Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – The confession was run into by my brother

“Senior brother.”

An Xumo greeted the person and was not surprised that he would meet Yin Hanxing in the school. After the matter of Yin Yuan was settled, Yin Hanxing still continued his three-month appointment. Although the boy’s attitude remained unchanged after this period of time, the relationship between the two was much better than last semester.

After walking together, An Xumo was supposed to go on a class meeting but he received a message that the college had called away the counselor, and the class meeting was rescheduled, so the rest of the day was left empty. Yin Hanxing took the opportunity to propose to take a stroll by the lake. An Xumo had nothing to do so he agreed.

The cold winter has passed. The scenery by the lake was slightly deserted. As the two people chat casually, An Xumo mentioned the matter of Yin Hanyue, a young man who only had a few acquaintances but left a deep impression on him.

“Second brother? He’s still in S City. The shares have just been handed over. He shouldn’t be free in a short time.” Thinking of Yin Hanyue’s incredible expressions when he appeared at the main residence, Yin Hanxing couldn’t help laughing. “Second brother is probably the protagonist of the real version of a counterattack novel, and it’s wonderful enough to watch people change their faces all day.” 

Thinking about the contrast between Yin Hanyue in front and behind people, An Xumo also felt the same.

“What about……Yin Yuan?”

An Xumo was also clear about his brother protecting him from Yin Yuan’s approach. Nonetheless, he still has deep memories of the rampant former director.

Yin Hanxing raised his eyebrow, “Didn’t Third Young Master tell you?”

An Xumo shook his head, “Brother is also very busy these days.”

Yin Hanxing heard a little unrevealed loss in the boy’s voice and couldn’t help but reach out his hand to touch the person’s hair. However, in the end, he patted the person on the shoulder instead, as a kind of reassurance.

An Xumo subconsciously looked over sideways and saw Yin Hanxing patting off a few yellow leaves from his shoulder.

……Where did the leaves come from?

The boy didn’t have the time to be surprised as the leaves were caught by Yin Hanxing. He closed his hands to cover the leaves and when he opened it again, it turned into a yellow straw rabbit in his palm.

Yin Hanxing placed the rabbit in An Xumo’s hand with pointed ears. He saw the loss in the other party’s expression being washed away by surprise before continuing, “Uncle has been sent to the sanatorium.”

An Xumo looked up with the straw rabbit in his hand, “Sanatorium?”

Yin Yuan is sick?

“It’s the sanatorium where second brother’s (Yin Hanyue) biological mother is.” Yin Hanxing explained, “Soon after she gave birth to second brother, she was driven crazy by the matters of uncle cheating. Before being sent to the sanatorium, she beat second brother a lot. Up until now, she often scratches and bites when she’s having an attack.”

An Xumo was stupefied. It seems that Yin Hanyue’s upbringing was actually more difficult than imagined.

“Second brother sent uncle to the same sanatorium and the same ward.” Yin Hanyue said, “He said it was for them to renew their previous relationship.”

“……” An Xumo couldn’t help but be silent for a moment.

Even if it can’t be said to be very pleasant, An Xumo also can’t have much sympathy for Yin Yuan.

On the contrary, what Yin Hanyue did gave him a bit of a brand new inspiration.

The two of them walked as they talked and it wasn’t until it was getting late that they separated on campus. In the following half of the month, Yin Hanxing still ‘bumped into’ An Xumo often at school and their relationship was similar to the end of last semester, except that after the misunderstanding, Yin Hanxing’s pursuit became even more direct. An Xumo received more and more small gifts. These gifts aren’t expensive so it’s difficult for the boy to refuse.

So much so that later on, An Xumo was a bit afraid to wear clothes with a lot of pockets——as long as he ran into Yin Hanxing on campus, the two chatted for a while, and after they separated, An Xumo was able to dig out a lot of things from his pockets.

The admission ticket for the new event at Centennial Lecture Hall, exchange cards for the campus milk tea store, begonia flowers falling down from the west gate, and even the…… leave of absence signed by the counselor of the School of Mathematics.

Brother Yin’s magic skills are going to be full of magic.

In addition to a calm campus life, An Xumo also has a lot of commercial activities to attend. Despite a new agency, he also needs to take advantage of the rising period to increase his exposure as much as possible. Fortunately, apart from the significantly lower work intensity, he will also run into his brother who has been busy for a long time when attending many events.

