Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 88

Chapter 88- Extra Two

This year’s annual children’s examination is approaching, and Xiao Bao will take part in this annual children’s examination.

Li Mo and Song Dashan did not want to expect too much from him, as long as he tried his best. After all, Xiao Bao was only eleven years old. Even if he fails this time, there will be many more opportunities in the future, and giving it a try would only be an examination experience for him.

Xiao Bao himself was also very calm. After packing up the things he needed to bring for the exam, he lightly said: “Mother and Father, you don’t have to worry. It does not matter whether I pass the exam or not.” After saying that, he took Xiao Fu’er to play.

Li Mo and Song Dashan saw that he was not stressed, so they were also relaxed and sent him to the place of examination in peace.

After the examination, the family didn’t care, but when the results came out, Xiao Bao passed and became the Tongsheng[1] Tongsheng-candidate who has not yet passed the county-level imperial exam..

Li Mo did not expect Xiao Bao to pass the exam on his first try, and she was very happy. She was even happier than in modern times when she got a good score on the college entrance examination. However, the boy’s examination was only the first step in the imperial examinations. Li Mo did not want to make it too grand so that Xiao Bao would not lose his mind with the praise. Therefore, the exemption was the day the result was announced. They praised Xiao Bao with only two sentences, and the family had a meal. Then they never mentioned it again, as if it was a very ordinary thing.

Xiao Bao also maintained a normal state of mind and continued to read and study seriously every day, just like before.

However, although Li Mo outwardly showed that she did not care, in her heart she had already begun to prepare for the future.

Li Mo had also quizzed Xiao Bao about his studies and knew very well what he could do. She knew that Xiao Bao would not stop here and that his ultimate goal was the capital.

Li Mo privately discussed with Song Dashan that once Xiao Bao went to the capital, they would move there with him, and they did not want him to be separated from the family because he was too young to let him go to the capital alone.

Her plan was that if she did go to the capital, she would reopen a store in the capital and leave the store here to someone who could take care of it with confidence, and Li Mo chose Huzi and Xiaoshu. Therefore, after Xiao Bao passed the child examination, she began to take Huzi and Xiaoshu around, teaching them business, teaching them accounting, teaching them to take care of the store.

Huzi and Xiaoshu had long retired from the academy. For them, it was good to know how to read and write. They were not bookish, and they did not have the interest in taking the imperial examination.

Originally, Sister Qin planned to let Huzi find a job in a store in town, but Li Mo stopped her and told her what she intended to do. When she learned that Li Mo intended to train Huzi herself, Sister Qin was overjoyed.

Li Mo laughed and said, “I am training Huzi because one of the reasons is that they can read and write and can count, and the other important reason is that I have watched Huzi grow up, and I am satisfied with his character and behavior.”

Sister Qin kept promising, “This kid will do a good job. I’ll watch him. If he dares to be lazy, I’ll break his legs. If you have anything to do, just tell him to do it. Don’t be polite to him.”

Meizi was also very willing to let Xiaoshu suffer, and let Xiaoshu follow Li Mo to learn well. Therefore, Li Mo had two more hardworking young men.

In the second year, Xiao Bao took the examination and once again passed with flying colors, becoming a twelve-year-old junior scholar and the youngest scholar in town.

Because of Xiao Bao, all the taxes on the family’s fields were waived.

After passing Yuànshi [2]Yuànshì- the last of the three entry-level exams in the imperial examination system of the Ming and Qing dynasties., he could take Xiāngshì, which is held every three years, and for Xiao Bao, he had two years to prepare.

Xiāngshì -the triennial provincial imperial exam during the Ming and Qing)

Although there are still two years left, Li Mo still feels that time is running out and secretly asks Sima Haoran to find them a house in the capital with a store in front of it so that they can open their business.

Sima Haoran patted his chest and said to trust him. “I’ll take care of this. Don’t worry.” After speaking, he sighed, “We have to go back soon. This time we can’t push it anymore, otherwise, my father, that old man, is going to come over and arrest me personally.”

Song Dashan was also a little bit reluctant, “Finally you’re going back? When will you leave? “

Sima Haoran nodded his head, eyes looking in the direction of the capital, “In one or two years, after handling the things in my hands, it’s time to set out, and the transfer should be coming down soon.”

Song Dashan patted his brother’s shoulder, “Go back, do your filial piety in front of your parents, don’t make your father unhappy anymore.”

Sima Haoran smiled and turned his eyes, and putting aside the melancholy just now, “I know. Fortunately, you are also going to the capital. We will not be separated for too long. With your family there, the days will not be so boring. “

Two people clinked their fists silently.

Although Sima Haoran did not want to go back, they still had to go back. Before Xiao Bao’s exams, they departed. Originally, they were going to wait until the results were released after the Xiao Bao exams, but the new captain was on his way, so they had to leave immediately.

