Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 87

Chapter 87 (Extra 1)

“Brother, brother, wait for Fu’er…”

A chubby little girl was running hard with her short legs while running and calling out to the youngsters who were running hard in front of her.

Unfortunately, the teenagers in front were chasing a fat-bodied hare with all their strength, and they didn’t hear the cry of the little sister behind them.

The little girl saw her brothers, but after a while, her older brother’s shadow disappeared. She had to stop her small steps. She stared at the place where her brothers disappeared. Her big smoky eyes stared at that place for a long time, and then she sighed.

Fu’er’s legs are so short that she can’t keep up with her brothers. She really wants to catch the rabbit…

“Fu’er!” Another boy’s voice suddenly sounded behind her.

Xiao Fu’er’s eyes lit up and she quickly turned around, “Brother Feiyu!”

Seeing that the visitor was Sima Feiyu, Xiao Fu’er was completely happy. As soon as she saw him, she opened her arms and rushed towards the visitor.

The little boy also opened his arms and hugged the little girl who was flying towards him. In the next second, he picked up the little girl and spun her on the spot.

“Hehe… Hehe… Brother Feiyu, Xiao Fu’er is flying…”

The little girl’s crisp laughter suddenly sounded in the air.

Li Mo, who rushed over, saw this scene and smiled helplessly.

Everyone loved this girl, even Sima Feiyu, who was only one year older than her; he spoiled her heavily. Whenever she sees the little girl, he will hold her and play her favorite game; spinning in circles.

Sima Feiyu was only six years old, and at that age, he was very tall for his age. He had the height of an eight or nine-year-old kid. Maybe one of the reasons was because he came from a family of military commanders. It was effortless for him to carry a little girl who looked like a meatball.

But every time Li Mo sees her own chubby Tuantuan being picked up and spun by Sima Feiyu, she feels unbearable for a while, for fear that her chubby girl will crush him.

“Feiyu, don’t get accustomed to her, she is too heavy. Put her down quickly.” Li Mo said to Sima Feiyu.

Xiao Fu’er also knew she was heavy and covered her face in embarrassment. Her voice was shy, “Brother Feiyu, put Xiao Fu’er down. Xiao Fu’er is too heavy and might crush you.”

Sima Fei Yuwen Yan stopped spinning, but he did not put down Xiao Fu’er, but instead, he hugged her. He gently moved up and down, “Who said that? Xiao Fu’er is not fat at all. I can hold you. “

Xiao Fu’er’s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she was happy. Xiao Fu’er’s eyes lit up with joy. “Really? But my brothers all said that I was a fat doughnut. “

Sima Feiyu nodded seriously, “Really?”

Xiao Fu’er grinned and giggled again.

Li Mo couldn’t laugh or cry when she heard it, but she reached out to take her chubby Tuantuan and kissed her little porcelain white face, “You little girl, your mother is really afraid that you will crush your brother Feiyu.”

At this time, another burst of laughter came from behind her, and Sima Haoran’s hearty voice sounded, “How come! How can you not even hold a little girl? Isn’t that right Feiyu? “

Sima Feiyu looked at his father and did not say anything. He turned his head and continued to look at the little girl in Li Mo’s arms.

Sima Haoran has become accustomed to his son’s cold face. This stinky boy can only say a few more words and see a smiling face when he sees Xiao Fu’er. At other times, he feels like someone owes his son money. He hadn’t heard how many things he had said for so many years as a father, and he really didn’t know who had inherited this kind of temper.

Sima Haoran couldn’t help complaining to his wife next to him again, “This stinky boy, even his father is not in his eyes! I am so angry. “

Fu Yueran, next to Sima Haoran, patted her husband lightly., “Well, he doesn’t like to talk, so don’t force it. We are out to play today, so hurry up and prepare things. “

Li Mo smiled and said, “I have everything ready. I think this piece of grass is good. There is a river next to it. Let’s have a picnic here. “

Everyone agreed to place it here, so a group of people got busy laying mats, taking food, collecting firewood, and making a fire, and soon the preparations were done.

Ever since Xiao Fu’er could talk, Li Mo has been very focused on spending time with her children, taking one day a month to close the store and then taking the children in the house and finding a place for the family to have a good day of fun and letting them play to their heart’s content.

Later, Meizi and Tiezi would also drop their work in hand to follow along on this day, and then later, Sima Haoran from the city would join the play. On this day, they gathered together with their wives, children, and Li Mo’s family, and enjoyed this rare time with everyone.

It was the same for today. Li Mo set the place of play at the bottom of this mountain on the outskirts of the countryside, where the mountains are clear and the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, which is a good place for a barbecue.

Li Mo took out all the packed chicken, duck, fish, and meat from the family carriage, and then took out the condiments she brought along with her. For barbecue, how could there be no condiments?

