Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 77

Chapter 77

The sales of almond milk tea and honey grapefruit tea are not bad. They are very popular with children, and many adults also like the taste and ask for a cup from time to time.

Especially as the weather is getting colder day by day, people like to drink something hot, making these two kinds of tea more and more attractive to customers. Moreover, these two kinds of tea can not be learned by others and can not be made by themselves. If you want to drink it, you can only buy it at Li Mo’s shop.

In this way, selling snacks and teas in the store has not faded with the passing of the day, and each month also gives the store several dollars of silver income.

But the cold weather also has its drawbacks: as the weather becomes colder and colder, Li Mo finds that the number of customers in the store has been decreasing in recent days, and even the customers in the lounge, which is always more lively, are also gradually decreasing, and Li Mo must say that this is because of the weather.

Li Mo is worried that people will be more reluctant to go out when the weather gets colder and will only want to stay at home. Then, those customers who used to bring their children to play will continue to decline, and the store’s business will also be affected.

In this case, if you want to increase the popularity of the store, you have to make the store warmer than home, so that people are willing to come and stay.

Therefore, Li Mo immediately decided to start using the furnace.

Li Mo lives in the south and does not have the habit of heating houses like people in the north. Because of the climate problems caused by geography, kangs can not be built here, so people mostly burn fire pots to keep warm in the winter.

Li Mo thought of this problem when the weather started to get cold, so she designed a big iron stove with a small door in the belly of the furnace, which could be filled with firewood and closed afterwards to prevent the firewood from falling out. And there are many tiny openings around the stove. The heat of the fire can be exposed from each of the openings, making the surrounding air warm.

When Li Mo first designed it, she let Song Dashan take her drawing to the blacksmith’s store and he made several large iron stoves directly according to what Li Mo wanted. Then the weather was not so cold, so Li Mo kept it in the house without any use, and now it is finally time to put it to use.

Li Mo put one stove in Sister Qin’s room and another in the room where she and Song Dashan slept, intending to try out the heating ability of the stove while sleeping at night.

When Li Mo went up, not only was the blanket hot, but Song Dashan also wrapped her tightly in his broad chest, which made her body warm. For Li Mo, who was always afraid of the cold, this was the most comfortable time she had ever had in the winter season, and that was because of the big natural heater.

That’s why they hadn’t used the fireplace in their room before and only planned to try it tonight.

Song Dashan brought a pile of firewood from the woodshed, first lit it with firewood, and put it on the stove. When the fire came up, he slowly put the firewood in through the stove’s door until the firewood started to burn. Then he closed the door of the stove and let the fire burn slowly.

Li Mo stood at the side of the stove, which was about the same height as her, and soon she felt the heat emanating from it and warming up her whole body.

After a while, her body began to heat up, and Li Mo backed up a little to feel the better temperature.

About a quarter of an hour later, Li Mo, who was standing quite far away, once again felt hot, hot, and even a little stuffy, so the heat had filled the room.

Li Mo went to the window to open the window a little more, but she still felt a little stuffy. She simply took off the big quilted jacket on the outside and put it on the side of the bed, wearing only the inner cotton vest, which made her feel comfortable.

However, Li Mo was still very pleased with the heating effect, which was more useful than burning many small fire pots, and it appeared that she could put one in the beauty room, dressing room, and leisure room the next day. As long as, in the daytime, she has to pay attention to not letting the firewood go out, it will be warm all day, compared to ordinary home fire pots and a small fireplace, so that the guests will probably be very willing to come over. With that, the store will not worry about a lack of customers.

When Song Dashan came in with water, he saw Li Mo sitting on the edge of the bed wearing only her vest, looking at the stove. Song Dashan was wondering what she was thinking about, and his brow immediately furrowed.

Song Dashan placed the basin at Li Mo’s feet, took her hand in his, and said, unhappily. “Why did you take off your jacket? What if you catch a cold? “

Li Mo smiled and gently shook Song Dashan’s hand to beg for forgiveness. “No, you can see that the stove was so hot. I was feeling hot, so I took off my jacket. It’s not cold at all. The effect is good. You will feel the warmth later. “

Song Dashan was frustrated by her slightly flirtatious tone and could no longer say anything to rebuke her, but he was still unsure and brought her coat to her and draped it over her. “You can’t just wear anything. You wear it like this. “

Li Mo had to wear it obediently.

Song Dashan was satisfied, then squatted down and took off Li Mo’s shoes and socks, then slowly put her pair of tender white feet into the water. “Is it hot?”

Li Mo shook her head, “Just right, comfortable.”

