Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Can I be with you

The first person to speak up was Yin Hanyue who said expectedly, “Once Third Young Master has agreed to the engagement, the date should not exceed more than a month.”

Zhou Jinchen’s expression slightly darkened, “Only a month?”

Yin Hanyue nodded, “The change in the shareholding of Jin Dian will definitely come to fruition next year. He wants the shares in Zhou family’s hands, so it’s impossible to wait too long.”

At the side, Yin Hanxing lazily interjected, “Moreover, my Uncle has been coveting you for so long, he must want to get it as soon as possible.”

Zhou Jinchen closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

While An Xumo sat on his other side, he only felt that he can’t intervene in the topic of the three. He’s the only one who doesn’t know the whole story, and the only thing he could understand was the word ‘engagement’.

Even though he was determined to let go and see the boundaries, even though he knew that his brother had asked him to stay in order to not hide anything from him, An Xumo still couldn’t bring himself not to care.

He doesn’t know why he still cares and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Thinking only for a moment, An Xumo quickly tried to adjust his state. As soon as he suppressed his emotions, he heard Zhou Jinchen’s voice.

“I will delay it until the end before agreeing, and then end this matter within a month.”

Yin Hanxing who had one hand on his cheek raised his eyebrow.

“There’s still some time between the engagement and the wedding, so you can delay it for a few days. Are you in such a hurry that you don’t even want to take part in the engagement?”

“There are too many variables in Jin Dian’s equity shares, so it’s a quick decision.”

Zhou Jinchen’s words are concise and comprehensive.

“Moreover, there is no need for an engagement.”

When he said the last half of the sentence, his tone was extremely decisive, causing An Xumo who was on the side to be stunned for a moment.

What the boy didn’t expect was that Yin Hanyue on the opposite side didn’t look a bit surprised and only nodded his head.

“I agree.”

“Within a month,” Zhou Jinchen’s tone was low and cold, “I will make Yin Yuan lose his reputation.”

Yin Hanyue gave a low laugh with his slightly mute voice, somewhat gentle.

“Happy cooperation.”

By the time An Xumo reacted to this informative conversation, the topic had changed into various indices and initiatives that he couldn’t understand.

The people who talked were mainly Yin Hanyue and Zhou Jinchen, Yin Hanxing would occasionally insert a few words and An Xumo was confused all the way to the end. It wasn’t long after the chat that Yin Yuan called. Looking at Yin Hanyue who was talking in a weak tone, An Xumo really found it difficult to link him with the calm young man who had just analyzed smoothly what kind of blow would be most fatal to his father.

Yin Hanyue’s performance was easy and flawless coupled with the presence of Yin Hanxing, the trusted nephew in the picture, Yin Yuan was quickly prevaricated.

“My uncle has arrived at the villa and was planning to go to your place.” Hanging up the phone, Yin Hanxing sputtered, “really can’t wait.”

It’s not the first time that Yin Yuan had such bad intentions and premediated harassment, and Zhou Jinchen has obviously already had the experience of dealing with it. However, noticing An Xumo beside him, he still paused for a moment.

The boy was drinking the hot porridge from the takeaway delivery. Zhou Jinchen watches his three meals more strictly than the alarm clock. Noticing his brother’s gaze, An Xumo quickly raised his head, “What’s the matter?”

Zhou Jinchen shook his head and said nothing. However, An Xumo seemed to realize something, and the boy carefully reached out his hand and gently patted Zhou Jinchen’s back as if he were touching the back fur of some large animal.

“Thank you for your hard work.[1]used to express how much one appreciates someone’s effort” An Xumo gently reassured him, “After you’re done, you can go back to B City where there are no neighbors next door.”

Zhou Jinchen listened in silence, the dark eyes under his eyes gradually softened down.

“Do you like it there?”

He asked in a low voice.

“Mm.” An Xumo nodded seriously.

That was the only place he had ever described as ‘going home’.

Yin Hanxing on one side watched the conversation between the two and couldn’t help but look at Yin Hanyue beside him.

“I originally thought my relationship with my second brother was already pretty good.” Yin Hanxing said.

Yin Hanyue gave him a look, “Hm?”

Yin Hanxing gestured towards the two people across the table and raised his eyebrow, “It turns out that now, it seems like it’s not as good as these two’s brotherhood.”