In addition to bringing meat, Li Mo also prepared various fruits and snacks, which were arranged on plates and placed on the floor mat one by one for everyone to taste.

Seeing that they are all ready, the children who had just chased the wild rabbit have not yet returned. Fu Yueran was a little worried, looking in the direction of Lin Mo, “Why didn’t those children come back? Will it be dangerous? “

Song Dashan smiled and comforted: “It’s okay, those kids are sturdy, they will be fine, and there is no danger in the woods. They should be back in a while. “

Not long after Song Dashan finished speaking, the three children came back, and Huzi was holding the wild rabbit he had just chased and held it up for everyone to see. “Look, we caught this rabbit, and we can roast it for dinner.”

Xiao Fuer saw his brothers coming back and forgot to eat the pastries in her hands. She immediately got up and ran to the three boys, “Brother, brother, you are back!”

Xiao Bao took his little sister into his arms, touched the little girl’s head, and said in a warm voice, “Fu’er, will you eat your brother’s barbecue at noon?”

Xiao Fu’er hugged her brother’s neck and nodded her head and nodded again, “Yes, my brother’s roasted meat is delicious.”

Xiao Shu gently tugged at the little girl and laughed, “Still eating? Look at how chubby you are! Eat again and you will become a small meatball!”

Xiao Fu’er is a good-tempered little girl. She was very charming and didn’t get angry when she heard the words. She just stretched out two fingers and clicked a little bit embarrassedly, “Fuer will eat less, just eat a little bit”

Meizi slapped her son on the head. “You stinky boy, why do you always bully Xiao Fu’er?”

Xiao Shu rubbed his head, not daring to talk back, but only muttered, “It’s just a chubby girl.”

Li Mo patted Meizi, “Children are just playing around, don’t worry.”

She then turned to the three children and said, “Come on, aren’t you yelling for roasted meat? Come on, let’s cook. Show off your skills today.”

Huzi and Xiao Shu were all excited and rushed to the fire to pick up the skewered meat and grill it.

Xiao Bao, who had grown up to be a very calm person, also showed some interest and put Xiao Fu’er down, saying to her, “Brother will go and grill the meat for you, so be good and wait for a while.”

Xiao Fu’er nodded his little head and promised her brother. She ran to the place where she was just sitting and sat down again, raising the pastry in her hand and putting it in her mouth.

Sitting next to her, Sima Feiyu wiped the pastry crumbs off her mouth, waited for her to finish eating, then picked up the water bottle next to her and poured some water for her to drink carefully.

Fu Yueran looked at her son like this, covered her mouth with her veil, and smiled silently.

Song Dashan saw a few children roasting in a good manner, and Tiezi and Li Mo were also cooking, so he did not go up to help. Instead, he sat next to Sima Haoran and patted his brother on the shoulder.”Has your father been pushing you this time?”

Sima Haoran was holding a dog-tailed grass, lying on his back on the mat. His voice was a bit helpless, “Another letter came a few days ago. This old man doesn’t know how annoying it is. He writes every month, and says the same thing every time.”

Song Dashan shook his head and said, “Your father has long urged you to return to the capital. You have been putting it off for so many years. Your father is estimated to be furious. What do you think? You don’t want to return to Beijing for the rest of your life? “

Sima Haoran rarely sighed. “Let me tell you, it’s so nice and free here. I really don’t want to go back to Beijing, but I think it’s impossible. My parents and relatives are there. My parents are getting old. I have to go back sooner or later. However, I still want to stay here for two more years and wait until Feiyu gets older. After all, I can’t delay his future. “

He shook his legs and said, “I can only cherish these years. After going back, I will never be so unrestrained again.”

Song Dashan smiled and shook his head.

Sima Haoran spit out the dog’s tail grass in his mouth and looked at Song Dashan. “I said, are you guys planning to stay here forever? Your kid is not a person with no particular talent. He will fly out of here sooner or later. Don’t you plan to follow him? He is not very old. Will you not worry if you don’t follow him? “

Song Dashan looked at his son, who was earnestly grilling meat by the fire, and fell into thought.

Although Xiao Bao was only ten years old this year, the master in the academy had already approached the husband and wife, saying that it would be no problem to let Xiao Bao take the children’s exams and become a talent. However, Li Mo considered that Xiao Bao was too young and short, so they were too uneasy to start the path of imperial examinations at such a young age, so they have been delaying until now.

Song Dashan deepened his voice, “Next year, Xiao Bao will take part in the children’s examination.”

Sima Haoran knew, “Then we had to start preparing.”

Song Dashan said, “Now the test will begin if he can go to the capital. We will follow. “

Sima Haoran smiled, “Don’t worry, this kid in your family will definitely go to the capital for the exam. I will arrange it for you. You can go without worry. “

Song Dashan and Sima Haoran bumped their fists. Everything was understood without making a sound.

Soon, the meat over there came with a burst of fragrance, and it was cooked.

