Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Li Mo was originally afraid that Xiao Bao would not adapt well or wouldn’t even want to go to school like the children of modern times who went to kindergarten. Still, unexpectedly, Xiao Bao was very well-behaved and adapted well. Every day, when she and Song Dashan went to pick him up, he would run out with a smile, without any discomfort at all.

Li Mo asked the teacher who taught Xiao Bao about his situation in private. The teacher praised Xiao Bao, saying that Xiao Bao was smart and learned easily. He also praised how he was a good seedling because he was better at learning than other older children.

When she heard this, Li Mo was happy and relieved, and her inner worries were gone.

However, although Xiao Bao was very well-behaved and did not need adults to worry about him, Li Mo did not completely leave Xiao Bao’s education to the academy. She would still find opportunities to teach Xiao Bao some knowledge that was not available in ancient times and broaden Xiao Bao’s horizons, thinking and improving his knowledge literacy.

She has a very small workload now, so every day she will take Xiao Bao’s hand and take him to the academy, then pick him up when he leaves school, talk to him a lot on the way, teach him some principles, and discuss some more topics with him. While the mother and son were happily talking with each other, at the same time, Xiao Bao had also learned a lot from them.

Xiao Bao was happier with Li Mo picking him up and dropping him off every day than he had ever been at home before. So he especially liked going to the academy. Every day when he came back, he would tell his family what he had learned in the academy, which classmates had been praised by the Master today, and which of his classmates had been punished by the Master for not paying attention.

Whenever this happened, the adults would listen to Xiao Bao with smiles in their eyes, except for Huzi, whose eyes were full of envy and longing.

After Xiao Bao went to school, Huzi was the only kid left at home. Every day, he would ride the swing and wooden horse alone, and he would take a nap at noon alone. He was not happy at all. He would watch Xiao Bao come back from school and talk about what happened at school every day. In fact, Huzi also wanted to go to school.

However, he knew that going to school was expensive and would cost a lot of money. He knew that he and his mother had no money. So he didn’t dare to mention that he wanted to go to school. He could only secretly envy Xiao Bao.

Li Mo discovered the desire in Huzi’s eyes and knew that this kid wanted to go to school, but going to school was a big event and very expensive. She didn’t know if Sister Qin planned to let Huzi go to school, so she couldn’t easily intervene in this matter.

As Huzi’s mother, Sister Qin can’t be ignorant. What Li Mo had discovered, she also knew.

After Xiao Bao attended the school for more than two months, during lunch that day, Sister Qin went to Li Mo and said, “Sister, I want to ask you something.”

Li Mo looked at Sister Qin, “Sister-in-law, just say what you want to tell me, and Dashan and I will help you if we can.”

Sister Qin pursed her lips. She hesitated for a while and finally made up her mind: “Sister, I want you to help me send Huzi to school. I want Huzi to go to school too, together with Xiao Bao. “

When Sister Qin said this, everyone was a little surprised. Xiao Bao had been in the school so long before. Sister Qin didn’t say that Huzi could go with Xiao Bao. What made her change her mind?

Sister Qin stroked Huzi’s head. “I didn’t really think about sending Huzi to school before. How can ordinary children go to school? I am raising Huzi by myself now. Although I can make money now, I have never thought about it. I wanted to save money to buy a house for Huzi and let him marry in the future. “

After that, Sister Qin sighed. “But this little boy was envious of Xiao Bao and wanted to follow Xiao Bao. I can’t bear to see him like this. Forget it. Let him go. It’s good to be able to read and write. “

“Mother—” Huzi called Sister Qin. There was joy and anxiety in his eyes, which touched people’s hearts.

