Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 75

Chapter 75

When he brought General Xiaojun back to the store, Xiao Bao was the happiest. He immediately picked him up and rubbed his face against General Xiaojun’s face, calling out his name. He responded with a “woo-woo,” sticking out his tongue to lick Xiao Bao’s face, and both of them were overjoyed.

Li Mo looked happy too and said, “Okay, you two take General Xiaojun and go play.”

After the two little ones left, Li Mo asked Song Dashan, “Have you talked to Changbang?”

Song Dashan nodded, “Yes, according to Uncle Zhang’s speed, I think it will be delivered to us in two days.”

Li Mo: “Then we have to go to the food store the day after tomorrow to buy some food and prepare it in advance.”

Song Dashan: “I know, leave it to me.”

After saying this, Song Dashan and Li Mo went straight to work.

Three days after the opening, Li Mo raised the price of the beauty treatment to its original price. She thought that the number of customers would be reduced, but to Li Mo’s surprise, the number of people coming did not decrease because of the price increase, but the number of customers increased instead.

Li Mo carefully thought about it. It was probably because the first three days of making a name for herself and her craft satisfied the customers, so they were still willing to come, and at the same time, they mentioned it to the people around them and brought other people to her shop. That’s why the number of customers didn’t decrease.

This is a good thing, but Li Mo’s time was limited. There were too many people, and she couldn’t do beauty treatments for all of them. They can only make an appointment, and whoever makes an appointment first will do a beauty treatment first.

Song Dashan got up early this morning and asked Sister Qin to take care of the store while he went out to buy the food he wanted to sell.

It took him more than an hour to finish shopping at several stores.

When he came back, Song Dashan carried a big cloth bag and opened it to show the family what was inside, which instantly caught the eyes of the two little ones.

The two little ones gulped unconsciously as they looked at the dazzling array of food.

Li Mo was amused. She reached out and took out two candy canes, one for each person. “Go eat, but be careful, do not poke the stick in your mouth.”

Xiao Bao immediately took it, but Huzi did not immediately take it but looked at Sister Qin.

Li Mo did not wait for Sister Qin to say anything and said, “It’s okay to eat such a small thing.” sister-in-law let the children eat it. Then she handed the candy cane to Huzi.

Sister Qin smiled and nodded her head. “Huzi, take it, and thank your Aunt Mo.”

Huzi immediately and obediently thanked Li Mo, “Thank you, Aunt Mo.” Then he reached out and took it.

Li Mo searched and took a piece of red bean cake and a few candies for each of the two little ones, and only then put the things away, just waiting for the cabinet to come, and then they could be put up for sale.

Li Mo went to the front and had to put makeup on the guests for this morning. The first person to come was Lin Xiaoyu. This girl is now running more frequently than before. She just opened the door this morning, and she arrived.

“Little girl, have you eaten yet? Why are you here so early? ” Li Mo poked Lin Xiaoyu’s head.

Lin Xiaoyu smiled cheekily and hugged Li Mo’s arm. “It’s so much fun here. I can stay all day without getting tired of it. The most attractive thing to me is your toilet. It’s really the best toilet I’ve ever seen. It’s clean and nice, and it doesn’t smell at all. Sister, how did you get it? You don’t know that I don’t even want to go to the toilet when I get home. I want to come to your side. “

Li Mo: “……”

I didn’t think that my toilet would attract you so much.

“Your toilet is really great. I also want to do something like that. Sister, tell me how you made it. ” Lin Xiaoyu was pulled by Li Mo to sit in front of the dressing table and still did not forget the toilet.

Li Mo said while giving Lin Xiaoyu makeup: “You see the inside, just do it, and then dig a cesspool under the toilet, and cover it, so it will work. As for the pool, later I will bring you the blueprint. You can get one at the porcelain shop on the west side of town. They are the ones who made it for my family. After you go back, you can install it in my home. It’s very simple. Ask me if you don’t understand anything.

Lin Xiaoyu nodded happily, “Mmmmm, good. If I don’t understand something, I will come and ask at any time. “

After putting on Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup, there were many guests behind Li Mo, and there was no time to entertain her, so she let her play by herself and then continued to do her work.


Sure enough, just like what Song Dashan said, Uncle Zhang’s action was fast, and it only took three days for Zhao Changbang to bring over the snack cabinet, along with the small swing and the small wooden horse.

Zhao Changbang personally brought the things to the store and then helped Song Dashan carry the things into the backyard.

“Changbang, I’ve been troubling you for the past few days, and now I’m still asking you to deliver them personally.” During this period of time, Zhao Changbang was the one who they approached if they needed something. Li Mo wanted to keep him for a meal, but he had to drive the villagers back to the village, so she had to find another opportunity.

