Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 79

Chapter 79

Taking the girl and the woman back to the store, Li Mo then asked them for their names.

The little girl replied, “Madame, my family name is Wu. My name is Wu Dani. “

Li Mo smiled and said gently to the little girl, “Don’t call me Madame, you can call me Sister Mo from now on, and I’ll call you Dani,” Li Mo then turned to the old woman beside Dani and said, “Aunt, we’ll call you Aunt from now on. You can call me Li Mo or Xiao Mo. “

Xiao Mo was Li Mo’s nickname in her previous life, and the elders usually called her that.

Aunt Wu hummed and immediately called out, “Xiao Mo.”

Li Mo introduced the rest of the family one by one and finally said to them, “As you can see, my family owns a store, and I bought you because my store is quite busy, and usually there is not enough manpower, so I need your help. But if you don’t do a good job, then I can’t keep you here. “

Aunt Wu nodded and said, “We all understand. Don’t worry. We will work well. “

Dani nodded her head too.

Their families sold these grandmother and granddaughter pairs, and they didn’t expect to go home in this life. Not to mention that they can’t find their family members. Even if they find them, they don’t want to recognize them. Now someone is willing to give them a place to live, food to eat and drinks. They even have a monthly salary. For them, it is already a gift, and it can be seen that this family is generous, and they will not do things that treat their subordinates harshly. So they will work harder.

If you encounter such a good family, and you don’t plan to work hard, aren’t you out of your mind?

After talking to the two, Li Mo made some arrangements and asked Sister Qin to clean up the last room, especially for the grandmother and granddaughter pair to live in. She then boiled some water for them to use for washing up, and then took out two pieces of her own clothes for them to change into.

After they were all cleaned up, she arranged their work.

Li Mo showed Aunt Wu the kitchen and yard: “Auntie, from now on, your job is to wash and cook, clean up the house, and take care of the two children.”

Aunt Wu nodded, “Okay, I’ve been doing this for almost my whole life. I promise to do a good job for you. “

Li Mo took Dani to the recreation room and waited for her to finish surveying the room before she said: “Dani, from now on, you will guard the snack cupboard in this room. Whoever wants to buy snacks and tea, you will sell them to them and collect their money. One more thing: you have to keep a good eye on the people in this room. This room is different from other places. There are children here. It is easier for accidents to happen. You have to keep an eye on them while selling things to ensure their safety.

Dani nodded heavily and said with assurance, “Sister Mo, I will do this well. Don’t worry. I used to carry vegetables to the market when I was at home. I have never made any mistakes, and I am very good with children. So you don’t have to worry. “

Li Mo noticed that when mentioning home, pain flashed through Dani’s eyes. Although Dani pretended to be fine, Li Mo knew that being sold had still caused some psychological damage to the girl.

Li Mo rubbed Dani’s hair, “It seems like Dani is very capable. Sister Mo believes in you! “

Dani’s face reddened due to Li Mo’s compliments.

Li Mo turned to Sister Qin again, “Sister-in-law, I’ll teach you how to do beauty treatments from tomorrow. Take Aunt Wu to the kitchen while you still have time this afternoon and teach Aunt Wu how to make tea drinks. From now on, this will be left to Auntie to do”.

Li Mo had already mentioned to Sister Qin about teaching her how to do beauty treatments, so Sister Qin had already passed the initial surprise and excitement, and now she just nodded her head and took Aunt Wu to the kitchen.

Li Mo had already made a plan in her mind to reduce her workload during her pregnancy until Sister Qin could be on her own.

She plans to do only four people’s makeup and four people’s beauty treatments every day, adopting an appointment system. Whoever makes an appointment early will do their makeup first. If more than four people are scheduled to do it tomorrow, she will take a rest. Of course, if the amount is small, the price will naturally go up a little bit. She plans to increase makeup and beauty by ten cents each. She believes that scarcity is more expensive, and someone will be willing to spend the money.

Moreover, Li Mo intends to teach Sister Qin to do beauty treatments and let her specialize in the beauty business in the future. Because beauty treatments are relatively easy to learn and can be learned quickly, unlike makeup, which requires talent and is not easy to learn, those who do not have this talent may not be able to learn well.

