Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 91

Chapter 91 (Extra 5)

A year after Xiao Bao and Qixi got married, Qixi got pregnant. The following year, a big fat boy was born. He was named Song Yunli, and his nickname was Tuan Tuan.

This nickname was given by Fu’er because Fu’er thought that Tuan Tuan was like a fat ball, a fleshy dumpling, which was very suitable for this nickname.

Xiao Bao and Qixi love their sister very much. Such small things as a nickname, of course, can be decided by her, so the name he used was Tuan Tuan.

After Tuantuan’s birth, Fu’er is the happiest because she loves to tease her little nephew and enjoys playing with him every day. When Tuantuan could walk and talk, he basically followed Fu’er, his little aunt. Yes, even his parents have to go back in line.

When they go out to play once a month, Fu’er will hold the little one all the time, and the aunt and nephew will play happily.

“Little aunt, come and chase Tuan Tuan. Tuan Tuan is here!” The little one ran vigorously on the grass with his short, fleshy legs and turned back to talk to Fu’er as he ran.

Fu’er was also very cooperative with the little one. She followed the little guy with tiny steps, pretending to chase him hard, but couldn’t catch him. She had to ask the little guy, “Tuan Tuan ah, you really run too fast. You wait for auntie, okay?”

The little guy looks at the aunt so poor, stops, and waits for a while until the aunt almost catches up, then giggles and runs away, not letting the aunt catch up with himself.

For a while, the air around them was filled with the sound of Fu’er and Tuan’s laughter.

The others looked at the aunt and nephew pair with helpless and doting expressions on their faces.

Fu Yueran moved her eyes back from Fu’er’s body and looked at her sister Li Mo, who had been sitting beside her for many years. Her heart tightened. Remembering her own son’s mind, she had to open her mouth and try to say, “Li Mo ah, Fu’er is already sixteen years old. She’s almost seventeen in the blink of an eye. Are you still not going to let her settle down?”

Two years ago, she vaguely mentioned, but Li Mo and Song Dashan, this husband and wife pair, did not want their daughter to marry too early and wanted to let her stay for two more years. She could not say anything more. Now that two years have passed, Fu’er is almost seventeen. If a seventeen-year-old girl hadn’t settled down yet, it would be too late. She didn’t know why Li Mo was not anxious at all, but she was anxious. The family’s iceberg. Her son had grown so much, his mind was settled on Fu’er. If he does not marry Fu’er, the boy will probably go crazy.

However, the general’s family was still too high for Li Mo’s family. She could understand the reason behind Li Mo and Song Dashan’s disapproval. However, she told her son to like other people’s daughters, and she and Sima Haoran also like Fu’er as their family’s daughter-in-law, so she wants to work hard to marry Fuer back to their Sima family.

Li Mo sniffed, her smile unchanged, “Yes, Fu’er will soon be seventeen. Even if she’s not married, we will have to set up a personal home for her.”

Fu Yueran couldn’t help but nervously ask: “So you have decided which family?”

Li Mo smiled and said, “I have been looking for several years. I think the young boss of the Zhang family’s cloth house is good. The young man is in good spirits, and he is very good at Fu’er. If Fu’er married him, we would not be afraid of her being bullied, and we could take care of her. “

Fu Yueran’s heart tightened. She squeezed sweat from her son in her heart and tentatively asked: “This important event such as marriage was decided by the parents and the words of the matchmaker, but after all, you still want your children to like the person. Have you ever asked Fu’er? Was Fu’er also willing to marry the young treasurer of the Zhang family? “

Li Mo looked at her daughter, who was hugging and laughing with Tuan Tuan, smiling gently, “That girl is naive. She’s probably not enlightened so far. I can only choose the one that can make us feel at ease.”

Fu Yueran’s heart thumped. She secretly said, “not good.”

It so happened that today Feiyu was still busy with important things in Yu Linwei, and he could not come, so she, as a mother, should do what she needed to do. However, if Feiyu, that child, came over today, she would not dare imagine the consequences of hearing this.

Fu Yueran was anxious and didn’t know what to do. After thinking for a long while, she gritted her teeth and straightened up straight to the point, “Li Mo, I won’t beat around the bush with you. I cherish Fu’er in my heart. I want Fu’er to be my son’s wife. Feiyu, this child has loved Fu’er since childhood, and you grew up watching him. Naturally, you know what I said is true. Look, can you consider my Feiyu? This child, Feiyu, was dead set on Fu’er. He liked Fu’er all his life. Don’t worry about giving Fu’er to him. We will treat her like our own daughter. “

Li Mo sighed heavily in her heart, but she didn’t expect Fu Yueran to say it after all.

She had just said so much on purpose, just because she didn’t want Fu Yueran to say this out loud, just because she didn’t want Fu Yueran to bring up this matter.

Of course, she did want to promise Fu’er to the Zhang family’s young boss, not Feiyu.