Slowly stirring the silver spoon in his hand, Yin Hanyue smiled and didn’t say anything.

Yin Hanxing was the only one who insisted that the two people on the other side were just brothers.


The end of the year is approaching but there isn’t much joy and happiness within Jin Dian. Within two weeks, the Deputy General Manager of Jin Dian’s Film and Television and the General Manager of its distribution company left one after another, and the two executives kept quiet about the reasons for their departure. At the same time, some of the company’s diversified shares were bought by unknown forces in batches. This Chinese New Year was not destined to be an ordinary New Year for Jin Dian.

News from various sources continued but for An Xumo, what he was most concerned about was another matter.

The White Birch Awards ceremony, one of the four major awards for domestic films was about to take place, and 《Different Roads》 which grossed 4 billion yuan in the box office, was one of the films selected. Commercial films were not originally favored by the industry judges but with Ma Lao’s presence, 《Different Roads》 has won many awards. I’m afraid that the White Birch Awards this time will be no exception.

On the day of the award ceremony, the cast and crew of 《Different Roads》 reunited. After greeting the familiar seniors, An Xumo was led away by Zhou Jinchen and went on the red carpet together.

Lin Rui was unable to come for some reason and only his agent was there in his place. In this red carpet ceremony that is even grander than the premiere promotion, An Xumo walked together with Zhou Jinchen once again.

The silent LingBai party is once again boiling; the official stamp of sugar doesn’t stop until you’re in a coma. At the same time, the ChenMo party also quietly compiled a list of all the important red carpet shows attended by the two since their debut. An Xumo’s column is quite clear at a glance but Zhou Jinchen has a large and densely packed list. However, the most prominent data is also particularly conspicuous —— the only time I walked the red carpet with the same-sex artist and the only co-artist who walked the red carpet with two artists many times is all with An Xumo.

An Xumo who unconsciously finished sending sugar also received two nominations and an award at this first major film festival he attended.

The nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer both included An Xumo’s name, and finally, the Best Supporting Actor went to a sixty-year-old actor while An Xumo won the Best Newcomer trophy.

The host on the stage read out the names on the cards, and there was a burst of fireworks that exploded in congratulations and applause all around. The last memorable film festival was the Wutong Awards when Zhou Jinchen won the Film Emperor, and now, An Xumo has stood in front of the camera from outside the screen.

The figure that had been viewed from afar was standing next to the boy, and at the first moment the voice fell, he leaned over to hug him.

The man’s figure blocked the camera, and the cool wooden scent cut off a short space in the noisy environment. An Xumo was stunned for a moment, but finally reached out and hugged the other party back.

The aisle in the middle of the crowd leads to the stage, the spotlight was on top of the person’s head. An Xumo stood in front of the microphone, there were dazzling lights on the stage, and countless pairs of hot as the light eyes focused on the boy under the stage.

Acting, fame, winning awards, these things don’t matter for An Xumo, the only thing that makes him unable to move his eyes is the person next to the vacant seat in front of him.

Even if he doesn’t go near, the sun still emits warm light eternally.

At the White Birch Awards ceremony, 《Different Roads》 won seven nominations and eventually won four heavyweight awards, including Best Director and Best Newcomer. For a commercial film that is bursting with box office, to be able to achieve such result in the industry selection, it can be regarded as a great achievement.

By winning the Best Newcomer award, An Xumo is equivalent to getting recognition of the industry for the first time. He is not lacking heat and popularity, not short on idol traffics, what they lack are works and roles, but 《Different Roads》 is given to An Xumo, which happens to be such a masterpiece of extremely high quality. After the White Birch Award, An Xumo received a wave of interviews and media coverage, and the name ‘popular idol’ quietly evolved into ‘young actor’.

After the busy round, An Xumo only had time to listen to Tang Tang’s gossip. However, Tang Tang knew about this without saying it.

The engagement between Zhou Jinchen and Yin Hanyue has come down.

This news hasn’t been made public yet. After all, with Zhou Jinchen’s current state, the announcement of a relationship will bring a considerable impact, let alone a public wedding announcement. No matter how the two protagonists of the engagement plan secretly, all kinds of preparations are beginning to operate on the surface. The first and most critical link is the crisis in public relations.

