Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 69


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Chapter 69

Song Dashan had made up his mind to find someone to take over the donkey cart business, and this person was Zhao Changbang.

Not only because Zhao Changbang had a close relationship with him, but he wanted to give him a hand. The other reason was that now he and the Zhao family are in partnership to deliver the firewood to the restaurant. In the future, he would not have time to deliver the firewood. It would all be given to the Zhao family. Therefore, the Zhao family also needed a donkey cart in order to deliver firewood, and he could also do the donkey cart business.

Although there was still some time before the store was open, there would also be some time needed to prepare to purchase the donkey cart, so it was necessary to talk about it now. Thus, Song Dashan went to the Zhao family that day.

In front of the Zhao family, Song Dashan asked, “Changbang, would your family like to buy a donkey cart and take over my donkey cart business?”

Song Dashan came up with such a statement, which really confused the Zhao family. Aunt Zhao couldn’t help but ask first, “Dashan, what do you mean by taking over? Aren’t you driving the cart? “

Song Dashan explained, “Auntie, it’s like this. Li Mo and I bought a store in town, and we plan to do business in town in the future, and our family will move to town directly, so I can’t do the work of driving the cart. So I want to give this work to Changbang. “

Song Dashan told another reason, “I will not live in the village in the days ahead, and I also can not continue the job of sending firewood to the restaurant. This matter will be handed over to your family. Your family has a lot of laborers. The work is no problem, but the only problem was, you can’t send the firewood to the restaurant without a donkey cart, so I think this donkey cart business, I think your family will be able to buy one.”

Of course, with the Zhao family’s ability, it was not difficult to buy a donkey cart, which is why Song Dashan approached them.

While the Zhao family was surprised that Song Dashan could afford to buy a store in town, they were also surprised by Song Dashan’s suggestion to give the business of driving the cart to Zhao Changbang, but after the surprise, there was a deep joy.

Of course, their family had no problem buying a donkey cart. They did not buy one before because they could not use it at all and owning a donkey cart to drive the villagers to town as a job didn’t cross their minds before. But when they saw Song Dashan buying a donkey cart to drive people, they were surprised and thought how did their family never thought of it before.

Now, they didn’t expect Song Dashan to take the initiative to give this business to their family. How could this not make them happy?

Uncle Zhao asked uncertainly, “Dashan, you’re not kidding, right?”

Song Dashan laughed, “Uncle Zhao, why would I joke around? What I said is true. You see, your family has so many strong laborers. You and my aunt are still young, and driving the cart can be done by Changbang. This will not delay your family’s farm work ah, and the income that you will have will be larger than doing farm work. I believe that buying a donkey cart is not a problem for your family, and that’s why I came to say this.”

Zhao Changbang was already rubbing his hands in excitement when he heard this and couldn’t help but give Song Dashan a fist. “Good Dashan, that’s my brother. You always think of me when there is something good. Thank you. Brother. “After speaking, he looked at his parents, “Father and Mother, this is a great thing. How many people can’t wait to do it? Don’t hesitate to buy a donkey tomorrow and find Uncle Zhang to make the cart. “

Seeing that his parents didn’t say anything for a while, he got anxious and hurriedly said, “Father and mother, you can hurry up. If other people in the village know that Dashan will not be able to do this cart business soon, there must be a lot of people going to grab this opportunity. After all, they have seen Dashan make money. Everyone is jealous. There are a lot of people who can spare the money to buy the donkey. “

Of course, Aunt Zhao knew what the son said was reasonable. She was not hesitating. She was just excited and couldn’t react for a moment, so she reached out and gave her son a small slap and said with a smile, “Where are your father and I reluctant? We’re just not as impatient as you are. You’re just too impatient. “

Zhao Changbang did not care about being slapped. He just rubbed his head and said, “I’m not in a hurry. This should be done earlier. If someone else hears the wind, it will not be good. Whoever buys the cart first will do the business ahead of us. If we do it before them, the people behind will see that someone has already done it, so they will definitely not do the same job. Otherwise, there will be no business if there are too many people. “

Uncle Zhao nodded and immediately stated, “This business has been assigned to us by Dashan; of course, we must carry it out. Are you all okay with us going to buy a donkey back tomorrow?”

