Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 76

Chapter 76

When it comes to selling drinks, Sister Qin can only think of brown sugar water. Oh, yes, honey water was also very good to drink. She doesn’t know anything else. Even the honey water, she just knows it, but she hasn’t drunk it.

Sister Qin was embarrassed. “Sister, this is difficult for me. I only know brown sugar water and honey water. I really don’t know anything else.”

Li Mo shook her head. Honey water and brown sugar water are too common. You can drink it anytime, and it was not appealing. If you want to drink it, just make a little soak at home, and you don’t need to buy it from her all the time.

She still has to make some special tea.

Li Mo thought of all kinds of drinks in modern times, but there are none here. However, it is still possible to make one or two tea drinks by yourself.

She used to make small drinks at home when she was a student, but many of them require modern machines and spices. Some of them simply use teabags bought directly from the supermarket, which can not be done here.

There are also things that can be done here, but she can only remember two very simple ones.

One is honey pomelo tea, and the other is almond milk tea.

These two are very simple to make, and the ingredients are also very simple. So you can buy them right away when you go out, and they are easy to make, so you can try them out.

Back in the room, Li Mo took out a pen and paper and wrote down the general instructions as she remembered them.

The ingredients needed for honey pomelo tea are pomelo, honey, icing sugar, and a little salt. Cut the grapefruit flesh into small pieces, and then cut the grapefruit peel into small shreds, put it in brine for an hour to remove the bitterness, and then put it in water and boil for ten minutes and fish it out, and then put the processed grapefruit peel and grapefruit flesh together with icing sugar into a pot and boil for an hour on low heat, until they thicken and boil until the grapefruit peel is golden and shiny.

Let it cool, stir in the honey, put it in a sealed jar, and drink it with warm water. The taste is very good.

After writing down the honey pomelo tea recipe with a brush, Li Mo carefully reviewed the almond milk tea recipe.

The almond milk tea requires almonds, yam, milk, and icing sugar.

The almonds will be soaked in hot water for a while so that it is easy to remove the skin. After peeling the skin, the yam will be cut into pieces and then cooked. After that, the yam and almonds need to be mashed together, crushed, and then put milk and icing sugar in the mix together. You can also add dates and raisins for flavouring according to your taste.

There is no ready-made milk here, but you can go buy goat’s milk and use the almonds to remove the stinkiness from it.

After writing down the preparation method of these two kinds of tea to drink, Li Mo plans to carefully talk to Sister Qin tomorrow so that she can go buy some ingredients first, come back and try to make them, and launch them after they are successfully made.

After the tea drink was finished, Li Mo thought of the day after tomorrow. It was the time Song Dashan needs to go to the city to treat his leg, so she simply lifted her pen again and wrote down a big notice, planning to post it then.

The next day, Li Mo greeted the guests one by one and told them that she was going to the city to see a doctor, and then asked Sister Qin to stay behind to look after the store, and then followed Song Dashan to the city again at dawn.

This time, after Song Dashan finished treating his leg, he did not stay at the inn for one night like before but went to see Sima Haoran at the captain’s residence, and the two brothers had a good gathering before returning to town the next day.

Li Mo and Song Dashan had lunch first back home, and while they were not doing business in the afternoon, Song Dashan drove the donkey cart to the village.

Li Mo planned to make a kind of osmanthus-scented balm during the flowering season, so he asked Zhao Changbang to send a letter to the village two days ago, asking people in the village to help him pick osmanthus flowers and buy them at a price of 20 yuan per basket.

After Song Dashan left, Li Mo called Sister Qin, “Sister-in-law, have you bought the materials I asked you to buy?”

Sister Qin replied, “Yes, but I didn’t do it because I really haven’t done it before, and I’m afraid I’ll waste these things if I do it badly, so I thought I’d wait for you to come back and let you watch.”

Li Mo nodded, “Then, sister-in-law, let’s go to the kitchen now and study the process.”

Sister Qin wiped her hands on her apron. “Okay, let’s go now. I’ll carry the things we bought to the kitchen.”

When they arrived in the kitchen, Li Mo and Sister Qin worked together to process the ingredients they had bought and then put the processed grapefruit peel and flesh with the right amount of rock sugar into a pot to simmer, stirring as they did so.