Although Zhou Jinchen has been working overtime since after the New Year, his care for An Xumo hasn’t been lacking. In addition to the daily phone calls, he was also trying to get their schedules together, using various work opportunities to increase the chances of meeting with his younger brother.

And at this time, Tang Tang also brought back a piece of good news.

“Xiao Mo’s medical report came out, the doctor has seen it, and said that it can basically be regarded as a recovery.” 

As soon as Tang Tang finished speaking, a gentle touch came to the back of An Xumo’s head.

The boy raised his head and saw that Zhou Jinchen was looking at him. Although his expression was slightly serious, he was the only one in his dark eyes.

“Good job.”

Zhou Jinchen rubbed the soft black hair again before taking his hand back.

His boy was healing day by day.

There is more than one good news item. After signing with Mojia Media, the company worked with the original team to develop a new development path for An Xumo, and the script he has secured became more and more high quality. Apart from the best newcomer at the White Birch Awards, An Xumo began to transform towards the direction of an actor, and the next step is to take off the traffic label.

For this plan, An Xumo himself didn’t have too many ideas, he only thought that it was the team’s long-term development route, but in fact……

The decision maker’s idea is even more ‘long-lasting’.

“Jinchen, you want Xiao An to follow the same path as you?” When Xin Zimai saw the proposal, he sensed Zhou Jinchen’s intention.

Zhou Jinchen said faintly, “Xiao Mo needs to work on his own, he won’t last long relying on his fan’s strength.”

Moreover ——

“If there are accidents in the future, the identity of an actor is always better than an idol.”

Xin Zimai thought that Zhou Jinchen was talking about An Xumo’s identity. Recently, An Xumo’s fame was growing and would inevitably be noticed by the Zhou family. Zhou Jinchen was constantly running around to resolve the family’s influence, which is why Xin Zimai had this thought.

However, after the topic was turned over and being busy with other things for a while, Xin Zimai had a sudden divine enlightenment.

No, the identity of an actor is always better than an idol—— what does this mean? If it is really banned by the Zhou family, actors will not have any advantage over idols. If it’s a significant difference between the two, it’s more like……

The difference in treatment when announcing a relationship?

Xin Zimai froze.

He remembered again, the last time he was at Jin Dian, when Zhou Jinchen was looking at the public relations plan.

The other part said at that time, “It will be used in the future”. 

……Holy crap.

An Xumo did not know Xin Zimai’s shock and Zhou Jinchen’s long-term considerations, he only felt that the professionalism of his work had improved so much recently that he had once again picked up acting classes.

Dance training, acting practice, commercial activities, all these work piled up, and An Xumo’s time to go back to school was naturally squeezed out a lot.

However, no matter how long he went back or how short he stays at school, An Xumo still managed to meet Yin Hanxing every time. Yin Hanxing has even appeared in several activities Jin Dian has participated in.

By the time An Xumo realized this, the deadline for the three-month date that had been set was running out.

When he met Yin Hanxing once again when he returned to school, An Xumo finally couldn’t help it and invited him to a nearby café with an elegant environment.

“Are you filming recently?” The aroma of coffee wafted between the two of them, Yin Hanxing took the lead and said, “Do you have enough time to rest?”

An Xumo nodded, this was the first script that the new company had found for him. Both the creator and the co-stars were very rare, and most fortunately, his brother was also in the group.

His drama isn’t finished yet and this time he made a special trip back because of something at school. In this busy situation, the time An Xumo could go back to school was very little, and he didn’t want to drag out the agreement with Yin Hanxing any longer. He wanted to take advantage of this time to talk things out directly.

“Senior brother, I want to talk to you.”

Yin Hanxing is also a smart person and he saw An Xumo’s intention at a glance.

“Are you going to give me the answer?”

“En.” An Xumo nodded, he took a deep breath. “I apologize for delaying senior brother for so long and thank you for taking care of me during this period of time, but my answer is still the same as last time……”

Yin Hanxing interrupted softly, “Still refusing, right?”

An Xumo paused for a moment and nodded his head.

He softly said again, “I’m sorry.”

Yin Hanxing’s expression was slightly unnatural but he quickly adjusted himself.

“Although the outcome has been expected,” he smiled, “but when the results are actually announced, one may still be a little disappointed.”