She watched Feiyu grow up. She certainly knew that the boy was good for Fu’er. It can be said that he was good to Fu’er than her parents. He was afraid to drop Fu’er in his hand and melt in his mouth. However, Feiyu’s family background was too prominent. It’s not up to them as a merchant. No matter what era, the family has its own profound truth. Romantic love doesn’t fit into that family. It is too easy to be smoothed by the contradictions between the families. In the end, too many lovers have become resentful couples.

She is a mother. Her only wish was to see Fu’er live happily ever after. She did not want Fu’er to be looked down upon by others after marrying into a high family or even by others. Even if Sima Hao Ran and Fu Yue Ran liked Fu’er, what was the use? The General’s House has many other elderly people who care about the family. These elderly people, even the Sima couple, can do nothing about it.

When the time comes, even if Fu’er is hurt, how can they stand up for their daughter when they are alone and weak?

How can she, as a mother, bear to see her daughter, who is so doted on, being harmed?

Therefore, she still ruthlessly pretended that she could not see Feiyu’s deep love for Fu’er, and ruthlessly wanted to marry Fu’er to a suitable person, and if someone was destined to be the bad guy, then she would be the one.

Li Mo sighed and took Fu Yueran’s hand, “Yue Ran, I know what you said was true. You all truly love Fu’er, but your family is not something that people like us can afford. Who can guarantee that Fu’er will not be bullied if she marries? When the time comes, her father and I can’t even stand up for our daughter. “Seeing what Fu Yue Ran wanted to say, Li Mo interrupted, “I know what you want to say, but Yue Ran, Feiyu is not at home all the time. There are some things in the house that he can’t understand as a big man. Many times, he has to rely on his wife to take care of herself. You have lived in the general’s residence for so many years, you should know.”

All the words in Fu Yue Ran’s mouth were forced to be swallowed.

Li Mo was right, even she, the first daughter of the Shang Shu Mansion, married into the General’s Mansion, had to be picked on by her mother-in-law, and she secretly suffered a lot of losses, how could she guarantee that Fu’er would not be harmed in any way by marrying in?

Fu Yue Ran can no longer say any words to beg for marriage. She can only be secretly anxious.

At night, at the general’s residence.

Fu Yueran sat on the bed in the courtyard, and Sima Haoran quietly looked at the moon until a footstep came, breaking the short peace.

Sima Feiyu, dressed in Xuansui armor and wearing a Qinglong sword at his waist, walked in with calm footsteps, all dignified and elegant, making people praise him as a good son.

“Father, Mother.” After calling out, he sat down straight away.

Sima Haoran, and Fu Yueran, the husband and wife, looked at their expressionless son. They helplessly shook their heads, not expecting him to say one more word of nonsense.

Knowing what his son wanted to hear, Fu Yueran originally wanted to tease him but remembered today’s topic, and she inexplicably could not bear it. So, she just said it directly.

“Feiyu ah, today your Aunt Li Mo and I talked about the marriage partner of Fu’er.”

This was the first time that Sima Feiyu, who had an expressionless face, had a rare expression, and his eyes had fluctuations. Obviously, he was concerned about it.

Looking at her son like this, Fu Yueran had a headache, but she had to continue to say: “Your Aunt Li Mo wants to betroth Fu’er to Zhang Ji’s young shopkeeper.”

With a bang, the teacup that had been well pinched in Sima Feiyu’s palm had broken, and the red blood fell down bit by bit along his palm, but the owner of the hand seemed to be unable to feel it, but his eyes were so heavy that people were afraid.

Fu Yueran quickly took Sima Feiyu’s hand and wrapped it with a handkerchief, “You! This child, show it to Mother!” She ordered the maid to get the golden sore medicine.

Sima Haoran looked at the side, both heartbroken and angry, and could not help but scold, “You stinky boy!”

Unfortunately, Sima Feiyu didn’t respond, but the murderous aura around him became stronger, making Sima Haoran helpless.

Fu Yueran bandaged Sima Feiyu’s arm and patted his arm, “Feiyu, your aunt Li Mo and Uncle Dashan dislike our family for being too high. I am afraid that Fuer will be bullied when she gets married in our family. Every mother wants her children to be happy. Your Aunt Li Mo’s thoughts are not wrong. Our family’s family background was too far apart. Even if your father and I like Fu’er, what about the others in the house? Can you guarantee that when you are away, no one will let Fu’er be wronged? “

Sima Feiyu was silent and did not speak.

Just as Fu Yue Ran and her husband couldn’t help but worry, Sima Feiyu stood up all of a sudden, took a step, and walked out, “Father and Mother, I’m going out for something.”

Fu Yueran shouted behind him, “Feiyu, where are you going?”

Unfortunately, the person has already disappeared.

Only the husband and wife sighed helplessly.

Sima Feiyu quickly walked out of the mansion, mounted his horse, and ran along the street. In a short while, he arrived at the Song family’s store.

After bolting his horse to the stone lion in front of the store, Sima Feiyu hiked to the backyard, flew up to the courtyard wall, looked at Fu’er’s room, and stood straight for more than an hour before he crossed over and landed silently in the courtyard.

