Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 80

Chapter 80

After Li Mo finished her lunch and took a nap, she got up and went to the store’s beauty room to give beauty treatments to the customers.

She asked Sister Qin to follow her and learn from her.

Li Mo said to Sister Qin while washing her hands: “Beauty treatment is much easier than makeup. It doesn’t require much talent, and you can learn it well with hard work. It has a fixed step. It’s okay to follow this step. But that doesn’t mean that you can do well after memorizing the steps. The effect of beauty treatments is either good or bad. If you want the effect to be good, then you must master the techniques of beauty treatments well. “

Li Mo washed her hands and dried them with a clean towel, then said, “Today you will watch me do it, try to observe my beauty techniques, and then after the customer is done, I will teach you the techniques in detail, and then you can try it yourself.”

Sister Qin nodded seriously, “Okay, I will definitely watch carefully, and I will ask you later if I don’t know or understand anything.”

After leaving Sister Qin, Li Mo started to do the beauty treatment for the first customer.

Today, Li Mo only needs to do the beauty treatment for four customers. Li Mo had the intention of teaching Sister Qin, so she deliberately slowed down when doing it and explained to Sister Qin while doing the complicated areas, and when it came to the final step of applying the mask, Li Mo took advantage of the time when the customers were doing the mask to spare and said to Sister Qin. “This last step of the mask is very important for beauty treatments, but it should be different when choosing the mask, according to the guests’ skin. For example, some people have very dry skin, so you have to focus on hydrating her so that her skin is hydrated, which can make the guest’s skin look good, so at this time, you have to use a hydrating mask like this guest is now using a hydrating mask. “

Sister Qin nodded and continued to listen to Li Mo.

“Some guests’ skin problems do not lie in the lack of water, but in the lack of fairness, so to make the guests fair, in addition to removing the impurities and also dirt from the guests’ faces, this last step of putting on a mask should also use a whitening mask, and if you do it for a long time, you will become fair.”

Sister Qin nodded: “Okay, I will remember every kind of mask and the difference in their effects.”

During the conversation, the application of the mask was made, so Li Mo washed off the mask on the customer’s face and then put a skincare cream on her. The guest’s beauty treatment was done.

Li Mo then called the next guest in and then started doing it again, letting Sister Qin observe carefully again.

The beauty treatment of the four guests was quickly completed. At this time, it was still early.

Li Mo closed the door of the beauty room, leaving her and Sister Qin alone. She then carefully explained the steps of the beauty treatment to Sister Qin, and after Sister Qin had memorized them, she was told to lie down on the beauty bed.

If you want to learn to do beauty treatments, you must be familiar with the feeling of doing the treatment so that you can learn to master the techniques and how much strength you should use when doing beauty treatments. So, Li Mo planned to give Sister Qin a little beauty treatment herself and then explained it to her while doing it, so as to deepen her learning.

Sister Qin’s face, like most women in the village today, is rough and slightly dark, which is a common skin type, so when Li Mo gave her a beauty treatment, she focused on how to care for and improve this skin type and then let her feel her techniques and strengths.

When she was done, Sister Qin’s perception improved, and she was even a bit eager to try again.

Li Mo smiled slightly, went straight to bed, laid down, and said to Sister Qin, “Come on, do a beauty treatment for me according to what I just taught you.”

Sister Qin was a little dumbfounded. “Sister, you… you personally want to let me try it with my hands?”

“Yes, come on, just let me see how much you have learned, and I will tell you what is wrong.”

Sister Qin rubbed her hands subconsciously and suddenly felt a little nervous when something happened.

Li Mo reassured her, “Sister-in-law, it’s okay. Just follow the steps I taught you. You’ve seen me do it so many times. You’ve mastered the basics. For the rest, all you need is to practice it more. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. What you need to do now is to seize every opportunity to practice. Only by practising more can you get started as soon as possible. Sister-in-law, my body is getting heavier, and this shop is still waiting for you to maintain it. ” You should hurry up. “

Hearing Li Mo’s words, Sister Qin realized the importance of her responsibility, so she settled down and sat down on the stool.

Li Mo said, “Sister-in-law, the first thing you have to do is to analyze my skin and then figure out on your own what you want to do to improve my skin.”

Sister Qin smiled and seriously observed Li Mo’s face, and after looking at it for a long time, she was a bit dumbfounded. “Sister, your skin is very white and hydrated. There is nothing on your face. I can’t figure out what needs to be improved. “

Seeing Sister Qin’s serious appearance, Li Mo smiled and said, after laughing, “I am the type that has better skin and does not need to be improved too much. However, this does not mean that no improvements can be made. You can do all the steps you should do, but you don’t need to spend so much time removing impurities and dirt. Simply carry on with what you must do. If you do it too much, it will easily hurt your skin. When you finally get the mask, you just need to choose a moisturizing mask. You have to remember that moisturizing is suitable for everyone and will not cause damage. “

Hearing what Li Mo said, Sister Qin nodded her head. “It turned out to be like this. Okay, I know. I will do as you say now. “

Then, Sister Qin picked up the cleansing soap and started to cleanse Li Mo’s face.

