Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Li Mo woke up again at almost noon the next day, and she felt a lot more comfortable.

She turned her head to look at the child lying beside her. The child had a chubby face, sleeping soundly.

Li Mo couldn’t help but smile and couldn’t help but go over and give the child a gentle kiss on her little cheek.

The door of the room creaked open, and Song Dashan came in, seeing Li Mo awake. His eyes lit up, “Wife, you’re awake?”

Li Mo turned her head to look at him, only to see his black and blue under-eyes. His eyes were bloodshot, his forehead was still bruised, his clothes were also wrinkled. It is obvious that he did not rest well. He was very worn out. He was simply worse than she, who had just given birth, but she knew that he was worried about her. When she saw him worried about her, her heart couldn’t help but become soft.

She touched his bruised forehead, “Did you put medicine on your forehead?”

Song Dashan touched his head embarrassedly, “After rubbing the medicine, it will disappear after two days. It’s okay. “

“Then did you not sleep last night either? Look at the dark circles under your eyes. “

Song Dashan smiled. He glanced at the little girl who was sleeping soundly and said with the soup in his hand: “I was so excited last night that I didn’t fall asleep, but I’m not sleepy.” After finishing talking, he took a spoonful of soup. “Come on, you haven’t eaten for so long. I made you soup. Drink it while it’s hot. “”

Li Mo reluctantly shook her head and opened her mouth to drink the soup fed to him by Song Dashan.

But before she could finish the soup, the little girl woke up and started grunting softly.

Li Mo hurriedly took the little one into her arms, “Did you pee or poop? Or are you hungry? “

Song Dashan said, “She didn’t pee. I changed her diaper before you woke up. She must be hungry. “

Li Mo nodded, lifted the skirt of her clothes, and nursed the little girl.

Today was a little better than yesterday. There was a little more milk, but the little one still ate for a while before she was satisfied, and after eating, she slept again.

Seeing that the little one was asleep again, Song Dashan went to the kitchen to bring a bowl of hot soup and then fed the soup to Li Mo. He stopped feeding her until she drank two bowls and couldn’t drink anymore.

After drinking, Li Mo patted his other side, “Dashan, don’t be busy, come up and sleep for a while.”

Song Dashan shook his head, “I’m not sleepy. You can sleep.” He still has a lot of things to do and needs to arrange.

Li Mo knew that he still wanted to go and work. She couldn’t help but pout and said coquettishly: “You come up and sleep with me for a while. I won’t rest if you don’t accompany me. “

Song Dashan has always been unable to refuse Li Mo. He took off his shoes and slept next to Li Mo. First, he took a look at the little girl, then reached out and hugged Li Mo from behind, and kissed her twice in the ear, “My dear, thank you for your hard work. You were too exhausted this time. “

“It’s okay, for this little one, it’s worth the hard work. By the way, where is Xiao Bao? Did he get scared yesterday? “Yesterday, she gave birth to a baby so loudly, she wondered if Xiao Bao was scared.

Song Dashan rubbed her cheek, “Last night, Xiao Bao waited until you had given birth before going to bed. He came to see you this morning. Seeing that you were sleeping, he didn’t want to disturb you. He watched you and the little baby quietly. After that, he went to school. Before leaving, he said that he would come back to see you at night. “

Li Mo was relieved and told Song Dashan about the little girl’s name, “Dashan, we have to give the child a name. Otherwise, others won’t know how to call her. “

Song Dashan agreed, “The name is necessary, but you know I can’t do it well, so you should do it, you name her.”

She knew he would say that, sure enough. He can’t be counted on when it comes to naming her.

Li Mo thought for a while and finally said: “The nickname is Fu’ er. I hope she is a blessed little girl. For the formal name, we can just use the name of the girl I thought of before, called ‘Song Wenjing,’ which means wisdom and beauty. “

Of course, Song Dashan has no objection. He thinks this name and her nickname are great, “Well, just call her this. This is good. Our little Fu’er must be beautiful and blessed.”

Li Mo smiled, turned around, stretched out her hand, and gently patted Song Dashan’s back, “Okay, that’s it, you can close your eyes and sleep for a while.” He was tired enough.

Under Li Mo’s light pat, Song Dashan’s exhaustion from two days of no sleep came up, and he gradually closed his eyes.

Seeing him asleep, Li Mo leaned forward, kissed him lightly, and then closed her eyes, not knowing that she would fall asleep again.

When she woke up again, Li Mo felt a soft touch on her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Xiao Bao was touching her face.

“Mother, you’re awake!” Seeing Li Mo finally wake up, Xiao Bao exclaimed happily, but his voice was deliberately softened, obviously because he was afraid of waking up the little sister in bed with him.

I have not seen Xiao Bao for two days. Li Mo took his little hand and kissed him, “Baby, have you gone to school?”

Xiao Bao nodded his little head, “Mother, I’ve been out of school for a long time, but you haven’t woken up yet. I am here, waiting for you to wake up. “

Li Mo smiled and touched his head, “Baby, did you see your sister? Do you like her?”

Xiao Bao’s eyes lit up, and his little head nodded even more happily, “Mother, my sister is so fat, so much meat. Xiao Bao wants to kiss her so much.”