General Xiaojun was about to call out, but he sensed that this was a familiar face, so he gave up.

Sima Feiyu came to Fu’er’s window. He gently pushed it and jumped into Fu’er’s room.

When he came to the bed, there was a slight arch under the quilt, which was rising and falling with his breath, and inside was the little person he had been longing for.

He can’t help but reach out towards that beautiful little face as if tempted to touch the tender skin, gently rubbing it, not wanting to leave for a long time.

But the little person who was sleeping suddenly opened her eyes. Her big eyes looked straight at him, and after a long time, she called out, “Brother Feiyu.”

Sima Feiyu’s hand froze, and the whole person seemed to have settled down.

When she saw Sima Feiyu’s silence, she simply climbed up from the bed and took Sima Feiyu’s calloused hand, “Brother Feiyu, what are you doing here?”

Sima Feiyu, who was stiffening up, did not notice the delight in the eyes of the little woman who was speaking at the moment and only thought that the little woman was simply surprised and puzzled.

“I……” Sima Feiyu did not know what to say for a moment, and the words he wanted to say when he arrived were suddenly lost.

Seeing Sima Feiyu was still silent, Fu’er blinked her big eyes and squeezed the big hand in her hand, “Brother Feiyu, don’t you want to talk to Fu’er?” Brother Feiyu has not come to see her for a long time. She misses him so much.

Sima Feiyu closed his eyes and opened them a few moments later. In his eyes, there was a firmness that could not be denied, and with a slight effort, he wrapped Fu’er’s slender body into his arms.

“Brother Feiyu?” Fu’er was surprised.

Sima Feiyu buried his head in the nape of Fu’er’s neck and inhaled deeply, letting the fragrance of Fu’er’s body fill his whole heart.

“Fu’er, do you hate that Brother Feiyu treats you this way?”

Fu’er’s face reddened for a moment, a little shy, but still bravely shook her head, “No, I don’t hate it.” On the contrary, there was a faint feeling of happiness. What was going on?

The corners of Sima Feiyu’s mouth curled up as he wrapped his arms around the little one’s body and continued, “Well, what if another man wrapped his arms around you like this? Would you like to? For example, that Zhang Ji’s young boss? “

Fu’er could not help but follow his words, imagining that the young boss of Zhang Ji was also holding her in his arms and rubbing her neck at that moment. Her heart suddenly felt uncomfortable, and her brow furrowed, “No, not like this.”

Sima Feiyu couldn’t help but let out a burst of delightful laughter from his chest, laughing so hard that Fu’er’s face became even redder. Just when she wanted to say something, but she was held by a strong hand on the back of her head, a warmth hit her lips, and the next second, something slipped into her mouth and entwined with her tongue.

The next moment, something slipped into her mouth and entwined with her tongue. Fu’er’s mind went blank, only remembering the wet and slippery touch of the intertwined tongues, and her whole body went soft in Sima Feiyu’s arms.

It was not until Sima Feiyu let go of those lips for a long time that the little person came back from the dizziness. The whole person did not know what to do, “Feiyu… Brother… You… You…”

Sima Feiyu put his forehead against the little person’s forehead, the tip of his nose touching the tip of her nose, the breath of his words spraying on Fu’er’s lips, “Fu’er, do you like Brother Feiyu? How about marrying Brother Feiyu? Would you marry someone else? “

The face of Fu’er was already red enough to cook an egg, full of Sima Feiyu’s words.

Marry Brother Feiyu? Not to marry someone else?

Marrying someone else would mean doing the same thing as what Brother Feiyu did? Fu’er imagined someone else doing the same thing that Brother Feiyu did, and she shivered.

Only Brother Feiyu can do this……

Fu Er snapped back to her senses. Her whole body was almost ashamed, she… What was she thinking about?

After seeing the little girl’s appearance, Sima Feiyu’s eyes became even stronger, his voice became even softer, “Fu’er, answer Brother Feiyu, okay? Are you willing to marry Brother Feiyu and be Brother Feiyu’s wife? “

Sima Feiyu’s question without gasping made Fu’er suddenly close her eyes and shamelessly let out a soft “um.”

This “um” was Fu’er’s answer.

She would marry Brother Feiyu, and no one else but Brother Feiyu.

Sima Feiyu’s heart landed on the ground at once, and he felt himself come to life again.

He couldn’t help but take the little person in his arms again and curled his lips silently.

For a long, long time, after the initial shyness, Fu’er was now less uncomfortable and able to think normally, moving in Sima Feiyu’s arms and saying softly, “But Brother Feiyu, Mother seems to disagree.” A while ago, her mother also asked her if she liked the young boss of the Zhang Ji family. Fu’er said no, and her mother only then did not say anything.

She had never asked her if she liked Brother Feiyu.

Sima Feiyu pursed his lips and patted the little girl’s back, “It’s okay. I’ll beg my aunt and uncle to agree. Leave it to me.”


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