Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Pei Xia’s love tonic soup.

  Where did Pei Xia go?

  To the kitchen of course!

  Since his punishment was to take care of Lucifer, Pei Xia couldn’t treat this perfunctorily, he must take care of Lucifer seriously!

  At the moment, Pei Xia couldn’t think of any other ways that could better reflect his care. After thinking about it, all he came up with was to make Lucifer some food to show his sincerity.

  In his previous life, Pei Xia lived alone and was used to taking care of himself. He was still pretty good at cooking. While it couldn’t be compared with a chef’s, the taste was still okay. At the very least it wouldn’t give someone diarrhea when they eat it!

  What should I make for him… Pei Xia frowned, he stood in the kitchen and earnestly pondered.

  ”Your Honor, the breakfast for His Holiness is ready, do you need to check it?” The servants in the kitchen asked both nervously and respectfully.

  This stern-faced Knight was the one who the Holy Son valued the most. And these servants’ master, Hobson, just had to have colluded with the devil…Oh God, the Light God above, now whenever they see this Holy Knight, they felt their little hearts beating wildly and a breeze pass over their necks.

  Pei Xia was startled, but then he nodded. “Okay.”

  The servants immediately sent over the prepared meals for him to check. Meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, etc… They were all nutritious and delicious. Pei Xia was a little bit distressed. If this was the case, then he didn’t need to cook anymore.

  He could only cook simple Western recipes. As for Chinese food, he didn’t know if Lucifer would like it, so instead of cooking it himself, it was better to let Lucifer eat the chef’s cooking.

  Pei Xia waved his hand. “Very well, send it over quickly, don’t let it get cold.”

  ”Yes, Your Honor!”

  Several servants left with the breakfast. Of those that were left, they still looked at Pei Xia curiously and uneasily. The food was already sent, yet this knight didn’t leave to guard his master. What else does he need to stay in the kitchen for?

  It couldn’t be that Lucifer mistreats his knight and starves him, so he came here to steal food, right?

  Just when everyone’s curiosity was about to bubble over, Pei Xia rolled up his sleeves and asked, “Ahem, do you have any sugar?”

  That’s right, Pei Xia had decided on what he wanted to make. He wanted to prepare a bowl of nutritious soup that drove the cold out of the body! Although he, himself, did not do much research on health maintenance, people in the era of science and technology can always easily acquire a lot of fragmentary knowledge. Although he himself has never suffered from nutritional deficiencies, he knew female classmates with dysmenorrhea [1]menstrual pain/cramps and has heard them mention jujube with brown sugar water.

  Pei Xia decided to make a bowl of tonic soup for Lucifer!

  Pei Xia asked the servants to prepare the things for him, “Red dates, longans, roses, brown sugar… Ah, if you don’t know about brown sugar, ordinary sugar is also fine, and some honey. Um… Add some nuts and walnuts for the brain.”

  ”That’s right, donkey-hide gelatin! Too bad there is none here.” Pei Xia stroked his chin and suddenly thought of gelatin raw materials, his eyes shone, “Is there no animal skin?”

  Servants, “There is, you are going to…?”

  ”Bring it here first.”

  Pei Xia closed his eyes and recalled, “Um… Stir-fried pork liver with chives? Forget it, as long as the pork liver is good… Bring black pepper, ginger, and eggs!”

  Pei Xia remembered that he had a much older female cousin [2]表姐 biǎo jiě = a daughter of father’s sister or of mother’s brother or sister, who is older than oneself; cousin, they lived together when they were young. When his cousin had dysmenorrhea, she would drink a bowl of brown sugar, ginger and egg water. One thing she always had to add was black pepper, so that the body will feel warm and comfortable after drinking it.

  As for the taste? Pei Xia never had menstruation, he could only look at it with envy, but never drank it personally.

  At that time, the family was poor, and his cousin would only receive special treatment at this time, so it must be very delicious!