Song Dashan smiled and slowly washed Li Mo’s feet.

Li Mo did not do anything, just quietly watched Song Dashan wash her feet like every night, but somehow, she felt a sudden tightness in her chest after watching him.

Li Mo looked at the window, which she had opened with a large gap, and the air was fully circulating, so the room was not so stuffy.

Li Mo asked Song Dashan: “Dashan, do you feel stuffy?”

Song Dashan smiled and looked up at her in confusion. “No, I don’t feel stuffy. What’s wrong? “

But Li Mo saw her hand rubbing her chest and got worried. “What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? “

Li Mo nodded. “I am feeling stuffy. Is the stove too hot? “

It was probably because she was not used to the stove all of a sudden. That’s why she was stuffy.

Hearing Li Mo says so, Song Dashan hurriedly wiped her feet with a towel, put her on the bed, then went to the table, picked up the teapot, and walked to the stove, throwing the water in the teapot into the stove at once.

Seeing the fire in the stove extinguished, Song Dashan walked back to the bedside and touched Li Mo’s face. “Do you feel better now?”

In fact, Li Mo’s chest still felt a bit uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt that much and she didn’t want Song Dashan to get worried. She smiled and shook her head, “Much better, no more discomfort.”

Song Dashan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “If you feel stuffy, we won’t burn the stove anymore. Anyway, I’m hot, and I won’t be cold when I sleep with you.”

Li Mo rubbed his palm, “Okay, let’s not burn the stove.”

She suddenly remembered that Sister Qin had also burned the stove. Li Mo is not very comfortable. She can’t bear the feeling of tightness in her chest. Li Mo sat up in bed, “No, I am afraid that there’s something wrong with the stove. I have to go to Sister Qin and ask her. Just in case the stove really makes people’s chests feel tight, Sister Qin does not know. It would be bad if something went wrong. “

Song Dashan thought about it. Sister Qin’s safety was more important, and he was not suitable to go to Sister Qin at night, so he had to pick up Li Mo’s clothes and put them on her.

Li Mo opened the door of her room after dressing up and went straight to Sister Qin’s room door. She saw that it was dark inside and she should be sleeping, but she still knocked on the door, “Are you asleep, sister-in-law?”

“Hey, I am not yet asleep. I’ll be right there. ” Inside, Sister Qin replied.

After a while, the room lights up once again. Sister Qin opened the door, saw Li Mo outside, and asked, “Sister, did you come to me for something?”

Li Mo said, “Sister-in-law, are you heating the stove in your room?”

Sister Qin nodded her head and looked a little happy. “Yes, I did. I heated it as you said, not to mention that it warmed up after a while. My whole body was warm and not cold at all.

Seeing Sister Qin’s happy look, Li Mo was a bit puzzled and asked, “How long have you been heating the stove, sister-in-law?”

“Almost an hour?” said Sister Qin.

An hour? It was even longer than the time she was heating her stove. But Sister Qin didn’t look uncomfortable at all, right?

Li Mo asked, “Sister-in-law, do you feel uncomfortable when using it? Like a sudden tightness in your chest? “

Sister Qin shook her head, “No, I feel fine. It’s warm. ” After saying that, she looked at Li Mo and frowned slightly. “Sister, why do you ask this? Is there something wrong? “

Li Mo shook her head, “Nothing, sister-in-law, I was just a little stuffy. I thought it was the stove. I wanted to ask you since you’re fine, it doesn’t seem to be the stove. But sister-in-law, your windows must be open a little, not all closed. “

Sister Qin hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, sister, I opened the windows as you said. I won’t close them all. But sister, are you okay? “

Li Mo smiled and shook her head. It’s okay, sister-in-law. You can go to sleep. ” After she said that, she turned around and left, so she would not disturb her.

Li Mo came to the room where the two little ones were sleeping, walked in, lit the candle, and looked at the two little ones sleeping soundly on the bed under the candle flame. She smiled, and covered them with the blanket, then blew out the candle, closed the door again, and went back to sleep.

Since Song Dashan and Sister Qin were not uncomfortable and felt very comfortable, Li Mo was relieved to use the stove and had Song Dashan put it in the lounge, dressing room, and beauty room the next day and fired it up, warming up the room instantly.

To be safe, Li Mo put some chairs around the stove and put a circle of rope around the chairs to shield the guests from getting too close to the stove.

“Sister, it’s so warm here. I feel a little hot. ” Lin Xiaoyu said it while Li Mo was applying her makeup.

