Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Three days later, all the things needed for the store were bought and placed according to Li Mo’s requirements, while the plaque and the statue of a beautiful woman were also being made by the craftsman.

Everything was ready. They were just waiting for the opening of the shop.

Following the ancient rules, before the opening, Song Dashan went to find someone to find an auspicious day for the opening. Fortunately, the appropriate time to open was in three days.

With three days to prepare, Li Mo first went to Sister Yue’s store, where she purchased rouge and powder, and specially invited Sister Yue to join her the day before the opening.

Sister Yue packed up all the rouge and powder Li Mo needed and said, “You can sell these first. Come and get whatever you need. It’s very close anyway.”

Li Mo took the rouge and powder and said, “Sister Yue, the shop will open in three days. Remember to come over.”

Sister Yue pouted, “You don’t need to say that? Of course, I’ll be there to support you. “

Li Mo pursed her lips and winked at Sister Yue, and said. “Sister Yue, I didn’t invite you to come and support me. Now, I have more than just makeup in my store. I have added one more. I planned to let you try my new craft as our first customer. “

Li Mo’s words immediately attracted Sister Yue’s full attention, and seeing her talking so mysteriously, she couldn’t help asking, “What is it? You’ve only done makeup before, so do you have other skills? What are they? Tell me! “

Li Mo laughed when she saw Sister Yue was so eager to know. She couldn’t bear to beat around the bush, so she simply said, “Actually, not only do I do makeup in my store, but I will also do beauty treatments in the future. It’s a facial treatment. “

The word Li Mo said was new to Sister Yue, but she could roughly guess that it could make her face look good, which was a very attractive topic for women. Sister Yue was the first one to live up to expectations. She quickly took Li Mo’s hand and asked, “How to beautify? What is a facial treatment? “

“Sister Yue, through my craft, this facial treatment can make your face more beautiful, specifically by removing dirt from your face, and then it can also make your skin white and moisturized, and make your complexion good. If you do this treatment for some time, your face will look beautiful and young.” Li Mo explained carefully.

Li Mo’s explanation was easy to understand, so Sister Yue immediately understood. Her eyes sparkled, and her heart moved instantly.

“My eldest daughter, you have such magical craftsmanship. Your makeup skills are amazing enough. Now you can make women’s faces beautiful. You are simply incredible. “

Li Mo was amused, “Sister Yue, you are too exaggerated. Actually, I am not the only one who knows, like noble ladies or imperial concubines in the palace, that one does not have a maid who can maintain their beauty. Ah, these things have been studied by many people. “

Sister Yue shook her head disapprovingly, “You can only find it from high-ranking households and the emperor in the palace. How would the average person know? Anyway, I have never seen anyone in this town who knows how to do this. If you know this craft, you will not have to worry about your business. Don’t look at this town as prosperous as the city. I guarantee that you will have a constant flow of business. “

Li Mo smiled and nodded, “Then I’ll take your good advice. I hope my business will be good. “

Sister Yue said with assurance, “Don’t worry, I guarantee your business will not be bad.”

Sister Yue pointed to the slight wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and asked, “Sister, can you get rid of the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes with this beauty treatment? I’m getting annoyed by these wrinkles. “

Li Mo carefully looked at Sister Yue’s fine lines, not too obvious. With Sister Yue’s age, it was already considered good maintenance, but the technology of this era was limited. No matter how much maintenance it needs, it can’t be compared with modern people.

If there were a lot of wrinkles, Li Mo would not be able to do anything about it, but this small fine line was not a problem for Li Mo. As long as she insisted for half a month, it would disappear.

Sister Yue was overjoyed to hear that her wrinkles would disappear in half a month. She immediately pointed at her face and asked, “Can you make me whiter? My complexion was still not white enough. “

Li Mo nodded, “This is certainly possible.” There are many masks for whitening that could be used.

The more Sister Yue listened, the happier she became, and the more she listened, the more impressed she was. She couldn’t wait to try it now. “My sister, you are simply amazing. I think I am going to go to your place every day in the future. You have tempted me. I don’t even want to look at the store, I just want to go to your place. “

Li Mo laughed, “Good, you come every day. I will do it for you every day. In the future, if there are more customers, you don’t need to make a reservation. “

Sister Yue reached out and patted Li Mo’s hand, “My good sister, sister hasn’t helped you in vain. I will definitely be the first to go to your opening. Don’t worry. If guests are coming in these two days, I would recommend your store. ” After saying that, Sister Yue remembered, so she asked: “That, sister, how much do you charge for a beauty treatment? I’ll be able to talk about it with the guests. “

Li Mo has already considered the price: she plans to charge 20 yuan for a beauty treatment, but only 10 yuan for the first three days of operation, with the original price, restored after three days, which is regarded as accumulating customers.

