Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 74

Chapter 74

Li Mo stayed in the beauty room until nearly dusk to finish the beauty treatments of today’s guests.

Sitting stiffly, Li Mo simply stood up and went out to take a look.

There were still a few customers outside looking at the rouge and powder, so Li Mo was very worried about Song Dashan and went straight to the relaxation room.

The customers who had had their beauty treatments before had not yet left and been playing leaf cards together, playing with great interest, not wanting to stop.

Li Mo went over to them to play. She found that this leaf card was not very fun, not as good as poker, but she prepared the poker cards and left them aside. No one even touched them.

I guess they don’t know how to play this.

Li Mo could not help but say: “Madame, do you want to try a new game? It’s this poker cards in my hand.”

One of the Madame looked at the poker cards curiously and said, “I saw this when I came in, but I didn’t know how to play it. I’ve never seen it before, and no one knew it.”

Li Mo began to explain the cards to everyone: “It’s called poker, similar to leaf cards. It is played differently, but I think it’s more fun than leaf cards. Do you want to try it?”

The two Madames were immediately interested, saying, “Then you can teach us to play, so we can have a new fun to do in the future.”

Li Mo nodded and opened the ancient version in his hand. Put the playing cards on the table, shuffling the cards while saying: “This is for four people to play together. After shuffling the cards like this, if you turn a card upside down, take your hand and cover it, and each player takes turns. Whoever catches the card that’s just been turned over will be the landlord.

And then the remaining three people would deal with the landlord together…”

Li Mo elaborated on the rules of playing cards and then personally went into battle. I took the other three people to play together, pointed out what was wrong, and asked if they didn’t understand something.

Gradually, everyone understood a little Li Mo, and they played a few more, and finally, those who played were able to do it, and a strong interest in playing cards arose, and they started playing.

When they all knew how to play, Li Mo smiled, gave her seat to another person, said her greetings, and went out.

This was the end of the beauty session for today, and Li Mo did not intend to do it anymore, leaving the front to Song Dashan while she went into the backyard to see Xiao Bao.

After entering the backyard, Li Mo went to the kitchen first, where Sister Qin was cooking.

Seeing Li Mo come in, Sister Qin said, “Are you hungry? The rice will be ready soon. I’ll just fry another dish. “

Li Mo said, “No hurry, sister-in-law, I’m not hungry yet, so take your time. I’m just stopping by to see the kids. “

Sister Qin smiled, “The two kids are playing now.”

“Okay then, I’ll go check on them.”

When Li Mo finished and left the kitchen, she saw Xiao Bao squatting under a tree, gesturing with a branch, while Huzi watched in silence, concentrating.

Li Mo quietly walked over and got behind Xiao Bao, and saw that Xiaobo was writing his name on the ground with a twig: Xiao Bao, which was the only two Chinese characters she had taught him so far, except for numbers, which Xiao Bao had to take out from time to time to write and review.

After Xiao Bao finished writing the two characters, he used a twig to point at the word “Xiao” and then recited: “Xiao! This means small!”

Huzi watched from the side and recited the same thing: “Xiao! This means small!”

Xiao Bao nodded solemnly, then moved the twig to another word and said, “Bao! This is Bao!”

(TN: In case you didn’t know, Xiao means little, Bao means Treasure. His nickname is Xiao Bao.)

Huzi recited it with equal seriousness.

After Huzi finished reciting it, he leaned over admiringly to Xiao Bao and said, “Brother Xiao Bao, you’re really something. You can even write.” In Huzi’s mind, if you are able to recognize words, it is very powerful.

Xiao Bao scratched his face, embarrassed. “I am not very good. My mother is good. She taught me. She also taught me to count and then do arithmetic. My mother is the most powerful person.”

Huzi’s eyes widened, and her eyes were full of admiration. “Aunt Mo is really good.”

Xiao Bao nodded solemnly.

Li Mo listened in the back with tears and laughter. In Xiaobao’s eyes, she was so powerful.

“Xiaobao, what are you and Huzi doing?” Li Mo voiced out.

Hearing Li Mo’s voice, Xiao Bao turned his head in surprise and jumped into Li Mo’s arms at once. “Mother, are you done?”

Li Mo took him into her arms and kissed his little cheek. “Yes, Mommy is done.”

Xiao Bao happily said to Li Mo, “Mother, today I taught Huzi how to count. He can recite one, two, three, four.”

Li Mo, “Really? Baby is great.” Then she stroked Huzi’s head, “Huzi is great too!”

