Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 67

Chapter 67

After leaving the store, Li Mo took a deep breath.

Seeing that it was still early, not yet time for Song Dashan to pick her up and take her home, Li Mo had no place to go, so she simply wandered around the street.

Sister Yue’s clan didn’t like her so much, so it was impossible for her to go back to the store. Otherwise, neither she nor Sister Yue would have a peaceful life, so it seemed that something had to be done early in her plan.

Li Mo glanced at both sides of the road as she walked, trying to see if there were any vacant stores.

Originally, she was planning to wait until Song Dashan’s leg was completely healed before opening up her own store, but now it seems that this matter must be done in advance.

In fact, at this time, it was an appropriate time for her to open her own shop. The first thing was, their money was enough. The county magistrate had given their family a hundred taels of silver, and adding with the spare money her family had saved, buying a store won’t be any problem for them. Secondly, they have enough connections now. She had worked with Sister Yue’s store for a long time. A lot of people already knew her. She also accumulated some old customers. Thus, even if she opens up a new store, customers won’t be the problem. The third was security. Now that she was acquainted with Sima Haoran, she wouldn’t have to worry if other stores would make problems with her store.

The time, the place, and the people were all there. Now the problem was to see if she could find the right store.

Li Mo wandered around the small and large streets of the town. Her legs were sore from walking. At last, at the end of a slightly remote street, she discovered a vacant store that had not yet been opened for business. Li Mo guessed that this store location was not good. It was not lively enough, which was why no one rented or bought out the store.

Although the location was not really good, there were no other stores to choose from, so Li Mo still planned to inquire about this store first.

After wandering around the shop’s gate for a long time, she couldn’t find even a note on the door, and there was no contact information of the homeowner at all. Li Mo thought she had missed it, but she still couldn’t find anything after searching for it several times. She then confirmed that there was really none.

Li Mo had no choice but to go to the store next to it and asked the store owner about the vacant store.

As a result, Li Mo found that the store next door was actually selling incense and paper money, and other things.

Li Mo then realized that there was actually another reason for the store’s vacancy in addition to the poor location. In ancient times, people were concerned about having good luck for their business. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to have a shop that was close to a store that sold things used for the deceased. It was some kind of taboo for them.

However, Li Mo, as a person who came from the modern era, did not believe in feudal superstition. She also didn’t think that selling incense and paper money was taboo. She doesn’t need to care about this. Therefore, she stepped in directly and faced the people behind the counter. She asked the person: “Boss, I want to ask, has the shop owner next door left their address? I want to ask about the shop, but I don’t know how to find the owner.”

The man behind the counter smiled. His eyes widened in surprise. He looked back and forth at Li Mo twice before asking uncertainly, “Do you want to do business?”

Li Mo nodded, “Yes, I want to do some small business. I saw that the store next to your store was empty, so I came to ask.”

The man’s eyes widened a bit. His eyes contained a certain inquiry as if he did not quite believe Li Mo’s words.

Li Mo saw that he did not answer and asked again, “Boss, I wonder if you have any news about the owner of the store next door? If not, this little woman will not bother you anymore. “

The Boss saw that Li Mo was really looking for the shop owner next door, so he suppressed his doubts and said, “Madam, you should take a good look at the store next door. It’s not very lively, and it’s next to my store, so think about it.”

Li Mo smiled and thanked, “Thank you for your kind words. I just want to ask. I’m still not sure whether to buy it or not.”

When Li Mo said that, he nodded his head and continued, “The store next door was not for rent, but for sale. And it was sold as a whole, not just the front. “

Li Mo did not understand: “What does sold as a whole mean?”

The owner explained, “There is a yard and a house behind the store, which was used for living. The owner of the house said that he would sell it together, not just one store. The price of the house was not cheap, the location was not good, and it is not convenient to live here”.

The Boss had been doing business here for many years and knew everything about the situation next door. The house next door was originally the owner’s own business. He was selling clothes. But this location was not really good. The business can only barely make ends meet. The couple lasted for many years, and now that they are old, the son also bought a new store elsewhere to start his business. They closed the store here and went to their son to take care of their grandchildren, so they want to sell the house here.

