Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Lucifer is also a straight man!

  No one knew whether Lucifer tired or not from bending his knees, because in the next second, the noble Count who had been trampled on the ground got up angrily.

  He roared, “Damn barbarian!”. His voice was deafening and Pei Xia was so scared that he pushed Lucifer away.

  ”Your Holiness, stay behind me and let me take care of him!” Pei Xia drew out his sword backhandedly and brandished it bravely.

  Lucifer stood behind Pei Xia and looked at Hobson, who disturbed their love whispers[1]To bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love. Describes that couples or men and women who are in love are very intimate.. Hobson was entwined with wisps of black smoke, apparently irritated. He had been completely controlled by the devil!

  Pei Xia’s forehead was sweating wildly from a bad premonition. He was very confident in one-to-one combat, but when his opponent got a plug-in, he had to be extra careful.

  Hobson looked up to the sky and let out a long roar, the blue veins on his face and neck were pulsing violently, and his eyes seemed to have turned crimson red. With such a malevolentis face, he rushed towards Pei Xia with stretched out hands that turned into sharp claws!


  It was the sound of Pei Xia’s sword colliding with Hobson’s claws. Pei Xia was surprised to find that Hobson’s skin… seems to have become thicker!

  It was so thick that he couldn’t even cut it!

  After being controlled by the devil, Hobson’s whole person had undergone tremendous change. He lost his mind, his strength increased, his defense also became stronger. He wanted to tear Pei Xia apart with his teeth and claws.

  For a time, Pei Xia fought with him and, to his surprise, couldn’t separate.

  ”Your Holiness, please leave quickly, it’s dangerous here!” Although Pei Xia did not look back, he still warned loudly.

  Lucifer, who was standing behind him, froze when he heard these words. From an angle that Pei Xia could not see, Lucifer tilted his head and looked thoughtfully at the knight fighting fiercely against Hobson.

  He was trying very hard to protect him, even though he was anxious and afraid, he didn’t back off. Clearly he had the most vulnerable physique to be injured by the devil…

  The devil’s shadow twisted and lurked in the shadow on the ground. It revealed a greedy smile, stretched out its claws, and crawled towards Pei Xia’s shadow bit by bit.

  Just when it was about to touch Pei Xia’s shadow, a white boot stepped on it.

  The devil’s shadow paused, before suddenly beginning to tremble and twist violently as it emitted a soul shaking silent shrill.

  Pei Xia only felt his mind go blank for a moment. When he recovered, he found that Hobson, who was in front of him, was frowning tightly, shaking his body as if he was dazed.

  He shook his head irritatedly. Pei Xia looked at the opening and stabbed his sword towards his neck, but Hobson was stunned in place, and didn’t try to dodge or avoid it!

  Oh no, he actually didn’t dodge. If he stabbed him now, he would immediately be a goner! Pei Xia didn’t have time to think about it, he had subconsciously reversed his sword, and then it slapped Hobson’s face.

  A red mark slowly bloomed.

  Pei Xia, “…you still want to fight?”

  Hobson looked at him in shock. “Did you just slap me in the face?!”

  Pei Xia, “Uh…”

  ”How dare you slap a noble gentleman, the highly respected and beloved noble count, in the face?!!”

  Pei Xia, “…”

  ”Enough, Your Excellency.” Lucifer walked out from behind Pei Xia and interrupted Hobson’s screaming.

  He looked calm, as if he had recovered from the fright just now. He put his hands together in front of him and, uncharacteristically, was not smiling, rather it brought a little seriousness. “Count, I have already found out the truth. What the girl said is true, you are the one who lied.”

  Hobson froze. As if he had thought of something, the corners of his mouth twitched and tried to defend himself. “Lucifer, no, you have to believe me, I didn’t mean to be rude to you.”

  Pei Xia sneered, holding his sword and standing guard at Lucifer’s side, “Your Excellency, you have been exposed, the demonic energy on you says it all!”

  Although he didn’t know how Hobson suddenly broke away from the demon’s control, now that all pretenses[2]To have an acrimonious falling-out / to shed all pretense of cordiality / to tear into each other. had been shed, it was useless to pretend to be peaceful even if he wanted to continue doing so.

  He only hoped that Lucifer could carry a bit more and that the light magic he had accumulated would be enough.

  Hobson still wanted to struggle, but Lucifer had already closed his eyes. He had entered a transcendent state. A soft holy light radiated from him and gradually spread to envelop the entire rose garden.

  The holy youth became the only color in the light. His blond hair was dazzling and beautiful. He was like an angel, spreading the light of God to the earth.

  The evil was purified. Hobson struggled and screamed as wisps of black smoke emerged from him and were promptly wiped out. It was the breath left by the devil. Then, Pei Xia actually saw a bat-wing-like devil’s shadow in the rose bush. The shadow suddenly burned like a fire, turning into smoke, and then disappeared.

  The pure ones were blessed, Pei Xia’s body felt warm and full of strength. All the bruises on his body disappeared and an inexplicable wonderful feeling of happiness arose from within him.

  The light dissipated when everything was finally over, leaving behind a pure rose garden. Hobson was dying on the ground and couldn’t put up any resistance.

  Lucifer opened his eyes and stumbled. His face and lips were pale, as if he was over-consuming his energy and becoming extremely weak.

  Pei Xia shouted, “Your Holiness” and reached his hand over to catch Lucifer into his arms.

  Lucifer was extremely haggard. He lowered his eyes, like a water lily that was about to fall asleep at dusk. He whispered, “Don’t worry, Pei Xia, it’s all right.”

  ”Your Holiness, please stop talking. Just rest and leave everything to me!”

