Accidentally Entangled with the Rich
Accidentally Entangled with the Rich Chapter 2.2

With the cool wind blowing on her cheeks, Shiguang walked outside. This area is full of entertainment places. There is a huge parking lot near the entrance. Tears welled up in her eyes as she covered her face. No one persuaded her to drink tonight. If Shiguang had refused, no one could force her to drink. Her heart felt heavy as she thought of it.

Four years ago when she was eighteen, she was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a platelet transplant. Her test report showed that her blood type didn’t match with her family members. There was a big commotion at home. After over a month of investigating, the truth was revealed. Zhou Shiguang was not their child. Zhou Meng, their biological daughter, has spent eighteen years living a miserable life in the slums.

Zhou family was furious and they couldn’t believe such a bloody incident could happen to their family.

After taking Zhou Meng back, Shiguang became a problem. They’ve built a relationship in their eighteen years together. Although seeing Shiguang made them mad, she still grew up under their roof and stayed at their home as their godchild.

Once it was leaked that Chen family purposely swapped the two children so their daughter could live a lift of luxury. Shiguang shamefully left Zhou family. She left with nothing. Her family and friends had cut their ties with her. She was no longer an heiress. Her real father is a convict while her real mother is sickly and helpless.

She refused to change her surname to Chen. That man was too disgusting. Calling him dad makes her sick with disgust, instead she decided to use her previous name, Zhou Shiguang.

“Hey, gorgeous come play with us.”

Shiguang came back to her sense when she heard five men dressed as gangsters hollering at her. She started to panic inside but tried to remain calm. “Get out of my way!”

“Who do you think you’re speaking to? You dare tell me to get out of your way?” Their leader had yellow hair and silver studs on his shirt.

“You’ve got courage, haven’t you? Exactly my type.”

He spoke obscenely while staring at her chest and thighs. A putrid smell was coming off him. He also looked indecent in his clothes. He was probably a student from the nearby art school. “Little girl, play with big brother. I’ve got plenty of money.”

Shiguang backed away, scared. She was overwhelmed with disgust after he touched her.

She kept glancing back until she saw a black car approaching. The lights weren’t very bright so she couldn’t see the car model. But she took the opportunity anyway and waved her hands. “Honey, I’m here!”

With her heart beating like a drum, Shiguang pursed her lips, pretending to be calm.

Five tall and burly men surrounded her. Even if Mei found her, there’s nothing she could do.

Shiguang silently begged the car owner to play along.

“Let me go.” Shiguang stood taller and pushed the man in front of her.

“My husband has come to pick me up. Don’t you know who he is? You better run now or he’ll make sure you never walk again.” She added arrogantly.

The car came to a halt. The tires made a loud sound against the gravel, breaking the silent night.

Shiguang’s heart skipped a bit. Did she say too much?

The gangsters were confused too. The car was a Porsche Cayenne. They glanced at each other as if asking if they dare offend the car owner.

Shiguang reached into her pocket to dial 110.

“Didn’t you say you’ll pick me up at the booth near Fan Shan road? What are you doing here?”

The car was pitch black, and she couldn’t tell whether the shadow belonged to a human or a ghost. The gangsters behind her were still staring at each other, swallowing audibly.

The car door opened without warning causing her to take half a step back in fright.

Black leather shoes crunched the gravel. Her vision was then filled by a pair of long legs in black trousers. Shiguang immediately straightened up. Her head was still spinning, who is he?

The man who got out of the car was wearing black from head to toe. With his tall stature and a face so cold and hard, he appeared to be handcrafted from marble. He was undeniably handsome in an intimidating and untouchable kind of way. His dark eyes were gloomily and frosty. One word came to mind when assessing him—scary. Even though it was hot and humid, she shivered as she clenched her fist and took a deep breath.

Under the scrutiny of this man, her hope almost turned into fear. Is he Lucifer, the king of the underworld, in flesh? Shiguang’s imagination was running wild.

Stepping towards her, he extended a hand. “Hello.”


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