Song Dashan took his family to see them off.

Sima Haoran and Fu Yueran were fine, but Sima Feiyu was not in a good mood. Although his face was still expressionless, his lips were pressed tighter than usual. People who were familiar with them knew that this look meant he was unhappy.

Fu Yueran glanced at Li Mo helplessly and said in a low voice: “Feiyu doesn’t want to go back to the capital very much. For the past two days, he was not happy. “

Li Mo patted her shoulder and said to Xiao Fu’er beside her, “Fu’er, Brother Feiyu was in a bad mood. Go and talk to him.”

Knowing that the one person Sima Feiyu could not let go of was Xiao Fu’er, Li Mo specially brought Fu’er along to say goodbye.

Xiao Fu’er, who was already nine years old, had lost the roundness from her childhood. Her body was starting to grow, gradually slimmer, and her features were becoming more and more delicate, like a budding flower, but her temperament was still the same as ever. She was still very naive, and at that moment, listening to her mother’s words, she dawdled over to comfort her brother Feiyu.

Fu’er was also very reluctant about Sima Feiyu’s departure. Knowing that he was going back to the capital, she was secretly sad for a long time in bed, but her mother said that their family would go to the capital soon. This was only a temporary separation, so she was not that sad.

Xiao Fu’er took Sima Feiyu’s hand and looked at him with her big, sullen eyes, and said comfortingly, “Brother Feiyu, don’t be upset. My mother said we would go to the capital soon because my brother is going to the capital. We will see each other again soon.”

Sima Feiyu looked at the little girl who was talking seriously in front of him. He pursed his lips and did not speak.

Seeing that Sima Feiyu did not speak, Xiao Fu’er thought he was still reluctant to leave this place, so she took out a cloth doll from her small bag that she was carrying and stuffed it into his hand, saying, “Brother Feiyu, I made this.” I made this according to my own appearance. You take her and imagine that I am accompanying you to the capital, so you will not feel alone. Okay? “

Although Xiao Fu’er was still young, she knew Brother Feiyu was very lonely. He doesn’t like to talk, laugh, cry, or play with other boys. He was always alone in silence. Only when she plays with him can he say a few words and smile. This kind of brother, Feiyu, makes her feel lonely, so she always wants to make him happy. I don’t want him to be immersed in his own world.

Sima Feiyu took the cloth doll with sparse stitches in his hand. He looked at a cloth doll and the doll’s eyes were as big as Fu’er’s. His eyes warmed, he put his hand into his clothes and pinched the little girl’s face. “Hurry up and come to the capital.”

Xiao Fu’er hurriedly nodded, knowing that she had coaxed Brother Feiyu. She was happy, and hurriedly took out the food prepared for Sima Feiyu in the cloth bag one by one, saying, “Brother Feiyu, this is the food I brought for you. If you are hungry on the road, take it out and eat it.” As she said this, she gave him a lot of food, and his bag became full after she gave him all of it.

Sima Feiyu had never liked snacks, but at that time he accepted them one by one. He didn’t even let the boy come forward to help him, so he carried a lot of snacks on the carriage.

Seeing that the Sima family was about to leave, Xiao Fu’er shook his arms, “Uncle Sima, Aunt Sima, Brother Feiyu, goodbye!!”

Only when the carriage was no longer visible did Xiao Fu’er put down her hand and pout slightly. She was a little melancholy.

Li Mo patted her little girl’s head, “Okay, don’t be unhappy. Didn’t mom say that as long as her brother could go to the capital to take the exams, we would go to the capital? Don’t you trust your brother?”

Xiao Fu’er remembered that her elder brother was very knowledgeable, and she firmly believed that they would definitely go to the capital, and would soon be able to play with Uncle Sima’s family again.

It wasn’t long after Sima’s family left that it was time for Xiāngshì, and Li Mo and Song Dashan took Fu’er and sent Xiao Bao to Gongyuan[3]I found that Gongyuan means “public garden.” Please, correct me if I’m wrong..

After the exam, Xiao Bao had lost a whole circle of weight, and Li Mo was heartbroken. She deeply felt the difficulty of the ancient imperial examination and wondered how much more Xiao Bao would have to suffer in the future, and whether they were right to let him go down this road.

No matter what Li Mo thought when the early winter came, the results for Xiāngshì were released as usual, and Xiao Bao came out on top.

Xiao Bao topped the exams, and he was on his way to the capital.

The Huishi [4]Huishi-metropolitan examination *imperial civil service examination* will be held in the capital next spring. The time is urgent. Considering that they have to settle down there earlier, and then get familiar with the environment, they must set off for the capital immediately at this time.

Fortunately, under Li Mo’s deliberate training, Huzi and Xiao Shu were able to take charge of the store. Not only was the store management organized, and the accounts were also clear. Li Mo was very relieved to give this side of the store to them.

