Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — The Abs are Too Heavy

Fang Xu almost beat up Chu Yi on the spot because of what he said, but when he heard the voice of Shen Muan comforting the children, he endured it. He looked at Chu Yi with enranged eyes.

If they weren’t at the kindergarten, he would surely fight Chu Yi.

Chu Yi touched Chu Siyuan’s head, he let go of his hand and pushed him away, “You stand by yourself.”

Chu Siyuan grabbed his head and shook it a few times. He didn’t dislike Chu Yi at first, it was Chu Yi who disliked him.

Chu Yi didn’t notice this at all. Among the few people he knew, the only person he didn’t dislike was himself, everyone else seemed to think he was too expressionless.

As soon as Shen Muan came out, he found that it was very quiet outside and the atmosphere was a little tense, he didn’t know what happened, so he said: “Mr. Chu, you will go through the admission procedures with me later. Mr. Fang what happened today is just a misunderstanding. Sorry again about that, now regarding the question of having the child study here, what are your plans?”

Shen Muan felt that he would remember this incident for a lifetime. This is probably going to be one of the most memorable things in his career as a teacher.

“I need to discuss it first with my sister and the family.” Fang Xu didn’t confirm immediately. He could see that Zhizhi liked Shen Mu’an. He wasn’t very sure, if Zhizhi was sent to another kindergarten, would his condition be better or at the least as good as it is now?

It’s not that Zhizhi hasn’t been to a kindergarten. But he always seems to be upset when in the kindergarten, so there was no choice but to change places several times.

Zhizhi couldn’t understand what Teacher An An and his uncle were talking about. He grabbed his Uncle’s clothes and asked, “Uncle, won’t you go and help me with the admission procedures?”

“Okay, then I will take Mr. Chu to go through it first. Let’s go to the kindergarten.” Shen Muan smiled, and he reached out and touched Zhizhi’s head, “It’s okay, just play here for a while.”

Fang Xu walked to the side with Zhizhi and called his sister.

Chu Yi glanced at Fang Xu, pushed Chu Siyuan to follow, and they went with Shen Muan.

Seeing Chu Siyuan walking alone, Shen Muan subconsciously held his hand. Chu Siyuan wanted to struggle at first, but when he saw Shen Muan’s eyes, he obediently followed.

There was an assigned person to handle admission procedures, Shen Muan led Chu Yi there and then chatted quietly with Chu Siyuan next to him.

At first, Chu Siyuan was not comfortable just squatting on the side and chatting quietly, but his attention was easily attracted by Shen Mu’an. After a while, he began to excitedly introduce some of his collection of toys to Shen Muan.

Because he was still young, even though Chu Siyuan spoke clearly, sometimes it was easy for him to say some things incoherently. Shen Muan did not rush to correct him, instead listened to him patiently.

After Chu Yi completed the formalities for Chu Siyuan and came out, he saw two figures, one big and one small. The two huddled together, and their voices were not very loud, but Chu Yi could still hear most of it.

A little dumbfounded. Shen Muan put himself in the same position as Chu Siyuan at this time. The two were not like teacher and student, but like friends. Chu Yi also felt more and more that this teacher named Shen Mu’an was extraordinary.

Although many teachers can put their position on the same level as the students, and be friends with the students.

But… Putting yourself in the position of a three-year-old kid, I guess Shen Muan is unique?

Shen Muan didn’t know that his image in Chu Yi’s mind had changed drastically. He was laughing because of Chu Siyuan’s immature words.

Seeing that Chu Siyuan and Shen Muan got along pretty well, Chu Yi was completely relieved. He finally didn’t need to take care of this little kid all the time. If possible, he wanted to put Chu Siyuan in foster care for a few days with Shen Muan. But this idea is not feasible.

Shen Muan found that Chu Yi had come out, and smiled brightly at him. Chu Yi was stunned for a few seconds before slowly walking over.

The smile on Chu Siyuan’s face slowly disappeared as Chu Yi approached. He reached out and grabbed onto Shen Muan’s trousers. It seemed that because someone was on his side, now, his tone became rude: “You can go back.”

“…… Tuition is 888888 yuan, will you pay using credit card or cash?” Chu Yi laughingly asked Chu Siyuan as he held his hand out.

” …” Shen Muan looked a little speechless, can’t this man make up something that at least makes sense? With so many 8, you’d think he was selling goods.

The series of 8s made Chu Siyuan stunned. He stretched out his two small hands, but he couldn’t count the number.

“I… I don’t seem to have that much money.” Chu Siyuan looked at Shen Mu’an in bewilderment, he couldn’t even count it.

Shen Muan especially wanted to reply, it’s useless for you to look at me, I don’t have that much money either.

But as a teacher, he couldn’t answer children like this.

Therefore, Shen Muan chose to expose Chu Yi.

“Tuition is not that expensive, and Siyuan is not paying for it now.” Shen Muan touched Chu Siyuan’s soft short hair.

“No, it was the money I paid just now, Chu Siyuan, let’s make an IOU.” Chu Yi seems to be reluctant to let go of this, and deliberately teased Chu Siyuan.

Chu Siyuan couldn’t follow what was happening right now, and he didn’t even know what an IOU is. He threw himself into Shen Muan’s arms, and felt a little more confident in his heart: “I will tell grandpa, you put a broken vase in the living room! The one you broke and pieced back together using glue!”

Chu Siyuan almost forgot about it, but when he felt anxious, he suddenly remembered it.

Shen Muan saw that the two were about to enter a three-year-old child quarrel, and quickly said: “Okay, no more teasing, let’s go to class. This teacher will introduce you to other children, Okay?”

Chu Siyuan shook his head: “No way. I don’t like it. They,— they are too stupid.”

“No, everyone is a very smart kid, so get along well.” Shen Muan discovered that this kid seemed to have learned blind confidence from his uncle. It was likely the only thing Chu Siyuan got from Chu Yi.

Shen Muan didn’t know whether to say that this self-confidence was good or bad.

Children can make corrections slowly, adults… adults, forget it.

Shen Muan looked at the two Chu’s with thoughtfulness in his heart.

But speaking of it, it seems that he has seen the two names recently… the names of Fang Xu and Zhizhi are also very familiar.

Shen Mu’an seriously recalled that he hadn’t met anyone with the same name and surname as them recently, so why is it so familiar?

This is simply too strange.

After completing the formalities for entering kindergarten, Chu Yi left. Seeing him leave, Chu Siyuan was very happy, completely different from the previous look of “Don’t touch me.”

Shen Muan was holding Chu Siyuan’s hand, suddenly a figure ran over quickly, almost bumping into him like a small firecracker. Shen Muan immediately lifted Chu Siyuan and hugged him, and in the next second, there was a crying juvenile by his legs.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan looked at the state of Zhizhi and the expression of Fang Xu, they had probably made a decision. Although it was a pity, the parents’ decision could not be changed easily.

Fang Xu pulled a face: “Do not mind him, he just wants you to go home with him tonight, but I did not agree.”

“Teacher, Shen, admission procedures where do we do it?”

“After that, I will be able to go, Right?”

Fang Xu said one after another, Shen Muan nodded, pointed the direction for him, and then looked at the little person who secretly wiped his tears and nose on his pants.

Chu Siyuan hugged Shen Muan’s neck with disgust, his two short legs shrugged up, making Shen Muan’s clothes scrunch up, revealing his thin waist.

Several abdominal muscles are faintly visible.

Fang Xu touched his stomach subconsciously. It was very good, a full abdominal muscle. No wonder he couldn’t pull Shen Muan.

It must be because the opponent’s abdominal muscles are too heavy.

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