“Nonetheless it’s all my own business,” Yin Hanxing winked at An Xumo, “Xiao Mo should still be happy.”

An Xumo pursed his lips, briefly forgetting even the matter of his sensitive lips.

“Senior brother……sorry.” He couldn’t resist the urge to apologize, “I……”

Yin Hanxing couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s not your fault, why do you need to apologize?”

An Xumo tried hard to ease the atmosphere and changed the subject, he didn’t know what he was talking about, “In fact, I still don’t quite understand why senior brother would like me……”

Yin Hanxing suppressed a smile, but there was still gentle warmth in those pair of peach blossom eyes.

“There are many reasons like I said last time, you are serious and cute……” he said softly, “but the real reason isn’t clear like is like. I see you for a moment and then I think of you every sudden moment, that’s all.”

An Xumo couldn’t help but be a little confused.

“Is it so…… simple?”

He couldn’t help but think of his feelings for his brother.

The road is so long that there is no end in sight, approaching, avoiding, resisting, until now, the boy has never been able to give a real definition of this feeling.

Yin Hanxing couldn’t help but laugh again.

He said in a warm voice, “Xiao Mo, love is a very simple thing ah.”

“To fall in love with someone, to tell him this feeling, to try to make yourself better, to try to pass on your feelings for them, isn’t that all there is to like?”

Yin Hanxing said, “As for whether or not you can receive the same feeling, that’s the other person’s business, and even if the other person doesn’t agree, because he likes him, he won’t blame him.”

An Xumo froze.

He had never thought……

He had never thought that love would be such a simple thing.

The boy looked across at Yin Hanxing, there was no negative emotion on the party’s face and his elegance also remained undiminished. From the night of the Equestrian club’s lottery ride together, An Xumo was clear about Yin Hanxing’s extroversion and self-confidence. He originally thought that it was just a difference in personality, but he vaguely felt that he should learn from the other party from today’s conversation.

Love and like……it’s not as grand and difficult as you think.

An Xumo’s heart warmed up, he also smiled a little. “……Thank you, senior brother.”

“No need to be so polite to me, Xiao Mo……”

Yin Hanxing didn’t finish his words, his eyes had already fixed behind An Xumo.

The privacy of this café is very good. There is sufficient distance and cover between each booth, so the two people chose to talk here. Due to An Xumo’s special status, they chose the innermost position, and no one came in except the waiter serving coffee.

An Xumo was attracted by Yin Hanxing’s line of sight, he turned his head along with him.

A person he thought would never appear here——


An Xumo subconsciously stood up, “How did you, how did you come here……”

Isn’t he still on the set?

The man who opened the cover and walked in had a cold and expressionless expression. He looked at Yin Hanxing coldly; his gaze was like a sharp ice blade. However, in this situation, Zhou Jinchen still moved his eyes away because of An Xumo’s words.

“I came out to sign the documents and pick you up on the way back.”

When facing the boy, Zhou Jinchen’s voice had obviously lightened up.

“Have you finished handling the school affairs?”

“En,” An Xumo hastily nodded his head. When he saw Zhou Jinchen’s slightly cold expression, he also took the initiative to explain, “I ended early and met senior by chance on the way……”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t let him finish his words.

“You go to the car first, okay?” Zhou Jinchen looked down at the boy, “I have something to talk to Third Yin-gongzi,[1]son of an official; son of nobility; your son [honorific] I’ll be there soon.”

An Xumo was stupefied for a moment, not understanding the man’s meaning.

When he paused, Yin Hanxing on the opposite side also stood up.

“Go ahead, Xiao Mo.” He smiled, “Third Young Master might want to talk to me alone.”

An Xumo hesitated for a moment but finally nodded.

Zhou Jinchen watched him walk out the door and before he left, he calmly admonished, “I’ve already paid the bill, just go straight to the car.”


An Xumo answered, lifted the cover, and walked out.

After the boy left, only two people were standing opposite each other in the silent space. The heat of the coffee is still rising faintly, and the strong fragrance is refreshing.

The author has something to say:

Learn about Asura’s play

Senior Brother Xingxing’s confession was unsuccessful but he hatched Xiao Mo’s true feelings

However, big brother’s efforts need to continue to maintain

Senior Brother Xingxing: I want to talk to Xiao Mo about……love but it turned out to be an interview with Xiao Mo’s brother?


1 son of an official; son of nobility; your son [honorific]

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