Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 73

Chapter 73

At the door stood a scrawny woman in ragged clothes, holding her child, who was also skin-and-bones.

Both Li Mo and Meizi didn’t know these two, but when Song Dashan saw them, he recognized her and said to her in surprise. “Sister-in-law, why are you here at this time?”

It was only this morning that I talked to Changbang. Chang Bang should have arrived in the village at noon to tell Sister Qin. It had only been a few hours. Why did she arrive so soon? In addition, there’s no donkey cart to ride to go to town at this time.

(TN: Instead of Sister-in-law Qin, I will call her Sister Qin.)

Sister Qin didn’t say anything. She just smiled and said, “Brother Changbang came to my house to look for me at noon, saying that you were looking for me and asked me for my help. I thought that I could not delay your family affairs, so I brought my child over right away. Brother Dashan, what do you want me to do? What can I do to help you? You can just tell me. “

Although she doesn’t know how she can help since Brother Dashan said so, she has to come, just in case, there is something for her to help with. She always remembered that when she and her child were about to starve to death, it was Brother Dashan who gave her and her child a way to live, and she would do anything to return this favor.

Song Dashan hurriedly reached out to invite her and her child to come in. “Sister-in-law, take the child and come in. Let’s talk slowly. “

At that moment, Li Mo also came to the door. Song Dashan introduced her, “Li Mo, this is Sister Qin. She just arrived from the village. “

Li Mo didn’t expect her to rush over from the village to town so soon. At the earliest time, she expected her to come tomorrow morning. There was no donkey cart at this time of day, so this mother and son must have walked from the village to the town on foot, right?

Thinking of this possibility, Li Mo looked at the feet of the mother and son and saw that they were only wearing straw shoes with their broken toes showing.

Li Mo hastened to greet her, “Sister-in-law, come in. I’m sorry. We should have gone to the village to look for you, but you had to make this trip. We are really too busy to find the time. Please don’t take offense. “

Sister Qin waved her hand, “No, you guys are so busy. It’s okay for me to take a trip.” She said, looking at the beautifully decorated store and then looking at her own ragged appearance. Sister Qin was a bit reluctant to go in.

Li Mo could see Sister Qin’s hesitation and smiled as she stepped forward to put her arm around her and bring her inside. “Come in, sister-in-law, come in and let’s talk slowly.”

With Li Mo’s arm around her, Sister Qin had to walk in with her child.

Li Mo invited Sister Qin to the backyard, and let her and the child sit down, and poured her and the child a cup of brown sugar water.

Sister Qin’s child, Huzi, was really skinny. His height was probably as tall as Xiao Bao. He couldn’t be seen as a five or six-year-old child, and he was poorly nourished from a lack of food and drink for a long time.

However, the little one was very understanding. When he saw Li Mo giving him the brown sugar water, he did not immediately reach out to take it to drink but instead looked at his mother with a question in his eyes.

Sister Qin looked at the red tea. A trace of gratitude flashed in her eyes. She nodded at the child, indicating that he could drink. The child then gently took the cup and drank it in small sips, which seemed like he was extremely cherishing it. Li Mo’s heart sank as she watched.

Li Mo pushed another cup towards Sister Qin. “Sister-in-law, you are drinking too much. Don’t be polite. “

Sister Qin thanked her in embarrassment, then picked up the cup and took a sip, then put down the cup and asked, “Brother Dashan, sister-in-law, what exactly do you want from me? Just say it, I will do my best to help if I can. “

Li Mo saw that she was anxious, and no longer said anything else. She said directly: “Sister-in-law, it’s like this. You have seen our store. Business is not bad for the time being, but there are only two of us, Dashan and I. We are really busy, so we want to find someone to help us. I wonder if you would like to come and help us?”

Li Mo’s words directly made Sister Qin a little confused. She even thought that she had heard them wrong and could not help but ask, “Did you say me?”

