Your Pheromones Are Sweet
Your Pheromones Are Sweet Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Big brother, where’s Gu Dian?” Qiu Suo was sitting at the dining table preparing to eat breakfast. “Where did he go so early in the morning? I searched around but couldn’t find him. If he doesn’t eat, he will be late for school.”

“You two won’t go to school today. I asked for leave for you two.” Gu En served Qiu Suo a bowl of millet porridge.

“Eh? Not going to school today? Why?” Qiu Suo took the bowl with both hands and took a sip of the porridge.

“Are you feeling better?” Gu En didn’t answer directly.

“I’m okay, what can happen? It’s a normal physiological phenomenon, we, Alpha, are strong.” Qiu Suo picked up a boiled egg and knocked it on the table.

“You can’t get over this situation overnight,” Gu En took a deep breath, “Qiu Suo, you…” Before he could finish speaking, the door was pushed open with a “clang”, and Gu Dian, who was drenched, walked in.

“Where have you been, Gu Dian? Is it raining outside?” Qiu Suo forgot to peel the egg and looked at Gu Dian.

Gu Dian’s appearance now was quite abnormal. He was always calm and indifferent, even after the most intense basketball game, his face and body were clean, and he didn’t sweat at all. He (QS) had never seen him (GD) so lost in thought before.

Qiu Suo glanced out through the floor-to-ceiling windows. It was early summer, and the sun was rising and shining brightly. “Did you get wet from a sprinkler or just sweating?” He got up from the dining table, ran over, and stood in front of Gu Dian, snuffling his nose like a little puppy, “Did you drink? Why did you drink so early in the morning? Still going to school or not?”

“Oh, there’s no need to go to school. Brother said that he has asked for a leave today.” Qiu Suo continued, “Why did you ask for a leave today? I was going to ask you…”

Gu Dian glanced at Qiu Suo.

“What are you looking at me for?” Qiu Suo was puzzled, and he leaned in front of Gu Dian again, scratching his head embarrassedly, “Oh, I forgot, it’s not a drink in the morning, it was your pheromone scent. “

Gu Dian made a “Tut” sound and took a step back, and was very speechless.

“You spray some pheromone blocker, ah. The smell of alcohol in your body is so strong. How can those Omegas in school who have long been eyeing you stand it?”

“I sprayed.” Gu Dian lowered his head and changed his shoes. “I went for my morning run and got sweaty.”

“The smell is still so strong after spraying?” Qiu Suo wiped the fine sweat that just emerged from his forehead with the back of his hand. “Hey, is sweating contagious? Why am I sweating too?”

Gu Dian straightened up; his slightly raised eyes moved. Qiu Suo couldn’t understand his complicated expression. Even Gu Dian’s questioning made him puzzled, “Are you just sweating? Does your heartbeat go faster?”

“Heartbeat?” Qiu Suo covered the left side of his chest, “It seems to be speeding up.” Then he touched his face again, “Is my face red? I feel hot again.”

He (QS) stared at his (GD) black eyes sincerely, like some kind of furry little animal. Qiu Suo answered his question so honestly that Gu Dian didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Hey, you two stand in front of the door and still can’t finish talking, hurry up and come over to eat.” Gu En couldn’t stand it, and lightly patted the edge of the table.

“Okay, I’ll take a bath first.” Gu Dian stroked back his wet hair, revealing a smooth forehead.

“Hurry up and wash, I’m getting a little drunk with the smell of your alcohol-scented pheromone, and my head is getting dizzy,” Qiu Suo pushed Gu Dian a bit, “I’ll peel an egg for you. You can eat it after you wash up.”

Gu Dian looked at Qiu Suo with deep meaning and asked slowly while walking towards the bathroom, “Do you know what can stimulate an Alpha’s pheromone?”

“When one is in his rut period. I still know that, even though I never listened to health classes. “Qiu Suo said.

“What stimulated the rut period?” Gu Dian continued to ask.

“The rut period? It was stimulated by Omega, one’s favorite Omega.” Qiu Suo was suddenly enlightened, “Did you just go and see your favorite Omega? No wonder you got all sweaty. Who was it? Do I know them? Good, you have someone you like and you didn’t tell me, do you still consider me as your brother?”