Huzi also got married a year ago. The bride was entrusted to Li Mo to find. This girl had a very good character. She was also very capable and quite talented at make-up. Li Mo taught her make-up skills. When she was not here, she could just take her place in makeup plus help Huzi with managing the store.

Li Mo did not intend to take away any of the old employees from the store, because they are the backbone of the store, and the operation of the store depends on them when she is not present, so Li Mo plans to go to the capital to train a new group of people.

After the arrangement of the store here, Li Mo’s family packed their luggage and rushed the carriage to the capital.

By the time they arrived in the capital, there were still three days before the New Year.

Sima Hao Ran took Fu Yueran and Sima Feiyu to personally greet the family at the city gate.

The most excited one was Fu’er. As soon as she got off the carriage, she jumped at Sima Feiyu and she was caught by Sima Feiyu.

Li Mo shook her head, ignoring the girl, and talked to the Sima couple.

Sima Haoran patted Song Dashan’s shoulder and smiled cheerfully, “I have arranged your mansion for you. It has everything inside. You can live there directly in front of the store on Chang’an Street. The location is absolutely perfect.”

Song Dashan was incomparably grateful, “Sima, you have taken the trouble.”

Sima Haoran waved his hand, “What are you thanking me for? Come on, I’ll take you to settle down.”

Sima Haoran led them into the city gate and headed for the mansion.

In the car, Fu Yueran took Li Mo’s hand and said, “It’s going to be New Year soon. You guys just arrived, nothing was prepared. Why don’t you come back to the mansion with us for New Year, and then move there after New Year?”

Li Mo understood it was their good intention. However, she still shook her head and refused, “No, if we go to your place, the children should be restrained. We are still accustomed to spending the New Year in our own homes. We appreciate you and Sima’s good intentions.”

Fu Yueran thought of the situation in the general’s house, and after thinking about it, she stopped asking for it and secretly planned to make arrangements for their family and let them have a good year.

The new residence of Li Mo was about half an hour away, but when they entered, the family was amazed. They didn’t expect the residence that Sima Hao Ran found for them to be so good. The store in front was also first class, not only the area was much larger than that of their old shop, and there were two floors. The residence behind was not two floors, but the area was also very large. There were six rooms alone. The courtyard and hall are also very stylish, which can not be compared with their old house.

Li Mo was very sure that the money they gave Sima Haoran was not enough to buy this mansion. Sima Haoran must have contributed a lot. It seems they have to find an opportunity to return this favor.

The mansion was fully equipped with everything, so basically, you don’t have to buy anything and you can move-in directly.

Song Dashan drove the carriage into the stables and brought the carriage down into the house, and then there was nothing left to clean up. The group decided to go to a nearby restaurant to have lunch as a reception for the Song Dashan family.

After the meal, Sima’s family went back to the general’s residence, while Li Mo’s family went to the market to buy some daily necessities and returned to the mansion to set up for the New Year. Although this year is very hasty, the family has to live a good life. They can’t just leave it alone.

This year, although there are only four of them in the family, the family was still very warm when they were together, especially during the New Year’s Eve dinner. Sima Feiyu ran over, and he just went back late at night. This also added a touch of liveliness to their new home.

The family spent the New Year in the new house, and on the 15th day of the first month, the examinations were held, and once again Xiao Bao stepped into the examination hall, but this time it was like an examination for the whole family.

On the day of releasing the list of passers, Li Mo didn’t go to see the list, but her heart had already flown to the sky, and she couldn’t do anything well.

Li Mo smiled and scratched her daughter’s increasingly upturned nose. “You believe in your brother that much?”

Fu’er nodded her head vigorously, “Mother, you believe in Fu’er. Fu’er feels that her brother will definitely win.”

Li Mo took hold of her little girl, “Okay, let’s see if our Fu’er’s feeling is right.”

When Sima Haoran came in with a smile and said “congratulations”, Li Mo knew that the result would not be bad.

The result was indeed not bad. Xiao Bao once again won and placed very high. He was in eighth place.

Li Mo’s heart descended from a high place and she breathed a long sigh of relief.

Regardless of the result of the Diànshi[5] Diànshì – court examination, the top grade imperial exam, Xiao Bao’s career had officially begun.

The author has something to say: This chapter was about Xiao Bao’s career and the family’s arrangement to go to the capital, followed by the marriage of Xiao Bao and Fu’er. See you tomorrow.

notlucia: The next chapter will be about Xia Bao’s lover, Hoho.


1 Tongsheng-candidate who has not yet passed the county-level imperial exam.
2 Yuànshì- the last of the three entry-level exams in the imperial examination system of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
3 I found that Gongyuan means “public garden.” Please, correct me if I’m wrong.
4 Huishi-metropolitan examination *imperial civil service examination*
5 Diànshì – court examination, the top grade imperial exam


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