Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Using discount activities for the first three days of the shop’s operation, turnover increased significantly, and the shop got off to a good start. It can be considered that the opening of the business was a great success.

When the event ended three days later, sales of rouge and powder returned to normal, and most people went shopping for beauty treatments and makeup services.

Li Mo’s belly was getting bigger. She still only puts on makeup for customers in the morning and only has two or three beauty treatments in the afternoon. The majority of the business in the shop was given to Sister Qin. It is just that Sister Qin is doing beauty treatments and collecting money at the same time. It is a bit hectic. Li Mo thinks that this should be improved.

Finally, Li Mo thought of the common modern membership cards and discount cards and then decided to launch discount cards in the store.

The launch of the discount card saves trouble for her and Sister Qin and promotes customer consumption.

She intends to introduce three types of discount cards: the 10-times card, the 20-times card, and the 30-times card. In other words, you have to pay in advance if you intend to buy 10, 20, or 30-time cards for beauty treatments and makeup services at once, and then you don’t have to pay for the next makeup service and beauty treatments.

Customers who wanted to buy a discount card registered at the front desk and bought the beauty treatments and makeup service cards. In this way, the guests will save trouble, and they will also save trouble.

Of course, there must be some people who are unwilling to buy a card and only want to pay once. This is, of course, possible. However, for the sake of management convenience, these individuals use an appointment registration system, which requires them to pay for the money at the front desk prior to each appointment. Go in for beauty and makeup so that she and Sister Qin can avoid the confusion of collecting money, and it will be much easier to check the accounts every day.

Sure enough, after Li Mo launched this discount card, many customers who often come to the shop for makeup and beauty treatments chose to apply for the discount card, and many people applied for the 30-time card as soon as they applied.

In addition to the discount card, Li Mo also launched a premium membership card, which is the annual card, a year-long card for ten taels of silver. Anyone who has an annual card in his hand can come to the store anytime and whenever he wants to. They will be given priority whenever they come, and Li Mo will personally do their beauty treatments. In addition, the snacks and tea in the lounge are also free to drink and eat.

Of course, everyone can’t get such a premium membership card, so Li Mo only intends to distribute ten premium memberships, which means that only ten people are eligible to get the annual card.

When this premium membership card was launched, Lin Xiaoyu jumped out first and asked for one, and then Sister Yue and Madame Yun also asked for one. In the beginning, there were only seven cards left.

As the saying goes, scarce things are expensive. There are only seven available cards in the whole store. Although a card costs ten taels of silver, it is a symbol of dignity, and many people want it, especially those with money at home. Therefore, the remaining seven cards were quickly snatched by those ladies who often come to the store. Many people who wanted to get a card but weren’t able to get one came to Li Mo to discuss whether she could issue more cards.

But Li Mo shook her head and refused because the value of these ten cards lies in their scarcity. If there are so many premium membership cards and so many people can get them, then they will no longer be precious. Moreover, if there were more people, it would be chaotic, and she wouldn’t have so much time to personally do beauty treatments for VIP members. Ten of them was enough.

So these people can only regretfully plan to get it again next year.

The introduction of discount cards and membership cards made business in the shop much better and standardized the management of money, which made it easy for everyone.


As the weather gets warmer, children can no longer stay at home, and many women bring their children to play again, and the recreation room becomes lively again.

Especially after Li Mo added a lot of games for children, the leisure room was full of children running all over the floor. At this time, the drawbacks of having too many children appeared in the recreation room. Some guests who wanted to play chess or have a cup of tea quietly found it very noisy and could not enjoy their stay quietly. They even complained to Li Mo about it.

So Li Mo deliberately went into the recreation room to check it out and was almost knocked down by a child running around. Fortunately, someone was quick to support her. Otherwise, it would have been dangerous.

Although she was fine, Li Mo was still scared.

She had encountered this kind of incident before, and there might be other women who would also be hit. Children are lively, and sometimes they will inevitably bump into people.

At this time, Li Mo felt that she had to find another playroom for the children to play in. The adults and children should be separated to make the recreation room a little quieter.

But this shop, like most shops, does not have a second floor. There is only one tile roof. It is difficult to add another layer. If you want to add another layer, it will be a big project, and it will be completely impossible to do business at that time, and it is not achievable.

The only place left in the house is the backyard, but the backyard is the family’s private domain. Li Mo didn’t want to use it for business, so she had to find another place.

