Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Aren’t you tired from bending your knees?

  Lucifer’s sleep time was so awkward that he indirectly caused a serious misunderstanding — when the servant knocked on the door to deliver a snack for lunch, Pei Xia opened his eyes and stood up and went to open the door.

  Having forgotten that he was shirtless for a moment, it was only when the servant froze and stared at the young man’s lean upper body that Pei Xia reacted, he quickly said, “I’m sorry.”

  He stepped back and caught a glimpse of the shirt that fell to the floor beside the bed, Pei Xia picked up the shirt and put it on. While buttoning up the buttons, he took the tray from the servant.

  ”Sorry for disturbing you and His Holiness!”

  The surprised servant suddenly returned to her senses, her face flushed with embarrassment. She bowed to Pei Xia, ran off with her hands covering her face.

  Pei Xia stood by the door holding the tray, before suddenly becoming aware of something he didn’t dare to confirm.

  This…is this really a no CP Tom Sue novel? It shouldn’t warrant crooked thoughts, right?

  Pei Xia sighed lightly, and began his duties to take care of Lucifer. After all, Lucifer was weak now, and most of it was because of himself.

  For the next two days, Pei Xia accompanied Lucifer to pray and eat, reciting the Light Bible for him. Life was unexpectedly peaceful, as if Count Hobson had forgotten about Lucifer.

  Just when Pei Xia thought it would stay this peaceful until Lucifer regained his energy, Hobson knocked on Lucifer’s door that evening.

  ”Your Holiness, you haven’t come out for the past two days, are you sick?” Hobson’s worried voice sounded from outside the door.

  ”Please don’t worry about it, Count, I’m fine.” Even separated by a door, Lucifer was still gentle and kind.

  ”Since there is nothing wrong, may I invite Your Holiness out for dinner?” A hint of arrogance slipped into Hobson’s tone, “I don’t think your knight can prepare a beautiful rose garden for you.”

  ”Count, God said that we should not be greedy for worldly things.” Lucifer turned his head to look at Pei Xia weakly, but his words were in reply to Hobson, “So please don’t pay too much attention to these things.”

  Pei Xia, “…”

  Oh my god, what a plot of an innocent saint being molested by an evil tyrant! Pei Xia couldn’t help clenching his fists, he wanted Count Hobson to leave, but Lucifer was by his side. As the other party’s subordinate, he could not interrupt his superior’s conversations so casually.

  Hobson sneered and said, “Actually, there are some questions about the God of Light and faith I want to ask Your Holiness, I think since the Lord Son is generous and benevolent, he will definitely not refuse my little request.”

  ”Of course.”

  Lucifer is worthy of being the Holy Son of the Light God’s Church, he will agree with just the slightest coax from the other party!

  Pei Xia looked at him and was frustrated that Lucifer was so innocent. He lowered his voice and reminded him impatiently, “Your Holiness, didn’t you find the devil’s presence in Count Hobson? Have you forgotten?”

  ”Of course I haven’t forgotten. It’s just Pei Xia, we can’t keep hiding.” Lucifer folded his hands together and raised his head towards the distance slightly, as if listening to the voice of God.

  The Holy Son… No, at this moment, he has freed himself from the common world and evolved into a Holy Father! The Holy Father Lucifer said with fearless self-sacrifice, “Besides, perhaps in the baptism of light, Count Hobson will escape the devil’s control and become a devout believer to God.”

  Pei Xia, “…”

  There was no use, Pei Xia could only watch helplessly as Lucifer walked out with the Light Bible and a face shining with holy light.

  Pei Xia followed him downstairs, Hobson was very gentlemanly leading the way for Lucifer. They walked to the courtyard behind the castle, even at a distance Pei Xia could see the lush and gorgeous rose garden.

  ”Your Honor, please stay.” When entering the rose garden, Pei Xia was stopped by someone.

  Pei Xia was taken aback, and said, “I am the Holy Son’s knight, I am responsible for his safety!”

  The old butler said impassionedly, “Oh my God, the God of Light above, are you doubting the Count or the security of Count Hobson’s territory? Or do you think a humble person should disturb the noble masters’ meal time?”

  Pei Xia thought for a while, and said, “To be honest, before becoming a Knight, I was a baron.”

  An actual servant, the old butler, “…”

  ”Enough, Tom.” Hobson turned around a little impatiently, “And this Holy Knight, I came to consult with the Holy Son because of my sincerity. Do you want to prevent the glory of the Light God from spreading to the world?”

  This charge was serious.

