Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 83

Chapter 83

With the addition of the playroom in the store, the number of children has increased dramatically, and Li Mo feels that safety is a very important issue to consider.

Children are ignorant and like to run around, and they are also prone to a little conflict with each other. Although there will be adults who come to watch from time to time, it is inevitable that there will be times when they are not able to take care of them. Li Mo is afraid that her store will also be in trouble if something happens to the children.

Therefore, the children’s safety is very important. They need to hire someone to watch over the children in the playroom and maintain order and safety. The worker could also clean up and maintain the cleanliness of the recreation room and playroom so that the two rooms could be kept clean and tidy at all times.

This job only involves caretaking and sanitation, not staying in the store at night, so you can come in the morning and leave in the evening. Therefore, Li Mo intends to hire someone to come to the shop as if she was working, and she will just pay her monthly salary.

This is much easier than buying Aunt Wu and Dani, and there are not so many worries, so Li Mo wrote a recruitment notice and posted it outside the door for people to apply for the job.

After the notice was posted, people soon came over to ask questions, and Li Mo interviewed them one by one.

Most of the people who came were women whose families were having a hard time and wanted to find a job to earn more money.

Li Mo didn’t mind the status. Her requirements were; she should be gentle, kind, and responsible, that she could take good care of the children, and that she should keep the recreation room and playroom clean, and of course, she should be clean and neat, and her image should not be one that loses face.

In accordance with this requirement, Li Mo interviewed many people. Some women were eliminated because they were not clean enough, some women were eliminated because they were not polite enough, and some women were eliminated because they were not patient and meticulous with the children.

Li Mo had an interview with the recruits for two days but couldn’t find a more suitable one. On the third day, a woman came to apply for a job. Li Mo thought she was pretty good.

The woman was about thirty years old, wearing coarse clothes, her clothes were very old, but it was washed very cleanly, her hair was also combed neatly, the whole person gives the impression that she was virtuous and sharp.

Li Mo felt that she was very good at it at first sight. So she asked her, “Do you have any children?”

The woman nodded. “Yes, I have a son and a daughter. My son is ten years old, and my daughter is seven.”

Li Mo noticed that when talking about her children, the woman’s eyes were soft and happy, and it was clear that she loved her children and was happy when she talked about them.

Li Mo asked again, “So what do you usually do when your children do something wrong?”

The woman said, “Usually, I let them stand and face the wall for half an hour, and then I talk to them and tell them their mistakes so that they can correct them.”

Li Mo nodded in her mind.

She had asked this question to other people who came to the interview before, and some replied, “The child will remember their mistakes if you beat them. After that, they wouldn’t dare to make the same mistakes again.”

Some women said: “Children don’t know what they are doing, just talk to them.” Or, “My father-in-law spoils the children, so I can’t control them, and if I try to control them, then my mother-in-law will scold me.”

Others said that: “It’s my family’s business to control the children, and it’s usually my family’s head who is responsible for beating them up.”

Li Mo was not very satisfied with these people’s answers.

But this woman’s answer is very much in line with Li Mo’s temperament. If it were Li Mo herself, she would not beat her children, but she would not spoil them excessively either; she would make them realize their mistakes and then reason with them to make the correct next time.

Of course, the reason for her requirements was to look after the playroom and not for her to educate the children, nor was it possible for her to punish someone else’s children. Li Mo was only looking for someone who had a proper attitude and perspective towards children, which is why she was asking this question.

The woman’s appearance and personality, as well as her attitude toward children, satisfied Li Mo. Finally, Li Mo asked, “I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about why you’re out looking for this job?”

The woman did not answer immediately, just pursed her lips, looking a little gloomy, “My family is in a difficult situation, I need money, my husband fell down while working, now he is very poor health. He must take his medication on a regular basis. My family has no income. It is very difficult for us to live on, so I want to come out to find a job to subsidize the family. When I saw that you were recruiting, I came over and asked. “

Li Mo nodded. She did not say anything more about this topic but said: “I need to find a person who can look after the playroom, keep the children safe. Some of them might not be sensible, and it would be more difficult to communicate with them, so they might not listen to you. Can you do this job?”

After the woman heard Li Mo’s words, she put a few of her hair behind her ears and pondered about it. She didn’t say any big words. “I will try to do a good job. Can I give it a try? If I don’t do well, then you can remove me.