  Half an hour later, Lucifer sat gracefully on a beautiful white painted chair. In front of him was a single dining table decorated with a vase containing a fully-bloomed red rose.

  He had finished his breakfast and was sitting there idly, waiting for his lovely knight.

  Why hasn’t Pei Xia come yet?

  In contrast to Pei Xia, the other people kept drawing closer to his side as if unintentionally. They stared at Lucifer with what they thought was a hidden gaze, either with admiration or greed.

  Lucifer had long become accustomed to such gazes, he was leisurely and didn’t feel uncomfortable. He was the guide of believers, and he is destined to stand in the forefront of everyone and guide them to the light.

  However, light… Lucifer seemed to have thought of something, and the smile on his face became more and more obvious.

  Humans, they obviously have never even seen the true appearance of God, but under the guidance of their same kind, they fanatically believe in God. Is this what they call stupidity?

  Lucifer stretched out his fair hand gracefully, pinched a rose with his long and slender fingers and held it in front of him. He looked at the rose with narrowed bright eyes, smiling as if he had seen something else.

  He paid no mind to the spikes on the flower branches that pricked his fingers, the wound on his finger healed as soon as the red blood beads appeared.

  He plucked a petal and threw it on the ground in boredom.

  ”Pei Xia.”

  Where did he come from?

  Pei Xia, what is he thinking about?

  Pei Xia, what does he know?

  Pei Xia…

  He suddenly became impatient, he flicked his fingertips and the rose petals he plucked off burned silently. Then, the rose he held in his hand rapidly withered before finally turning into pieces of flying ash and disappeared into the dust.

  The bright Holy Son, still sitting in front of the table, gracefully extended his hand, ready to destroy another rose when—— the rose’s hero came!

  Pei Xia solemnly and steadily walked over with a silver jar.

  ”Your Holiness!”

  Steam escaped from the edge of the silver jar’s lid. Pei Xia put the jar in front of Lucifer, then stepped back a little bit and knelt down on one knee.

  He held the sword around his waist with his left hand, put his right hand on his chest, leaned over and lowered his head slightly, he expressed his respect and loyalty to Lucifer, “The great Holy Son, this subordinate feels extremely sorry for hurting you. Your tolerance and kindness makes me grateful, and I will always remember it in my heart.”

  Lucifer glanced at the silver jar and then at Pei Xia, feeling satisfied with his sincere and straightforward apology.

  So he smiled and said magnanimously, “Pei Xia, don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”

  Really…? Pei Xia was stunned, feeling incredibly grateful. Lucifer is so good and excellent!

  Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Even if you say this, this subordinate will still definitely fulfill the contents of the punishment.”

  ”So, what is in this jar?”

  Pei Xia enthusiastically introduced to him, “It is popular in this subordinate’s hometown to make a great tonic soup for people with weak bodies. This is the tonic soup I personally cooked for you, you will definitely be in good health after drinking it. This soup can cure cold hands and feet, make one’s body warm and energetic, and also cure menstrual pain!”

  ”Menstrual pain?’

  ”A painful experience.”

  Lucifer couldn’t help but sigh, “What a magical tonic soup. Pei Xia, I can feel your kindness, I will definitely savor the soup made by your hands.”

  With that, he lifted the lid of the silver jar with great interest, and in the next moment, a sweet, fishy, spicy, strange and magical smell floated up along with a white mist.

  The white mist dispersed, revealing a black-red muddy soup with mushy petals floating around.

  Pei Xia took the lid out of Lucifer’s hand expectantly and exchanged it with a spoon. “Please taste it, Your Holiness. In my hometown, this tonic soup is very popular and especially loved by girls!”

  The darling of the Light God, the person countless people devoutly believed in, Lord Lucifer the Holy Son, held the spoon and fell silent.


1 menstrual pain/cramps
2 表姐 biǎo jiě = a daughter of father’s sister or of mother’s brother or sister, who is older than oneself; cousin


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