Zhao Changbang waved his hand, “It’s nothing. What is my relationship with Dashan? No need to say thank you. “

Pushing Song Dashan’s hand, Zhao Changbang said, “There are so many guests outside. Hurry up, don’t worry about me. I will install this swing for you to save time. “

Li Mo was still embarrassed, but Song Dashan pulled her away. “It’s okay, let Changbang do it. He is very familiar with this job. “

Li Mo smiled and followed Song Dashan to the front to work, leaving Zhao Changbang to install the swing under the tree while the two little ones watched with their bright eyes.

After the store closed for the night, Li Mo saw the small swing that Zhao Changbang had installed, and she was surprised by the result.

The small swing is made in full accordance with children’s size. One to nine-year-old children can sit just right. The distance from the swing to the ground was very short so that the child could sit on it by himself without falling off. Zhao Changbang also carefully tied another rope next to the swing plate, and the rope was headed for the hook. After the child sits on it, he can use the rope next to him to loop around himself and then hook the hook to the button on the board. This is like a safety belt in case you fall down while playing.

Li Mo really admired Uncle Zhang and Zhao Changbang. They actually thought of making a safety belt.

Xiao Bao had played with the swing for a while since it was installed, and was eager to show it to Li Mo, so he ran to the swing with a thump, “Mother, this is fun, look!” He said and then sat on the swing. He was familiar with the safety rope and started to encircle the safety belt around him.

While on the swing, he said, “Uncle Changbang said this was to ensure our safety. Before playing, you must wear and buckle this safety belt around you. Then you can play after that! “

Xiao Bao buckled the rope, touched his little feet on the ground, and then swayed as he grinned.

“Mother, look at me. I’m flying! “

Li Mo looked at Xiao Bao’s happy appearance. Her heart was also very happy. As long as the child is happy, the adults will be comfortable.

Xiao Bao played for a while before Li Mo went up and held him, “Okay, it’s time to eat. You can’t play like this later. Come down and play again tomorrow. “

Xiao Bao nodded and wrapped his arms around Li Mo’s neck.

Li Mo took Xiao Bao off the swing and held him in her arms while rubbing Huzi’s head, who was standing next to her. “Let’s go, Huzi, come with Auntie, help Auntie put the snacks in the cabinet.”

Huzi’s eyes lit up, and she followed Li Mo into the house on his short legs.

Li Mo put Xiao Bao down and opened the big bag containing snacks to reveal the snacks inside.

Looking at the two little ones’ bright eyes once again, she smiled and took out two pieces of hawthorn cake from inside and gave one to each. “We’ll be eating soon. You can’t eat more snacks. You can only eat one piece of this. “

Xiaobao immediately nodded, “Mother, Xiaobao knows.”

Huzi also nodded like Xiao Bao, “Aunt Mo, Huzi also knows.”

Li Mo rubbed the heads of the two little guys. They were so cute.

The cabinet that Uncle Zhang made was exactly as Li Mo requested, even better than Li Mo thought. It was very spacious, with a total of three layers, exactly like a modern version of the cake cabinet. Only the glass on one side was replaced with a net, but it did not affect the displays. They could still see the snacks inside. Although the gap in the net was large, the hands could not reach in, even the hands of children could not reach in, which doesn’t need anyone to watch over. As long as someone wants to buy them, you have to find Song Dashan or Sister Qin to get them.

Li Mo opened the lock of the cabinet from the back and placed the snacks she bought in the cabinet one by one. She placed the snacks that children like to eat, such as candy, candy canes, and pastries, in the middle, which is just right for the height of children, while on the top are what the adults like to eat, such as melon seeds and sesame flowers.

After she arranged the snacks, Li Mo thought about it. For convenience, she brought a few small wooden boards and wrote the prices on them with a brush, and then put these price signs in front of each snack so that the customers could see them at a glance, and if they were reluctant to buy them, there was no need to ask them about the price one by one. It also saved Song Dashan a lot of time.

After everything was ready, Li Mo called Song Dashan and, together with him, carried the cabinet to the lounge and placed it in the most suitable position, and waited for the customers’ reaction tomorrow.

The next day, Li Mo had been thinking about this, wondering if the snacks would sell well, and if they didn’t sell well, she would have to adjust the stocking quantity. If they sold well, it would bring them a lot of income.

She certainly hopes that the snack cabinet will be favoured by customers.

Li Mo took a break from applying makeup to a customer and slipped into the lounge to see if anyone was buying food.

“Mother, I want to eat candy canes!”

“Mother, I want to eat too!”

“Mother, I want to eat cakes.”

When Li Mo walked in, she saw a number of people standing in front of the snack cabinet, all adults with children, several of whom had their faces pressed into the cabinet, and a few of whom were tugging on the adults’ hands to buy them something.

