Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 85

Chapter 85

Since Xiao Shu came to the house, from having two children in the house, now there are three children, and life has become more lively. The three little guys go to school together, eat together and sleep together every day, and they now look like they are brothers from one’s offspring.

Li Mo would always buy the same for everything, one for each person, so the three little kids would carry the same small schoolbags, wear similar clothes, and eat the same snacks, giving Li Mo an illusion that she had three sons.

Therefore, Li Mo increasingly hopes that this baby in her belly will be a delicate and soft little girl.

Li Mo also asked Song Dashan whether he wanted a son or a daughter, and Song Dashan would always hug and kiss her belly, smiling sweetly and happily, “As long as you give birth to them, I like both sons and daughters, but I want a daughter. There are too many brats in the house.”

Li Mo laughed, but it’s true. There are three brats in the family. If another brat comes, it will be very chaotic.

The day passed quickly in peace, and in the blink of an eye, Li Mo’s belly was already more than nine months old. Her body was so heavy that she had to gasp for breath when she took two steps, and her belly felt like it was going to fall down at any time, so she could no longer go to the front store, and the business was all handed over to Song Dashan to manage.

Seeing that Li Mo was about to give birth, Song Dashan was very worried. He was even more anxious than Li Mo, who was about to give birth. He went around asking others about what to pay attention to when giving birth, what needs to be prepared, and for fear of any omissions, all of his attention was focused on her. Li Mo was not in a state where she could still take care of the business. He deliberately returned to the village to take Meizi over and asked her to help look at the shop while he stayed in the backyard to take care of Li Mo.

Fearing that Li Mo could not find a midwife for sudden delivery, Song Dashan drove a donkey cart to the city half a month in advance and brought back the two best midwives in the city so that they could stay at home and wait for Li Mo to give birth.

One of the midwives was very reluctant. She felt that it was still too long for Li Mo to give birth, and she was simply delaying her business. Song Dashan directly gave them a dozen silver each, so when the two midwives saw this, their dissatisfaction disappeared, and their eyes lit up. She kept ensuring Song Dashan that she would take good care of Li Mo, and both mother and child would have a safe delivery.

In the end, the midwives found out that there was no use for them. Song Dashan took care of Li Mo in every possible way, and he took care of all the things that pregnant women should pay attention to. They didn’t need their reminders at all.

The midwives have seen so many different kinds of men, but this is the first time they have seen someone like Song Dashan, who treats his wife so well that they are envied by wives who are more than half a century old.

The two midwives had nothing to do for almost ten days, and finally, Li Mo started…

On that day, just after lunch, Song Dashan picked Li Mo up from the chair and prepared to take her for a walk like before, but before she could take two steps, Li Mo’s stomach suddenly cramped up, causing her to bend over in pain, and she couldn’t help but groan in pain.

Song Dashan was startled and hugged Li Mo. “My wife, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Mo was in so much pain that she couldn’t even speak, and only when the pain had passed did she manage to squeeze out a few words, “I… My stomach hurts so much…”

The two midwives looked at each other and quickly ran forward to touch Li Mo’s belly. One of the midwives cried out, “She’s going to give birth. Hurry up and carry her to the bed, and then go boil some hot water and be prepared for her delivery!”

Although Song Dashan had made countless preparations, he was still blanked out by the midwife’s words, and the three words “about to give birth” kept running in his mind. He was panicking and didn’t know what to do. The midwife yelled again, and then he reacted. He picked up Li Mo and went to the room, placing her on the bed.

Seeing Li Mo’s face turned pale in pain, his heart clenched tightly, holding her hands and kissing his mouth, “Wife, don’t be afraid, I am here, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

Although Li Mo was in pain, she didn’t panic. At this moment, seeing Song Dashan comfort her, the panic and fear in her eyes were worse than hers. She felt soft in her heart. She endured the pain and said to him, “I’m not afraid……” Don’t be afraid.

Song Dashan looked at Li Mo tightly, unwilling to remove his eyes.

The midwife was about to close the door after preparing everything for her delivery. Seeing that Song Dashan was still here, she said anxiously: “Men can’t stay here. Go out quickly. We are going to prepare for delivery.”

But Song Dashan didn’t listen to the midwife. He resolutely said: “I’ll stay here while you deliver the baby. I’ll stay with her.”

