Your Pheromones Are Sweet
Your Pheromones Are Sweet Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Qiu Suo woke up in Gu Dian’s bed the next morning. The bed was very large and empty, and Gu Dian was not there. After taking the injection, Qiu Suo fell asleep deeply and did not have a dream.

He vaguely remembered that he was discussing pheromones with Gu Dian before falling asleep, chocolate, wine, or something, and then there was a cool and trembling touch on his forehead, which was quite comfortable, and then he didn’t know what happened after.

If Qiu Suo knew Gu Dian’s condition after he fell asleep, he would probably not be able to sleep even if he was given another ten shots [1]injections.

When Gu En and Yu Nan got home, it was past midnight. He saw his younger brother walk around in the living room holding a large jar of cold water, and from time to time he would raise his head to take a sip, his whole body was red and hot, and his eyes were obviously bloodshot.

In this state, Gu Dian didn’t need to speak, his brother and sister-in-law [2]Again, the sister-in-law here pertains to Gu En’s male wife which is Yu Nan immediately understood what was going on.

Yu Nan asked, “Where’s Qiu Suo?”

“In my bed,” Gu Dian replied, and took another sip of cold water. “He’s asleep.”

Yu Nan nodded and patted Gu En’s shoulder, “You stay with your brother, I’ll go up and see what’s going on Qiu Suo.”

“Hey—” Gu Dian pressed his lips and stopped talking.

Yu Nan turned around, saw Gu Dian’s expression, grinned knowingly, “What are you worried about? I’m a doctor, and you don’t even feel at ease with this?”

Gu En stretched out his hand and gave his brother a head rub, “What are you, kid, thinking about? Your sister-in-law is an Omega…” After a while, he began to speak seriously, “Xiao Suo had just differentiated. This is something that every Omega had to go through. It’s very ordinary. Don’t be so nervous. ….. You are so nervous now, then when he will have children in the future, won’t you be distressed to death?”

“Qiu Suo doesn’t need to give birth to children,” Gu Dian wrinkled his brows. “He doesn’t have to give birth if he’s afraid of pain.”

“Nonsense…” Gu En glared at him and was about to go on when he was interrupted by Yu Nan. Yu Nan pointed at his backpack and arranged for Gu En to work. “Don’t just talk, how old are them that you already talked about having children? You’re really worried, you worry more than your parents do… I’ll go up and take a look.”

“Oh, you go ahead.” His wife’s words cannot be rebutted, and Gu En honestly agreed.

Yu Nan went upstairs. Gu En took out two yellow and white capsules from his backpack and handed them to Gu Dian, “This is for you. Hurry and drink it with water.”

“What is this?”


“What medicine? “Gu Dian threw the medicine in his mouth, raised his head, and drank it.

“The medicine you should be taking now,” Gu En glanced at his brother. “You are in your rut [3]It is also called as “susceptible period” where it’s the same with Omega’s heat, but for the Alphas., take the medicine to control it.”

Gu Dian pressed his temples hard until he felt pain, and the effect of the medicine evaporated in his body. The excessively high body temperature and the irritation in his body slowly cooled down, he walked to the sofa, stretched his long legs, covered his eyes with his arms, and leaned in exhaustion as if he had run for several kilometers.

Gu En also walked over, sat next to him, and waited for him to calm down.

“Brother, you have a wife, why do you still have this kind of medicine on hand?” Gu Dian suddenly sat upright and turned his head to look at his brother.

“What?” Gu En paused, and later realized what his brother was saying, “You are really my good brother, what are you thinking about? I took it from the hospital for you.”

“Oh, you knew what I need? “Gu Dian cleared his throat.

“You think your brother’s eyes are blind? Being a doctor for nothing?” Gu En cast a sideways glance at his younger brother. “If Qiu Suo can’t trigger your rut period, I will have your last name.”

“Ch—— “The corner of Gu Dian’s mouth curled up, “You always have my last name.”

“I’m too lazy to talk about this with you… Remember, Omega’s estrus period is once a month. Qiu Suo had just got differentiated. At this stage, the estrus period is irregular. Please pay attention to it. If he is uncomfortable, I don’t need to teach you how to comfort him, right? Let your sister-in-law teach him how to use inhibitors and blockers. It’s easier for them to communicate.”

“Okay, I know.”

“Now, let me tell you about your rut period.” Gu En said.

“I know that. There are tutorials everywhere on the Internet, and I have also been taught at school in our health class [4]In the previous chapter, chapter 3, I used ‘health and hygiene class’ which sounds kinda odd, so I’m changing it to just ‘health class’. Teehee~.” Gu Dian felt that his brother was reluctant to do so.

“Then let me tell you more about you and Qiu Suo,” Gu En continued, “Does Qiu Suo know that he is an Omega?”

“It seems…He doesn’t know yet.”

“Then, when are you going tell him clearly?”

“Tomorrow morning, when he wakes up, I will tell him.” Gu Dian clasped his hands tightly together, exhaling a long breath, “I’ll sleep on the first floor today… away from him. “

Gu En stands up, “You cannot always take the medicine, it will cause side effects.”

“Hmm? “Gu Dian raised his eyebrows, “What are the side effects?”

“You’ll get fat.” Whether it was true or false, Gu En smiled knowingly.

Gu Dian: …

At night, Gu Dian tossed and turned in the first-floor guest bedroom and was unable to sleep. The medicine Gu En gave could indeed suppress Gu Dian’s impulses but could not suppress the chaos in his mind.

As soon as Gu Dian closed his eyes, a curled-up body appeared in his mind, healthy, slender, and clear bones covered with a layer of muscles, and the glands on the back of the neck looked like a small red light, with a fascinating scent…

Unable to sleep, Gu Dian lay flat on the bed, the curtains were not drawn, and the moonlight, like water, spilled on the side of the bed through the windowpane.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or something, but there was always a lingering scent of chocolate at the tip of his nose, which was getting stronger and denser, gently enveloping Gu Dian and completely suppressing the power of the medicine in his body.

Gu Dian closed his eyes in resignation, whimpered in his throat, whispered the name of the little Omega upstairs, and gasped suppressively…

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1 injections
2 Again, the sister-in-law here pertains to Gu En’s male wife which is Yu Nan
3 It is also called as “susceptible period” where it’s the same with Omega’s heat, but for the Alphas.
4 In the previous chapter, chapter 3, I used ‘health and hygiene class’ which sounds kinda odd, so I’m changing it to just ‘health class’. Teehee~
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