Sister Qin did it step by step according to the steps taught by Li Mo. Without Li Mo’s reminder, she did a good job. Except for the massage, the technique was slightly wrong, and the strength was not the most suitable.

Li Mo explained to Sister Qin again and then demonstrated to Sister Qin her own face these two points.

The next step is for Sister Qin to understand and practice on her own.

In the following days, Li Mo would let Sister Qin learn with her every day and let her try it out herself after learning. After a month or so, Sister Qin had already done a very good job, and at least when giving beauty treatments to customers, it would not insult the name of the store.

Then, Li Mo decided to officially let Sister Qin start giving beauty treatments to customers.

In order for Sister Qin to take her first step, Li Mo invited Lin Xiaoyu and Sister Yue to come over to support Sister Qin and let Sister Qin give beauty treatments to Lin Xiaoyu and Sister Yue in front of the other customers.

The crowd saw that Sister Qin was doing a good job. Not only was she skilful and smooth, but Lin Xiaoyu’s and Sister Yue’s faces improved afterwards, and they were satisfied with Sister Qin’s workmanship. The people then trusted Sister Qin and started to let her do their beauty treatments with confidence.

With Sister Qin in the store, Li Mo was completely relieved, and her burden was so much lighter that she simply applied makeup to a few customers every morning and rested for the rest of the day. She was taking it easy.

Song Dashan’s leg was getting better and better with the treatment, and now it was basically fully healed, and he was not limping when he was walking, unlike before.

Song Dashan saw that he was well enough to stop going to the city to see his leg, but Li Mo didn’t feel comfortable with it and had to let him continue to go only after he had been treated ten times.

The treatment before New Year’s Eve was exactly the tenth time.

The streets were alive with the spirit of Chinese New Year when Li Mo and Song Dashan returned from their final leg treatment.

The New Year was approaching.

It was Li Mo’s first New Year in this world and the first New Year for the family together. Li Mo took it very seriously and planned to make the most of it.

Sister Qin and Huzi didn’t want to go back to the village, so Li Mo let them stay in town on New Year’s Eve. The whole family will have a good time in the town.

Song Dashan was afraid that too many people would bump into Li Mo and so she did not let her go to the street to buy goods for New Year’s Eve. So, Li Mo gave money to Aunt Wu and asked her to take Dani to the street to buy goods for New Year’s Eve, while she took over Dani’s job and stayed in the recreation room to sell snacks and tea.

As New Year’s Eve approached, the women in every household were busy, so there were fewer people playing with their children in the lounge, and the lounge was not as busy.

Li Mo wrote a notice on a piece of paper and had Song Dashan post it outside for the guests to see.

However, although fewer people were playing in the recreation room, many people were coming to the store for makeup and beauty treatments, especially for beauty treatments, and there were many appointments every day for no other reason than that women wanted to take advantage of the New Year to dress up and have a beautiful New Year. Just like in modern times, there are always a lot of women in the barbershop, beauty salons, and clothing stores before the New Year.

Sister Qin has now started to give beauty treatments to customers from the moment the store opens, except for at lunchtime, and it is busy until the store closes at night, so she is too busy to stop. However, she does not feel tired but full of energy because Li Mo pays Sister Qin according to the rules of more work and more pay, with a basic salary of 500 yuan and an extra 3 yuan for each additional customer.

She hopes to save more money so that she can buy a house for Huzi and get him a wife.

Not only was the beauty business affected by New Year’s Eve, but also the rouge and powder sold like hotcakes. Those women who usually don’t bother to buy rouge and powder for New Year’s Eve also came to buy some rouge and powder for New Year’s Eve, so the goods were sold extra fast. Song Dashan I simply went to Sister Yue’s store to put on a lot of rouge gouache at one time and, at the same time, gave Sister Yue hundreds of boxes of balm.

Sister Qin was busy with beauty treatments, Song Dashan was busy selling rouge and powder, Aunt Wu was busy with household chores and buying New Year’s food, Dani was busy selling food, and Li Mo was the idlest person in the family. She only needed to put on makeup every morning and then nothing else, even in the evening, when making balms and beauty products. Song Dashan does not even need Li Mo’s hands; he does it himself. Anyway, he already knew what to do.

So, Li Mo, a pregnant woman, has no choice but to teach the two little ones in the house how to read.