The funds and shares need to be secretly turned around, Xin Zimai is so busy that he can’t keep his feet off the ground, but when he brought the documents over to someone for signature, he found Zhou Jinchen looking at the proposal submitted by the public relations team.

“What do you think of this?” Xin Zimai was puzzled, “Didn’t you say no engagement?”

He took a closer look and realized that the other party (Zhou Jinchen) was looking at how to reduce the damage of public opinion to the other party.

Zhou Jinchen flipped through the documents in his hands without raising his head, “It will be useful.”

Xin Zimai: “……”

Who does he want to use it with?

Zhou Jinchen’s marriage with Yin Yuan’s son had caused a considerable impact on the situation in Jin Dian, and at the same time, there was another person who was affected.

“Senior Brother Yin?” Seeing the visitor through the peephole, An Xumo couldn’t help but be startled, “Why did you come?”

“I came to deliver something to Third Young Master.” Yin Hanxing wore a warm brown coat and had one hand in his pocket, “It’s only you here?”

“En.” An Xumo nodded and let the person in, “Brother and Brother Yin are next door.”

Yin Hanxing sneered thinking that it was Yin Yuan who called them again. He was used to seeing Yin Yuan’s absurdity so he didn’t pay much attention to it, and only when he saw An Xumo’s expression did he pause slightly.

The boy brought a cup of green tea and a cup of honey water which was in stark contrast to the plain boiled water Yin Hanxing used to entertain people last time. The honey water was hot and like An Xumo, it continued to bubble out a sweet aroma.

Yin Hanxing looked at him with a cup in his hand, “You’re not happy about the Third Young Master?”

An Xumo was stunned for a moment.

Yin Hanxing didn’t pursue, “Both of you brothers are close, it’s normal that you feel unhappy about this engagement. It’s no big deal.”

An Xumo couldn’t help but say, “You too?”

Yin Hanxing laughed, “My relationship with my second brother is not that good yet. Besides, it’s not like they’re really engaged.”

He held the cup with one hand and the other hand’s fingers kept moving at a fast pace.

Before An Xumo could see the movement of Yin Hanxing’s right hand, his attention was drawn by his voice.

“Junior Brother, you only have Third Young Master being close to you since childhood…… Now, it’s justifiable that you would feel worried about your brother being snatched away.”

“Since childhood?” An Xumo frowned.

“Are you investigating me?”

“Just some rumors,” Yin Hanxing said, “about Fourth Uncle Zhou, which happened many years ago.”


Despite the other party’s explanation, An Xumo still didn’t want to continue the conversation. Because of the engagement, he was already emotionally unstable and he really didn’t want to uncover old scars in front of others.

He directly said, “Is there anything else, Senior Brother Yin?”

Faced with such obvious dismissal, Yin Hanxing acted as if he didn’t understand. He smiled and said, “Yes.”

An Xumo raised his eyes to look over and a lifelike paper rose appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Yin Hanxing handed the rose that had just been folded in his right hand and said with a smile, “We haven’t seen each other for seventeen days since the last annual meeting.”

An Xumo hesitated and didn’t reach out to pick it up.

“…… and then?” (T/N: lmao pls. E/N: klfjklfsfhnlskfn plis)
“Even if this marriage contract is fake, Third Young Master will get married in the future, and when you grow up, this kind of familial attachment will fade.”

Yin Hanxing’s voice was elegant and mellow like a fine wine poured into the heart.

“Xiao Mo, are you willing to accept a new companion?”

An Xumo thought he had heard wrong but in front of his eyes, Yin Hanxing who had already put down his glass, gently flicked his left hand and the paper rose that was still in his hand turned into a nice, delicate, dew-stained red rose.

The rose in full bloom was brought in front with a faint aroma accompanied by an elegant and beautiful male voice.

“Can I be with you as a companion?”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo: Senior Brother approached me because of Lu Pinghui, right?

Xiao Mo: It turns out that Senior Brother approaching me was because of Yin Yuan……

Xiao Mo: So Senior Brother, because

Xiao Mo (wakes up suddenly): ……?

Brother: ……

Jie Jie: poor Hanxing……😢

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1 used to express how much one appreciates someone’s effort

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