Li Mo nodded, “My sister-in-law, Dashan, and I have discussed it and think you are very suitable, so we are eager to find you to come because we are really short of people. I wonder what you think? “

Sister Qin could not say anything for a long time. She still felt that it should not be her turn for a good thing to happen to her. In the past, she also wanted to come to town to earn money to support her son, but she had no skills, people did not want her, and she didn’t want to do the dirty work. She was too thin and could not do anything. The only thing she could do was the washing and cleaning of the dishes in the restaurant. But there was no one to take care of her son, so she couldn’t do it, and finally, she gave up.

Now she was told that such an elegant and luxurious store wanted to hire her to work. She really felt like a pie had dropped from the sky.

“Really… you really want me?” Sister Qin couldn’t help but confirm it again and again.

Li Mo smiled and took Sister Qin’s hand. “Sister-in-law, my work here is not easy. You have to live in my place, you can not easily take time off, and you have to pour tea and do the cleaning in the store. At home, you have to cook three meals a day. With that, it would be tiring. You say, are you willing to do it? “

“Willing, willing, what is this? No matter how hard and tired I become, I will do it. Just give my children and me a bite of food. Brother Dashan, Sister Li Mo, thank you so much. Thank you for your willingness to find me. I will work hard. Don’t worry. “

When Li Mo saw how excited she was, she patted her hand soothingly, “Sister-in-law, you earn money through your own labor. How can we just give you food and water to drink? You and the child will stay here. You will work in the front, and the child will stay in the backyard to play with my Xiao Bao. I’ll give you five hundred yuan every month, and I’ll give you more if you do a good job later. “

Sister Qin’s eyes widened. “What? Five hundred yuan? “

In the past, when she was looking for a dishwashing and cleaning job, she could only earn a hundred yuan a month even if she worked day and night, but now this place not only includes food and drink but also gives out 500 yuan a month.

Li Mo nodded affirmatively, “Sister-in-law, there is more work in the store and at home, so five hundred yuan is the salary.” Do we have a deal if you think it’s okay? “

Sister Qin hurriedly nodded her head and nodded her head again. If she didn’t accept such a good job, she would be a fool.

At the same time, she also made up her mind that she must do a good job, work well for Brother Dashan and Sister Li Mo, so as not to let them down and live up to their good intentions.

She knew that many people would be willing to do such a good job, but they gave her this opportunity because they must have seen her poor situation and wanted to help her out.

Seeing Sister Qin agree, Li Mo began to arrange the next thing: “Sister-in-law, we need people to work here urgently. I hope you can come over as soon as possible. You can check what you want to bring, go home and make arrangements, and move there as soon as possible. Is it okay? There are many rooms at the back of my house. I will tidy up one for you. “

Sister Qin hurriedly said, “We have nothing to pack. Our family is poor. At most, we can bring some clothes and toiletries. I will go back to the village, pack up and come over. I will arrive tomorrow morning before the store opens. “

Li Mo looked at Sister Qin’s clothes and the children’s clothes. She could imagine that these were the best clothes they had, and the clothes at home would not be better than now.

It’s not that she doesn’t like Sister Qin. It’s just that Sister Qin will be working in the store in the future, representing the face of the store. She will be receiving the guests and sending off the guests. If she was to wear ragged clothes, it would be inevitably inappropriate.

” Sister-in-law, if you really just want to take some clothes, then there is no need. I have clothes on my side. You will wear them first, and then I will make two more for you later, and for the children too. You should not refuse this. This can be considered as a benefit of being an employee of this shop.

Sister Qin wanted to refuse because it was too embarrassing, but the words stopped at the tip of her tongue. She was not embarrassed to be laughed at, but it would be bad for her to bring shame to Brother Dashan and Sister Li Mo.

Sister Qin accepted with embarrassment and gratitude, “Sister, thank you, so then I do not need to go back to my house.” The door was locked anyway.

Li Mo smiled: “It’s okay, sister-in-law, come with me. I’ll show you and the child to your room. You should check what else is missing, and tell me. I’ll do it all for you.”

Sister Qin followed Li Mo into the room with her child. At a glance, it looked spacious and bright, with a complete bed, table, chairs, and closet, and it was newly built and beautiful.