Li Mo then saw that there were so many people in the lounge, and so many children were also brought by their parents.

Those who can come to Li Mo are basically not too poor and are willing to buy the children, so the women who were entangled with the children have already agreed. “Well, I’ll buy it for you, my little ancestor.” After saying that, she was ready to call someone.

Li Mo hurriedly retreated, found Song Dashan, and said to him, “Dashan, there are people inside who want to buy food. You go get it for them. I will watch them here for a while. “

Song Dashan nodded and took the key, and went inside.

It took a while before Song Dashan came back.

Li Mo smiled and asked, “How was it? There are a lot of people buying, right? “

Song Dashan also hooked the corners of his mouth, “Yes, quite a lot. The children all bought food. I opened the cupboard, and even some adults bought some food. “

Li Mo nodded her head and went back to the dressing room without further questions.

However, before she reached the door of the dressing room, Li Mo suddenly stopped because she remembered a small thing.

She looked around and saw Sister Qin cleaning the floor at the entrance of the beauty room and called out to her, “Sister Qin.”

When Sister Qin heard Li Mo call her, she put down the things she was holding and came over. “Sister, what do you want?”

Li Mo said, “Sister-in-law, many people have just bought snacks in the recreation room, so it is estimated that there will be a lot of garbage, and it will be hard to throw it all over the floor, and you can’t clean it up. You should go to the back and find a wooden bucket and put it in the recreation room to remind people to throw the garbage into the bucket. “

Sister Qin nodded, “Right, this must be done. Otherwise, all the garbage will be thrown on the floor. I’ll go now. “

Li Mo reminded me, “By the way, sister-in-law, if Dashan is serving customers and has no time to sell snacks, you can go to whoever is free.”

Sister Qin hurriedly agreed, “Okay, I know, don’t worry, you can go and do your job.”

In the evening, when the store closed, Li Mo deliberately walked to the leisure room to take a look. He found that the snack cabinet full of food was basically empty.

Li Mo was slightly surprised. She didn’t expect it to sell out so quickly.

Song Dashan said, “Today, I came several times to get food for customers. Those children ate it and came back to buy it. Many adults eat for the majority of the day as well. The food here is all gone. I’d better go back and get some sugar gourds. “

Li Mo laughed, “This means that our business is good. I will set up more sugar gourds tonight. Let’s see ah. Besides the candied walnuts, there are also marshmallows. There are not many seeds left. “

At this time, Sister Qin also came in with a smile and said, “Today, I emptied the garbage three times. The bucket will be full quickly. “

Li Mo said, “There’s a lot of food, so there’s a lot of garbage, so it’s hard for my sister-in-law to clean the room. You must make sure that the lounge is clean and tidy. “

Sister Qin assured me, “Don’t worry, I will do this. The meal is ready. Go eat in the back. “

Only then did Li Mo and Song Dashan follow Sister Qin to the classroom to eat.

When the family finished eating, Li Mo filled up the snack cabinet once again before washing up.

“Sister, sister-in-law has a suggestion she wants to make to you.” Sister Qin, who was helping out on the sidelines, said:

“Sister-in-law, just say what you want to say. We will be almost like a family in the future. “

Sister Qin said, “I saw these people eating a lot of food today, and then they were thirsty and drank a lot of water. I had to refill the water eight times before they could drink enough. I thought, should we also sell something to drink, like brown sugar water or something? I think some people are not short of money. They would probably be willing to buy it. “

Li Mo paused.

She felt that Sister Qin was right. If there is food, there should be a drink. The food can be sold. The drinks can naturally be sold.

Moreover, it is estimated that food and drink will be more profitable than food because, in this era, it’s not convenient to bring some food from home. Even if they weren’t willing to buy food from her shop, they probably wouldn’t buy it from other shops because it’s far too inconvenient.

Therefore, as long as the drink she sells here is good, there are definitely people willing to buy it, rather than buying it themselves from elsewhere and then bringing it to her.

Well, they can try this one.

Li Mo patted Sister Qin’s hand and said: “Sister-in-law, your suggestion is great. We can try it. Now that the weather is cooler, we will sell hot tea drinks. There will definitely be people who buy them. However, what we must sold needs to be good and be able to able to attract people. This brown sugar water is too ordinary. It probably won’t work. Sister-in-law, please help me think of another idea again. What beverage can we sell? “


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    The part I find most unbelievable (and breaks my suspension of disbelief) in this book so far is the speed of uncle Zhang’s work crafting all of these items for them. I think the longest I’ve heard him working on something for them was 3-4 days. Like I remember they asked for 500 small boxes for the perfumes. He took 2-3 days to make them. There’s no way he did that without having some sort of machine but he somehow did.


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