Your Pheromones Are Sweet
Your Pheromones Are Sweet Chapter 5

Chapter Five

“It turned out to be differentiating.” Qiu Suo shrugged. “Gu Dian, is it so uncomfortable for us to differentiate into an Alpha? My head and stomach hurt a little. I used to think that only Omega differentiation would be uncomfortable.” Qiu Suo kept sitting cross-legged, covered his stomach with both hands, and arched his back.

Gu Dian was also having a hard time at this moment.

The sweet chocolate scent was like ocean waves, pressing on him layer by layer, surging up endlessly. The most primitive desire within the young Alpha was unguardedly stirred up. Gu Dian had never experienced it before. Naturally, he didn’t know how to suppress it, not to mention the fiery temperature of Qiu Suo’s gland in the palm of his hand, which was a temperature that could set Gu Dian on fire.

This was Qiu Suo, not someone else. The person he had put in his heart since he was a child and had long been regarded as his lifelong partner.

Now this person was teasing him, even if it was unintentional, which Alpha can withstand the teasing of his beloved Omega.

Whether it’s his scent, or the temperature of his skin, or just the sound of his quick and light breathing…

All his sanity was about to be shattered by Qiu Suo’s sweetness.

“Ah–” Qiu Suo suddenly screamed, definitely not a sound of enjoyment, but a scream of pain.

Qiu Suo turned his head, the big beads of sweat slipped from his forehead one by one, “Gu Dian, I’m in pain.”

His painful expression and voice penetrated Gu Dian’s already dense net-like desire, and tore the net apart with a ”swipe”. The flush on Gu Dian’s face slowly dropped, he leaned forward and held the little Omega in his arms, “Qiu Suo, where does it hurt? Don’t be afraid, tell me.”

Gu Dian felt the temperature of his palms become higher and higher. The glands on the back of Little Omega’s neck were no longer beating slightly but was “thump, thump, thump” violently, like a strong heart.

“Ai–” Qiu Suo leaned back in Gu Dian’s arms, his hair was wet, and he couldn’t figure out whether it was not dry or it was wet with sweat. The corners of his eyes were also wet as if he was holding his tears, “Gu Dian, did you experience the same thing when you get differentiated last time? It’s too hard to bear, you are so pitiful, I was not even around to take care of you.”

Hearing Qiu Suo’s words, Gu Dian pursed his lips, and he was quite confused, unable to tell whether he was ashamed or distressed. “Qiu Suo, I’ll carry you to the room to lie down,” he touched Qiu Suo’s sweat-cooled forehead with his cheek, his chest felt sore and soft, “I’ll get you a hot water bag, and you can cover it.”

“. ….. Why do you need to carry me? I can walk on my own, carrying is embarrassing.” Qiu Suo’s eyes widened as if shocked.

Gu Dian ignored him, stood up, and grabbed Qiu Suo’s waist.

“Hey–” Qiu Suo exclaimed.

“Don’t move, be good.” Gu Dian put the person in his arms, and directly princess-carried him to the second floor, kicked open the bedroom door, bent over and gently put Qiu Suo on the bed, covered him with the quilt, and helped him remove the wet hair on his forehead, “Lie down and wait for me.”

After that, Gu Dian turned around and walked out the door.

“Hey, Gu Dian, it’s me who’s at a loss. If an Omega was here, would it look like you would GHS [1]Gao Huang Se or “搞黄色” – means engage in sexual stuff just now?” Qiu Suo rolled his dark eyes and was in the mood to joke.

“Sooner or later, we will do it.” Gu Dian said in a low voice, guessing that Qiu Suo didn’t hear it.

Gu Dian closed the door lightly and stepped down the stairs in a few strides. In contrast to the calmness he showed in front of Qiu Suo just now, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Gu En, “Brother, Qiu Suo is hurting all over his body now, and his glands are throbbing badly. There won’t be any problem, right? Can you and sister-in-law [2]Yu Nan is a man, but the raws states sister-in-law come back now? I don’t know what to do, he is sweating in pain.”