Sister Yue clapped her hands, “This is good. With you charging this price, I guarantee that many people will try it.”

Li Mo took the rouge and powder given by Sister Yue back to the store, placed them one by one on the shelves for display, and then went back to the backyard.

The decoration of their backyard was also finished, but not as fine as the front store decoration. They just painted the walls and placed the furniture made by Uncle Zhang in a suitable place in their house. Although it was not particularly gorgeous, it was not bad. She was already very satisfied.

However, Li Mo was unsatisfied with one thing, which was the toilet and bathroom.

Bathrooms need not be mentioned. There is no such thing here. In the past, the tub was used for taking a bath in the village. For Li Mo, who was accustomed to bathrooms and bathtubs in modern times, it was tantamount to torture. But this kind of torture could be tolerated. The most unbearable thing was that the current toilets were the same, whether in the village, town, or even the city: a pit plus a cesspool, with a foul odor that made people vomit. The difference lies in which one was cleaner. However, for Li Mo, none of them were clean.

God knows she resolves it quickly every time she goes to the toilet and can’t wait to get out of the toilet room, but she was the only one who understood the pain but couldn’t talk about it.

But, this time, she focused on trying to remodel the toilet.

Li Mo used to read some novels when she was bored. She remembered that some novels about crossing over were very popular. She also read a few books and found that the heroine in the novel basically had to remodel the toilet. When she comes across this, she finally understands why it needs to be remodeled, because it would be really unbearable for her if it was not remodeled.

If it is used by her family, then it’s still okay. The key point was that she had opened a shop. Every day, people come and go from the shop, and visitors may need to use the restroom. After all, you can’t let the guests have no place to go to the toilet.

So Li Mo moved the location of the toilet, relocating it to the corner of the back door, with a wall to separate the toilet from the back of the house. Not only to protect the privacy of their house but also to allow guests to go to the toilet.

Since many customers come to the store with some eating and drinking in the store, if the toilet smells so bad that it is difficult to look at, it will definitely affect the image of the shop. So Li Mo also followed what she had read, and designed it according to the best look that could be made in this era. After reading the toilet design, Song Dashan did what Li Mo said.

The walls of the toilets were brighter than the houses where people live, and the floors were covered with smooth tiles. When cleaning, they can be cleaned with a mop.

The most important thing was the manure tank. Although there were no toilets in this era, there were ceramics. Therefore, Li Mo drew the approximate appearance of a modern squatting toilet and took it to the craftsman to be made according to the appearance and the size described.

At the same time, she asked Song Dashan to dig a cesspool underneath the toilet. The top of the cesspool was all sealed up. The cesspool was not visible, but instead, it was covered and connected to the squatting pan. The excrement will be directed underground to the cesspool. It was very convenient.

However, there is no way to automatically flush the water here, only manual water flushing. Therefore, Li Mo built a reservoir in the toilet, which was filled with water. You can just flush it with water after going to the toilet.

In order to keep the toilet clean, Li Mo also bought incense to put in the toilet, so that the toilet would smell better.

For this toilet, Li Mo took great pains and kept Song Dashan very busy. It took five days inside and outside to completely fix it. However, the effect was still amazing.

Not to mention other people, even Song Dashan, who had not been very temperamental, were also deeply amazed by Li Mo’s idea. He repeatedly muttered how he did not think of it. Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry, finally realized the feeling of Mary Sue.

It was the first time Xiao Bao saw it, and he was so curious that he had to go to the toilet countless times a day. Every time he went to the toilet, he carefully scooped up a scoop of water and flushed it, watching the excrement rush inside the tiny hole with the water, and when the toilet became clean, his little eyes would be full of excitement and happiness.

Li Mo looked at him and found him too cute, so she ran to the toilet with him all the time. As a kid, he was always curious about new things.