While Sister Qin simmered the honey pomelo, Li Mo poured the goat’s milk into another pot and added almonds to remove the stinkiness, then put the powdered and pureed yam and almonds into the goat’s milk, added icing sugar, and stirred until frothy.

Li Mo put the almond milk tea into a large porcelain pot, while Sister Qin boiled the honey pomelo and also put it into the pot.

Li Mo added the honey to the honey pomelo tea and stirred it well, and the two tea drinks were ready.

Li Mo took out two spoons from the cupboard and gave one to Sister Qin. “Sister-in-law, did you like it? Give your opinion, and so we can improve on the bad points. “

Sister Qin carefully scooped a spoonful of almond milk tea into her mouth, and after swallowing it, she showed a surprised expression and kept nodding at Li Mo, “Sister, it’s good, it’s really good.”

Li Mo also scooped a spoonful and tasted it, thinking that it was similar to the ones made during her school days and tasted pretty good, but not as exaggerated as Sister Qin said, probably because Sister Qin hadn’t drunk them, so she felt surprised.

She also spooned a spoonful of honey pomelo cream into a bowl, added some hot water, stirred it well, and took a sip.

The bitterness of the grapefruit was completely removed, but it was not sweet enough.

Li Mo added some honey to the honey pomelo cream and stirred it well, then steeped it again, and this time the taste improved a lot.

“Sister Qin, you should try this honey pomelo tea as I did.”

Sister Qin smiled, also took a bowl and made a bowl of honey pomelo tea, just like Li Mo.

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry and wondered if she would find it delicious whatever she gave to Sister Qin to drink.

Li Mo took two bowls, mixed two more cups of honey grapefruit tea, then asked Sister Qin to carry the almond milk tea, went to the hall together, and put it on the table.

“Xiaobao, Huzi, come on, you guys, come and taste something delicious.” Li Mo shouted at the two little guys in the yard.

As soon as Li Mo shouted, the two little ones ran into the house and looked at the bowl of something they didn’t know what was in it, and without saying a word, they held it and tasted it.

At the first sip, Xiao Bao’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but lick his lips and look at Li Mo and say, “Mother, this is so delicious and sweet.”

Huzi also nodded, too late to say anything more. So instead, he lowered his head and drank hard.

Li Mo smiled and rubbed Xiao Bao’s head. “Drink more if it’s good. There’s still this milk tea after this one.”

Xiao Bao nodded his head like a chicken-pecker and lowered his head to drink.

Huzi also followed and drank it.

Sister Qin looked at her son, drinking fragrantly. Her eyes were a little sour. Huzi experienced a bitter life with her. He had never eaten delicious food. He almost grew up eating wild vegetables. He only ate it when he came here. So many children like to eat and eat them so sweetly.

She was so grateful to Brother Dashan and Sister Li Mo in her heart.

At this time, Song Dashan also came back from the village, and, seeing the children lying on the table drinking something sweet, he smiled and asked, “What are you making for the children to eat?”

Li Mo walked up to him. “No. I told Sister Qin to sell tea. I just made it with Sister Qin. The drink is not bad. Don’t be busy, come with me and

Song Dashan listened to Li Mo and ignored the sweet-scented osmanthus in the cart, and followed Li Mo into the hall.

Li Mo first gave Song Dashan a bowl of almond milk tea. Song Dashan took it and gulped it up, finishing the bowl of milk tea in one gulp.

Li Mo smiled and hit him lightly, “You, how come you drank it in one gulp?”

Song Dashan wiped his mouth, and he smiled, “I’m thirsty. I’ll drink slowly next time. But wife, it’s really good, it’s much better than honey water, and it smells good.”

Li Mo did not expect him to say it was not good and mixed him another bowl of honey and grapefruit tea, which Song Dashan finished in one go.

“What do you think? Do you think our store will do well selling these two kinds of tea drinks?” Li Mo asked.

Song Dashan first expressed his opinion: “I think it’s good. The weather is getting colder. Both types of tea are hot. Drink it warm, and the taste is really good. It tastes better than brown sugar water and honey water. “

Sister Qin also agreed, “Although I haven’t drunk many good things, I just think it tastes really good. You see that the two children also like it very much. Not to mention the adults, the children definitely like it. “

Li Mo made a decision. “Then, we will add these two kinds of tea drinks in the future. I calculated the cost and finally set it at three yuan a cup.”