Li Mo smiled, “Okay, I will let you try for three days. If there is no problem, you can stay. You can come in the morning and go home in the evening. You can eat your lunch here. In one month, you can have two days of vacation. Your salary will be 500 pounds a month. Do you think you can do it?”

The woman did not expect to be able to eat a free lunch here and also to get 500 dollars a month. The salary was larger than those men earn for a month. Her eyes lit up, and she nodded, “Yes, yes, I will do a good job.”

Li Mo smiled, “I haven’t asked you. What should I call you?”

The woman replied, “My husband’s family name is Wang. Everyone likes to call me Sister-in-law Wang.”

Li Mo called her “Sister-in-law Wang” and then said, “Then you go back today to prepare and come over in the morning to officially start. Is that okay?”

Sister Wang said yes.

(TN: Allow me to shorten it to Sister Wang <_ <)


Song Dashan had seen her yesterday and knew she was coming today, but she was still surprised. “Sister Wang, you’re here so early?”

Sister Wang smiled a little embarrassed, “I thought I’d come a little early to clean up the two rooms.”

Song Dashan nodded and let Sister Wang come in, then took her to the recreation room and playroom and gave her a broom and dustpan at her request. Then, she cleaned up carefully.

When Li Mo came over, she saw Sister Wang staying in the playroom, watching the children playing, and holding a needlework basket in her hand, sewing something.

Li Mo walked up to her and asked, “What are you doing, Sister Wang?”

When she saw Li Mo coming, she stood up and greeted her, “You’re here, Boss.” I think I have nothing to do here. I can do some needlework while watching the children. I’ll make some cloth tigers and cloth dolls and put them here for the children to play with. Aunt Wu gave me this cloth.”

Li Mo nodded, “Okay, you can go to Aunt Wu if you need anything, but you will be busy.” She said and went to the dressing room.

Sister Wang worked for three days, and Li Mo also observed for three days. Sister Wang is very gentle with children and can make them obedient, but also hardworking. Her eyes were focused on her work. Basically, she does not idle. Some of the work that was not assigned to her, she would also do it. Li Mo was very satisfied with her. So, Sister Wang officially stayed and worked in her store.

With the playroom under control, the whole store was officially on the right track, and many things no longer needed Li Mo’s personal attention. Li Mo was even more relaxed and could work and nurture her baby without worry.

The first signs of spring have arrived at this point, and everyone is dressed in thick cotton jackets.

The flowers in the village flower garden were gradually blooming, and there was no need to go to the village or the back of the mountain to pick the ingredients for the balm.

Meizi plucked the flowers from the garden and asked Zhao Changbang to send a message, then Song Dashan drove a donkey cart to the village to pull the flowers back to make the balm, and the variety of the balm in the store became richer, and the sale was better than before.

At this time, it was also time for the school to start admitting students, and Li Mo had been thinking about Xiao Bao’s schooling for years.

There was only one school in town. It was called Yuying Hall, and Li Mo inquired about it, and there were three teachers in it. All of them were Xiucai 1. There are three classes, one of which is for new students who are just starting out, and the children in them are younger, which is perfect for Xiao Bao.

Li Mo took a day off on that day and took Xiao Bao to Yuying Hall with Song Dashan.

The gatekeeper of Yuying Hall saw that Li Mo and Song Dashan had come with their children to study, so he took them to the place where the masters were preparing their lessons, found one of them, and then left.

Song Dashan first bowed to the Master and asked Xiao Bao to do the same, then said to the Master, “Master, this is my child, who has come to seek an education, and I hope the Master will accept him.”

He asked Song Dashan, “Your child looks quite young. How old is he?”

Song Dashan answered truthfully, “He is five years old.”

The Master’s brow furrowed slightly. “Five years old? That’s too young. The youngest we have here has to be six years old. We can’t accept children who are five years old.”

Seeing that the Master really disliked Xiao Bao’s age, Li Mo stepped forward and gave a bow to the Master before saying, “Master, my child is indeed a bit young, but he is not inferior to those older children. He is very sensible and good at learning, staying at home would delay him, so we want to send him to study in the school early, and hope that the Master can accept him. “

Hearing Li Mo’s words, the Master became interested, stroked the beard on his chin, and asked, “Oh? So, your child has been enlightened?”

Li Mo nodded, “I’m not going to hide it from you. My child has indeed been enlightened. I’m not talented, but I taught him a little at home. He learns very well, and he is very smart, but we are too busy to teach him properly, so I thought I would send him to school to learn properly.”