After dealing with the toilet, the bathroom was much simpler. She built a small single room directly on the floor tiles and then built a pool against the wall to serve as a simple bathtub. Although it was not as luxurious as the modern one, there was finally a place to soak in. It was better than taking a bath using the basin.

After all of this, Li Mo looked at their new home. The corners of her mouth curled up.

This was the beginning of their new life.


The store opened three days later as scheduled, and on an opening day, several people Li Mo had personally invited came over early with congratulatory gifts, as well as many of Li Mo’s old customers from Sister Yue’s store, who had heard that Li Mo had opened a store and came to see it.

So, the store, which was originally deserted, instantly became lively, causing everyone on the street to come out and watch the fun.

When the auspicious time came, Song Dashan put the firecrackers he bought at the door and lit them. They immediately crackled, filling the whole street with the sound of firecrackers.

Lin Xiaoyu was the first to jump out and shouted towards Li Mo, “Sister Li Mo, wish you good luck and prosperity for your opening!” She said while giving the congratulatory gift in her hand, which was in line with her usual style, and she gave a big red envelope directly.

Li Mo smiled and accepted it. She reached out and rubbed her head and said to her, “Go in and have some tea.”

Knowing that Li Mo was busy today, Lin Xiaoyu did not bother her much and went inside to take a look.

Sister Yue took Madame Yun’s hand and walked up to Li Mo, offering the congratulatory gift in her hand.

The two had looked around, and now their faces were full of admiration. Sister Yue even gave Li Mo a thumbs up and praised her: “Sister, you are so smart. When you come here, the decorations make people not want to leave. What do you think? Those separated rooms, although I didn’t understand what they were for, have a sense of elegance to their atmosphere, and when you come in, the elegance you feel towards the room is doubled. It makes you feel dignified, ah. “

Li Mo did not have time to speak. Madame Yun on the side urged Li Mo impatiently: “Sister, hurry up and take your sister to take a look, introduce her to us. What is this room for? And how come there were a lot of furnishings here? I am dying of curiosity. “

Li Mo smiled and nodded, not only to Sister Yue and Madame Yun, but also to the other guests, “Everyone can come with me, and I will explain to you the purpose of each place in my store.”

The crowd was already curious, and many things were displayed without them knowing what they were for. After hearing what Li Mo said, they gathered around and followed behind Li Mo.

Li Mo first brought the crowd to the make-up room, which everyone was familiar with and knew at first glance, but Li Mo’s place was very upscale, more upscale than Sister Yue’s place, which made the crowd marvel.

After seeing the dressing room, Li Mo took everyone to the beauty room.

Most of them didn’t know what this room was for and, looking at the white carpet and the shoes on the floor, they were inexplicably embarrassed to go in and ruin the cleanliness of the room, so they just stood outside and watched. No one went in.

Li Mo explained, “This room is the beauty room, which is where I will give beauty treatments to guests in the future. Later, you can enter this room with these slippers, so it is cleaner. “

Here, Li Mo took the opportunity to explain the common meaning of beauty treatment: “My beauty treatment is different from makeup. It directly treats your face. After the treatment, the skin on the face will become radiant, moist, and white. If you do it for a long time, people can become beautiful and young. “

As soon as Li Mo’s words fell, the crowd immediately chattered.

“Really?” “Are you sure you can do that?”

“Can it really make you younger? You’re not kidding, right? “

“If it can make my skin look better, I’m willing to spend as much money as I can!”

“Me too. If I could become younger, I would come every day, and would not save that little money.”

Everyone spoke to Li Mo. They couldn’t wait for Li Mo to make them beautiful and young right away.

Li Mo smiled and spoke to the crowd: “When I finish introducing you here, you can try it if you want to experience it. The price of the first three days of opening is half the price, as low as 10 yuan a time, and there is no charge if you are not satisfied. Everyone can be a witness. “

Li Mo’s words made people who were already very tempted even more tempted. They all made up their minds to give it a try. If it doesn’t work, they won’t come next time.

Among them, there are many old customers of Li Mo who are convinced of Li Mo’s craftsmanship. At that moment, they also believed in Li Mo’s beautiful craftsmanship. They had no worries at all. They just wanted to grab the chance to be the first ones to do the treatments. Moreover, looking at the decoration and layout, even if the craftsmanship was not good, they were still tempted. They were determined to experience the treatment.


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