Li Mo was amused by his words and smiled and asked, “Have you kissed?”

Xiao Bao was a little shy. He nodded and slowly stretched out a finger. “I just kissed her a little..gently, I didn’t wake up my sister.”

Li Mo adored him and kissed him. She pinched his little nose, “Then wait for your sister to wake up. If you kiss her and play with her for a while, your sister will definitely like her brother playing with her. “

Xiao Bao grinned, “Then I will wait for my sister to wake up and play with her.”

After saying that, as if remembering something, he immediately ran outside and said: “Father said to call him when mother woke up, I’ll go get the father to come.” He said, and disappeared.

Li Mo smiled and watched him run out.

After a while, Xiao Bao took Song Dashan’s hand into the room.

Song Dashan still had a bowl of soup in his hand, but it was replaced with chicken soup this time.

Li Mo smiled helplessly, knowing that her journey to confinement had already begun, so she simply reached out for it, but Song Dashan avoided her hand and sat down in front of the bed, “Don’t move, I’ll feed you.”

Li Mo was amused. She was not so delicate that she needed to be fed all the time.

Thinking that Xiao Bao was still here, she looked over and saw that he had taken off his shoes and climbed inside the bed, looking at his newborn baby sister with curiosity and joy in his eyes, not paying attention to what his cheeky old father was saying.

Only then did Li Mo open her mouth. She obediently drank the tasteless soup.

Although it is difficult to drink, she also needs to drink more so that there’s milk to feed Xiao Fu’er.

So, Li Mo began to drink all kinds of soup as a meal for the whole month.

One month later, she was finally out of confinement and was formally liberated.

The first thing she did was wash her hair well and take a shower.

She was not allowed to take a bath for a whole month. One can imagine how painful it was for her.

Song Dashan boiled a whole bathtub of water for Li Mo, let her go in and soak in it, and she came to give her a bath. After washing her hair first, she rubbed her whole body again, and all she rubbed out was mud. Li Mo was embarrassed to see this, but he continued to rub her without blinking, without the slightest disgust.

During the month of confinement, she herself could smell her body, but Song Dashan couldn’t smell the same. Every day, he would hug her to sleep, kiss her, and smell her like she had a nice fragrance.

Thinking about it, Li Mo couldn’t help but smile, looking at the man next to him who was helping her take a bath seriously. She felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

How could she not love this man?

Song Dashan washed Li Mo three times before washing Li Mo completely and regaining her previous fragrance.

However, while putting on clothes, Li Mo squeezed the soft flesh on his stomach and sighed for a long time.

Hey, her tight waist was never seen again. Although the rest of her body did not gain weight from confinement, her waist was loose and became fleshy.

This is too ugly.

Seeing Li Mo sighing at her waist, Song Dashan also looked at the fleshy waist. This small waist was indeed not as small as before, and there was some flesh on the stomach, but in his opinion, it looked better.

He chuckled softly, squatted down in front of Li Mo, and kissed her belly several times, “It’s a bit more fleshy, but it looks better than before. Why are you sighing? “

Li Mo was tickled by him. She laughed softly. She stretched out her hand and pushed his head, “Don’t make trouble. What’s so good about kissing this meaty flesh?”

Song Dashan simply kissed her stomach twice, “It looks good. My wife’s body looks good-looking.”

Li Mo was inexplicably ashamed. This guy… his skills at spouting love words have skyrocketed recently.

Could it be that he could only look at it but wasn’t able to eat it?

The two people play around and get dressed. Li Mo then talks about business, “Tomorrow will be Fu’er’s full moon[1]Full Moon refers to the completion of the full 30 days since birth, as the child’s first birthday or its “full moon.”. Have you notified all the people that should be notified?”

Song Dashan nodded, “I called all the people who should be called, and I’ve prepared all the dishes and drinks for tomorrow’s banquet.”

“That’s good.”

The next day is Xiao Fu’er’s full moon banquet, so the store was closed today.

The family got up early in the morning to prepare for the guests’ arrival.

In addition to Meizi and Tiezi, Li Mo invited Sister Yue, Sister Yun, and Lin Xiaoyu. For the people in the village, they invited Zhao Shu’s family, and for the city, they also invited Sima Haoran.

Sister Yun, Sister Yue, and Lin Xiaoyu came over early in the morning and went into the room to see Xiao Bao.

Xiao Fu’er is now fatter than when she was just born, and the redness on her cheeks has disappeared. At this moment, Xiao Fu’er is just a chubby glutinous rice dumpling. People can’t help but want to grab her little fat…

“Oh, how come this little girl is so naive? Look at this small mouth and small face. It’s so cute!” Sister Yue, who has always liked children, couldn’t stand it at first sight, and she didn’t want to let go when she hugged Xiao Fuer. After a kiss, she quickly took out a silver longevity lock from her pocket and put it in Xiao Fu’er’s swaddle.

Li Mo also did not refuse. She just clicked little Fu’er’s little nose and said to her, “Little Fu’er, quickly give your Aunt Yue your thanks for the little lock she gave you.”

