Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Li Mo took everyone on a tour of the store and then said to the customers who came to the store today: “The store will be doing makeup in the morning and beauty treatments in the afternoon, so if you don’t have anything to do, you can come in the morning and afternoon, and the women can keep track of the time. Today’s first day is special. I think everyone wants to experience a beauty treatment, so today, we will start the beauty treatment directly. If anyone wants to do it, follow me into the beauty room. Others can go to the relaxation room to drink water and chat or play cards. “

When Li Mo finished speaking, a group of women started to gather around her.

“Boss, I want to try your facial treatment.”

“Boss, I’ll try it too.”

“Boss ……”

Many people said they wanted to try the facial treatment. Li Mo smiled and responded to them. “No rush, take your time. Those who have not had their turn can go to the relaxation room for a while, and you can also look at the cosmetics in my store.”

Madame Yue stood out first and said, “Don’t grab it from me! I made an appointment a few days ago. I’ve been waiting for days. I’ll come first, so I can test the water for you. “

Madame Yue’s “test the waters” made everyone laugh, and knowing that she and Li Mo had a good relationship, they didn’t compete with her and let her be the first.

Li Mo asked Song Dashan and Meizi to take care of the customers while she led Madame Yue into the beauty room.

Madame Yun and Madame Yue were close, so she also went in with Li Mo, intending to take a look.

She took two pairs of slippers from the shoe rack at the door and handed them to Madame Yue and Madame Yun to change into. She herself changed into a pair, then led the two into the inner room on the soft, white carpet.

“Sister Yue, you lie down in this crib first, with your head facing me. Please make yourself at home, Sister Yun. “

Madame Yun nodded, then stood next to Li Mo and watched. Madame Yue laid down as Li Mo asked her to.

Seeing Madame Yue lying down, Li Mo pulled the small shelf next to the beauty products placed next to her hand, then cast the towel into the basin, poured in hot water, adjusted it to the proper water temperature with cold water, and then washed her hands, wiped them dry and sat down on the stool.

“Sister Yue, close your eyes. Then, I’m going to start giving you a facial treatment.”

After Madame Yue closed her eyes, Li Mo first dampened Madame Yue’s face with a towel, then used the face soap and carefully began to remove Madame Yue’s makeup and clean her face.

Li Mo took out the eyebrow trimmer and carefully trimmed Madame Yue’s brows, adjusting the shape of her brows and removing the messy eyebrow hair next to them.

Madame Yue was in her thirties and wore makeup all year round, so her skin naturally couldn’t be compared to a young girl’s. However, although she has money and pays attention to her skin, her skin still has many problems. In addition to the fine lines at the corners of her eyes, the most serious thing was that her face had a lot of blackheads, which didn’t look good, and it also looked dull. In addition to that, Madame Yue’s skin was dry, very dehydrated, especially just after washing her face. As a result, the dry and cracked lines on her skin came out. Presumably, her face was also tight and uncomfortable at this time.

Li Mo first took out the balm she made for removing blackheads and applied it evenly to Madame Yue’s nose. Then, she used her fingers to press and pinch on Madame Yue’s nose with her special massage technique. The blackheads on the nose slowly come out of the pores.

After rubbing the blackhead remover for a while, Li Mo washed the cream off Madame Yue’s nose and then looked at it. ‘Well, it looked so much better. So many blackheads were rubbed out with the use of blackhead remover, and her nose was now much smoother and cleaner.

After removing the blackheads, Li Mo picked up the exfoliating cream, scooped out a little in her hand, and rubbed it on Madame Yue’s entire face with her special technique.

Exfoliating was very important. Not only was it used to remove the dead skin from the face due to the newly produced skin, but it was also used to remove the dirt from the pores. The outer skin may look clean, but the pores may be dirty inside, so this step is very important.

This step, however, is not for everyone; simply exfoliating the face will not remove the dirt on the face. Otherwise, with many exfoliating products in modern times, but still, every girl doesn’t have clean and smooth skin. So, as you can see, the product and the technique were equally important.

Li Mo’s products were naturally good, but the most important thing was actually her technique. Her professional techniques can effectively remove the impurities on the face and make the skin clean and clear, which is the difference between senior beauticians and ordinary people.

