Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Is it okay to examine it

An Xumo couldn’t even react until the rose was handed to him.

He really didn’t expect Yin Hanxing to like him.

Despite the confession, Yin Hanxing didn’t get too close. He still had a graceful and elegant demeanor, sitting on the sofa not far away from the other.

An Xumo looked at the other person, trying to find the joke or disguise on the person’s face, but he didn’t. Yin Hanxing was wearing his usual smile but his eyes were serious.

Hesitating for a moment, An Xumo still said, “……I don’t understand why you would say that.”

Yin Hanxing smiled, “Is there anything I can help to answer?”

An Xumo asked, “You like me?”


An Xumo was at a loss, “……Why?”

Yin Hanxing leaned forward with his upper body and narrowed the distance between them.

“You’re cute, kind, diligent, and serious. Every time I watch you dance or solve a problem, it makes people want to put you in their pocket and hide you.”

His tone was already mellow and after he deliberately slowed down his speech, it became even more elegant and beautiful.

An Xumo was shocked by this straightforward description.

Seeing that the boy’s face was still full of ‘disbelief’, Yin Hanxing reined in his smile and became even more serious in his tone.

“At first, I approached you because of my uncle’s order, except for the lucky draw on the first day of the new club, the girl who gave you a love letter, the varsity member who brought you water in PE class, and the one who chatted with you in the cafeteria……”

An Xumo listened to Yin Hanxing count the arrangements he had instructed one by one, his expression had turned from bewilderment to confusion.

When did these people appear?

“P University’s security is tight; it’s difficult for paparazzi to enter. My uncle’s intention is for me to take ambiguous pictures of you with these people. If Third Young Master had any close contact with you in the future, he will give these photos to him.” Yin Hanxing sternly said, “At the very start, I did follow his plan and I apologize for the troubles I caused you.”

“Third Young Master has seen these photos and then the plan didn’t continue later. The photos may be detrimental to you in the future so I have erased all those data.”

An Xumo nodded in delay.

He didn’t really care about this matter and did not blame the other party. Honestly, if Yin Hanxing hadn’t mentioned it, except for the girl who sent the love letter, An Xumo could no longer remember the others.

“I originally came to find evidence that you have an ambiguous relationship with someone else, but as a result,” Yin Hanxing laughed bitterly, “…. trapped myself in.”

After listening to his explanation, An Xumo reacted. The gift from the horse farm, the chance encounter at school, the review questions before the exam, the incomparably precious materials sorted out, these bits and pieces aren’t disguises of Yin Hanxing’s intention to approach but his frank and sincere heart.

Yin Hanxing did not say too much. He looked at An Xumo and asked seriously for the second time, “Xiao Mo, can I be with you?”

An Xumo pursed his lips.

“Sorry, senior brother……” He said softly, “But I don’t have that idea about you at the moment.”

Although he was gratified to Yin Hanxing for his care over the past six months, he couldn’t possibly give any other answer.

After hearing this, Yin Hanxing didn’t have the fierce reaction he expected but rather, he appropriately took back the rose that had nowhere to rest in An Xumo’s hand.

“Xiao Mo, in fact, I have already expected this answer. Moreover, with your status, it’s impossible for you to decide your relationship as freely and simply as ordinary people.” Yin Hanxing said in a warm voice, “But I want to ask a deadline from you, three months. If you still have the same answer after three months, I will never continue to pester you.”

“I thought my attitude was already obvious before but I didn’t expect I did not really let you know it.” Most of the artists in the entertainment industry are used to seeing this kind of thing, Yin Hanxing didn’t expect An Xumo’s slowness. “These three months can be regarded as giving me a chance to really start fighting for it, okay?”

Yin Hanxing’s level of patience exceeded An Xumo’s imagination and he did seem to be very serious about this matter. An Xumo hesitated for a moment but finally nodded his head.

Even without mentioning anything else, Zhou Jinchen still had to work with Yin Hanyue during this period. At such a critical time, An Xumo didn’t want to make the alliance of these people appear to be at odds because of his own affairs.



No matter the situation under the table is surging, the New Year is still getting closer and closer. An Xumo’s work is also becoming busier, even the time to read Weibo was hard to squeeze out on the road.

Many artists have posted short videos on Weibo to express good wishes for the Lunar New Year, most of which are showing their faces. However, An Xumo didn’t read much of the content of his peers; he deliberately opened the Weibo only for one person.

Although Zhou Jinchen doesn’t have a personal Weibo, his studio posted a small video with background music on his official account. An Xumo quickly found the address prompted by Tang Tang, he clicked the Weibo and froze.

In the video, Zhou Jinchen who has always been strictly formal rarely took off his jacket. He was wearing a dark brown turtleneck sweater that showed off his figure and revealed a rare homely atmosphere. In addition to the clothes, he is also in a different environment than usual —

Mr. Zhou who has always appeared only at work and never smiled is actually standing in the open kitchen…… serving dumplings.