After thinking about it, Li Mo could only think of the shop next door.

The shop next door that was selling Joss’s sticks and paper money was only separated by a wall from her shop. The layout and size are the same as in her shop. In other words, the shop next door has the same area, but only sells some scented paper money and other things. Most of the area is empty and useless. Li Mo went to the next door shop to see it, and it was indeed very empty. Half of the space in the shop was really unused, so Li Mo wanted to try to buy or rent the space next door and turn it into a playroom.

Li Mo informed Song Dashan of her thoughts, and then Song Dashan took Li Mo to buy some gifts and went to the shop next door.

The shop next door was indeed very empty. There was only one counter. Behind the counter was a cabinet with items placed in it. Then there was a small warehouse behind it and nothing else.

Li Mo sighed in her heart: It’s really a waste of space if only he would let her use it all.

Song Dashan came forward and shared their thoughts with the boss next door, who frowned and said nothing.

Seeing that the boss hesitated instead of directly rejecting it, Li Mo felt that there was a chance, and immediately said: “Boss, look, your shop is so big, but the space you really use is so small, and the rest of the space is empty, so it’s a waste. It is better to give us a piece of space. We can buy it or rent it so that it will not delay your business. You can also have an extra income, which is more cost-effective. “

The boss did not say anything and still frowned. But he was really moved by Li Mo’s words.

Even though his family has been doing business here for so many years, they can only make ends meet. They don’t make a lot of money because Joss sticks and paper money can only be sold at certain festivals. Usually, there is very little business. Fortunately, this shop belongs to their own home. Otherwise, they may not even be able to pay the rent for the shop, and just like that, they can’t make any more money.

And what Li Mo said was very reasonable. There are indeed very few places that can be used in his shop. Many places are vacant. There aren’t many items in the warehouse, which is separated from the back. If this is for a place to be rented, it is indeed an income. This can result in a significant increase in income each year while having no impact on the family’s family business.

However, this matter was a big deal, and he could not make a decision easily.

Li Mo’s eyes rolled and she said, “Boss, how about this? What do you think about it? You can go home and discuss it with your family. If you are done pondering this matter, then we will talk about it. What do you think?”

Hearing what Li Mo said, the boss nodded, “Okay, I’ll go back and think about it.”

Li Mo left the gift she had brought and then followed Song Dashan back.

Song Dashan asked Li Mo: “What if the boss disagrees?”

Li Mo shrugged, “It doesn’t matter if he disagrees. Let’s think of other ways to do this. This matter can’t be forced on others. “

Song Dashan pursed his lips. He asked the question in my heart: “Wife, I think it’s good to separate out another room for the children to play in, but they can still play without it. If we have to make one, it’s actually an extra expense. In fact, this expense is not necessary. “

Li Mo smiled slightly and replied: “You are right. Actually, let’s not make a playroom. The children still play in the same way. The benefit of installing a playroom is that it creates a quiet atmosphere in the recreation room while allowing the children to have fun. Indeed, we can’t make more money from this. However, we open the door to doing business and always want to give customers the best service. Although we spend a little more money, our customers will have a good impression. If they do, more customers will come, and if they come, we will make money back in other ways. It was not necessarily a loss. “

After listening to Li Mo’s words, Song Dashan laughed suddenly, squeezed Li Mo’s hand, and felt that he was really stupid. His wife will not do thankless things. What is he worried about? It’s better to cooperate obediently.

Li Mo waited quietly for two days, and two days later, the boss of the shop next door came over.

“Boss Song, I went home and considered it seriously and decided to agree to your suggestion that I could give you some space.” The boss next door said this, pondered for a moment and then continued: “But we can’t sell this place. We can only let it be rented to you. “

In fact, he wanted to wait if he wanted to sell the shop in the future, and it would not be easy to sell if one piece was missing, so he only decided to rent it out.

Normal people should think this way. It is impossible to sell a piece of space, so Li Mo was not surprised by the boss’s decision, but she still had something to say.

“Boss, I don’t know how much space you can give my family. How much is the price? “

“I can give you a place that is one foot long and three feet wide. The price is three taels of silver a year. “The boss said, pointing to the floor.

When Li Mo converted it into her mind, it was about three by four meters in size. This space is adequate for a playroom.