Li Mo also touched Huzi’s head, “Sister-in-law, in fact, it’s actually correct to let Huzi go to school, not to mention how his future would become promising. He can now recognize a word and calculate an account. In the future, he could also be a bookkeeper. He didn’t need to worry about not having any food to eat, or he didn’t need to dig in the ground to find food to eat. In my opinion, if you buy him a house to marry a wife, rather than letting him earn some skill. If he had some skills, he and his wife wouldn’t worry about food and clothing. “

Sister Qin listened to Li Mo’s words and found them very reasonable. “This is the truth, this is the truth. I didn’t understand it before, but it’s unlikely that I will understand it in the future. I will let him learn how to read and learn a little bit of knowledge. So that in the future, he would not become a coolie from the countryside. “

(TN: In colonial times, a coolie was an unskilled Chinese laborer.)

Li Mo smiled and said. “Okay, then I will take Huz tomorrow to the school to find Xiao Bao’s Master. Huzi is seven years old this year, and he has learned a lot from Xiao Bao before. It’s okay for him to enter the academy. “

Sister Qin hurriedly thanked her.

At this time, Li Mo and others did not expect that her words would become like a prophecy. In the future, Huzi will become a skilled writer and a skilled accountant. In the future, all the shops at home will be put in the hands of Huzi and Xiaoshu. The business will become prosperous, and the two of them will be the strong backing of Xiao Bao so that Xiao Bao can be an honest and upright official who works for the people without any worries and shine in officialdom.

Of course, this is something that will happen in the future.

The next day, when Li Mo and Song Dashan sent Xiao Bao to the academy, they took Huzi with them. After communicating with the Master, the Master agreed to accept Huzi. After Li Mo paid Huzi’s tuition for one year, Huzi officially went to the academy with Xiao Bao.

When the two children went to school, Li Mo thought of Xiao Shu in the village.

Xiao Shu said that he was Xiao Bao’s younger brother, but he was actually one year older than Xiao Bao. Both Xiao Bao and Huzi went to school, but Xiao Shu was still playing in the village. Li Mo felt wrong. In her opinion, a child must go to school. It doesn’t have to be for fame and fortune, but you should know the basic words to not be blind. Therefore, she thinks that Xiao Shu should also read some books.

Li Mo patted Song Dashan’s head, who was lying on her stomach, “Dashan, do you want Meizi to send Xiao Shu to the school with Xiao Bao and Huzi?”

Song Dashan said, “Huh?” He replied while still looking at Li Mo’s belly.

Li Mo was helpless. This man, every night, would touch her belly, kiss her belly, and also talk to the child in her stomach as if the child in her belly could really understand what he was talking about. Especially when the kid in the stomach kicked his hand sometimes, he would be so happy that he couldn’t find North, and he would act all night foolishly.

She hadn’t noticed it before, but now she realized that this man was stupid enough.

The baby in Li Mo’s stomach has been more than seven months old, and now she can’t see her feet when she lowers her head. It seemed like she was holding a pot in her stomach. You have to hold it when you walk; otherwise, it feels like you’re going to fall at any time. Song Dashan was never at ease if Li Mo went out alone. He would support her from behind, fearing that she would be in danger.

Seeing that Song Dashan was still looking at her belly, Li Mo patted him again, “Stop staring, can you hear me?”

Song Dashan reluctantly kissed Li Mo’s belly. He raised his head and smiled stupidly at her, then stretched out his hand and gently kneaded Li Mo’s swollen legs due to pregnancy, and said, “I heard you, what you said was about wanting Xiao Shu to go to school too?”

Li Mo nodded, “Children still have to learn how to read. They can’t be blind. Anyway, Meizi and Tiezi can’t afford Xiao Shu to go to school now..”

Song Dashan agreed, “He must go to school. We can’t let Xiao Shu not know a single word. I guess Meizi and Tiezi didn’t think of this. They still think that Xiaoshu is still young. “

Li Mo shook her head, “No. he’s not young. Xiaoshu is six years old this year, and it happens to be that he’s at the right age to go to school. These years are the best time for children’s enlightenment. If it’s too late, it’s not good, so let’s talk to Meizi. In the end, it depends on the parents if they will allow Xiao Shu to learn. “

Song Dashan is sure: “I definitely want Xiaoshu to go to school. Even if Meizi doesn’t agree, I have to get them to agree.”