The Zhao family was not divided. This way of making money was a good thing for the family to benefit from. How could anyone oppose it? Thus every member of the family was very supportive. They said to buy it quickly, let the villagers know that they bought a donkey cart to pick up Song Dashan’s business.

Song Dashan was relieved that the matter regarding the business of driving the cart was already resolved. The next issue to be resolved was the decoration of the store.

Song Dashan bought some materials and found a few masons from the town to partition the store into rooms according to the design drawn by Li Mo, while Song Dashan was responsible for painting the walls.

The renovation would take a lot of time, so Li Mo left it all to Song Dashan while she studied the ancient version of the beauty spa at home.

That’s right, the new way she planned to make money was to do beauty treatments.

She was not only a dedicated makeup artist but also a senior beautician. As the name suggested, she was a person who transformed people into beautiful versions of themselves. In addition to makeup, she was also good at beauty treatments. Once, many teenage stars asked her to do it for them privately and be their beautician, but Li Mo refused. Therefore, before participating in major events, many female stars would make an appointment with their studio in advance. They would find Li Mo for a beauty treatment first and then applied makeup. The result then was better.

Many female celebrities suffered from poor skin conditions after filming a movie. They would make an appointment for a few days in advance, hoping that Li Mo would be able to restore their skin to the best condition and reappeared in their most beautiful condition.

One could imagine how good Li Mo’s skills are.

After coming here, Li Mo only specialized in makeup because beauty treatment required a very sophisticated environment. Unlike doing makeup, where a place with a dressing table would be fine.

Beauty treatment requires an elegant environment, a bed, and Li Mo’s time. Before that, she even had to go to people’s homes to do her makeup, so it was impossible to do beauty treatment.

Later, she went to Sister Yue’s store. Nevertheless, it was good enough to open a dressing room for her since Sister Yue’s store was originally selling rouge and powder. Opening a room to do beauty treatment was impossible to be done in Sister Yue’s store, so she never planned to start a beauty treatment business.

However, it was different since She had her own shop, plenty of space, and plenty of time. She could completely achieve both makeup and beauty treatment. She believed that beauty treatment is actually more attractive to women than makeup.

Confidantes were more afraid of old age. Makeup is good-looking, but it was not as good as having their own skin becoming good-looking. Getting beauty treatment can make you become more beautiful and confident. Even if many women are not interested in makeup, but they must not be able to refuse beauty treatments.

Li Mo had considered it before, and she had asked Uncle Zhang to make two-bed couches that were designed to look like modern beauty beds so that they could be placed in the store separately from the beauty room, and then customers could lie on the bed couch like how modern women do their beauty treatments, and she could give them beauty treatments as they laid down on the bed couch.

Now, all she needed to prepare was the tools and beauty products for this beauty treatment.

Li Mo has her own professional massage technique, which didn’t need any preparations, but what she needed to prepare was the beauty products to be used in the beauty treatment.

The steps of beauty treatment were actually the same. First, remove makeup, then cleanse the face. After cleansing, she trimmed the brows, remove any blackheads, and apply some cutin to the customer’s face. After all of this was done, a massage was necessary. After the massage is complete, she will apply the mask, then remove the mask and apply beauty cream to moisturize.

At present, there is no need to worry about cleansing products. What she needed to worry about was the materials used to remove blackheads and where to get the cutin.

However, for Li Mo, a senior beautician, there is no need to worry about the materials. She has a way to make it.

In modern times, the materials used by Li Mo are not bought from outside but the best beauty materials made by themselves, according to research. One of the most important features was that not only does it have a good effect, but the composition of the material was also all-natural. It was extracted from nature, does not harm the skin a little bit, and is truly and pollution-free. These materials could also be found in ancient nature, but they must be created by hand, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The effect was not as good as modern ones, but for this time, it’s enough.

In addition to the blackhead and the cutin, massage cream and a mask were required, both of which are much simpler. For massage cream, Li Mo intends to use beauty cream and the current facial oil synthesis she made, and for the mask, Li Mo has a variety of homemade methods.

In fact, in modern times, many girls know how to make homemade masks. It’s just a lot of people are too lazy to do it, and they will think it is very troublesome. However, for Li Mo, with too few resources, the problem was not important anymore. It is easy to use.