Therefore, instead of spending so much time learning makeup techniques that are not necessarily good, it is better to devote all your energy and attention to beauty treatments, specializing in one thing; I believe it will be better than learning both.

After Sister Qin learns, she will let Sister Qin do beauty treatments all day long while only doing makeup in the morning. When she gives birth to her children later, she only plans to do makeup in the morning every day, like now, and then take a little time to do beauty treatments for customers in the afternoon, and spend the rest of the time with the children.

Of course, Sister Qin’s craftsmanship will definitely not be as good as hers, so she intends to wait for her to be more proficient and let Sister Qin do beauty treatments in the future. The two will have different prices. She serves fewer customers every day, and the price has doubled—high-end route. And Sister Qin’s price is a little lower than hers. Take the more affordable route. She’ll let her customers pick and choose which ones they want.

After hearing Li Mo’s plan, Song Dashan agreed with her, took her into his arms, and kissed her gently. “That’s good. You don’t have to be so tired in the future, and you can spend more time with the kids and me. Our goal is not to be rich and famous. As long as the family is happy, then that’s enough. “

Li Mo smiled, buried her face in Song Dashan’s chest, and nodded gently.

Aunt Wu took over Sister Qin’s previous job and cooked dinner in the evening. After everyone tasted it, they raised their thumbs up.

Aunt Wu’s cooking tasted no worse than Sister Qin’s and was even two points better. Knowing that Li Mo was pregnant, she even made two dishes that pregnant women like to eat.

“Xiao Mo, you should try these two dishes right away; this is what I made especially for you; there are many things pregnant women can not eat, but these you can definitely eat, and this dish will nourish your body.”

Li Mo started throwing up when she ate the fish, and after that, she wouldn’t have been able to control her body. She couldn’t eat anything. She would vomit on other dishes in addition to fish. Yesterday, she only ate two bites of Sister Qin’s sour noodle soup. At this time, looking at the table full of dishes, she still didn’t have an appetite. Even when I saw the braised pork ribs, she was a little nauseous.

However, Aunt Wu made two dishes especially for her, so she had to try them. So, Li Mo picked up the chopsticks and put them in her mouth.

Li Mo took another chopstick.

Seeing Li Mo liked the dish, Song Dashan’s eyes lit up, and he stopped eating. “Li Mo, can you eat this?”

Li Mo nodded, “These two dishes made by Aunt Wu are really delicious. I don’t feel sick at all. “

The first time she saw Li Mo eating well, Aunt Wu smiled with pride and said, “My mother passed this skill to me. In the Shili Ba Village, when many women in our village were pregnant with children and could not eat, they came to me. I made dishes based on a pregnant woman’s taste. The result was that most of them loved my dish, even my daughter-in-law……” Aunt Wu stopped talking here and didn’t go any further.

The other people also knew why Aunt Wu was like this, and they all talked about other things as if they hadn’t heard anything.

Li Mo ate her food, chopsticks by chopsticks, feeling that she hadn’t made any mistakes in buying Aunt Wu. She is especially good at taking care of pregnant women and childbirth.

When the baby is born in the future, she will have to ask Aunt Wu for more advice.


When Li Mo got up the next day, the store in front of her had been open for a while.

Aunt Wu saw that Li Mo was up and went to the kitchen to bring her a special millet congee with a dish of sour radish.

Yesterday, she told the guests that she would only do makeup for four people every day, for the time being, so Li Mo did not rush to the dressing room and went to the lounge room to see Dani first.

Only a few people were in the lounge, and Dani was standing behind the snack cabinet stirring almond milk tea.

In the past, Sister Qin used to sell tea in the back kitchen and bring it directly to the customers who wanted to buy it, and then leave after selling it.

But now there is Dani, who sells snacks and tea drinks here, so Li Mo has Aunt Wu make the tea drinks early in the morning and then moves a small stove to the back of the counter and heats them up the milk tea directly on the stove so that customers can buy a cup directly.

There is also a small stove behind the snack counter with boiling water on it so that when customers want to drink honey and grapefruit tea, they can just brew a cup.

Li Mo walked behind the counter and asked Dani, “Dani, did you remember the prices of all the snacks and teas?”

She talked to Dani last night, and she didn’t know how much she could remember today.