Dr. Gu En had seen this kind of thing a lot, his tone was calm and slow, “Omega differentiation is quite difficult. Qiu Suo’s genetic test shows that he was a superior level at that time which makes it even more difficult. This is a normal phenomenon, what are you worried about?”

“Then what should I do?” Gu Dian asked.

“Go to my bedroom. In the cabinet where the medicine is put, there is a blue transparent medicine box that belongs to your sister-in-law. There is an injection inside. Look at the instructions, there is a pink solution that calms and relieves pain. Give Qiu Suo an injection first.”

“Okay,” Gu Dian walked to his brother and sister-in-law’s bedroom, “Is there any other medicine I can use?”

“First, give Qiu Suo an injection to make him feel comfortable, and the rest, wait for me and your sister-in-law to come back.” Gu En said, “You still remember how to administer the injection, right?”

” I remember, I will get the injection.” Gu Dian had found the solution and the syringe, “You guys come back quickly.”

“Okay, your sister-in-law is changing clothes, we’ll come back when he’s done, don’t worry.” Gu En said on the phone.

In addition to the solution and the syringe, Gu Dian went to the storage room, found a hot water bag, and filled it with hot water. He went to the kitchen to make a glass of honey water and ran upstairs with a bunch of things.

Pushing open the door of his bedroom, Gu Dian was instantly stunned. He really underestimated the deadly scent of a superior Omega.

The scent of chocolate all over the room made Gu Dian’s legs soft. With all his strength, he walked to the side of the bed, stuffed the hot water bottle into the quilt, and touched Qiu Suo’s soft abdomen with his fingertips, his blood spurted.

Gu Dian had difficulty breathing, and an invisible gravitational force pulled him, causing him to lift Qiu Suo’s quilt, and for the first time brazenly admired the soft appearance of him (QS) curled up on his (GD) side.

Qiu Suo’s eyelids were half-closed, and he looked like he was asleep.

“Qiu Suo–” Gu Dian’s low voice trembled slightly.

Qiu Suo softly hummed, “I’m so tired, Gu Dian, I’ll sleep for a while.”

Gu Dian sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down, all his nerves were tense, the muscles on the side of his face were shaking slightly, and he tried his best in controlling his movements. He breathed deeply, in the end, he only patted Qiu Suo’s face lightly, and covered him with the quilt again, “I’ll give you an injection to relieve the pain. You go to bed first.”

“Okay,” Qiu Suo’s sharp chin rested on the outside of the quilt, his eyelids lifted a little, “Gu Dian, can you smell me? I’m chocolate-scented.”

“Mmm, chocolate scent… it’s very sweet… remember to spray the pheromone blocker in the future.” Gu Dian’s nerves were about to snap, and he couldn’t wait to spray Qiu Suo with the blocker all over his body now.

“Alpha has to spray pheromone blocker too?” Qiu Suo frowned, “Ah, right, you need to spray it. I have never smelled your scent before.”

“You haven’t smelled it?” Gu Dian who had finally moved away, leaned forward involuntarily again, “Do you smell it now?”

Qiu Suo sniffed and laughed, “I thought I had eaten too much Liquor heart chocolate just now. You smell like alcohol… It’s a pity we are both Alpha, otherwise, we can take a chance…” After closing his eyes, he stretched his arm out of the quilt, “Give the injection, I really want to sleep.”

The pink solution was slowly pushed into Qiu Suo’s light blue veins, and Qiu Suo fell into a deep sleep. Gu Dian reached out and touched his forehead, then gently wiped the sweat from Qiu Suo’s face and neck with a towel.

Gu Dian clenched his fists tightly; his nails jabbed the palm of his hands. He stared at Qiu Suo, his eyes traced Qiu Suo’s tall nose, upturned lips, and playful chin… The string that had been tense “snapped”, he leaned down and kissed Qiu Suo’s forehead. He whispered to him, “Qiu Suo, you are an Omega.”

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1 Gao Huang Se or “搞黄色” – means engage in sexual stuff
2 Yu Nan is a man, but the raws states sister-in-law

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