Unfortunately, the store’s location was really bad, and the back of the store needed to be sold together. Few people came to ask, and not even one of them bought it. The store’s sale was delayed until today, and no one dared to buy.

But he didn’t expect to see that today, someone asked, and it was even from this woman’s family. This woman’s business, how can it be done here? It was useless to ask.

The Boss had already decided that Li Mo couldn’t buy the store, but he didn’t know that Li Mo’s heart had been moved by the Boss description of the store.

Li Mo had wanted to move her family to the town. Otherwise, she would be overwhelmed by going back and forth from the village to town every day. Also, living in the village was indeed inconvenient. Li Mo didn’t like the atmosphere in the village since Dashan’s mother, and her family was in the village. She didn’t want to be involved with them. She feels uncomfortable every time they meet. Compared to the village, she still prefers to live in the town.

Originally, she was worried that she could not find a suitable house in the town. She also thought that if she could only buy a shop, she would take her time to find a house. She didn’t expect that there would be a house for her family behind the store and that it would be sold together, which was a pleasant surprise to her.

Li Mo suppressed the faint joy in her heart and said to the Boss, “Boss, if the price of the house is reasonable, I can also consider buying it together. Do you know the exact price?”

The Boss thought about it and shook his head, “I’m not sure about the current price. You’d better ask the owner’s family in person. Then, you know where his house is now, so you can ask. “

Li Mo smiled and thanked the owner, “Boss, thank you really.”

When Li Mo came out of the store, she looked at the time and realized that it was long past Song Dashan’s usual time to pick her up, so she was a little anxious that he might not be able to find her.


A shout made Li Mo stop walking and looked up to see Song Dashan, who was driving a donkey cart in the distance.

Song Dashan hurriedly drove the donkey cart over to Li Mo and jumped off the cart at once, grabbing Li Mo’s shoulders and looking at her from top to bottom, his eyes full of worry.

Li Mo knew that Song Dashan was worried, so she immediately threw herself into his arms and apologized: “I’m sorry, Dashan, I forgot the time and made you worry. Have you been looking for a long time?”

Song Dashan did not tell her that he was going crazy looking for her, but only tightened his arms around Li Mo, “It’s good that you’re okay, it’s good that you’re okay, come on, let’s go home.”

Li Mo did not say anything and followed Song Dashan to the donkey cart.

After arriving home, Li Mo told Dashan everything that happened in Sister Yue’s store today and then said, “I saw that it was still early when I came out, so I thought I would go and see if there was a suitable store. I definitely can’t go to Sister Yue’s store to do makeup in the future. Otherwise, Sister Yue will not be able to explain it to her family. Therefore we have to find a shop in advance. I originally planned to wait until your legs are completely healed before opening the shop by ourselves.”

Song Dashan was silent for a while. He touched Li Mo’s cheek and said, “In that case, we can open the shop ahead of time. The store you talked about today. I will accompany you to find it tomorrow. Don’t go there alone. I do not feel comfortable. “

Li Mo nodded her head.

The next day, after driving people in the morning, Song Dashan drove Li Mo to the place the Boss told them in the afternoon.

Li Mo got out of the car, walked to the door, knocked on it, and then shouted to the empty courtyard, “Is anyone here? Anyone home? “

A short while later, a young boy hurriedly came out of the house with a runny nose. When he saw Limo, there is a trace of fear and curiosity in his eyes. He asked tentatively, “Who are you looking for?”

Li Mo said gently, “I’m looking for the owner of the house. Is there anyone at home?”

The boy saw that Li Mo was beautiful and gentle, and his fear towards her diminished. The boy nodded and pointed inside the house, “Grandma‚Ķ I’ll go call her!”

After saying that, he ran into the house and shouted, “Grandma, someone is looking for you!”

Soon after the boy shouted, a woman, probably in her forties or fifties, came out of the house. Seeing Li Mo and Song Dashan standing at the door, with a wary look in her eyes, she asked, “You are looking for me? Is there something wrong?”

Li Mo did not go in but stood at the door and said, “Ma’am, is that your store at the end of the street on the west side of the city? Next to the store that sells incense? “

The woman smiled, her eyes changed, the vigilance inside disappeared a lot, and instead was faintly delighted, “Would you like to buy the store?”