Huzi’s little eyes shone brightly, and it was clear that he was happy to be praised.

Li Mo put down Xiao Bao in her arms and said to the two little ones, “You two go wash your hands. Dinner will be ready later.”

Xiao Bao nodded and dragged Huzi to the water tank, scooped out the water with the ladle and poured it into the basin, then put his little hands into the basin and scrubbed them carefully. Huzi saw this and followed suit.

Li Mo smiled and watched for a while, and then went to the front.

It was almost dark, and they had to close. She had to go and ask some mothers who were still playing cards to go home.


In the evening, the family plus Meizi, Sister Qin, and Huzi, a total of six people, sat at a table full of dishes cooked by Sister Qin, a total of five large plates of dishes that looked good and smelled good.

Li Mo first said, “Today, Sister Qin has come to the store. From now on, she is a member of our store. Sister Qin also cooked today’s dishes. Thank you for your hard work.”

Sister Qin waved her hand in embarrassment. “No, it’s not hard work at all. It’s nothing.”

Li Mo said, “Okay, from now on, we won’t be polite with each other. Come on, eat and wash up after eating. After that, take an early rest. We have been busy all day today.”

Everyone raised their chopsticks and ate.

Meizi gave Sister Qin a thumbs up. “Sister-in-law, your cooking is really good. It’s much better than my cooking.”

Sister Qin smiled, “I don’t know how to do anything else. I can just do this. It’s good for you to eat more. I will cook for you every day.”

They all ate a very happy and satisfying meal.

After the meal, Sister Qin boiled some hot water for everyone to wash up.

Li Mo and Song Dashan washed up last, and since Li Mo wanted to take a bath, Song Dashan didn’t ask Sister Qin to help her, so after they all went to their rooms, she went to the kitchen and boiled a big pot of hot water for Li Mo, and poured it into the bathtub for Li Mo to wash.

Li Mo had been comfortable being soaked in the water in the morning, and it was even better. Of course, if a certain wolf dog didn’t disturb her.

Afterward, Li Mo lay in Song Dashan’s arms, took a bite on his chest, and said angrily: “You’re so busy all day. Why aren’t you tired?” From the bathroom to the bedroom, how could she have so much energy to torment her every day?

Song Dashan smiled sullenly and did not answer Li Mo’s words.

How could he not have energy when it comes to the woman he loves? What he can’t say is that when he sees Li Mo, he will react.

After the jokes, Li Mo talked about the business: “Today I counted the money, and by the way, I calculated the account, this morning’s I put makeup to ten customers, and earned two hundred yuan, this afternoon, I did seventeen beauty treatments, I earned one hundred and seventy yuan, your side of the sale of balm and rouge powder, earned more than three hundred yuan, adding up to almost seven hundred yuan, when the price of beauty later increased, According to this calculation, the money we can earn can be more than twenty taels of silver a month, after expenses and various expenses, almost twenty taels can be saved.”

Song Dashan gave a “hmm” and continued to listen to Li Mo.

Li Mo remembered the situation in the recreation room today and asked, “How many people were there in the recreation room when I was doing makeup and beauty treatments?”

Song Dashan replied, “The recreation room was quite crowded. Many people loved to play in it. The tea was refilled many times, and many women brought their children. There were really many children.”

Li Mo’s heartstrings moved and instantly caught a business opportunity.

He couldn’t help but say to Song Dashan, “Dashan, I’ve thought of another idea. Let me see what you think.”

Li Mo adjusted to a more comfortable position in Song Dashan’s arms and then said: “Look, there are so many people in the recreation room every day, and there are many children. Can we set up a special food cabinet in the recreation room, like pastries, candies, cotton candies, melon seeds, and other kinds of snacks, although not every customer will buy them? But there are always people who want to buy them, and children, too. “

The more Li Mo thinks about it, the more she thinks it can be done, “and so many people were playing cards, they will want to chew something, just what we have here, some people are not short of money, if they will buy, then we will make money.”

Song Dashan found that his little wife was really business-minded, and every idea that came out of her made him admire her, and he could only nod his head in admiration.

This time was no exception, and Song Dashan had no other thoughts than nodding his head. Her idea was really good. They could go to the place that sells food to buy a little more. The price would be lower that way, and when they sell it in the store, the price goes up a little. The price difference is their income. No matter how much or how little they sell, they would still have an income.

