Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Song Dashan sent the woman back again before leaving with Li Mo.

On the way, Song Dashan asked Li Mo, “Wife, this store is indeed a bit remote, and business here is not too good, right?”

Although Song Dashan has never been in business, he knows that business is all about location, and if the location of the store was not good, not much business would come in, and her business would not make money.

Li Mo said: “The store’s location was indeed not too lively, but it also has its advantages. The first would be that the store was cheap enough. If placed in a good location, it is estimated that we have to pay two to three hundred taels of silver to buy it. The second reason was that the store was large enough; there’s a house in the back, and it’s convenient to live in the back of this store; if we bought it, we’d be able to live in town instead of running back and forth from the village. And it will be very convenient for Xiao Bao when he starts to go to school in the future. “

Song Dashan nodded his head, “This was indeed convenient, but I am afraid that the location was not good. Thus no one would come to the store. If there are no customers, we can’t earn money.”

Song Dashan’s concerns, Li Mo certainly understands, but if she had not thought of this point, she would not want to buy this store.

“I’m not selling rouge and powder, like Sister Yue. I’m selling the art of makeup.” Li Mo didn’t say that she had already planned a new way to make money in her mind, a way that didn’t need to make a lot of noise but was good for being quiet.

When Song Dashan heard Li Mo say this and seeing her knowing it, his worries disappeared a lot.

Seeing that it was still early, Li Mo asked Song Dashan to send her to Sister Yue’s store. Sister Yue was probably very anxious because she had left in such a hurry yesterday.

When she arrived at Sister Yue’s store, truth be told, she was really anxious and pulled Li Mo into the dressing room, asking worriedly, “Sister, you left like that yesterday, and I didn’t know where you went.”

Li Mo patted Sister Yue’s hand guiltily, “Sister Yue, I’m sorry, when I left yesterday and saw that it was still early, I went for a casual stroll, forgot the time, and made you worry.”

Sister Yue frowned, and her voice was much lower, “Sister, I should have stopped you yesterday. What are you leaving for? From now on, you will do your makeup in my place. Leave those people alone. I’ll see what they can do! “

Li Mo knew that Sister Yue doing this is for her good, but if she insisted on being here, then they really couldn’t do anything about Boss Lady’s clan. Just relying on the old way and doing makeup once every day would make people feel uneasy. What’s more, it would make Sister Yue’s clan felt more and more dissatisfied with Sister Yue. It would not be good if Sister Yue was harmed. After all, In this era, the clan’s power could still be affecting its clansmen.

“Sister Yue, I know you are not afraid of the clan, but this matter really can’t be done roughly, then we won’t live in peace for a small matter, and finally, if this will harm you, then it won’t be good. You don’t have to clash with your clan, for my sake. On the surface, obey them a little. In private, we should be how we should be.”

Sister Yue sighed, not knowing what to say, as she recalled the clan’s attitude.

Li Mo did not want to see Sister Yue sighing. She immediately changed the topic and said, “Sister Yue, in fact, yesterday I went out and looked for a store.”

“A store?” Sister Yue was momentarily puzzled.

“Yes, I wanted to open a makeup store, so I went to take a look. But I didn’t see much yesterday, I only saw one vacant store, and that’s why Dashan and I came to town today.”

Hearing what Li Mo said, the Boss Lady knew that Li Mo was planning well about her future, making her felt relieved. Originally, she was worried that Li Mo had no place to do business, and she might have delayed her. Now she is opening a shop on her own. She didn’t worry too much. Li Mo’s craftsmanship and personality make it easy to open a shop, but looking for a shop is not easy.

“Sister, I know this town well, such that in this big town, a vacant store is very scarce. Just like our street, there are no vacant shops at all. They have all been engaged in business a long time ago. The other street is probably the same. “

Li Mo nodded, “It is indeed hard to find a store. I basically looked all over the town and found a store, but the location is not good, not lively enough.”

SIster Yue frowned and was worried, “Will you buy this store? If the business is not good, it will be a loss. “

“Actually, it’s okay. I’m not selling rouge and powder like you, I’m selling my craft, relying on regular customers, and when the time comes, as long as the craft is good, there will be customers. The main thing is that I’m more satisfied with the house at the back of the shop. My family can move over to live there,” Li Mo said with a slight smile.