Li Mo nodded: “Yes, I want to ask you about the details of the store and then take a look.”

Even though Li Mo only said to take a look, the woman’s expression was still very happy. She then became busy welcoming Li Mo and Song Dashan in, “Please come in, come in and have a cup of tea and talk slowly.”

Once inside, the woman neatly made two cups of tea and brought them to Song Dashan and Li Mo before sitting down herself and asking, “Do you want to do business?”

Li Mo said, “I want to buy a store and start my own business. I saw your store, so I went to ask about it. I came to ask, Madam, I wonder if you can take us to the shop? “

The woman nodded, “Of course, we must see the house first. If you are free now, I will show you around.”

Li Mo naturally agreed.

Song Dashan drove the donkey cart to take Li Mo, the woman, and her grandson to the store.

Li Mo carefully looked at the store, which was very large, bigger than Sister Yue’s store, but the walls were a bit stained, so it was quite old and had not been renovated for many years.

Seeing Li Mo looking at the walls, the old woman explained: “We have been doing business for many years, but business is not good. I think you know the reason, so we did not spend money on decorating. Since we haven’t used it in the past few years, it becomes a bit shabby. “

Li Mo remained silent and simply stated, “I heard that your store was sold along with the back house. I want to see what it looks like in the back. “

The woman’s eyes lit up, and she hurriedly took Li Mo to the back.

As soon as you go out the back door, you will see a large yard with two large trees, with a rope bolted between them, which was used for drying clothes, and a well under the trees, with a pond next to the well, which was used for washing clothes.

There are three bedrooms, a kitchen and a toilet in the back. The house was devoid of furniture and appeared to be very empty, but the area was not small, and the walls were not too old; if she wanted to live here, she could simply add some simple decoration with little effort.

Seeing the condition of the house, Li Mo was basically satisfied. The decision now depends on the price.

Li Mo had no other expressions on the surface, making it hard to tell whether she was satisfied or dissatisfied. After a long while, she asked: “Madam, I don’t know how much you sell this house?”

The woman was delighted when she heard Li Mo asked for the price.

Her family’s store has been for sale for several years but has not been sold till now. She was also anxious. For the last year, no one asked. Now a person has finally come to inquire and ask the price directly. No matter what, there was still hope that she could sell it.

The woman thought about it in her mind, looked at Li Mo and Song Dashan, and said with some apprehension, “This store cost one hundred and fifty taels.”

Li Mo smiled and did not speak for a moment.

To be honest, in this location, this price was not low. However, this woman should have made the price higher deliberately, so there is still room for bargaining.

Li Mo did not say anything. The woman looked a bit torn, said: “Although the location of my store was not good, the area is large, the back was also spacious. It is very convenient for doing business in the front and people living in the back. “

Li Mo looked at the wall, pursed her lips, and said, “Madam, the location of your store was really not good. Next door was also selling incense and paper money, which is not auspicious, and your store was too old. If I buy it, I would have to spend my own money to decorate it, which is another expense. This price is too high. “

The woman looked a little embarrassed. In fact, she knew that her store’s location was not very suitable for doing business. The biggest headache was the store next door, but what could be done? She couldn’t ask people to go away, right?

“In fact, if you really want to buy it sincerely, it is possible to get it for a little bit cheaper price,” the woman said ruthlessly.

Li Mo did not show any joy, and Song Dashan stayed in silence, leaving it up to Li Mo to decide.

Li Mo wandered around for a while before finally saying to the woman, “I’ll pay a maximum of 120 taels for this store of yours. Do you think it’s possible? “

Li Mo cut off thirty taels. The woman was a bit confused. In her heart, she was not willing, but if she missed this buyer, she might not be able to sell it in the future, which made her reluctant to refuse.

In short, she was torn.

Li Mo also saw the woman’s hesitation and smiled, “Madam, why don’t you go home and discuss it with your family, and we’ll talk about it in a couple of days?”

The woman also did not know what to do. Thinking about going back and discussing with the old man and his son, nodded in agreement, “Okay, I will go back and discuss with my family and give you an answer in a few days.”


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