Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Pei Xia’s punishment is..

  Lucifer soon recovered after sleeping for a day. Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief. He sat on the bedside and fed Lucifer a drink while telling him what had happened after he had passed out.

  Count Hobson has been arrested. In this world where theocracy competes with imperial power, the Church of the Light God holds great power, and the interrogation of the people in the manor soon proved Hobson’s collusion with the devil. In this case, no one was willing to speak for him.

  Although Hobson broke away from the devil’s control in the critical moment before the final purification, and was lucky to not have been directly reduced to ashes, what awaited him afterwards was still the merciless death penalty.

  After investigation, the priesthood and the military found dozens of skeletons. They would wait for the families of these victims to claim them, and then divide Hobson’s property as compensation.

  Alice also received a part of the property as compensation, but instead of leaving immediately, she insisted on staying to wait for Lucifer to recover.

  What an infatuated girl. It’s just a pity that Lucifer only has the Light in his heart, and the girl’s infatuation was wasted.

  ”Your Holiness, the things here have been taken over by the local church, you can rest for a few days and wait until you are well before we continue the journey.”

  ”Thanks for your hard work, Pei Xia. You have done a good job.” Lucifer looked at his knight appreciatively.

  Pei Xia was a little embarrassed, “Your Holiness over praises me.”

  His main task is to take care of Lucifer, and most of the other things were done by his colleagues. Pei Xia was embarrassed to take the credit alone and said, “Everyone worked hard. It was Buck who interrogated the truth, it was Mallory who ran to call the people, it was…”

  He said a lot, recapping everyone’s part until his mouth went dry and he unconsciously stuck out the tip of his tongue to lick his lower lip.

  ”Okay, Pei Xia, no need to say more, I understand that this is the result of all of our hard work, everyone is excellent.”

  Lucifer calmly passed him a glass of water.

  Pei Xia subconsciously took it, subconsciously said, “Thank you, Your Holiness”, subconsciously took a sip, and then——his whole person froze.

  Wasn’t this….the water glass Lucifer just used?!

  ”What’s wrong, Pei Xia?” Lucifer’s pure eyes looked directly at Pei Xia, there was no evasion or ulterior motive inside. Those blue eyes were like the sky, so clear, as if faintly mocking Pei Xia’s impure thoughts.

  ”I-it’s nothing, Your Holiness…” Pei Xia slowly put down the water glass and pushed it away.

  It doesn’t matter, he drank it on the other side. They are good buddies, drinking from the same cup is nothing!

  He convinced himself in this way, then cleared his throat and said, “Your Holiness, would you like to go for a walk?”

  Since Lucifer didn’t find anything wrong with drinking from the same cup, then change the subject so that he’ll never find out!

  Pei Xia said honestly, “The kitchen is cooking now and the food will be delivered soon. The weather is good today. Maybe you want to eat in the yard?”

  After several days of continuous rainy weather, the sun finally came out. The harbor was caught by rain not long ago. The grass was fresh and exuberant. Dining under the blue sky, white clouds and green trees on the lawn would definitely make people feel happy.

  ”I accept your proposal, Holy Knight.” Lucifer said with a smile. He stretched out his hand, Pei Xia immediately helped him stand up, and then helped change his clothes.

  When changing clothes… Pei Xia stared at the ceiling, resolutely not giving Lucifer a chance to misunderstand.

  There was a sudden clatter and Pei Xia followed the sound to see what it was. It turned out that the gold comb studded with gems fell to the ground.

  ”My hands are a little weak,” Lucifer sat in front of the mirror, frowning in distress, and slowly bent down.

  Pei Xia took a step forward and picked up the golden comb. “Your Holiness, please let me help you.”

  ”Thank you, Pei Xia,” Lucifer smiled.

  ”No problem,” Pei Xia stood behind him, holding the golden comb and combing his long hair. The golden hair was more dazzling and beautiful than the golden comb. He carefully held a handful of Lucifer’s sunshine silk threads to help tidy up his appearance.

  ”You haven’t eaten anything for an entire day, you will have strength after eating later,” Pei Xia comforted him.