Sister Yue thought it was right to hear Li Mo say this. Since now Sister Li has a group of regular customers, then she could help her advertised. But Sister Yue was still not quite sure and asked: “Sister, this store plus the house, this should be a lot of money, right? Do you have enough in your hand now? If not, tell me, and I will lend you money first in case of emergency; don’t be embarrassed to say so.”

“Sister Yue, the location of the store was not good, so the price was not that expensive. I intend to buy it for 120 taels. I can still afford to pay this money. No matter how much it is, it will not cost much. Don’t worry, if I needed more money, I would definitely not be polite to you. “

Sister Yue was relieved to hear Li Mo’s words, but she regretted that she would not be able to have Li Mo with her anymore.

Li Mo pursed her lips and smiled, and said comfortingly: “Sister Yue, don’t be like that, although I won’t be here, we won’t break our ties. When the time comes, I will have to get the goods from you. “

Sister Yue was a little happier, “I would love to. It’s a deal. Then you get the rouge from me, I get the balm from you, we should meet often.”

Li Mo remembered her next business, smiled, and nodded with certainty, “Sister Yue, trust me, you will visit my store often.”

Sister Yue didn’t think much of it. She just said, “Yes, I will visit you more often.”

Li Mo also did not say more. Everything had to wait for the store to be settled.

On the third day, She followed Song Dashan to the owner’s house again. This time, the woman was at home and her husband, who was waiting for them.

Seeing that Li Mo and Song Dashan were coming, the woman was secretly relieved. She was really afraid that Li Mo had found a new shop. Regardless of their shop, their son’s store needed money to turn around. Therefore if they could not sell the vacant store now, they would have no choice. And it’s hard to meet someone who sincerely wanted to buy it, and their family didn’t want to miss it.

In the past two days, their family members discussed it carefully and finally decided to sell it. Although one hundred and twenty taels were not too much, they could still accept it. They are afraid that the more they demanded to raise the cost, they will not be able to sell it, and the more it will become less valuable in the future. So today, her husband did not go to their son’s store to help. She intended to wait for Li Mo and Song Dashan to settle the store accounts.

Li Mo greeted them first and then asked: “Madam, did you discuss it with your family? Can you sell it to us? “

The woman looked at the head of their family.

The woman’s husband said, “The price you gave was really not much, but forget it, we will sell it to you. Our family doesn’t want to toss it. Just one thing, we need you to pay the silver immediately. It can’t be paid in arrears. “

Li Mo nodded, “This is natural. As soon as we get the deed of the house, we will pay the silver immediately. You can rest assured of this.”

Hearing Li Mo said so, both the woman and her husband were relieved and immediately said, “If you agree, we can go to the government now for the transfer of the deed.”

Li Mo did not expect the family to be more anxious than she was, but it was good that since the sooner they bought the store, the sooner they could renovate it and open it.

The two families were anxious to get this done, so this shop and house became Li Mo’s that afternoon.

Looking at the deed in her hand, Li Mo said, “I did not expect that I’d be able to buy it.”

Looking at the land deed in her hand, Li Mo suddenly felt a deep sense of accomplishment. This was her own asset and will be her home in the future. A home that she obtained by herself. This kind of feeling was not comparable to renovating a house in the village.

Li Mo couldn’t help but jump into Song Dashan’s arms at a place where no one was there and nuzzled in his embrace.

The corners of Song Dashan’s mouth hooked up, rubbing Li Mo’s hair, “Very happy?”

Li Mo nodded without hesitation, “Yes! This will be our new home from now on, and our family will get better and better. “

The smile at the corner of Song Dashan’s mouth grew deeper and deeper as he lowered his head and kissed the top of Li Mo’s hair.

Li Mo couldn’t help but say to Song Dashan, “Dashan, this house needs to be renovated as soon as possible.”

“I’ll go buy materials tomorrow and come over to decorate,” Song Dashan replied, “the rest of the house doesn’t need much reparation, mainly the walls will be fine, and I can do it alone.”