Xiao Fu’er is awake at the moment, with big eyes open, and she couldn’t recognize these people. She stares at whoever is talking to her. This can make people’s hearts melt.

At this moment, she was nudged by her mother and grinned with her little mouth.

Sister Yue couldn’t help but kiss her again.

Lin Xiaoyu couldn’t help it anymore and immediately squeezed forward and took out a pair of silver bracelets that she had brought. “And me, I also brought gifts for our Xiao Fuer, quickly gave me a kiss.” She said and went up to give a kiss.

Li Mo smiled and accepted the gift, “Thank you, Xiao Yu. I will thank you for Xiao Fu’er.”

Sister Yun also took out the gift she brought with her, which was a safety clasp, wishing Xiao Fu’er peace and prosperity forever.

By noon, Uncle Zhao’s family also came from the village. They brought a lot of small clothes and diapers specially made for Xiao Fuer. They were very practical. Li Mo was grateful. She then thanked them.

Sima Haoran arrived before dinner, but he was enchanted by Xiao Fu’er as soon as he arrived. He lovingly pinched the little one’s fat face, and when he saw the little one looking at him with big, slithery eyes, he couldn’t help but pick the little one up from Li Mo’s arms, touching her gently on her little face, and said to Song Dashan, who was beside him: “Dashan, how come your girl is so good-looking, look at this fleshy baby. Toot, I really want to take her home. This is much more fun than that stinky kid in my house. “

As soon as Sima Haoran returned to Beijing, he married the eldest daughter of the Minister of Household Affairs’ family, who was previously engaged to marry him. His wife gave him a son. It has been more than a week now. However, Sima Haoran came here and didn’t bring his wife and son. He plans to take them back when the child is older.

Song Dashan couldn’t laugh or cry. He punched him on the shoulder, “You…”

Sima Haoran liked the girl in his arms more and more, especially the little girl who would show him a toothless smile. The little girl seems to be very happy, more like a small glutinous rice ball. He couldn’t help but adore her. He hurriedly took out the gift he brought from his arms, which was a jade pendant in the shape of a bunny specially ordered by him.

Although Li Mo didn’t understand jade, she knew it was expensive when she saw this piece of jade. It was too expensive for their family. He couldn’t help but look at Song Dashan, wondering if they should accept such an expensive gift.

Song Dashan also knew that this jade was very valuable, so he couldn’t help but say, “Sima, your jade is too precious, and she can’t afford it as a child.”

Sima Haoran put the jade directly on Xiao Fu’er’s chubby neck, “Yes. Why can’t she afford it? The little guy is so lovely and can bear everything. “

Seeing what Song Dashan wanted to say, Sima Haoran’s eyes flashed, and he smiled and said, “Such a charming little girl, why don’t you give it to me? Be my daughter-in-law. This jade pendant is just a token of love given by me for my stinky boy. “

Li Mo’s heart skipped a beat quickly.

Although she knew that Sima Haoran was joking, it still shocked her. What is the family background of the Sima family? Such a family background is something that ordinary people like them would never imagine. Moreover, even if Sima is serious, she does not want to agree. She does not want to let her little baby marry into such a big family to suffer. It is better to stay by their side and be safe and stable for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, Li Mo went forward to take the little baby in Sima’s hand and said with a smile, “Sima, don’t joke about it. The little ones are still small. It’s too early to talk about it.”

Song Dashan also patted Sima Haoran’s shoulder, “That’s right, the children are too young. Children will naturally have their own ideas in the future. We can’t make blind decisions. “

Sima Haoran thinks so. The children may really have someone in mind later, and it was indeed too early, so he did not say anything more and smiled and talked about other things.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Li Mo arranged for everyone to take their seats and ordered Aunt Wu to start serving dishes.

Today was a celebration of Xiao Fuer’s full moon, so Li Mo especially drew up a menu, and the meal was very rich. With the good craftsmanship of Aunt Wu and Sister Qin, there is no difference between what they serve in the restaurant and what they serve at home.

Everyone was eating and chatting, and it was very lively for a while.

After the meal, Sima Haoran had to rush back to deal with official duties. It was inconvenient to stay for a long time. Li Mo and Song Dashan did not force him to stay and watched him go back to the city.

Uncle Zhao’s family also rushed back to the village before dark.

Sister Yue, Sister Yun, and Lin Xiaoyu sat at the end and returned home when it was dark.

The guests are gone, and the full moon banquet is over.

The family was tired after a busy day, so after an early dinner, they each washed up and went to their rooms to rest.

Li Mo leaned against Song Dashan’s arms and was held by him. The two of them looked at the fat girl she was holding in her arms. They looked at her sweet sleeping face and smiled in unison.

Little one, do you know that your dad, mother, and brother like you very much? You are our baby. You have to grow up happily. Your parents and your brother will stay with you until you grow up.

notlucia: So this is the last chapter of the main story. Next will be the extra chapters! It’s about Xiao Bao’s wife and Fu’er’s husband! Don’t worry! I will finish this novel this month! 6 more chapters and we’re done with this novel!


1 Full Moon refers to the completion of the full 30 days since birth, as the child’s first birthday or its “full moon.”


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