Song Dashan had no comment.

Li Mo added: “If this tea drink can be sold, I will give it to Sister Qin. You can make it in the morning and in the afternoon at a fixed time, and if anyone wants to buy it, you can make it.”

Sister Qin agreed.

Li Mo turned to Song Dashan and said, “Dasan, since our family is going to sell tea drinks in the future, there must be something to load. I don’t plan to use porcelain bowls. After all, there are many children, and it’s easy to break them. When the other party refuses to compensate, it won’t be good. Why not use something that can not be broken? I intend to ask Uncle Zhang to make us a batch of wooden cups for tea drinks. Later, I will draw the shape and size of the cups, and you can ask Changbang to go back and ask Uncle Zhang to make them for us.”

Song Dashan said, “Okay, I’ll go find Changbang tomorrow.”

Li Mo shared the rest of the honey pomelo tea and almond milk tea with the two children while she followed Song Dashan to carry down the baskets of osmanthus from the car.

“So many osmanthus flowers?” Li Mo looked at the car full of osmanthus and marvelled.

Song Dashan laughed, “I let Changbang go back and told him that for a basket of osmanthus, I would pay 20 yuan. Everyone in the village is willing to do it. Everyone who has nothing to do at home will pick osmanthus. So all the osmanthus in the village is plucked. This time I have collected ten baskets. There are a lot of baskets.”

“Then let’s hurry up and make it while we can, and tomorrow we will make the cinnamon balm as much as we can, and if we can’t do it, then we will do it tomorrow night.”

So Song Dashan brought the osmanthus flowers directly into the kitchen, Sister Qin burned the fire, and Song Dashan and Li Mo made them. The three of them worked until they went to bed and made a hundred boxes of balm, which they could sell after cooling overnight.

The next day, Song Dashan sent 50 boxes of osmanthus balm to Madame Yue, and the remaining 50 boxes were sold in his store.

When people came in today, Song Dashan would remind them that there was a new flavour of balm in the store, and they could try it for free.

Song Dashan opened a box of osmanthus balm and put it on the counter for customers to try it themselves, which attracted many women, who put some of the balms on their wrists with their hands smelled it and discussed it with each other.

By the time the store was closed for the night, the 50 boxes of balm had been sold out, and I guess on Madame Yue’s side, it was almost sold out too.

Song Dashan and Li Mo had to make 100 boxes again.

It took three days before the popularity of the osmanthus balm dropped, and the daily sales volume became normal.


As usual, Uncle Zhang was fast and had already made the fifty wooden cups that Li Mo had customized and asked Zhao Changbang to bring them over.

Li Mo and Sister Qin washed these cups and put them in boiling water to sterilize them before putting them in the cabinet in the recreation room. On the next day, Sister Qin went to the recreation room with the newly made milk tea and honey pomelo tea and yelled out according to Li Mo’s explanation, “Come and see, the shop has launched two new and unique tea drinks, which are very good and not even available in the capital. This store today will be the first day of sale, you can try for free, everyone comes over to try. If it doesn’t taste good, you don’t need to buy it. “

Hearing the free taste, the adults and children playing in the recreation room all crowded over and wanted to try it.

Sister Qin sent a cup to everyone present and poured a small half cup of almond milk tea into everyone’s cup.

After the people in the room finished drinking it, the adults stopped talking while the children were licking their lips, looking as if they couldn’t get enough, some even clamouring for more.

Sister Qin saw this and said, “Don’t be in a hurry. Please try this honey pomelo tea again. It’s also very good.” So she poured another half cup of honey pomelo tea into everyone’s cups.

“Mother, I want to drink this.”

“Mother, I want more, I want more.”

“Mother, I want to drink the back, the back to drink.”

The children also want to drink. The adults have to comply with them. They have to pay for the children to buy a cup at a time. Sister Qin was busy while collecting money and pouring tea, but there was nothing wrong with it. They were all charged for a cup and poured a cup of tea.

The children drank with great pleasure. Some adults who ate melon seeds were also a little thirsty. Those who do not care about a few yuan have come and bought a cup to drink.

Sister Qin’s mouth was curled up, thinking that this was really a good business for earning money. This could now give Brother Dashan and Sister Li Mo more money, so she worked harder, thinking about tomorrow. Do a little more, and then come a few more times to yell, so there will definitely be more people buying it.


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