I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became Villain’s Pendant Chapter 37 Part 1 – Magic Vine

“Do I like her?”

Yin Xuezhuo asked this question to Qiu Mi face to face, when she came to give a routine inspection of the Jiu Nether Fire in Ji Yan’s body.

Qiu Mi: “…”

Even though she was calm, she almost lost her footing.

Yin Xuezhuo asked Qiu Mi again: “I’m sour? What does sour mean?”

He also childishly cast spells on Ji Yan, to keep her from hearing his jokes. At this moment, the little girl was curled up beside him sleeping soundly, and her little hand was still holding Yin Xuezhuo’s Hair, perhaps playing with his long hair at the last minute before going to bed.

Qiu Mi: “This…”

What do you want her to say?

The word like, for her, is also very far away.

Qiu Mi thought for a while and asked cautiously: “The Demon Lord,, do you want her to live well?”

Yin Xuezhuo turned his head and looked at Ji Yan who was sleeping next to him. His dark eyes reflected Ji Yan’s sleeping face, full of confusion.

Qiu Mi asked again: “If someone bullies her, will the demon lord be very angry?”

“I will kill that person.” Yin Xuezhuo did not hesitate this time.

The Little waste can only be bullied by him.

Qiu Mi thought about it again, and searched her mind for the “like” she had heard in the past, and asked: “If she is with others, will the demon lord be upset?”

Yin Xuezhuo said weirdly: “Why am I upset?” He was indifferent and said lightly: “Just kill it.”

Qiu Mi: “…”

Qiu Mi didn’t know if this was considered like.

It’s too hard to let the demon handle the relationship problem.

However, Qiu Mi still expressed her thoughts, “Demon Lord, your subordinates can see that she may be very important to you, but you… are the only nightmare in the world, and the Nightmare race is rarely emotional, and once they do, they don’t die, so if you don’t reach that point, your subordinates feel… you may not like her.”

Qiu Mi also didn’t hope that the always powerful Demon Lord would be caught by a mortal.

Yin Xuezhuo faintly knocked on the woodcarving beside him, without comment. After waving his sleeves to make Qiu Mi retreat, his finger pressed Ji Yan’s back neck to wake her up.

“Yin Xuezhuo…” Ji Yan looked at him blankly, wondering why she fell asleep again.

She was actually not sleepy, but she can sleep as long as she lay down.

So she didn’t feel anything was wrong and slowly sat up. Yin Xuezhuo let the little devil outside come in to send food. After she buried her head and ate fill, she thought about Shao Xin, and filled a big bowl of food, and ran to the stone room to give Shao Xin. 

Yin Xuezhuo’s expression instantly turned gloomy.

He was not as decisive as he thought, nor did he forcefully act so indifferent as he might have been in Qiu Mi. Now that he hates Shao Xin to the extreme, he could barely endure not killing it, just because Ji Yan was still working hard inside and out.

Ji Yan didn’t know that Yin Xuezhuo had so many inner dramas. She had been busy taking care of Shao Xin these days, and seeing that his injury had healed a bit, she occasionally went to give him meals and talked to Shao Xin. She has no friends at present, and besides spending time with Yin Xuezhuo, it seems that only Shao Xin can chat with her.

“These dishes are really rich. I have told Yin Xuezhuo many times, although he didn’t make dozens of dishes like the first time, it is still very exaggerated.” Ji Yan pinched the flesh on her arm, let out a long sigh and asked Shao Xin, “Have I really gained weight?”

Shao Xin: “…”

The teenager was eating, while confusingly looking at her self-consciousness.

Ji Yan still likes to be thinner, although too thin was not good-looking, but this way of flesh and no breasts, only appear fat, not plump, also too ugly. She squeezed her face again, and said depressedly: “I don’t think I have a melon face anymore, I seem to have a round face.”

“I’ve worn the right clothes today, but I feel a little bit tighter. Isn’t it possible to get fat again?”

Shao Xin: “…Actually, it’s okay. I think you look much better now than before.”

Ji Yan’s eyes lit up, “Really?!”

The teenager nodded clumsily.

Ji Yan began to mumble again, “It’s really good for you,, Yin Xuezhuo is really too much. I asked him if I was fat, but he actually said that I am fatter than Bai Bai.”

Her cheeks puffed out in anger as she spat out Yin Xuezhuo again, “Sure enough, I can’t ask him, he will only laugh at me.”

Shao Xin: “…”

Shao Xin didn’t know why she kept talking about that big demon, every time she began to scold Yin Xuezhuo, he was a little nervous.

That is Yin Xuezhuo, a murderous Demon Lord, but her demeanor was too natural, after every time after he became nervous he was at little loss… was he making too much fuss? Actually he’s not so scary?

But it’s really scary.

Every time after she complained about him to Shao Xin, she ran out of the stone room to look for him. She had become more proficient in walking these days, but occasionally the soles of her feet would slip and fall on the ground. Yin Xuezhuo saw that she went to find Shao Xin every day and tolerated her for several days. Fortunately, he was discussing with Chi Yang how to do things in the human world and had no time to pay attention to her, so he let her fool around.

After the discussion was over, he dragged her to the secluded water realm.

And asked her to continue to practice walking.

Ji Yan, who almost forgot to learn light work: “…”

Grass, she shouldn’t have any illusions about the demon.

Ji Yan had bad memories of the stream, and when she saw the stream, she remembered the giant python. So Yin Xuezhuo changed the place this time and found the caves densely covered with magic vines, allowing her to walk freely among them.

“These magic vines are different from those outside, they have long gone dormant, as long as you don’t touch them, you won’t be attacked.”

In fact, magic vines never attacked demons, but Ji Yan was too weak.

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