Li Mo used her own special technique to fully penetrate the exfoliating cream into the pores and then ran out with the old dead skin on the surface of the skin and the dirt in the pores.

At this time, the original crystal clear paste has become black, sticking to the face one by one, and you can see that it looked dirty.

Li Mo was unaffected, but Madame Yun, standing nearby, couldn’t help but sigh in surprise. “My God, just now, it was crystal clear. Now, how to become so black? Is this getting the dirty stuff out of your face?”

Li Mo nodded appreciatively and said while moving her hands: “Yes, this is to remove the old and dead skin on the face, and then get the dirty things out of the fact that we can’t see, so the face will be much cleaner, and the skin will be better.”

Madame Yun’s eyes were filled with admiration; her eyes were so excited that she couldn’t stop. She hadn’t planned to do the beauty treatment because of her acne-ridden face, but she couldn’t help herself now. “Sister, I want to do it too. My face acne is much better. Can I try it too?”

The situation with her face is getting better and better now that she has used Li Mo’s method. The pimples have disappeared, and her face is not so ugly, but she still insists on not using anything else on her face except water. So she wasn’t going to try facial treatment, but the black spots on Sister Yue’s nose had lightened significantly, and the other dirt that had been rubbed off her face was very interesting and exciting to look at. So she could not resist the temptation.

Li Mo looked at Madame Yun’s face and shook her head after thinking about it. “Sister Yun, you still have acne on your face, so don’t use other things, but I’m researching a new acne-removing product. I will give you a facial treatment specifically for acne removal, but doing it once or twice will definitely not be effective. If you insist on it every day, it will speed up the elimination of acne on your face. “

Madame Yun nodded her head repeatedly, “Good, good, I will certainly insist. Then, sister, if you can get rid of my acne as soon as possible, my big trouble will be gone. “

Li Mo smiled and responded, “Okay, don’t be in a hurry. I’ll definitely do it for you.”

Madame Yue, who had her eyes closed, couldn’t help herself and ask, “Did the dirt on my face really come out? What does it look like?”

Looking at her best friend’s eager look, Madame Yun deliberately said, “When you’re done, you’ll be able to see what your face looks like. So what’s the hurry?”

“Oh, I’m just curious. I want to see it so much.” Madame Yue followed.

Li Mo was amused and leaned over to bring the mirror to the side and handed it to Madame Yue’s face, “Sister Yue, open your eyes and see how you look now.”

Madame Yue smiled. She immediately opened her eyes, saw in the mirror her face that was covered with dirt. Her eyes were full of surprise. “My God, was this rubbed out of my face? I usually wash twice with the best beauty soap. I thought it was pretty clean, but how can it be this dirty?”

Li Mo smiled and explained: “Many things we can’t see with the naked eye are hidden in the pores. If you don’t get them out, you don’t know how much dirt is on your face. You can only use facial soap to clean your face. The dirt on the upper surface can be removed, but the dirt deep inside your skin can not be removed. “

Madame Yue and Madame Yun both suddenly realized it and Madame Yue even muttered: “I must come more often in the future and regularly remove the dirty things on my face to go away.”

Madame Yun fully agreed with Madame Yue.

Li Mo continued to ask Madame Yue to close her eyes and proceeded with the following steps.

After washing the dirt off her face with water, the next step was to massage her.

Massage can increase facial blood circulation, supplement skin tissue with nutrients, increase oxygen delivery, promote cell metabolism, help the skin excrete waste and carbon dioxide, reduce oil accumulation, and, more importantly, massage can make the skin tissue more compact and more elastic. It removes excess water accumulated under the skin, eliminates swelling, and the skin can be relaxed, effectively delays skin aging, relaxes the subcutaneous nerves, gets adequate rest, eliminates fatigue, relieves muscle pain and tension, and makes people feel refreshed.

In short, facial massage plays a very important role in beauty, but it requires a very demanding massage technique. If you randomly press it, it won’t have any effect.

With the massage cream and massage techniques, Li Mo’s ten long slender fingers hovered over Madame Yue’s face, sometimes gently, sometimes flatly, and sometimes pressed, which the general public certainly could not understand, such as Madame Yun. Still, she knew that this must be Li Mo’s special technique, which the general public could not learn.

The massage took the longest time, and finally, after washing her face with water, the skin on Madame Yue’s face improved at speed visible to the naked eye. It was obviously cleaner and brighter than before and a lot fairer.