  Pei Xia frowned slightly, “That’s not true, I…”

  ”Pei Xia,” It was Lucifer himself who interrupted him this time. He said gently, “It doesn’t matter, I believe in Lord Hobson’s sincerity, please don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

  How can I not worry, you are so…weak. Pei Xia’s heart twitched, fearing for the protagonist’s premature death.

  Lucifer looked at the old butler and Hobson again, with an upright face that spoke of equal integrity of all beings, he said, “Also, please stop attacking Pei Xia’s identity. In the eyes of God, all beings are equal. We should love and tolerate, and we should never attack with vicious words.”

  Hobson and the old butler, “…”

  Although the Count has a lustful intentions for Lucifer, he has to admit that listening to him is really a kind of mental torture sometimes.

  In short, Pei Xia was eventually stopped outside the rose garden.

  Although Pei Xia looked calm and pretended to leave, he was actually walking towards the unoccupied periphery of the rose garden.

  What a joke. If they told him not to follow, would he really not follow? Absolutely not!

  This rose garden is very large, however, there were not so many servants in Hobson’s territory that they could guard every dead corner, Pei Xia soon found an inconspicuous place.

  The carved railing blocked the wantonly growing roses inside, and also blocked the opportunity for outsiders to get in close contact with the roses. A tree was planted every few meters against the inside of the railing. Pei Xia thought about it, stepped back a few steps, and started to sprint.

  He grasped the railing tightly, flipped up to hug the tree trunk, and then began to climb up. Pei Xia, hidden in the dense branches and leaves, quickly found the target.

  The pure and beautiful Holy Son, Lucifer, was sitting at an open-air table in the rose garden with the evil and domineering Count Hobson.

  The two sat facing each other, and Pei Xia’s position was just behind Hobson. He saw that the table was covered with a clean white tablecloth, topped with exquisite food and red wine, and there were even candles.

  In broad daylight, what was the point of lighting candles… Pei Xia is silently ridiculed in his heart. However, if he ignoredCount Hobson’s connection with the devil, the current picture of the two people sitting together was really romantic — the overbearing Count falls in love with the pure Holy Son and escapes love…

  Peipeipei, stop thinking nonsense.

  At this time, Lucifer cast a glance his way, Pei Xia’s body tensed up, afraid that he (L) would stand up with a pure smile and raise his hand to greet him.

  Fortunately, Lucifer quickly withdrew his gaze, as if he hadn’t seen Pei Xia.

  The distance between Pei Xia and the two was a little far away, so he couldn’t hear what they were talking about, and could only hear some vague words. To sum it up, Hobson was scrambling to look for a conversation topic.

  Speaking of, Hobson’s interest was peaked because Lucifer’s saintly attributes aroused his sadism. He stuffed the cup filled with red wine into Lucifer’s hand and demanded Lucifer to drink it.

  Lucifer frowned slightly, “Count, I only drink holy wine.”

  ”This wine is filled with my devotion to the God of Light, how is it different from holy wine? Your Holiness, won’t you give me this face?”

  He stood up as he spoke, holding a wine glass and forcibly poured into Lucifer’s mouth. Lucifer reached out with a weak face to refuse, but he could not resist the arrogant Count Hobson. The wine had spilled out of the cup and dyed Lucifer’s collar red. Seeing a pure and good straight man about to be forced to drink alcohol by a gay guy——

  Pei Xia started to get angry in his heart, and the anger turned into courage. His legs pressed against the trunk, he circulated his sword energy, and with a stomp, he fell from the sky like a small cannonball, and then—— Pei Xia stepped on Hobson, and Hobson knocked over the table.

  The heroic knight has come to save the Holy One~!

  Pei Xia disdainfully stepped on Hobson’s back, it is because of people like you that Lucifer develops androphobia in the later stage, so that only a maid was left to serve, and refuses to approach another man.

  If it really develops to that point, all of Pei Xia’s efforts will have been in vain!

  ”Lord Lucifer, are you okay?” Pei Xia stepped off Hobson’s back and looked at Lucifer worriedly. Lucifer looked at him in surprise, and slowly, tears filled his eyes.

  Lucifer stood up abruptly, staggering, and softly fell into Pei Xia’s arms!

  Pei Xia, “!!!”

  In an instant, Pei Xia’s entire body froze.

  Lucifer slowly raised his head from his arms, and with tears in his eyes, said pitifully, “Xia, you’re just in time, Count Hobson is too fierce, I’m scared.”

  Pei Xia, “……” He shivered and felt goosebumps, but facing Lucifer, he revealed eight teeth as he smiled a perfect smile.

  ”Please don’t worry, your subordinate will definitely protect you!”

  Pei Xia paused, looked at Lucifer who was shrinking in his arms, and reminded politely,

  ”Your Holiness, aren’t you tired from bending your knees?”

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