The Master didn’t expect Li Mo to be literate and an enlightened child. He became even more interested. He turned to Xiao Bao and asked him: “My child, can you tell the Master what you learned?”

Xiao Bao was not afraid of life at all, and when he was asked, he answered seriously, “I can count, and then do arithmetic, and I can recite the Three Character Classic, and I can recite poems, all of which my mother taught me.”

He appreciates his attitude of not being humble, not arrogant, and not afraid of life. He couldn’t help but touch Xiao Bao’s head. The Master told Xiao Bao.” Can you recite the Three-Character Classic for me?”

Xiao Bao usually recites the Three Character Classic once a day. At this time, he also recited: “Men at their birth are naturally good…..”

Xiao Bao finished reciting the Three Character Classic in one breath, fluently without a pause.

The Master’s eyes changed when he looked at Xiao Bao. He was no longer as careless as before. There was gradually a sense of importance in his eyes, “Then do you know the meaning of the Three Character Classic you recited?”

Xiao Bao nodded proudly, “My mother and I understand what I have said. Let me tell you, Men, at their birth, are naturally good. This means that all people are good when they are born, but because of the different learning environments and temperaments in the process of growing up. There is a difference between good and bad if you have not been taught well. The nature means…..”

Xiao Bao’s memory and understanding are very good. After Li Mo explained the meaning of the Three Character Classic to him, he remembered and understood all of it, and he had no problem recounting it himself.

Xiao Bao’s cleverness was beyond the Master’s expectations. He did not expect a five-year-old child to be so clever. You must know that some of the children who are studying at the academy have been studying for several years. Being able to memorize the Three- Character Classic completely….some children can memorize it, but they can’t understand the meaning of those words. They were not comparable to Xiao Bao, who had never been to school.

The Master was excited. In order to understand Xiao Bao’s true level, he asked Xiao Bao some arithmetic questions. As a result, Xiao Bao answered them quickly and correctly, and the Master nodded in satisfaction.

In the end, the Master felt that he had found a good seedling and secretly said that such a clever child really couldn’t let him be delayed at home, so he no longer minded Xiao Bao’s young age and promised to accept Xiao Bao.

Li Mo and Song Dashan looked at each other, and both had a smile in their eyes.

Xiao Bao was formally accepted by the Master and told to go back and prepare himself so that he could come to school tomorrow.

Li Mo gave Xiao Bao’s one-year tuition to the Master before taking him home.

When they got home, Li Mo took out the small schoolbag made for Xiao Bao, put some pens, ink, paper, and inkstones in it, put in the arithmetic sticks commonly used by Xiao Bao, and finally put in some snacks to cushion his hunger. Then he pulled Xiao Bao into his arms and kissed him on the forehead. “Xiao Bao, you will go to school every day in the future. You have to listen to the Master’s words, study hard, and your mother and father will send you there. We will pick you up when you get off school, so be good and stay in school, okay?”

Xiao Bao blinked his eyes and said in a milky voice, “Yes, mother, I will follow the Master’s words. Don’t worry, mother.”

Li Mo’s heart melted, and she gave him another kiss. “My baby is so good!”

Xiao Bao puffed out his little chest.

“Baby, in the future, when someone asks for your name in school, do you know what to say? If someone asks for your name, you should tell them that your name is Song Yifan, okay? You can’t use your nickname. “

“Mother, I know my name is Song Yifan. They can’t call me Xiao Bao, only you can call me Xiao Bao.”

“Yes, awesome!”

The next day, Li Mo and Song Dashan personally escorted Xiao Bao into school and handed him over to the Master, and watched as the Master brought Xiao Bao into the small classroom where the lesson was being taught, and the Master arranged for him to sit at a table in front of him.

Xiao Bao couldn’t help but turn around and find Li Mo and Song Dashan standing outside the window and waved his hand at them, smiling adorably.

Li Mo followed suit and waved her hand, then gestured for him to read his book carefully.

Xiao Bao nodded, turned around, and obediently put his little schoolbag on the desk, took out the contents and put them on the table one by one, then he straightened his small back and looked at the podium with a serious and obedient appearance.

Li Mo laughed at this.

After that, the Master started the lesson. Xiao Bao seriously followed the teacher and read. Li Mo was relieved, then followed Song Dashan home.

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