Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Lucifer’s nightmare.

In an instant, Pei Xia’s body was tense and his heart was horrified.

Being found by the devil is what Pei Xia fears the most. He came to Lucifer to avoid this fate!

“Then, then what should I do…” Pei Xia subconsciously sought the advice of the person here who was most able to help.

“Don’t worry.” Lucifer glanced at him soothingly, showing a smile full of encouragement, “I will do my best to eliminate the devil’s breath for you, but this mark is a bit difficult to deal with. Pei Xia, next time it’s better not to be too far away from me!”

What a kind-hearted, upright and great protagonist! Pei Xia was moved to tears by him. He was so excited for a while that he forgot to maintain the etiquette of the subordinates and superiors. He shook Lucifer’s hand and said loudly and vigorously, “Your Holiness, you are very kind. Please rest assured, I will definitely not let you down!”

Lucifer looked at Pei Xia and smiled with satisfaction, seemingly very pleased with the enlightenment of his subordinate…..

Thats what Pei Xia thinks. As for Whether Lucifer actually thinks so is unclear.

Then, Lucifer began to cover the scratch on Pei Xia’s arm with his palms. He frowned and looks very serious. The face that always smiled and makes people feel happy when they look at it now tightened, making people feel nervous and worried.

A warm light came from Lucifer’s palm, and the light enveloped Pei Xia’s wound. Pei Xia sat on the bed and looked at Lucifer’s hand and his arm seriously.

Lucifer’s hands are so beautiful….. Bah, don’t think about it!

He thought that such a shallow wound should soon be healed. He didn’t expect ten minutes to passed before Lucifer slowly retracted his hand. A few drops of sweat oozed from his forehead, and his face full of fatigue.

“Sorry, Pei Xia…” Lucifer’s voice trembled slightly, arousing pity, he looked at Pei Xia with guilt, “I have not been able to remove the mark of the devil, and I have already lost my strength….. The God of Light above.”

“The God of Light above.” Pei Xia earnestly bowed to Lucifer, “Thank the God of Light. Thank you, Your Holiness. You have done a lot for me, please don’t feel so guilty! It’s me that should be grateful to you and Introspect, if this subordinate is more diligent, he wouldn’t have been injured by Count Hobson… Thank you, Your Holiness!”

“It’s okay, Pei Xia. You have done a good job.” Lucifer looked haggard. With a smile on his face, he struggled to sit up slowly, then took the wound medicine and bandages and began to help Pei Xia apply medicine.

That’s right, the scratch on Pei Xia’s arm still haven’t healed!

“Pei Xia, you don’t know how hard it is.” Lucifer looked at him with a meaningful smile.

Pei Xia was moved to tears.

His Holiness couldn’t heal this wound even after tried his best, which shows that the demonic breath on it is very difficult to deal with, and it also shows that Lucifer is indeed weaker now.

He did this for his own sake. In the future, he must be vigilant not to allow Hobson to take advantage of him, so as to live up to Lucifer’s kindness to him!

Pei Xia looked at him seriously, “Your Holiness, this subordinates will definitely protect you!”

“Thank you, I am looking forward to it.” Lucifer responded softly.

The injury was very shallow and did not affect the movement at all. Pei Xia had planned to bandage it himself, but was stopped by Lucifer. He stretched out his finger and lightly poked Pei Xia’s forehead, and said with a smile, “This is my little love for the Holy Knight. Pei Xia, do you dislike me?”

“No…” Pei Xia scratched his head embarrassedly, “I didn’t dislike you at all, Your holiness, but I will feel sorry if I troubled you too much.”

“No need to feel sorry.” Lucifer’s fingers gently slid over Pei Xia’s arm, his long golden hair swishing gently with his movements as he bowed his head, and every now and then it would hit Pei Xia’s hand.

Smooth, slightly cool… Feels good to the touch, and it makes him want to rub it.

Pei Xia was absent-minded for a moment, but soon became sober. Rubbing His Holiness….. Forget it, he didn’t want to be purified by a holy light.

“This fight started because of me, you are fighting for my dignity. Pei Xia, I am very grateful to you.”

Pei Xia, “No, no, please don’t say that. I am your knight, this is what I should do!”

