity to talk to Sister Yue.

Today, she took the initiative to leave the store. Others will have no reason to make things difficult for Sister Yue.

Li Mo did not say anything and hurried out of Sister Yue’s store with her head bowed after gathering her things and looking at the Magistrate’s mother and the Patriarch, who was sitting in their chairs watching her intently.


1 圣母 (shèng mǔ): Female deity, goddess. Used to describe the character that is full of compassion and always forgiving others’ mistakes “mary sue”


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