Madame Yun’s eyes straightened as she watched.

Li Mo applied her own water whitening mask evenly on Madame Yue’s face and instructed, “Sister Yue, don’t open your eyes and don’t talk. You can’t move during this step. Otherwise, your face will easily grow wrinkles.”

Madame Yue hurriedly gave an “mmm” from her nasal cavity.

Madame Yun looked curiously at the black mud-like stuff on Madame Yue’s face and asked, “Sister, what are you putting there? What is it for?”

Li Mo, while washing her hands, she explained to Madame Yun: “This thing is called a mask, applied to the face for a quarter of an hour, can make a face moist, and will become white, but the moist feeling can be felt on the spot, as for the whitening, not a one-time or two-time effect, you need to do it for long-term.”

Madame Yun understood. The itchy insects in her heart had crawled all over the ground.

After a quarter of an hour passed, Li Mo washed off the mask, then washed Madame Yue’s whole face with water. Finally, he applied the beauty cream on the clean face and massaged it until it was absorbed. This facial treatment was completely finished.

“Okay, Sister Yue, you can get up now.”

Madame Yue’s first reaction was not to get up from the bed but to open her eyes and hold up the mirror to look at her face.

No one knew her face better than Madame Yue herself, and therefore, no one could see the changes in her face as clearly as she did. She could see right away that the dark spots on her nose were fewer and much lighter, and the spots on her face were also lighter. Her whole face was fairer and clearer, not as dull as before, and, most importantly, she didn’t feel the tightness she had after washing her face before, and now her face just felt comfortable.

Madame Yue couldn’t help but reach out and touch her own skin, and the touch felt watery and smooth, just like touching a child’s skin, and it felt so good.

Madame Yue sat up from the bed at once, looked at Li Mo, and only said, “Little girl, your sister is destined to be a regular customer of your shop in the future, with your powerful craftmanship. If I did not have any relationship with you, I would not be able to queue.”

The smile in the corner of Li Mo’s mouth couldn’t help but enlarge, and she was so happy to receive such praise from Madame Yue that she didn’t know what to do.

Madame Yue’s reaction could represent the reaction of the whole group of customers, which showed no problem with her craft and would definitely be popular.

How can this not make people happy?

Madame Yue, still in, continued to be excited and said to Madame Yun, “You will feel the difference if you touch my face. It’s the same as when I was young. “

Madame Yun hurriedly reached out to touch Madame Yue’s face, and the moment she touched it, sure enough, it was watery and smooth and silky.

“My goodness, your face is so hydrated now. It’s really the same as when we were young.”

Madame Yue smiled happily, “No, if it goes on for a long time, I will definitely become a lot more beautiful. I’ll tell you, Sister Yun, you can quickly let Sister Li get rid of the acne on your face, and then you can beautify your face like mine, and I can guarantee that you will like it.”

Madame Yun sighed regretfully, “No need to try. I like it now. I can’t wait to be like you now.”

Madame Yue laughed “haha.”

Li Mo gathered her things and washed her hands, stood up and gently pushed Madame Yue and Madame Yun, “My good sisters, don’t be too happy, hurry up and go out, I have many regular customers behind me, if you don’t go out, they will come inside.”

Madame Yun smiled and nodded, “Yes, we have forgotten that there are so many regular customers today, but you can’t just take care of us and let others wait for a long time. Let’s go out quickly. Show it to others and let the people outside come in and try it. “

Madame Yue nodded, “Then, sister, we will go out first, call the next one in for you, and we will talk when you are free.” Saying that she went out with Madame Yun.

There were already many people waiting outside, and when they saw Madame Yue and Madame Yun come out of the room, they came over to ask questions.

Madame Huang, whose turn came next, asked, “How was it? Is it good?”

Madame Yue pointed to her face, “I tell you, it’s not an exaggeration. The effect is amazing. There is something dirty inside the face. It’s all out, and it’s much smoother and more tender. If you don’t believe it, you can touch it. “

Madame Huang was not polite. She immediately touched it, and understood it naturally.

Madame Yue patted Madame Huang, “Hurry up and go inside. You will know when you experience it. I promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Hearing Madame Yue said so, without saying a word, Madame Huang immediately rushed in.

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