  ”Okay,” Lucifer gave him a weak smile full of dependence and trust, and then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

  Pei Xia pursed his lips, both of his hands held Lucifer horizontally as he ran out. He ran and ran…

  Oh, no! He vaguely remembered that there was a cannon fodder who wanted to take advantage of the male protagonist’s weakness and princess-carried him and then was purified by holy light… Pei Xia gritted his teeth and pushed Lucifer upside down to his shoulders.

  He smiled with satisfaction: If he could not princess carry him and he would just slip off from his back, then he could only fireman carry him!

  Lucifer, who was carried on his shoulders with his head hung to the ground and was ‘unconscious’, closed his eyes and frowned slightly, enduring the pain on his stomach. He couldn’t help but quietly raised his hand and massaged his temples. Alas…

  Running out of the rose garden, besides the kneeling servants, the other Holy Knights consciously rushed over when they saw such a dazzling light.

  Pei Xia solemnly said while carrying Lucifer, “His Holiness has investigated clearly, Count Hobson has colluded with the devil! Now that the devil has been wiped out, Hobson has been executed, you all quickly cooperate and surrender! Buck, You brought two people to gather the servants in the castle and watch them. Don’t let them escape. Mallory, you immediately rush to the nearest church and ask for support! The others are on standby at any time!”

  ”Yes, Captain!” The knights responded loudly.

  Mallory looked worriedly at Lucifer on Pei Xia’s shoulder, “Captain, how is His Holiness?”

  ”Don’t worry, His Holiness just fell asleep, I will take care of him.”


  After arranging the follow-up matters, Pei Xia carried Lucifer back to the room in the castle, and he carefully put Lucifer down on the bed.

  For some reason, Lucifer’s face became paler, and he frowned slightly, looking very uncomfortable.

  When Pei Xia put him down, he let nature took its course[3]To let nature take its course (idiom), to let things happen naturally, to let it be. and put his right hand between his chest and abdomen. The long golden hair scattered beneath him, resembling the radiance of the sun.

  Pei Xia was stunned with admiration, and then pulled Lucifer’s other hand, and had him put his hands on his chest in a praying posture.

  Pei Xia looked at his masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction: He deserves to be the protagonist, and he is still so pious even in a coma!

  Knock knock knock!

  At this time, there was a knock on the door, Pei Xia walked over in surprise and saw a girl from the crack of the door. It turned out to be Alice!

  Pei Xia opened the door and saw Alice holding a basin of water and towels, and a small bottle of essential oil.

  Alice looked sadly at Lucifer from over Pei Xia, “How is His Holiness? I was worried when I saw him in a coma… After all, His Holiness saved me, please let me take care of him in return!”

  Pei Xia excitedly let her in. “You came, just in time!”

  He was struggling over whether to clean up the filth on the protagonist while he was unconscious. It was a coincidence that Alice was here, after all, Lucifer was a male protagonist with quite the double standard.

  In the face of the same sex, he was as cold as the winter wind, but in the face of the opposite sex, he was as gentle as the warm sun in spring. Oh, he didn’t know how many men who wanted to take advantage of him were purified. Pei Xia did not dare to take the risk of cleaning Lucifer’s body, what if he was taken as a pervert?

  But… Pei Xia frowned slightly. The current Lucifer seemed to be a bit different from the original, and he doesn’t seem to be very interested in girls either.

  Pei Xia thought for a while, pulled the chair and sat down next to the bed, and stared at Alice with a serious and oppressive face. “Please help take care of His Holiness!”

  Alice, “…What about you?”

  Pei Xia, “I will supervise you.”

  Alice, “???”

  Pei Xia, “I am wary of accidents.”

  Alice, “…”

  Although she admired Lucifer very much, under such fierce and careful eyes. Alice….could only feel that if she overstepped even a little, she would be decapitated by the Knight.

  With subtle disappointment, Alice diligently helped clean Lucifer’s hands, face, neck and chest, before walking out with the things.

  Pei Xia helped her carry the bucket, and the two of them went downstairs side by side. Alice was a little curious. She summoned up the courage and tentatively asked, “His Holiness seems very fond of You, and You are very attentive to His Holiness. What is the relationship between you two?”

  Pei Xia replied in a deep voice, “A superior-subordinate relationship.”

  Alice, “Huh? I thought, His Holiness towards You…”

  Pei Xia smiled faintly. “You’re too naive. Let me tell you a secret.”

  ”What secret?”

  ”The more generous and close someone is to the same sex, the more straight they are!”

  Alice was a little confused. Although she couldn’t quite understand what she heard, she still vaguely understood something she shouldn’t.

  Pei Xia sighed in his heart.

  During high school in his previous live, he slowly realized his sexuality, and from then on he began to consciously distance himself from his same-sex friends. Energetic high school boys liked to hug their friends the most. After class they will play Happy Corner[4]Explanation here: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Happy%20Corner, Monkey Steals the Peach[5]Explanation here: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Monkey%20Steals%20the%20Peach, and other passionate bromance games.

  Only Pei Xia, because of the improper thoughts in his heart, dared not be too close to them.

  Therefore, Lucifer’s current blatant show of reliance is obviously because he (L) regards him (PX) as a good buddy!

  Pei Xia felt a little regretful. Lucifer is a straight man!

The author has something to say:

His Holiness: Pei Xia is so straight ah…

Pei Xia: His Holiness is so straight ah…

And, since the day the flag was born, he has been waiting to be pushed down. That’s all.

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1 To bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love. Describes that couples or men and women who are in love are very intimate.
2 To have an acrimonious falling-out / to shed all pretense of cordiality / to tear into each other.
3 To let nature take its course (idiom), to let things happen naturally, to let it be.
4 Explanation here: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Happy%20Corner
5 Explanation here: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Monkey%20Steals%20the%20Peach


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