Li Mo smiled: “See that big stove over there? I made it, especially so that the shop would be warm when it heats up. “

Lin Xiaoyu: “I can see it. It’s really big. It is almost taller than me. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a big stove. Sister, your things here are different from other places. “

Li Mo smiled, “It would only be warm if the stove were big.”

Other women who were waiting for their makeup also followed suit. “It is indeed warm today. I felt warm as soon as I came in. “

“Yes, this stove really works. It’s very hot. “

“It’s warmer here than at home, so it’s comfortable to stay.”

Seeing that everyone felt warm and did not feel uncomfortable like she did, Li Mo was completely relieved.

Last night, maybe she suddenly felt tightness in her chest for other reasons, and it had nothing to do with the stove.

But why had she suddenly felt tightness in her chest last night, and now she was fine? It was strange.

Li Mo kept thinking about it while continuing to keep her hands moving, but after being unable to think of what was causing it, she just left it behind.

After finishing Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup, she patted her shoulder, “Okay, go play as I meet the next person, please.”

It took until noon for Li Mo to finish her morning’s work, and by now, her stomach was hungry and grumbling.

Li Mo rushed to the back and saw Sister Qin coming out of the kitchen with a plate and followed her to help serve the food. When the food was all on the table, Song Dashan came over with her two children.

“Now that they’re here, let’s eat.”

She didn’t know why, but she was always hungry these days, and she couldn’t seem to hold back for a second.

Everyone also picked up their bowls and ate them.

Li Mo chewed the rice and hurriedly picked up a piece of fish with her chopsticks, but before she could get it into her mouth, a fishy smell suddenly reached her nose, and instantly, her stomach recoiled.

“Oh—” Li Mo put down the tableware and quickly squatted down and retched.

“What’s wrong with you, wife?” Song Dashan was startled. He put down the dishes and ran to Li Mo and squatted down in front of her, patting her back hurriedly.

Sister Qin and the two children were also startled and forgot to eat, looking at Li Mo helplessly, not knowing what was wrong.

Xiao Bao also followed Song Dashan’s example and patted Li Mo’s back, asking worriedly, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Mo tried to speak, but before she could, another wave of nausea hit her, and she vomited again.

Song Dashan was so anxious that he was sweating. After finally waiting for Li Mo to stop vomiting, he immediately poured a glass of water and fed it to her while telling her, “Wife, let’s go to the hospital after you finish drinking water.”

Li Mo leaned helplessly against Song Dashan, slowly swallowed the water in her mouth, and then nodded her head.

At this time, Sister Qin on the side suddenly straightened up and stopped Song Dashan from picking up Li Mo, saying, “Brother Dashan, don’t move, Sister.”

Song Dashan wondered, “What’s wrong with my sister-in-law? Li Mo needs to see a doctor. “

Sister Qin did not answer Song Dashan’s question first, but looked at Li Mo and asked, “Sister, have you had your monthly period this month?”

As soon as Sister Qin said that, Li Mo’s eyes suddenly widened, and she looked straight at Sister Qin.

The menstrual period? The original owner’s menstrual cycle was disorderly, so she didn’t take it seriously and just thought it was delayed but didn’t think about it at all.

Could it really be because…

Song Dashan didn’t know why Sister Qin and Li Mo suddenly talked about menstruation. Still, Li Mo had to see the doctor, so it wasn’t too late to talk about it when she came back, so he picked up Li Mo and walked outside, saying as he walked: “Now is not the time to talk about anything else. Li Mo’s medical treatment is the most important thing.” Sister Qin, take care of the store. Let’s go to the medical center. “

Sister Qin was too late to say anything else, but she watched Song Dashan disappear with Li Mo in his arms at the gate and could only cry and laugh.

On the other hand, Li Mo did not say anything and leaned into Song Dashan’s arms, letting him carry her to the medical center.

She also wanted to see if she was…

In the medical center, Song Dashan was standing anxiously watching the doctor take Li Mo’s pulse.

After a long time, when Song Dashan almost couldn’t resist the urging, the old doctor finally withdrew his hand.

“Doctor, what is wrong with my wife? Why did she vomit? Oh yes, last night, she also felt tightness in her chest, and she was very uncomfortable. ” Song Dashan asked impatiently before the doctor could say anything.

The doctor didn’t mind Song Dashan’s urgency. He just smiled and stroked his beard before saying, “Congratulations to you both. Your wife is expecting. It’s already been two months.”

“What… there is…… I……” Song Dashan was completely stunned as if he didn’t understand the doctor’s words.

Li Mo was not as stupid as Song Dashan, but she lowered her head involuntarily, clutching her belly, digesting the fact that she would become a mother.


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