“Yes, I saw my favorite Omega, and we also met last night… we met very often.” Gu Dian was helpless.

“Last night? While I was asleep?” Qiu Suo thought hard for a while. As if he had understood, the smile on his face faded, and he walked towards the dining table with his head hanging down.

When Gu Dian came out of the shower, only Qiu Suo was left on the table. The boiled eggs were peeled and placed in a small dish. Gu Dian never eats porridge. Qiu Suo warmed him a glass of milk, and the milk was steaming.

Qiu Suo sat with his back facing Gu Dian, with his elbows resting on the table, his head hanging down, and a small round bone protruding from the back of his neck. His shoulder blades were stretched out under his white T-shirt, like a pair of beautiful butterfly wings.

No matter how strong and brave Qiu Suo looked on the outside, he had always been a fragile child in Gu Dian’s eyes, a child who needs to be coaxed by him (GD). 

Gu Dian walked over and sat next to Qiu Suo.

“Here, your eggs and milk, eat them quickly, they are still hot.” Qiu Suo moved the porcelain plate and glass to Gu Dian and smiled.

“Have you finished eating?” Gu Dian took a sip of milk.

“Yes, I’ve finished eating, and brother went to work,” Qiu Suo said, “Brother Nan is still sleeping.”

“Don’t go to school these two days and rest at home.” Gu Dian lowered his head to eat breakfast.

“I was about to ask you. Big brother said that you had asked for a leave for the two of us. Why?” Qiu Suo frowned, “Isn’t it just differentiating? I’m all right now, we, Alpha, aren’t so delicate.”

Gu Dian finished his breakfast in three bites. Qiu Suo handed him a wet tissue. Gu Dian took it and wiped the corners of his mouth. He folded the wet tissues neatly and threw them into the trash can by the table, and then turned his chair around to face Qiu Suo.

“What’s the matter? What’s with that look? Is there something you need to say?” Qiu Suo’s face was flushed.

“Hey—what are you doing?” Qiu Suo’s eyes widened, and Gu Dian grabbed his two fingers, wrapped and pressed them on the back of his (QS) neck.

Gu Dian leaned into Qiu Suo’s ear with a wine-scented breath and a low voice, with obvious restraint, “Qiu Suo, have you touched anything by yourself?”

“What?” Qiu Suo’s fingertips rested on a hot area behind his (QS) neck, his toes suddenly retracted nervously, and his other hand unconsciously gripped his knee.

“How do you feel now?” Gu Dian’s mouth was dry and hoarse with the smell of chocolate coming over his face, “Qiu Suo, your heart is beating so fast.”

“Well— I— ” Qiu Suo’s fingertips were being held by Gu Dian, he (GD) lead it over and over again to gently rub the glands on the back of his (QS) neck, and the strong pheromone scent instantly filled the entire dining room.

“Qiu Suo, you are an Omega. You have always been an Omega. You have glands. Your pheromone smelled like chocolate. After you differentiated, you will go into heat. The first time you will go through your heat, you will be uncomfortable. So, I asked for leave for you, and yes, I’m on leave too, I’ll be accompanying you.”

“Well—” Qiu Suo’s first heat after differentiating came this bright summer morning.

Qiu Suo, who had always regarded himself as an Alpha, had many questions to ask, but now he had no way to control himself, nor can he resist the strong desire of his body. He doesn’t know what to do. It was like 180 rabbits were jumping in his chest, and he was tightly grasping Gu Dian’s arm, several red marks were printed on Gu Dian’s arm.

Gu Dian was the person he had trusted most since childhood, and he was willing to let Gu Dian take him, whatever he wants.

“Qiu Suo, let’s go upstairs.” Gu Dian kept what little sanity he had and walked into the bedroom with Qiu Suo in his arms.

“Well – go upstairs, don’t do it here… it’s too bright here…” Qiu Suo’s eyes were already narrowed, there was a layer of watery mist on the roots of his eyelashes, and he softly fell into Gu Dian’s arms.


Translators Note: Sorry minaa~ The next chapter will be kinda late, because I am still looking for the raw. The raw in the original publisher site was locked due to some reasons. If anyone have a copy of the raw for the next chapter, I will be very happy for your help.

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