Sister Qin said gratefully, “Sister, this house is so good. There is nothing missing. You don’t need to spend money. “

Li Mo nodded, “Then, sister-in-law, you take the child to clean up first. There is no hurry today. You will start working tomorrow. “

Sister Qin responded.

Li Mo came out of the house, beckoned to Meizi, and instructed her, “Meizi, go and buy some clothes for Sister Qin and some needles and thread for her to make clothes for her and the child.

Meizi took the money. “Okay, sister-in-law, I’ll be right back.”

Li Mo went back to her room and took out her own clothes from the closet and another set of Xiao Bao’s clothes and sent them to Sister Qin’s room together.

“Sister Qin, these are my clothes. You can change into the first, and they are not very new. You should wear this for the time being. These are Xiaobo’s clothes. I think the two kids are about the same size. Your Huzi can also wear them. “

Sister Qin gratefully took the clothes and thanked her repeatedly, “Sister, thank you so much.”

Li Mo waved her hand, “Don’t thank me, sister-in-law, then pack first. I’ll go to the front and be busy. “

Sister Qin sent Li Mo out of the room. Looking at Li Mo’s back, she made up her mind that she would repay this family for their generous treatment.

Li Mo just went to the front store. Several customers who hadn’t had time to do beauty treatments before spotted her immediately. Seeing her come out, they all gathered around her.

“Boss, you’re finally done, so you have to hurry up and do it for us. We didn’t have our turn yesterday, so we should have our turn today. “

Li Mo smiled and agreed, “Good, good. I will definitely do it for you today. Come with me to the beauty room. If you don’t want to wait inside, you can go to the lounge and have some tea. “

Li Mo looked at the two couples in the crowd and said, “Madame Yu, Madame Qin, come with me first. Let’s do it for you two first. “

Madame Yu and Madame Qin smiled and followed Li Mo to the beauty room.

Madame Yu was very happy because her good sister also came yesterday, and when she saw her good sister come out, she was moved to the core. Her best sister, she knows best. After taking off her makeup, her skin was dark and dry, but yesterday she went into the beauty room and came out again. The skin was simply too much better. It was like touching the water, and not as rough as before, but instead, it was smooth, and she did not know if it was her illusion. She even felt that she had become fairer.

She was so heartbroken on the spot that she wanted to experience it right away. 10 yuan was nothing. It was more than a little bit cheaper than the skincare creams she bought, but the effect was very different, so she didn’t feel bad about doing it every day.

It’s a pity that she came late yesterday and didn’t get her turn when the business closed for the night, so this time she came a little earlier on purpose, but she didn’t expect to be the first in line, but fortunately, it wasn’t too late, and she got her turn today.

Out of curiosity, two women also followed Li Mo into the beauty room. The others had seen it yesterday and didn’t go in. Instead, they went to the lounge and played leaf cards.

At this time, Sister Qin, who had changed her clothes, came out and saw Song Dashan looking at the store, went up and asked, “Brother Dashan, there is nothing to clean up on my side. I can work now. What do you want me to do? You can tell me now.”

Song Dashan looked behind her and asked, “Sister-in-law, where is Huzi?”

Sister Qin said, “Huzi, I let him play with Xiaobao. The two kids are playing well. Don’t worry. Huzi will take care of his brother. “

Song Dashan nodded, “then that’s a good sister-in-law. Come with me. I will tell you what you will do in the future. “

Song Dashan first pointed to the display shelf in the store and said, “Make sure this place is clean every day, and don’t let the customers see a bit of dust.”

Sister Qin nodded her head.

Song Dashan continued, “The other areas of the store should be cleaned whenever they are dirty, and in addition to that, hot water should be added to the small stoves in the lounge and the beauty room to ensure that customers can drink water at all times. Another thing is to buy food and cook it when the time comes, but nothing else. “

This job was really too easy for Sister Qin. She nodded her head, “Okay, Brother Dashan, so I will go to clean it up now.

Song Dashan looked at the time of day and said, “Sister-in-law, go boil some hot water and fill the stove with hot water, then go buy some food for the evening meal.”

Sister Qin responded and hurriedly went to the backyard to boil water.


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