Li Mo pondered, “If Xiaoshu wants to go to school, he will have to come to live with us, so he won’t be able to see his parents every day. I don’t know if Meizi, Tiezi, and Xiaoshu will be able to bear it.”

Song Dashan raised his eyes and said, “The most important thing for children was to go to school. There is nothing to worry about in our house. Meizi and Tiezi can come to see the children at any time. You can’t let him stay at home just because you can’t bear the child to go. “

Li Mo thought so, so she said, “Then when you go to the village in a couple of days to transport flowers, bring Meizi, Tiezi, and Xiao Shu with you, and we will talk about it. In detail.”

Song Dashan nodded and then came behind Li Mo, supporting her waist with one hand, letting her lean in his arms, and the other hand was gently stroking her bulging belly.

“Don’t worry about this. I’ll take care of it. All you have to do is to talk with them.”

Li Mo didn’t refute but nodded obediently. In fact, since she was pregnant, Song Dashan has taken care of everything. As long as she said something, he would do it immediately, and she never had to worry about it anymore.

Seeing that Li Mo agreed, Song Dashan looked at her pregnant belly and said: “Also, I have let you do makeup service and beauty treatment for so long, but now you can’t do it anymore. You see, your belly is so big. I can’t bear to see you do business. Our family doesn’t have to rely on you to make money these months now. “

Song Dashan had said several times before to let Li Mo stop doing business, but Li Mo felt that it would be boring not to do anything all day long. Besides, not moving at all would be bad for the child, so she acted like a baby and begged Song Dashan to let her do makeup and beauty treatment. When she acted like this, Song Dashan had no choice but to finally agree to her, but she was only allowed to do a few touches of makeup a day and nothing else, and Li Mo also strictly complied.

However, now that she is more than seven months pregnant, she feels that her belly is very heavy and it is uncomfortable to stand and sit, so it is indeed not suitable for her to apply makeup anymore, so Li Mo did not insist this time and gave Song Dashan a big kiss, “Okay, I won’t do it anymore, let’s wait until I give birth to this little one.”

Seeing Li Mo’s consent, Song Dashan happily kissed her lips, like a child, “Good wife!”

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry…

The two had planned to talk to Meizi the next time they went to the village to transport flowers, but the next day Meizi came on her own together with Xiao Shu.

Song Dashan was surprised, “Meizi, why are you here?”

Meizi carried the things she bought in her hand and went straight to the backyard, asking as she walked, “I came today because I have something to say to you and my sister-in-law. Where is my sister-in-law?”

Song Dashan reached out and took the things in Meizi’s hand, “Your sister-in-law is resting in her room. From now on, she won’t do makeup and beauty treatments.”

Meizi agreed, “Yes, she needs to take a break. She can’t do it anymore as the baby in her belly is getting older.”

When she arrived in the backyard, Meizi went straight to Li Mo and Song Dashan’s room.

Li Mo was surprised to see Meizi there and asked her what she was doing here.

Meizi sat down and said, “I’m here to tell you something. Huang Lao San in our village wants to sell land. I remembered that you wanted to buy land, so I came to ask you if you wanted to buy it. “

Of course, Li Mo was interested in buying it. If it is reliable, she will definitely buy it. There was not much land before at home, and Meizi and Tiezi did not have any land. In this era, there is no sense of security without land. Although they will not personally plant on the land, there is always no harm in having more land. You can rent it to someone else’s family.

However, for ordinary people, the land is a very important thing, and it is not easy to find someone who would sell their land. Li Mo had been paying attention, but no one was selling their land so far, so she was a little surprised to hear about it suddenly.

Li Mo asked: “Why did Huang Lao San suddenly want to sell his land?”