Li Mo was already thinking about what to buy. After thinking for a while, she said: “Buy ready-made pastries every day. Otherwise, they would not be fresh, so I will go to the one that Tiezi often visits, and they will give us lower price; then for the others, we can just buy the ones that can be bought in large quantities, and those that are easy to store and hard to go bad, such as candies, melon seeds, twists, etc.; next, buy some marshmallows and candied haws that children like to eat, which could easily attract children.”

Song Dashan patted Li Mo’s back, “Okay, but I have to send a message to Uncle Zhang to make us a food cabinet, and then I will go to buy the food.”

The cabinet was a trivial thing, and it should have been divided into several layers. That’s it, but there is a little inconvenience. There is no glass in this era, and there is no way to separate it from glass, like modern eating cabinets, so that guests can see the contents, but they can’t reach them. Now the shelves are all exposed, and customers can get them easily. Someone will inevitably get them secretly. This requires a person to watch the sale of these products, but no one in the store has time to watch the food cupboard. They can’t hire a guy just to watch over the cabinet, right?

Thinking about it, Li Mo had a little headache. It was easy to think of a way to increase revenue, but she still encountered obstacles.

After hearing Li Mo’s worries, Song Dashan said, “Why don’t you put the food on the front counter, and I’ll watch it?”

Li Mo shook her head, “No, the front is for selling rouge and powder, adding food does not look good, and only people inside the recreation room will think about buying food, so if we don’t put it inside the recreation room, who can see the food?”

Also, when they enter the lounge, they will still run out for a stroll.

Everyone in the family has their own things to do, and indeed, no one can watch the food cupboard all day.

Li Mo sighed, “Forget it, I’ll think about it. You first let old Uncle Zhang make the cupboard. I’ll find a way.”

The next day, Li Mo still had that matter in her mind, but she still couldn’t come up with a good solution.

When Meizi saw how worried Li Mo was, she asked, “What are you thinking about, sister-in-law? Tell us, and we will help you think about it. “

Li Mo looked at Meizi and thought it made sense. There is strength in numbers, and maybe other people really had a solution, so she told Meizi what was bothering her.

Meizi listened and thought along but found that she couldn’t figure it out either.

At this time, Sister Qin, who had also heard the story, spoke up, “Sister, I have an idea. I don’t know if it will work.”

Li Mo hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, you quickly say, I can not think of other ways.”

Sister Qin said: “Don’t you want to cover the cabinet with something so that others can see the food in the cabinet, but others can’t get it, so they can only ask us to get it? In this case, we can use the net, just like the nets in our fields that prevent animals from entering, and enclose the nets on the side of the cabinet, so as not to delay seeing the food inside. People can’t reach in and take the food. “

Sister Qin said so. Li Mo instantly realized and remembered the field or vegetable garden side of those nets. Indeed it is very suitable ah.

Why hadn’t she thought of that?

Li Mo happily thanked Sister Qin, “Thank you, Sister Qin, your idea is great.”

Sister Qin waved her hand shyly, “It’s nothing. It’s good that I was able to help you.”

Li Mo turned to Song Dashan and said to him, “I thought of a way, but Sister Qin reminded me. Use the nets around the vegetable garden to surround the cabinet so that you can see the food inside, but you can’t reach it. This way, when you go to explain it to Chang Bang, remember to tell him to let Old Uncle Zhang leave one side empty and close the other side with a wooden board. The top can be locked so that the guests can only let us pick it up for them, and we can unlock it and take it out. There is no need to arrange for a person to look at the cabinet. “

Song Dashan also smiled, “This method is indeed good. I understand. I will go and talk with Changbang. Uncle Zhang will understand.”

Li Mo is still afraid that there is a gap in the middle, in case the verbal description was not clear. She simply went to find a piece of paper, drew a picture with a pen, and then marked its size. I believe that with Uncle Zhang’s experience, he could understand it at a glance.

Song Dashan took the sketch drawn by Li Mo and went to Zhao Changbang to explain the matter to him.

Zhao Changbang was also planning to go to Song Dashan. He went back to their house in the village yesterday and brought General Xiaojun with him. Originally, he was planning to send him to Song Dashan’s store later, but now that Song Dashan was here, he directly gave it to Song Dashan.

At this time, General Xiaojun was no longer the little puppy. He has grown up a lot, although he was still very small, but he can already run, jump and eat. He is cute and invincible.

Song Dashan rubbed General Xiaojun in his arms and then thanked Zhao Changbang before taking Xiaojun back to the store.

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