He hurriedly sat up straight and expressed his loyalty to Lucifer earnestly.

Lucifer chuckled lightly and put the remaining bandages and medicine back on the table. He raised his hand and pulled the long hair hanging on his face behind his ear, revealing a small, white and even slightly translucent ear. It’s very white and tender, and you can even see the veins on a closer look.

“Alright, Pei Xia.” Lucifer sat on the bed and said with a smile, “Your wound has been bandaged. Don’t leave my side next, so as not to be attacked by the devil.”

“Yes, Your Holiness!”

Pei Xia will not leave Lucifer’s side for half a step easily. Not only because of the devilish breathe on the wound, but also because of the current exhausted appearance of Lucifer who has run out of magic power. If he is found by the devil alone, maybe this novel will be over because of the Protagonist’s death.

Lucifer suddenly frowned and pressed his hand to his heart.


“What’s wrong?” Pei Xia looked at him in surprise.

“I…” As soon as the word was uttered, Lucifer frowned, his body shook, and fell weakly towards Pei Xia.

Pei Xia subconsciously stretched out his hand to catch him, “Your Holiness!”

When he took him into his arms, Pei Xia had a moment of disorientation. A little heavier  was not important. The faint rose fragrance… He was used to it. The key is that…. The cool and elastic body is perfect, and for a moment, Pei Xia’s heart was difficult to control.

No, this is not good. Pei Xia scolded himself, and immediately withdrew his flying thoughts, then hold the clinging Holy Son.

“Cough, cough.” Lucifer lightly coughed. Although he was taller than Pei Xia, he still lean on Pei Xia’s chest and opened his mouth and sait pitifully, “I consume too much magic power and I’m a little tired now.”

So that’s how it is! Because of his carelessness… Pei Xia feels a little guilty.

“Your Holiness, please rest for a while.”

“Okay.” After saying that, Lucifer closed his eyes and he fell silent, as if he had fallen asleep.

He didn’t feel any discomfort on his body at all, and the only wound had been bandaged. Pei Xia helped Lucifer lie down on the bed, and then considerately take off his coat, shoes, and socks for him.

After that, Pei Xia planned to get out of bed and give up this comfortable bed to Lucifer.

However, Lucifer suddenly reached out and grabbed the hem of his shirt. Pei Xia was surprised for a moment, looked down at Lucifer whose eyes were closed tightly, and tentatively whispered, “Your Holiness?”


Is he sleeping or not?

Pei Xia gently grabbed Lucifer’s hand and was about to pull his clothes out of his hand. At this moment, he saw a drop of crystal tears slipping from the corners of Lucifer’s closed eyes.

The man as holy and beautiful as an angel slept. It was supposed to be quiet and peaceful, but he frowned slightly and wept, as if caught into a painful nightmare. He opened his pale pink lips and murmured, “Don’t go… Don’t leave me alone…”

The Holy Son of the God of Light, the beloved Protagonist, unexpectedly has such a vulnerable time!

Pei Xia frowned, somewhat scared.

Because it is not written in the original story, Pei Xia also doesn’t know if the protagonist has a dark past. According to the current trend, it’s embarrassing to be a protagonist without a tragic past.

Therefore, it is not particularly unbelievable that Lucifer has a tragic past. Seeing that he is so vulnerable, Pei Xia think that it must be a very sad dream.

It’s just… Will Lucifer be willing to be seen crying when having nightmares, even being touched by the hidden past?

Pei Xia looked at him awkwardly, wishing to shut him, but didn’t dare. So he could only pray in his heart that the kind-hearted protagonist should not be petty enough to silence someone over this.

Lucifer still grabbed the corner of his clothes, Pei Xia looked down at the big bed that was so soft that it bounced when he moved. He thought about it, and took his shirt off.

Since the chance is here, grab it!

Pei Xia gently climbed out of bed, then wiped off the drops of water from the corner of Lucifer’s eyes. He thoughtfully covered him up with a quilt, and then sat in the corner and began to exercise Light Sword.

A few moments later, Pei Xia, who was already immersed in the practice, did not hear the sleeping person on the bed let out a soft sigh.

The beautiful and pure Holy Son raised his hand gently and discarded Pei Xia’s torn shirt to the ground.

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