Meizi replied: “The only son of his family has always loved gambling money. This time it seems like he has lost too much, and all the debtors have come to the village several times. This time, his family has reached the point where it is impossible to not sell land, so they decided to sell it. “

Li Mo didn’t know about Huang Lao San, and she hadn’t dealt with him, so she couldn’t help but look at Song Dashan.

Song Dashan knows this Huang Lao San, “This Huang Lao San’s son was indeed a gambler. He was often coerced by the debtors to come home and ask for money. His wife can’t control him, regardless of how he persuaded his family. It didn’t work. His family had never sold the land before. It looks like he really lost a lot this time. “

Meizi knew about it, “It seems that he owes people three or forty taels of silver. If they don’t sell the land, they can’t afford it at all. Now this family is making havoc every day. “

Li Mo thought about this situation and felt that this could be bought. As long as the paperwork and everything is done, there should be no problem.

“Then how do they sell their land?”

Meizi replied: “His family wants to sell five acres of land, one acre for eight taels of silver, no bargaining.”

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan.

Song Dashan was very clear about the price of the land. “Generally, the land in the village is about eight taels of silver. It is not too much for his family to ask for eight taels. However, knowing that his family is eager to ask for money, the villagers will probably lower the price. “

Meizi nodded. “In the past few days, some people went to Huang Lao San’s house to bargain. Many people wanted to buy it, but his house didn’t sell it. They said that it was eight taels of silver and there would be no bargaining. “

Li Mo thought for a while and said, “Dashan, let’s buy it. Our family needs more land so that we can get it before the land tax comes out. We won’t lower the price and buy it all. “

Song Dashan agreed, “Okay, I’ll send Meizi back in the afternoon and take care of this matter.”

This matter was settled, and Li Mo told Meizi about Xiao Shu going to school.

Meizi didn’t expect Xiao Bao and Huzi to both go to school. After the initial surprise, she immediately decided, “Go! Reading is a good thing. We now have enough money for our children to go to school. Of course, he has to learn. I thought the children were small before. Thinking that Xiao Bao has gone to school, Xiao Shu can’t fall behind. “

Li Mo said in advance, “If Xiao Shu wants to go to school, he will live with me. With that, you can’t see him every day.”

Meizi stroked Xiao Shu’s head. “We can’t let him stay in the village every day and play crazily like a wild boy. I’m willing to see him every now and then, but I’m going to trouble you and your brother again. You have to help me take care of Xiao Shu. “

Li Mo waved her hand. “You’re welcome. You can rest assured that Xiaoshu is with me. You can send Xiaoshu over in a couple of days when he’s done packing. Dashan and I will take you to the school. “

Meizi agreed…

Li Mo thought that the three boys would go to school together and felt that the picture was pretty good.

However, the three boys will live in one room. The room needs more beds. It must be bunk beds too. It seems like they have to ask Uncle Zhang again. “

So, Li Mo took out a pen and paper and started to draw the appearance of the upper and lower beds so that when Song Dashan returned to the village, he could bring it to Uncle Zhang.

After eating, Li Mo went to the front desk to look at the shop. Song Dashan, together with Meizi and Xiao Shu, drove the donkey cart back to the village.

When Song Dashan came back again, the family had already had dinner.

While Aunt Wu went to warm up his meal, Song Dashan took out the land deed and gave it to Li Mo, “Today I bought all the five acres of land from Huang Lao San’s house, but his land has been planted with rice and other crops this year. His family talked with me and asked if we could let his family harvest this year’s harvest, and I agreed. “

Li Mo didn’t object. “Let his family take back this year’s harvest. Let’s start planting next year and then find someone to plant for us. “

Two days after this was done, Meizi sent Xiao Shu and his luggage over.

Li Mo took Xiao Shu to the school again, and because he was old enough and he was not stupid, he was accepted by the academy.

Song Dashan went from sending one child to sending three children to and from school at once, which was also very interesting.


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