The two midwives had obviously never seen such a situation. They have delivered babies for so many years, and no husband has stayed through this process, but women give birth to men. How can men stay here? This is not nonsense. One of the midwives once again opened her mouth to drive Song Dashan away and said: “Men can’t stay in the place where the woman gave birth to. You should go out and don’t disturb us. “

But Song Dashan was not moved at all, “Just do your part. I’ll stay here with her.”

The two midwives looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

Although Li Mo was in pain, she could still hear what they were talking about. She knew that in ancient times, childbirth was regarded as a filthy thing, and the delivery room was even more filthy. It was considered unlucky for a man to enter the delivery room. Therefore, no man stayed in the delivery room when his wife gave birth. They could only wait outside.

Li Mo is not an ancient person. She doesn’t think that the delivery room is unlucky, but she also doesn’t want Song Dashan to stay with her. Because if he was by her side, she would be distracted, unable to concentrate on giving birth. She will unconsciously rely on him, it will give rise to dependence on him, and she won’t be able to work hard.

Li Mo tried her best to speak to Song Dashan: “Dashan, go out, don’t stay here. If you stay here, I can’t give birth.”

Song Dashan frowned. His voice trembled, “But I want to stay with you, I don’t want to go out.” If he went out, he would only be filled with endless worries and anxiety.

Li Mo was in so much pain that she wanted to cry, but she held it back and pushed him, “You… you go out if you don’t… I’ll get angry if you don’t go out. “

Seeing that Li Mo was really going to get angry, Song Dashan hurriedly coaxed, “Don’t get angry, don’t hurt your body. I’ll go out, I’ll go out now, okay?”

He reluctantly let go of Li Mo’s hand and walked out of the room step by step. When he was at the door, he said in a trembling voice, “I’m outside the door, I’ll guard you outside the door, don’t be afraid!”

Li Mo knew that he was also on the verge of collapse and tried her best to give him a smiling face so that he would not worry.

Song Dashan went out, and Li Mo couldn’t hold back the pain anymore. The pain made her want to faint, but the pain made her more and more awake.

One of the midwives said to Li Mo from the side: “Here, take a deep breath and exhale out through your mouth, and follow me.”

Li Mo took a breath through her nose, then exhaled out through the mouth, and then breathed again. Then she exhaled…..


Song Dashan walked around like a headless fly outside the door, unable to stop for a moment. His whole body was restless.

Meizi closed the shop, and the whole family was now waiting outside the delivery room.

Seeing Song Dashan like this, Meizi couldn’t help but persuade: “Brother, women have to give birth to children like this. They will not give birth for a short time, not to mention that this is their sister-in-law’s first childbirth, so the delivery will be slow. It’s useless if you are anxious. Don’t worry about it., My sister-in-law and my nephew will be safe. “

It’s a pity that Song Dashan couldn’t listen to Meizi’s words. All he could think of was Li Mo’s screams of pain, which made him want to suffer on her behalf, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Li Mo’s screams never stopped, from late afternoon until nightfall, but the baby had not yet come out.

Song Dashan’s clothes were all soaked, and the whole figure looked like he was fished out of the water. Li Mo was tortured inside, and he was also tortured outside. He wanted to break in to see Li Mo many times, but he was stopped by Sister Qin and Meizi.

Song Dashan pressed his head against the wall and endured it hard.

As time passed bit by bit, the sky gradually turned dark, but the house was brightly lit. Everyone was not in the mood to have dinner and waited outside the door. Even the three children who were picked up from the school were also waiting. They were reluctant to go to sleep.

At midnight, it was silent outside, and people had already gone to sleep, but the water here was deep and hot. The child had not yet been born, but Li Mo’s cry was getting weaker and weaker. Everyone’s heart was raised. Song Dashan pressed his head against the wall. His forehead was blue, and his eyes were red.

Just when Meizi thought she was going to lose control of her brother, a baby’s cry finally came from inside.

The baby was born!

At this moment, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Song Dashan fell to the ground at once, as if he had been in a state of shock.

After a while, the midwife opened the door from the inside and said with a smile to the people outside: “Congratulations. Congratulations, she gave birth to a daughter who weighs a full eight cats. The Mother and daughter are safe. “

Everyone outside the door rejoiced.

Meizi hurriedly asked: “Then how is my sister-in-law? Can we go in and see her now? “

The midwife nodded, “Yes, you can come in.”

Before the matron could finish her sentence, a figure scraped in, and Song Dashan was already on the bed.

Song Dashan stroked Li Mo’s weak face, feeling distressed, “How is it? Does it hurt a lot? “

Before she gave birth, in order not to worry Song Dashan, Li Mo held it up. Now she had given birth. She just wanted to pamper herself and let Song Dashan love her.

