Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 78

Chapter 78

On the way back, Song Dashan held Li Mo’s arm with one hand and wrapped his arm around Li Mo’s waist with the other, carefully protecting her as if she was a fragile porcelain doll.

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry. She patted Song Dashan’s arm to persuade him, “Dashan, don’t be like this. I’m just pregnant and not sick. No need to be so careful. “

But Song Dashan said, “Why don’t you need to be careful? The doctor said that the fetus is unstable in the first trimester, so we need to be careful. “

Li Mo sighed and gave up the idea of continuing to persuade Song Dashan. This person had just become so cautious after being excited at the medical center.

Forget it, let him go.

When Li Mo and Song Dashan returned to the store, Sister Qin was the first one to welcome them and asked eagerly, “How is it? Did it go well? “

Li Mo smiled and nodded her head.

Song Dashan grinned and said happily, “Sister Qin, Li Mo is pregnant. She’s having a baby! “

Sister Qin was also happy, holding Li Mo’s hand and nodding, “Good, good, this is really good news. Come on in. You haven’t eaten anything just now. I’ll make you something delicious. Tell your sister-in-law what you want to eat. I’ll make it for you. “

Song Dashan remembered that Li Mo had vomited up everything in her stomach, so he also followed Sister Qin’s words and said, “Yes, yes, we need to eat something. What do you want to eat? “

Li Mo was actually not hungry at all and did not really want to eat anything, so she shook her head, “I’m not too hungry. I don’t want to eat anything right now. “

Sister Qin disagreed. “That’s not good. You don’t want to eat, but the baby in your belly still wants to eat. You have to eat something. Sister-in-law knows you may not have much appetite. How about this? Sister-in-law will make you some noodles in a sour soup. Pregnant women usually like to eat sour foods. “

Li Mo touched her belly, thinking that she could not afford not to eat. She nodded, “Okay then, I’ll trouble my sister-in-law.”

Sister Qin waved her hand, “What trouble? Go sit down and rest, and it will be ready soon. ” She said and went to the kitchen.

Song Dashan helped Li Mo to sit down in the room. “Do you want to take a nap?”

Li Mo shook her head. She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the day.

Song Dashan also did not force her to sleep but said: “Even if you do not want to sleep, you must rest well. Do not go to the store to do beauty treatments this afternoon because your body is more important. ” After thinking about it, he added: “Not only today but also in the future, you can’t be tired. You have two lives in your body now. You can’t be like before. “

Li Mo remembered the business in front of her and pursed her lips.

The business in front of her wasn’t easy every day, and she was the only one who could do the beauty treatments. Although she only had to sit and move her hands, it was tiring at the end of the day. Before, she didn’t think too much about it, but now that she has a child, she can no longer be as tired as before.

It seems that she has to reschedule everything.

The most important thing now is to hire more people.

Now that she is pregnant, Li Mo will greatly reduce her workload, and Song Dashan’s mind is also focused on her now, so there are not enough people in the store.

Not only does she need more staff for other things, but she also needs someone to take over her beauty and makeup work, or else she won’t be able to maintain the store’s business if she can’t take time off to take care of the baby.

In fact, she had thought about the issue of taking on an apprentice before, but first, there was no suitable candidate. Secondly, the store was just on the right track. Everything was still semi-chaotic, so she didn’t have time to put the matter on the agenda. Until today, it was time to officially start facing this issue.

Li Mo had actually planned to train Sister Qin in makeup and beauty treatments because Sister Qin has said that she will never marry again in her life and will only focus on raising Huzi, so Sister Qin will not have the burden of her family and will be willing to work with her all the time. Sister Qin is very young, very handy, and very suitable for beauty treatments.

So, she just needed to recruit two more people to take over Sister Qin’s previous job.

But the problem is, these two people are not easy to find. What she needs is a woman and a woman who can stay in the store with all her heart. There are many people in the world, but there are very few who meet her conditions. She was lucky to find one Sister Qin, but where did she find two more like Sister Qin?

Li Mo had a headache.

“Dashan, is there anyone like Sister Qin in the village?” Even though he knew it was impossible, Li Mo still asked the question.