Now that the materials are ready, it would be easy for the following things. She only needed to prepare some facial cleansing towels and a basin, and she could buy more back in town next time she went there, and she must ensure good quality.

Li Mo wrote down the production method she had in mind on paper and then designed the container for the beauty products according to the beauty products, and after drawing it down on paper, she couldn’t wait to go to Uncle Zhang’s house again and asked him to help her make it.

When all these preparations were finished, it was already ten days later. By this time, the store was already decorated, and Li Mo followed Song Dashan’s donkey cart to the town to see the decoration on the store.

The decoration of the store was not bad. The walls were now white and new, looking very comfortable. Li Mo asked for a compartment, and the master craftsman also made it according to Li Mo’s wishes. It could be said that the basic decoration had been done, and the next step was to finish the details.

The store in Li Mo’s heart was warm and elegant. She wanted to let the guests experience comfort after they came in. They would be so comfortable, which make them not want to leave, and it would be better if they still want to come the next day. Therefore, it’s not possible to do it only with the current decoration. If it arrives, it needs to be decorated in detail.

Li Mo intended to put an incense burner in the beauty room, lighting up the incense during the beauty treatment so that the room is full of tranquility and warmth that would make the guests felt comfortable enough to sleep when they are doing beauty treatment with their eyes closed.

At the same time, Li Mo wanted to lay a white carpet in the beauty room and then prepared comfortable and clean slippers so that guests would change their shoes when they came in. Coupled with the feeling of stepping on the comfortable white carpet, the whole process would bring a noble and clean atmosphere throughout. After all, cleanliness is very important for beauty.

In addition, in each room, she would set up a set of tables so that when the beauty treatment was finished, they could spend their time there, or it could be used by those who accompanied the guest, so they would have a place to spend their time. Although they were waiting for a long time, they would still feel comfortable. She wanted them to feel that it was worth returning here.

The most satisfying part of Li Mo’s design was actually the design of the relaxation room.

There were small tables and futons in the lounge, and each table had leaf cards and Li Mo’s homemade playing cards so that guests who were not willing or able to wait inside could come over to this lounge and play, and when they felt bored, they could play cards, and if they didn’t want to play cards, they could just lie down on the clean floor table and rested for a while.

Moreover, Li Mo also intended to equip a large copper stove inside, with hot water on the stove, so that the guests could pour water directly into their drink when they felt bored or thirsty. As for food, this would be brought by the guests themselves.

Li Mo’s design this time was based on the configuration of a luxury beauty salon. In her heart, what she would do next was not simply to support her family but her career, something she could be proud of. In her career, she wants to be here, still doing her best and being the most successful. Therefore, in her thoughts, she has no intention of having a bad business at all. She believes that her design and craftsmanship will definitely attract the attention of many women, and when the time comes, she and Song Dashan will definitely become too busy, and they will need some helpers at that time.

However, all this would have to wait until the store was officially opened.

At this time, Song Dashan said: “Wife, this store just needs to buy things to be displayed. You can take it slowly, but now the store’s plaque has not been made, and the name has not been set. You should start with that. Name it, so I can find a shop that specializes in making plaques. “

After hearing Song Dashan’s words, Li Mo suddenly remembered that she had forgotten about the plaque, which was a big deal.

She was so busy to the point of forgetting about this matter.

The plaque was equivalent to a signboard. It’s the most important thing for a store, and it must be done properly.

But, what should the store be called?

The customers of this store were women, and all were beauty-loving women who wanted to become beautiful, so the name should be related to beauty and should be able to attract those women’s interest to come in at first glance. Therefore, the matter of naming was very critical. It couldn’t be sloppy.

She quickly thought of several names in her mind and denied them one by one, thinking again. After thinking about it for two hours, Li Mo made up her mind.

“Let’s call it ‘Yiren Pavilion.'”

Thinking about the plaque, Li Mo thought of another thing-it’s the roll-up banner stand.

The location of her store was very inconspicuous, and the plaque was posted on the wall, making it difficult to see, so they needed something eye-catching to put at the door for people to see, similar to the modern roll-up banner stand.

However, Li Mo did not plan to make a roll-up banner. She planned to make a three-dimensional beauty statue, specifically placed in front of the store door, so that people in the vicinity of the street could see at a glance and then ran over to see.


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