“It hurts, it hurts, Dashan, just now I was dying in pain……”

Song Dashan’s heart was also dying in pain, and he kissed Li Mo’s forehead and kissed her several times, “Darling, you have suffered a lot. We will not give birth. We will never give birth to another child again. One is enough. “

Song Dashan’s words made everyone in the house look sideways, and the two midwives stared at them in amazement. They thought the man already loved his wife enough, but they didn’t think he could be this loving. They have never seen a man who only wanted to give birth to one child for fear of his wife’s suffering.

Even Meizi only thought that her brother was joking. How could it be possible that there would be only one daughter? Although there is Xiao Bao, it is impossible to have only one daughter. When the sister-in-law recovers, she will definitely have children.

The other people present also thought so.

Li Mo didn’t know the thoughts of others, but she agreed with Song Dashan’s words.

She was satisfied with a daughter, and with Xiao Bao, she had two children, and she would love them with all her heart. Next, she will use all her energy to love these two children. If there are too many children, she will not have so much energy to take care of them, and, in the ancient times when medical treatment was backward, giving birth was like stepping into a ghost gate. Before giving birth, she was actually ready to lose her life. However, she was lucky. She thought she was going to die. At that time, she passed this barrier, but she didn’t know if she could survive it next time, so she was content and no longer wanted more.

Li Mo was very tired and wanted to fall asleep immediately, but she still kept her eyes open. She wanted to see her baby.

“Dashan, where’s the child? Show me the child. “

Song Dashan thought of the child at this time and quickly turned to look.

Meizi has become accustomed to her brother’s habit of not remembering anything when he sees his sister-in-law. When she saw that her sister-in-law wanted to see the baby, she immediately held the little baby that had just been washed and wrapped in a small quilt and came over to show them, “Sister-in-law, look, look how fat this little one is, it’s eight pounds, it’s so cute.”

Li Mo tried to open her eyes wide to see the child. In the swaddling clothes was a chubby, fleshy mouth, and she weighed eight kilograms. It’s a little fat girl.

Meizi hugged and did not want to let go, “Sister-in-law, my niece is so beautiful, not at all like other newborn children, so wrinkled. She was white and tender when she was born, and her hair was still so thick. She must be like you in the future. A great beauty. “

Li Mo looked at her little girl tenderly. Her heart softened into a pool of water.

This little girl is indeed not like some children just born like a little monkey, probably because of good nutrition, plus Li Mo’s deliberate conditioning. This child is not only fat, but her face is also white and tender. Although there is still a little redness, it is not difficult to see that in the future, she must be white and tender little glutinous rice ball, which made her really cute. “

Song Dashan, who had just been preoccupied with Li Mo, could not take his eyes off the cute little girl in the swaddling clothes, giggling and murmuring, “This is my daughter. She’s so pretty and cute.”

Li Mo and Meizi were amused by him.

At this time, the midwife reminded her, “Feed some milk to the child first, even if there is not much milk, let the child eat.”

Li Mo got up slightly with Song Dashan’s support, leaned on the pillow behind her, and she held the baby, and lifted the skirt, and brought the child’s mouth to her breast.

Children all have the instinct to eat, and they immediately grab and suck as soon as they get close to the n!pples. Unfortunately, Li Mo didn’t have much milk, and the children couldn’t eat much.

Li Mo became worried, “I don’t seem to have much milk. What should I do?”

The midwife said on the side: “It’s okay, let the child eat a little first, wait for the child to suck a little more, the milk will gradually come out. Just eat more food that will help you with breastfeeding. “

The midwife finished speaking and said some foods that would help the breastfeeding woman. Song Dashan, Meizi, and Aunt Wu carefully noted it down.

The child fell asleep after taking the milk for a while. Li Mo was relieved. Exhaustion poured up from the depths of her body. She couldn’t help closing her eyes and fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

Meizi looked a little worried at Song Dashan and couldn’t help but comfort him: “Brother, sister-in-law, is exhausted. After sleeping and replenishing her strength, she will be fine. Don’t worry, you should guard your sister-in-law. I will prepare some crucian fish and pig’s feet soup for my sister-in-law. She can drink it when her sister-in-law wakes up. “

Song Dashan nodded, looking at his wife and daughter lying on the bed. His heart was filled with honey, unblinkingly looking at the two babies on the bed, tender as water.

It’s good that he has another most important person in his life.


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