Song Dashan knew that Li Mo was thinking of recruiting people, and he agreed that the store should recruit two more people so that Li Mo could have an easier time. However, he did not know any more suitable candidates like Sister Qin. After all, most of the women had families and could not leave their homes. As for the town, he was not familiar with the people living here, not to mention finding the right person.

When Song Dashan shook his head, Li Mo sighed and began to think carefully about where to find the right person.

Song Dashan thought about it and said, “Why don’t we put up a recruitment notice and see if there are any suitable ones?”

Li Mo shook her head, thinking that it was not a good idea. The store involves too many homemade recipes, such as balms and beauty products that she makes. The store staff will inevitably see their own production methods, so she needs to be very careful in the recruitment of people. If you recruit people with bad intentions, then it is easy to leak their production methods.

In addition to recruiting people like Sister Qin, there is another way to keep the store staff from going off the rails, and that is the method Li Mo rejected before— it was buying people.

She didn’t want to buy people before because she felt it was awkward to buy people as goods, so she found Sister Qin from the village, but now she can’t. Now that she’s pregnant, the store is seriously understaffed, and it’s time to add more staff.

Although she feels a little bit uncomfortable, for the time being, it can only be done this way.

Li Mo said to Song Dashan, “Dashan, it seems we have to go to the middleman to buy two people back.”

Song Dashan immediately understood Li Mo’s idea, thought about it, and nodded his head, “Indeed, we can’t find someone like Sister Qin, so that’s the only way to go.”

Li Mo looked at the time, and it was not long before noon. It was still early. Why not take advantage of today to see if there is a suitable candidate? The sooner it is settled, the sooner you feel relaxed.

So, under Li Mo’s persuasion, Song Dashan had promised Li Mo to accompany her to a middleman after eating the noodles in sour soup.

There was only one small trading shop in town, not too far from the store.

When Li Mo and Song Dashan walked in, a steward-like man immediately greeted them and asked with a smile, “Do you and your wife want to buy someone? What kind of person do you want to buy? We have everything here, and you will be satisfied. “

Li Mo did not rush to speak but casually scanned the place.

Not far away, a steward-like man was leading a group of ragged people to the backyard, while in the middle of the courtyard stood several rows of people, men, women, and children, and in front of them stood a man who seemed to be choosing who should be the one who came to this place to buy people.

Li Mo finished scanning the room before answering the words of the steward beside her: “We do want to buy people. I am looking for two women who can work and have quick hands and feet. “

The steward smiled and said, “Then you two come with me. We have a lot of people here, so you can choose well. ” He brought Li Mo and Song Dashan to the center of the group and let them choose.

The man who had just picked the people was already done and followed the steward to go through the formalities, while the rest of the people stood there waiting to be picked.

Li Mo ignored the faint discomfort in her heart and seriously looked at the people in front of her.

These people in front of me are men, women, and children. The youngest seems to be only five or six years old, the oldest looks 50 or 60 years old, and I do not know how many people are here.

However, Li Mo could not help these people out of pity. She only needed two women today, so she excluded all the men.

Li Mo wanted to find someone who could sell snacks and tea in the lounge, so she needed a good-looking, articulate woman who could count and collect money.

The steward asked these four people to come to the front.

Li Mo asked the steward about the origins of the four women.

The steward saw that Li Mo did not look like she was short of money, so he naturally served her well and carefully told Li Mo about the four women’s origins.

“This one is a maid from a big family in the city, who was sold by the wife of the family and is said to have hooked up with the male master.” The steward pointed to the first one, about twenty years old, a good-looking woman.

This woman had a similar experience with the original owner of this body. Both were sold for hooking up with the male master.

Li Mo took a closer look at the woman. She was indeed good-looking, her body was not bad, and she looked smart, but she did not intend to take her because such people would not make her at ease, and she did not dare to use them.

The steward pointed to the second woman, who was as thin as a tree, and said, “This is from a family that fled from their hometown because of the flood and sold themselves into sl*very because they couldn’t make ends meet.”

Li Mo asked, “Did the family sell themselves into sl*very here? What kind of people are they? “

The steward replied, “Her husband and two sons are still in our shop.”