The walls were simple, but her makeup business was not the same as other stores, so in addition to the rouge display area, she had to create a makeup room. In addition, she had to create a room in the house, specifically for her other business.

By the way, She needed to build two small beds. This one needed them to ask Uncle Zhang. In addition to making the bed, she also needed a dressing table, a few display cabinets, and a few stools.

These were the items to be made in the store outside, as there was no furniture in the back of the house, and she did not want to move the broken tables and chairs from the village. Since she moved to a new home, the atmosphere needs to be new as well. Therefore, all the furniture in the house needs to be made.

So after the calculation, she needed to prepare many things, but the family’s money was certainly not enough. But this did not matter. She can first find the boss lady to borrow a little and then returned the money later.

After returning to the village, the first thing Li Mo did was to find Uncle Zhang and explain to him the furniture she wanted to be made.

When Meizi found out that Li Mo had bought the shop, she smiled happily, “Sister-in-law, so you will have your own shop in the future, and you can do your own business in the town?”

However, after being happy, she became worried again. She stood up, “Sister-in-law, you and your brother, are going to move to the town, but what about the house in this village? There is such a big flowerbed behind your house. What if no one is looking after it?”

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan. She smiled and said, “I was just about to say that your brother and I are planning to give you our house in this village for your family to live here. You should not live in the mountains anymore. It is inconvenient and dangerous. If you live here, it will be much more convenient whether you go do some makeup or for Teizi’s business. If you are willing, then please help me take care of the flowers behind, but you can rest assured that your sister-in-law will give you fifteen taels of silver every year. We won’t let you do it for nothing. “

Meizi and Tiezi both opened their eyes wide and were speechless for a while.

They did not expect that Li Mo would directly give them their house in the village. As mountain people for generations, you must know that Tiezi’s family has always wanted to leave the mountain, but no one was willing to sell their land in the village to the mountain people. Even if they have money, they can’t get out of the mountain. But now that they have a house to live in the village, they no longer need to stay in the mountain. They felt like a bomb had been thrown, and it blew them up a bit.

Seeing the appearance of Meizi and Tiezi, Li Mo was amused. She poked Song Dashan with her finger, motioning him to speak.

Song Dashan, with a deep smile in his eyes, cleared his throat, and said to Meizi and Tiezi, “Well, from now on, this house is yours, everything in the house will be taken care of by you, no more excuses, there are many places for brother and sister-in-law to trouble you two in the future.”

Meizi’s eyes were red. She nodded heavily, “Brother, sister-in-law, Tiezi, and I will remember your kindness. In the future, if there are things you want us to do, just tell us. How can your family trouble us? It’s not troublesome at all. As for looking at the flower garden for you, I am willing. You don’t need to pay me. I won’t accept the money.”

Li Mo smiled. Her mouth did not say more. Anyway, in the end, she will give what should be given. She couldn’t treat her harshly just because she is her own sister.

After saying this, Meizi suddenly remembered something and called out, “Brother, then if you live in the town in the future, how can you do the work of driving the donkey cart?”

Li Mo was stunned. Right, she hadn’t thought about it.

After all, it was impossible to rely solely on her to keep the store busy. Song Dashan would be busy as well. But the money for driving the cart was not small, and he would be unable to drive in the future. We’ve got to find someone to take over, ah.

Song Dashan was not Li Mo who only now remembered this matter, this problem he had long thought of. At that moment, looking at Tiezi, he asked: “Tiezi, driving a cart can be a lot of money. Do you want to do it? If you want to do it, you have to buy a donkey cart. The current donkey cart at home can not be given to you. We can not go to town in the future without a donkey cart, so if you want to do it, we have to buy a donkey cart again. “

Tiezi looked at Meizi, who also pursed her lips and fell into thought.

“Brother, although this donkey cart business is not worse than my selling of goods, I have also been selling for so long, and I like the feeling of carrying a burden to sell things to others. Many people are now looking forward to my goods, so if I drive the donkey cart, the selling of goods will also be delayed, so I still want to be a peddler. For the donkey cart, you can find someone else to do it.”

Song Dashan smiled and was not surprised. He nodded and made up his mind to find someone else.


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