  After combing his long hair, Pei Xia helped Lucifer walk downstairs. Lucifer was indeed very weak, his whole body was leaning on Pei Xia.

  Pei Xia caught a faint rose fragrance.

  Tsk, how should he put it… it’s Alice’s fault! Taking care of a comatose person and still mixing rose essential oil into the water used to wipe his body. Oh Light God above, she’s too thoughtful [1]闷骚. Baidu said it means man show.

  Pei Xia couldn’t understand them Westerners, even Westerners portrayed by Eastern authors.

  At this time, Lucifer’s body temperature seeped through the fabric and transferred to Pei Xia, he wasn’t surprised that Lucifer’s body felt cold.

  He discovered a long time ago that even though Lucifer is the Light God’s darling, known as the Son of the Sun, the embodiment of warmth, etc….very positive and sunny, but his body temperature was low, rarely would he have the warmth of ordinary people.

  Pei Xia couldn’t help but think worriedly, this was a sign of nutritional deficiency!

  He began to recall his previous life’s knowledge. One had to drink red dates and brown sugar water to make up for nutritional deficiencies… Wait, wasn’t that for a woman on her period?

  Pei Xia frowned slightly, but couldn’t complain that Lucifer was as delicate as a frail girl, so he could only ponder alone on how to supplement it for him.

  ”Pei Xia, what are you thinking about?” Lucifer tilted his head and asked curiously.

  His long hair swept over Pei Xia’s neck with the movement, and it tickled him. Pei Xia couldn’t help but evade. He said sincerely, “I was thinking that Your Holiness should eat more nutritious things to replenish energy.”

  He subconsciously squeezed Lucifer’s arm, and it’s elastic… En, it didn’t seem to be as weak as he had thought. Pei Xia squeezed again and felt it carefully.

  ”Addicted?” Lucifer asked with a smile.

  Pei Xia regained his senses in horror, he was taken aback, reflexively released his hand, and gently pushed away. And so…the weak Holy Son fell down the stairs with a thud.

  Pei Xia, “Your Holiness!!!!!”

  He screamed and hurriedly rushed after him, as if it was not Lucifer but himself who tumbled down the stairs. Fortunately, they have now reached the bottom few stairs, Lucifer just rolled a bit before coming to a stop.

  Pei Xia flew over and knelt in front of Lucifer with a plop. Panickedly, he stretched out his hand to support Lucifer’s upper body.

  When Lucifer fell, he fell face first. Fortunately, he covered his face with his hands in time to avoid disfigurement.

  He sat up weakly, put his hand down, and there was a red mark on the back of his hand.

  ”Please forgive me, Your Holiness, I was wrong. I am extremely sorry, please punish me!” Pei Xia prostrated on the ground, feeling guilty.

  His heart was beating erratically. He was worried about Lucifer’s fall, and he blamed himself for such disgraceful behavior. At the same time, he was afraid of being driven away by Lucifer… 

  His thoughts twisted into a ball like a mess, Pei Xia could only restlessly wait for Lucifer’s punishment.

  At this time, a hand gently stroked his head and Lucifer said, “Alright, Pei Xia, get up. I am also at fault in this matter, I shouldn’t have teased you.”

  ”No, Your Holiness, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have defiled you so unthinkingly!” Pei Xia apologized guiltily.

  ”Okay,” Lucifer smiled softly, “Since you insist, then I will punish you…”

  ”…” Pei Xia inhaled, not daring to breathe.

  ”I punish you to take good care of me until I recover.”

  Pei Xia burst into tears. Lucifer was too upstanding!

  ”Please let me make it up to you, Your Holiness!” Pei Xia suddenly got up, looking at Lucifer’s eyes as if looking at the actual Light God.

  At this moment, Pei Xia felt that he was full of energy. He gratefully carried Lucifer on his back, and then ran to the small dining table on the beautiful lawn to place Lucifer there.

  He was like a diligent little bee, wiping Lucifer’s hands and patting his clothes, pouring steamed milk for him, and then running away like the wind.

  Lucifer slightly extended his hand, somewhat at a loss. Wait, you said you will take care of me, why did you run?!

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1 闷骚. Baidu said it means man show


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