The woman saw that Li Mo was asking her, so she immediately knelt down and begged Li Mo, “Madam, our family is very hardworking. Please buy us. We can do all kinds of work. Please don’t let our family be separated.”

Seeing that the woman was begging again, the steward went forward and kicked her, saying angrily, “How many times have I told you not to say that again? Don’t you listen? “

The woman was kicked and fell to the ground, but got up and continued to beg for the family not to be separated.

Li Mo guessed that the woman was begging for every buyer, which is why she was never bought back.

However, Li Mo could understand her desire to be with her family, but she couldn’t be a good guy. Because she wanted a woman, but three of the family were men, and two were children, and there was no use for her buying them back.

Li Mo said sorry in her heart and said to the steward, who still wanted to make a move, “Steward, don’t fight, I am in a hurry to pick someone. Where is this third girl?”

The third girl was about twelve or thirteen years old. Her hair was dishevelled, her face was dirty and thin, but her face was still beautiful, and her eyes were dark and slippery, turning from time to time. She was a bright girl, and she was not yet overwhelmed by life.

The steward watched Li Mo ask the girl, and didn’t care about the woman just now, and hurriedly said: “This is also because of the disaster in her hometown, and then she was sold for money by her family, but…” The steward said and stopped. He was a little hesitant but still stammered out, “But this girl was sold by her grandmother. She also wants to be with her grandmother. She’d rather die than go. “

What the steward didn’t say was that someone had taken a fancy to this girl before, and the result was that this girl also begged people to buy her grandmother together, and when they didn’t, she made a scene and wouldn’t leave, so the people finally didn’t buy it. They have beaten this girl hard and even starved her a few times, but this girl is just not afraid and still asks to be bought by her grandmother.

As expected, the next second, this girl with big black and white eyes looked at Li Mo and said, “Madam, can you also buy my grandmother together? We can all do a lot of work. She’s an old woman, and she can’t stay here. Please, Madam. “

Li Mo did not say anything for a moment but continued to look at the last person, a young woman, but those eyes did not have the hope that belonged to a young person.

The steward said, “This one was sold to us by another sl*ve trader. She was transported from a faraway place. Something happened when she was bought, and she ended up here with us. We are not too sure about the details.”

Li Mo nodded her head to show her understanding.

After knowing the four people’s origins, Li Mo thought deeply, and her heart had decided to take the third little girl.

Li Mo carefully asked the steward about this little girl, and she learned that this girl’s hometown is far away, and her family also left a long time ago. There is nothing to worry about. Her heart was more and more satisfied, and she finally asked the steward: “This girl’s grandmother, which one? I want to see it. “

The steward’s eyes lit up when he saw that Li Mo seemed to be interested and immediately pulled out an old woman from the crowd and brought her to Li Mo. “Madam, this old woman is this girl’s grandmother.”

At first, this old woman did not want it. After all, this was an old woman. Whoever buys this old woman will suffer loss. But the family didn’t seem to want to take the old woman with them to escape, so they gave her to them for free without paying anything. They only charged the girl’s own money, so they brought her back together without any harm.

But this old woman was really hard to sell, and many people were too lazy to ask, so the boss scolded him. It would be great if she could be sold at this time.

Li Mo looked at the girl’s grandmother, who was brought to the front, and found that she was not old, probably only 50 years old, and her hair was only a little grey. But she was not surprised. In this era where children are born early, the grandmother’s generation will actually not be so old.

Li Mo asked the girl’s grandmother: “Can you do laundry and cook and clean?”

The old woman’s eyes lit up, and she hurriedly nodded: “Yes, yes, I can do everything: laundry, cooking for children. I am good at everything. “

Li Mo originally intended to hire two people, one to sell snacks and tea in the recreation room, and the other to maintain the order of the recreation room. The other person was responsible for laundry and cooking, and then cleaning and sanitation. The old woman could do the latter, so even if they were bought together, it would just save trouble.

So, in the end, Li Mo spent a total of five taels of silver on buying the girl and the old woman together and taking them back to the store.

Not only was the sl*ve trader happy, but the girl and the old woman were also delighted, thanking Li Mo to the hilt for letting the grandmother and granddaughter be together.


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