Huzi had no basic knowledge, so Li Mo let Xiao Bao teach Huzi how to count and do arithmetic during the day, while she continued to teach Xiao Bao to read and write.

Xiao Bao now knows a lot of words and has memorized the Three Character Classic. He can also memorize some simple poems. Li Mo is very proud of Xiao Bao’s superb learning ability, but she is afraid that she will delay him because she is too busy teaching him.

Therefore, Li Mo plans to visit the school in town after the New Year to see if Xiao Bao can go to school after the New Year. Although the youngest school only accepts six-year-old children, and Xiao Bao was only five years old, she believes that, apart from being younger, Xiao Bao is no worse than those six or seven-year-old children in other ways.

When it came to studying, Li Mo remembered Xiao Bao’s name.

Xiao Bao was still called Xiao Bao. When his family register was registered, he was called Song Xiao Bao. At that time, Song Dashan was not at home, and no one gave Xiao Bao a proper name, so the word ‘Xiao Bao’ has been used as a nickname as well as his formal name.

But how can Song Xiao Bao be used as a formal name? Since he wants to go to school, his name must be changed.

At night, Li Mo huddled in Song Dashan’s arms and talked to him about giving Xiao Bao a formal name.

Song Dashan patted his head and blamed himself for forgetting about it. He was so used to calling Xiao Bao “Xiao Bao” that if Li Mo hadn’t mentioned it, he wouldn’t have thought of giving him a new name.

“Look at me. I have forgotten Xiao Bao’s name. He indeed must be named, and he must have a proper name. In the future, when Xiao Bao studies, it won’t be good if he doesn’t have a proper name. “

Li Mo patted his chest, “Then you think hard and make sure you have a good name.”

Song Dashan was in trouble. “I have no knowledge. The only names I could think of were Song Wen, Song Wu, and Song Zhuang. But I don’t feel good about these names. “

Song Dashan touched Li Mo’s cheek, “Wife, you are knowledgeable and literate, so why don’t you give Xiao Bao a name? The name you will think of will be good. “

Li Mo laughed and hit him lightly, “You know… Children are named by their fathers. You are too lazy to think about it. After that, when this one in my stomach comes out, what do you want to call him? “

Song Dashan smiled gently, “This one in your belly. You should pick his name. I’m afraid I’m not good, and later the child will blame me.”

Li Mo smiled and sighed, knowing that Song Dashan was really embarrassed. She didn’t push back and started to think of a name for Xiao Bao.

She wanted Xiao Bao’s name to sound good, have a good meaning, and be catchy enough for people to remember it immediately and be impressed.

Li Mo thought of a few names in her mind, then ruled them out, then thought again, and then felt that it was bad again, and tossed around for a while, but no one from what she thought of made her satisfied. Finally, Li Mo simply named Xiao Bao based on her good wishes for him.

She hoped that no matter what happened to Xiao Bao in his life, it would be peaceful and smooth, preferably with smooth sailing.

Li Mo excitedly patted Song Dashan’s chest, “Dashan, I have it, I have it! Xiao Bao’s name will be Yifan, Song Yifan, from the meaning of “smooth sailing,” right? “

Song Dashan murmured in his mouth, “Song Yifan… Song Yifan…… Good, this is good, smooth sailing!”

Song Dashan gave a kiss on Li Mo’s forehead, “Wife, this is a good name. Let’s call him this”

So, Xiao Bao’s formal name was officially decided, and it was Song Yifan.

And when Xiao Bao learned the next day that he had a formal name, and he was called Song Yifan, he grinned happily and told his little playmate, Huzi, that his name was Song Yifan, which made Huzi envious.

Huzi is called Huzi, again without a first name.

Huzi was so envious of Xiao Bao’s big name that he approached his mother and secretly told her that he wanted a formal name too.

Sister Qin felt sorry for her son and found Li Mo, wanting Li Mo to give Huzi a formal name. “Sister, you are literate. Your name is different from the village’s names. Can you give Huzi a name too? You don’t know. Seeing that Xiao Bao had a formal name, Huzi became envious. “

Li Mo hurriedly said, “As long as you are willing to let me do it, I will definitely give Huzi a good name.”

Sister Qin said excitedly, “Yes, yes, I’m happy that you could give Huzi a nice name.”

So Li Mo started to carefully think of a name for Huzi again.

Sister Qin told Li Mo that she just wanted Huzi to be safe and happy for the rest of her life.

Li Mo thought about it and gave Huzi his first name, Qin Kairui. The name “Kairui” means good luck and happiness.

His name was given to Huzi by Li Mo, and Sister Qin was very satisfied and thanked Li Mo, while Huzi jumped up with joy and kept saying his name behind Xiao Bao, making a group of adults laugh and cry.


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