The video is very short. In addition to the audio processing, the video has also been sped up. After serving the dumplings, Zhou Jinchen handed the bowl to a hand next to him, filled a second bowl, then turned around and casually glanced at the camera.

Even if he hasn’t been paying much attention to the recent hot searches, An Xumo can fully imagine what kind of impact this video will have.

Zhou Jinchen rarely reveals his privacy, and when he first recorded 《Sunny Weekend》, even the matter of washing the dishes could be on the hot search which shows how rare such a daily clip really is.

But for An Xumo who has been living with his brother for almost half a year, this kind of clip is actually more than normal. Even when the video was shot, An Xumo was present.

The hand that took the dumpling bowl was his.

An Xumo briefly glanced at the comments, the message did have people guessing where the video was shot. There were also messages below asking who the person next to him was, many people guessed the answers of assistants or agents. The boy looked at it and had a subtle feeling.

The boy who was so slow that he made the other party laugh when he faced Yin Hanxing became extremely sharp at this time.

Why didn’t my brother show the clip of him with just himself?

An Xumo thought to himself, this couldn’t be…… on purpose, right?

This kind of video which has been processed several times doesn’t show much obvious information but it just reveals something about someone around Zhou Jinchen. An Xumo couldn’t figure out the reason for his brother to do this, he scrolled up and saw the accompanying text of the video.

In addition to a Happy New Year, there are three icons respectively, dumplings, the word fortune,[1]stands for good luck, good fortune, and good blessing, sometimes also means happiness. It is most popularly used during the Chinese New Year celebrations, hung upside down on the entrances of many … Continue readingand a house.

An Xumo fixed his gaze on the house icon. He suddenly remembered something, quickly opened the Weibo emoji, selected the house icon inside it, then copied the input icon into the WeChat dialog box.

The cute cartoon icon turned into a word ——



Other than work, An Xumo didn’t have anything else to worry about. When his various tasks around the year ended, he finally had a little free time; he realized that Jin Dian has changed.

Because of Yin Yuan’s attitude towards An Xumo, Zhou Jinchen had been trying to avoid meeting the two since that housewarming party. When he heard Tang Tang’s analysis, An Xumo learned that the senior director whom he had only met a few times had been replaced by Yin Hanyue.

The Yin family is also a big family, and Jin Dian’s shares are naturally not all their assets. The shares in Yin Yuan’s hands were inherited by Yin Hanyue which is equivalent to still belonging to their branch. Although it will make people jealous, after seeing Yin Hanyue who has been pretending for twenty years, it gave birth to some fear.

As for the future development, that is Yin Hanyue’s own business.

Even though An Xumo had already known the news in advance, he was inevitably a little surprised when he saw Yin Hanyue’s picture in the updated profile. Yin Hanyue was too young despite holding shares left by his father, he looked a bit out of place among the group of top executives.

The reason he was able to succeed, in addition to Yin Yuan’s defenselessness and unpreparedness, there was also the help of Zhou Jinchen.

Apart from the scattered shares, the shares held by the Zhou family in Jin Dian also account for a large proportion. If Zhou Jinchen had not sold the majority of these shares to Yin Hanyue, the latter’s process of taking down Yin Yuan wouldn’t have been so smooth.

Zhou Jinchen had mentioned to An Xumo that he would change the contract that the latter had signed with Jin Dian. After selling these shares, not only An Xumo, but also Zhou Jinchen ended his contract with Jin Dian.

He left Jin Dian together with his agent Xin Zimai and the former general manager of Jin Dian Distribution, Lin Ziming, and established a new company —— Mojia Media

An Xumo went back to B City for the year and was told that he didn’t have to run to S City for work in the future.

Mojia’s address and registered office are in B City. An Xumo’s agent, team, and anyone who can dig and is willing to go, all signed to Mojia with him.

Overnight, his brother’s status changed from a senior to a boss. But in reality, An Xumo didn’t know that he was the one whose status changed the most.

From an artist receiving a trainee’s salary, he became a real shareholder.

After the establishment of the new economic company, Zhou Jinchen became busier and busier. An Xumo could only contact the other by phone for a week and even when he returned to school, he went back alone.

Although the situation in the outside world has turned upside down, on the campus of P University, the scenery remains the same and everything is as usual. An Xumo doesn’t live on campus and didn’t carry any luggage at the beginning of the school year, he only came back with a backpack. Compared to the large bags of students sent by their parents, he looked particularly relaxed when he walked on campus.

Coincidentally, An Xumo hadn’t taken a few steps when he met a familiar figure.

“Xiao Mo!”


The author has something to say:

Next chapter teaser — the jealous brother who was raging when Mo was stolen in front of him.

The fine wine vinegar is ten miles away~ Look forward to it 【rubbing hands】!

When you enter into the new company, you can do whatever you want such as quietly showing love in the New Year’s video, for example, the Hollywood copy on the agenda 【WeChat frown】


1 stands for good luck, good fortune, and good blessing, sometimes also means happiness. It is most popularly used during the Chinese New Year celebrations, hung upside down on the entrances of many Chinese homes. link

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