Dani nodded, “Sister Mo, I remember all of them. I memorized them all night last night. I went to sleep only after I had memorized them. If you don’t believe me, I’ll recite it to you. “Dani said.

Dani pointed to the cupboard of sugar gourds and said: “Sugar gourds, one yuan a string.”

Then she pointed to the melon seeds and said, “Melon seeds that are in a small packet are a penny.”

Then she pointed to the pastries and said, “Pastries are two yuan for three.”

When Dani wanted to continue, Li Mo smiled, patted her head, and praised her, “Stop it, Sister Mo believes that you remember it well.”

Dani was very happy to be praised by Li Mo and was about to say something when a woman came over with a small child in her arms.

Dani hurriedly asks, “What does Madame want to buy?”

The woman was a regular customer of Li Mo’s store, and when she saw Li Mo was there, she didn’t rush to buy anything but talked to Li Mo.

“Madam, why do you have a little girl behind the counter today?”

Li Mo replied, “This is my little girl. From now on, she will be selling food in the recreation room, so you can just come and buy whatever you want to eat without having to call someone to come and get it for you. “

The woman nodded approvingly. “It is indeed necessary to find someone specifically to sell this food. Before, we had to ask your family to come and get what we wanted to eat, which was not convenient. “

Li Mo said apologetically, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience I caused you before. It was really because there was not enough manpower in the store before, but now there is enough. You can just ask my Dani if you need anything. There is no need to go get someone.”

The woman responded and exchanged pleasantries with Li Mo before saying to Dani behind the counter, “Little girl, fill a packet of melon seeds for me, fill two red bean cakes, and get a cup of milk tea.”

“Oh, okay,” Dani answered, first wrapping a bag of melon seeds in the paper and then wrapping two red bean cakes in the paper. After handing it to the woman, she turned around and carefully filled a cup of milk tea with both hands. She held it in her hand and handed it to the woman and said: “Madame, be careful, it’s still hot.”

The woman took it and asked, “How much is it?”

Dani immediately replied, “Madame, a total of seven yuan.”

The woman took out the seven coins from her purse and handed them to Dani, who took them with her hand and put them in the satchel she used to collect money.

Seeing Dani’s fast accounting speed, and doing the job in an orderly and unhurried manner, and treating customers with courtesy, Li Mo was very satisfied.

Dani, the kid, is quite good at doing business.

Seeing that Dani was doing well, Li Mo had nothing to tell her, so she went straight back to the makeup room to do makeup for the customers.

After hearing the news yesterday, the guests were surprised, but after knowing that it was because Li Mo was pregnant, they were sorry, but they understood.

Today, Lin Xiaoyu was the first one to come, and this girl is the first one every day.

When she saw Li Mo come in, she didn’t say anything. She came to her directly, took out many things from the cloth bag she brought with her, and gave them all to Li Mo in one go.

Li Mo was shocked. “What’s this pile of stuff?”

Lin Xiaoyu showed the things in her hand to Li Mo, saying, “This is my gift to the baby in your belly. This is a rattle, and a cloth tiger. This is a cloth for a little girl. This is a small wooden sword. This is… “

Although touched by the girl’s feelings for her, Li Mo still couldn’t laugh or cry. She pressed her hand and said, “This girl, a child, is in my belly, and it is still too early to be able to play with her. You can take it now. He can’t play even if he comes here. “

Lin Xiaoyu waved her hand nonchalantly, “What’s the matter? You can first give it to Xiao Bao to play. As the elder brother, he can safely keep it for his younger sibling for now. “

Li Mo laughed at her, shook her head helplessly, knew he could not refuse this girl, so she had to take it. “Okay, okay, I will give it to Xiao Bao for safekeeping. For Xiao Bao and the one in his stomach, I will thank his Aunt Xiaoyu first. “

Lin Xiaoyu was happy and again took the things she brought out, stuffed them into the cloth bag, and handed them to Li Mo.

Li Mo reached out to take it and put it in front of the dresser, then pressed Lin Xiaoyu to sit on the stool. “Okay, let me do your makeup first.”

After finishing Lin Xiaoyu’s makeup, the other three people who had made appointments came, and Li Mo put on makeup for them again before washing her hands and finishing the morning’s work.

At this time, it was still early.


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