Li Mo called everyone, “Come on, you can eat it now, it’s cooked.”

Xiao Fu’er was the first one to run over. Running to her mother with her little chubby legs, she sniffed in her little nose, “Wow, it smells so good”

Li Mo was amused by her little greedy cat look. She nudged her nose, causing her to shrug her little nose.

The cute little jade snow dumpling shrugged her nose so cute that everyone was amused by her.

Li Mo first took out a bunch of grilled lamb and placed it in front of her mouth and blew it and waited for it to get warm before giving it to the little kid. “Eat slowly, don’t get burned, and don’t poke your mouth.”

The little dumpling seriously promised, “Mother, I will eat well.”

Li Mo laughed at her, “Yes, yes, you have always been good at eating.”

The glutinous rice dumpling proudly lifted her little face.

Sima Feiyu watched and did not speak, but when the barbecue was allocated, he did not eat it but held it quietly. He just took Xiao Fu’er to one side and sat down quietly when he got to the barbecue. He tore off the barbecue and fed it to her. Xiao fu’er was also lazy. When he gave her a bite, she would open her mouth and eat it. After eating, she would smile contentedly and wait for feeding.

Xiao Bao had planned to feed his sister himself, but when he turned around, he saw that his sister was being fed sweetly.

Xiao Bao pursed his lips, secretly asking who was the elder brother. How come his affairs were snatched away by this stinky boy every time? It really makes people uncomfortable.

The group of people ate barbecue, with milk tea, plus pastries and fruit. Everyone ate until they had a round stomach. Everyone lay on the mat and didn’t want to move.

Xiao Fu’er automatically crawled into Song Dashan’s arms and nestled herself, patted her belly, and said to her father: “Daddy, Xiao Fu’er has a big belly.”

Song Dashan had already gotten used to his little girl’s habit of sitting in his arms every time she was full, and he was happy to do so. He proficiently stretched out his hand to rub the little girl’s round belly. The little one was so comfortable that she fell asleep in Song Dashan’s arms.

Li Mo saw Xiao Fu’er fall asleep, took a blanket out of the carriage, and covered the little one, letting her sleep like that. Then Li Mo took Aunt Wu and Sister Qin to pack up the tools for making barbeque and put them in the carriage.

Seeing that everyone was full and didn’t want to move, Li Mo didn’t bother. One person took a blanket and let everyone rest for a while. After resting for almost half an hour, they woke everyone up and took out the cards they brought. There are also Gobang and Go cards.

“Come on, come on, let’s start playing after a good rest. Those who want to play cards, come and play cards, those who want to play chess, go and play chess.”

Everyone rested for a while, then, once again, full of spirit, got up to play.

Xiao Bao directly took that pair of Go, and found Fu Yueran, the most accomplished Go player on the scene, to play.

Xiao Bao’s Go was taught by her. Every time Xiao Bao wanted to play Go, he would go to his Aunt Yue Ran, and Fu Yue Ran was very happy to play Go with Xiao Bao, especially because Xiao Bao’s Go skills were getting higher and higher, and now she was able to play with her, and every time they had a sparring match, it was like a spiritual feast, which was soothing to the mind and body.

Of course, every time these two people played Go, they would play until the sky was dim. The others couldn’t understand, so they could only shake their heads and sigh that they were illiterate.

Li Mo didn’t want to watch her son play Go. It was too nerve-wracking. She still thought it was more fun to play cards, so she called Sima Haoran, Meizi, and Tiezi to fight the landlord.

Huzi and Xiaoshu stayed aside to play backgammon.

The only person who he didn’t play was Sima Feiyu. He stayed quietly next to Xiao Fu’er, guarding the sleeping chick, sitting quietly without expression. No one knew what he was thinking, and no one could make him show rich expressions, so the adults could do nothing but let him go.

A group of people played until the sun was almost down, and then hurried home.

Sima Haoran had to rush back to the city to handle official duties and couldn’t stay longer in the town, but Fu Yueran and Sima Feiyu had time, so they didn’t rush back with Sima Haoran in a hurry. Instead, they followed Li Mo back home as before. They stayed for a few days and then went back to the city.

The area of the house has now expanded a lot. Two years ago, the neighbors wanted to sell the house. Li Mo simply bought it. Then she made the two houses into one and renovated them. Now there are seven or eight rooms. No matter how many people come, they have a place to live.

Since deciding to go out once a month, Fu Yueran and Sima Feiyu comes to their house. Li Mo simply arranged two rooms for the Sima family to live in. Sometimes, even if Fu Yueran can’t come, Sima Feiyu himself will come to live in their house for a while. To Li Mo, Sima Feiyu was just like her own child.

In the evening, the family sat at a large table, ate a sumptuous dinner, and then, each of them washed up and went to bed.

This is the end of this month’s play day, and everyone can look forward to the next time.


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