But to be honest, renting such a small amount of space for a couple of dollars is not expensive in this town, but it is not cheap. Li Mo believes that you can actually pay a little if you want to counter-offer, but it is still far too little. Li Mo felt that a small sum of money was insignificant and that it was preferable to do something more meaningful.

So, after some thought, Li Mo told the boss, “Boss, your price is really too low, but we are neighbours. I can’t let you suffer, so I won’t bargain with you, but you have to rent it to us for the same amount for five years, and we will talk about the price again after five years. You can’t increase the rent in these five years. “

“This…” The boss hesitated when he learned that the rent would be for five years and that they would be unable to increase the rent.

Li Mo said, “Boss, this request is not too much, right? If you can’t do it from your end, I’m sorry we can’t do this business. “

Seeing that Li Mo was really not going to back down, the boss hesitated for a while and finally nodded his head in agreement, “Okay, let’s do this.”

Li Mo laughed, “The boss was really quick, so let’s make a deal.”

Finally, Li Mo gave the boss a lump sum of fifteen taels of silver and discussed the specific details, and the leasing relationship between the two families officially began.

Song Dashan had already found a mason and planned to partition the space next door with a wall as soon as possible and then make a door between the recreation room and the space next door.

While Song Dashan is taking care of the details, Li Mo has to think about how to decorate the playroom.

Now that there is a special playroom, it can’t be anything like it was before. This playroom must look like a playroom, and the children’s entertainment projects must be as complete as possible.

First of all, the walls can be painted so that the whole room will be full of warmth and childishness, and then you can hang some decorative thousand paper cranes or wind chimes on the roof.

In terms of playing, first of all, you can ask Uncle Zhang to make a few more small wooden horses and put them in the playroom for the children to play with, and then build a small table with a carpet on it, and place some low ones suitable for children to lie down on. On the small table, there are some Gomoku checkers that children can play with.

Secondly, she should also have some of the children’s favorite dolls and small cloth balls, etc., for them to play with.

Finally, Li Mo wanted to create an ancient version of the slide. How can there be no slides on the playground?

This slide, on the other hand, is quite large and complicated. She didn’t know if Uncle Zhang could build it out of wood for her.

While Song Dashan took the craftsman to the room, Li Mo drew the slide on the paper and even marked out the complicated parts so that Old Uncle Zhang could understand them. The most important thing is to maintain stability and safety so that several adults can climb up at the same time without shaking. Moreover, the slide part should be smooth so that people can slide down at once.

Li Mo wrote down these points one by one.

After finishing the painting, Song Dashan asked Zhao Changbang to go back and ask Old Uncle Zhang if he could do it.

Zhao Changbang returned with a letter saying that Old Uncle Zhang would study it and learn how to do it, but he couldn’t get the correct information right away.

Li Mo said: “Okay, we are not in a hurry. Let Uncle Zhang study slowly, and give it to us when his research is done. It doesn’t matter if it does not come out. “

The playroom was done very quickly, and it was completed in a few days. After completion, this room looks like an integral part of the Li Mo shop from the inside and has no connection with the shop next door.

Li Mo simply brushed the wall, and every night after the shop closed, the family would set up the playroom and put up the various toys that the craftsmen had previously made and the furniture they had bought, one by one. Since then, it has basically become a playroom that attracts children, except that there is no slide, and everything else is available.

Then, Li Mo opened the compartment door and officially announced the existence of this playroom to the guests.

The women who came with their children are happy now. Those who thought the children were too noisy were also very happy. Of course, children are the happiest. There is such a big place for them to play, and there are so many toys inside. The toys and the little friends who played together made the children reluctant to think about it. Even Xiao Bao and Huzi couldn’t stand the temptation and often ran into the playroom to play with other children.

What makes Li Mo even happier is that, after a month, Uncle Zhang’s research finally yielded results. The slide was made exactly as Li Mo painted it. Moreover, Uncle Zhang and his apprentices were also tested many times personally and are completely safe and reliable. All the children fell in love with this fun project. So, they asked Uncle Zhang to make one for them.

This slide cost Li Mo five taels of silver. But Li Mo thinks it was worth it because this thing is simply a treasure for children. Everyone likes to play, and even some children make trouble at home when they open their eyes every day. The adults would take them to Li Mo’s shop to play.

Therefore, there are more and more children in the playroom, which is like a small kindergarten. Of course, with more children, more snacks and tea are also sold every day. This part of source of income is also increasing.


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