Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – I’m plotting against you

An Xumo walked out of the café, the air outside is much colder than in the warm room inside. He couldn’t help but shrink his neck and hurried into the car, waiting at the door.

When the warm air came to his face, An Xumo breathed a sigh of relief, his mind still recalling the experience he just had.

Yin Hanxing’s words gave the boy a new inspiration. He was grateful for the senior brother’s care and always wanted to reciprocate and repay the other person’s kindness.

Senior brother is a good man, he talked elegantly, he knows when to advance or retreat, and he excelled in all kinds of skills. However, when it comes to love, it’s impossible for him and the senior brother from the start.

It would be better to end it early lest you waste your time.

An Xumo leaned against the back of his chair, leaned his head against the pillow, and closed his eyes.

For so many years, the person who has given him the sweetest love and deepest pain has always been only one person.

A figure that can easily outline every detail appears in front of his eyes, that person has a cold face, deep eyes, and a perfect outline.

No one can replace it.

An Xumo also clearly realized this when he completed the three-month agreement with Yin Hanxing. He thought that if he didn’t cross the line and didn’t think too much, he wouldn’t get hurt. However, it was only after spending time with senior brother did he realized that the only person who could heal his wounds was his brother from the beginning to end.

An Xumo let out a light sigh and opened his eyes.

He looked sideways at the car, the window facing the café but the view of the room was blocked by the window decoration, so he couldn’t see the position of the innermost one.

An Xumo didn’t know that his brother was coming nor did he know how much the other party heard at the conversation just now. The atmosphere before coming out made him feel a little off, and it seemed that there was nothing serious to talk about.

He couldn’t help but be a little worried.

The boy waited for a long time until he wanted to get out of the car and go inside again when someone pushed the door out of the café.

It was Zhou Jinchen.

The man put his wallet back into his coat pocket, pulled open the door, and sat. An Xumo was about to ask him but he saw the coffee stains on the other party’s shirt at a glance.

The weirdest thing is that the coffee stain wasn’t spilled but was printed on…… similar to the shape of a fist’s seal, even the outline of the four fingers can be seen.

“……Brother? What happened to you two?” An Xumo was surprised and subconsciously looked toward the café but Yin Hanxing didn’t come out. “How did you get this on your clothes?”

Zhou Jinchen’s voice was still faint, “Nothing, we just took care of a personal matter.”

An Xumo wondered, “What about senior brother? Why didn’t he come out?”

“He spilled the coffee in the store and is still discussing with the boss.” Zhou Jinchen’s face didn’t change.

An Xumo frowned, “……but the bill was paid by you, brother.”

He saw the other party put the card back into his wallet.

Zhou Jinchen fell silent.

The driver in the driver’s seat lowered the soundproof barrier between the front and rear rows, and said to Zhou Jinchen, “Mr. Zhou, it’s almost time to go, shall we go back first?”

Zhou Jinchen responded. Although An Xumo didn’t see Yin Hanxing, he didn’t want to delay the work of the crew, so he could only watch the car slowly drive away.

Until the cafe disappeared from view, he did not see Yin Hanxing’s figure.

An Xumo turned his head but saw Zhou Jinchen’s face looked a little cold again. He didn’t know that the other party’s expression was because he (Zhou Jinchen) saw him (An Xumo) looking for Yin Hanxing and thought it was for other reasons.

“Hasn’t the matter with the Yin family already been resolved,” An Xumo asked, “something else went wrong?”

Zhou Jinchen was finally defeated. He raised his hand over and gently soothed the boy’s back.

“It has nothing to do with the Yin family, you don’t have to worry.”

The man’s voice was low, “In the future, things like Yin Yuan and the kind of things Lin Rui did before will not bother you again, I promise.”

An Xumo does not doubt this point.

From the time when he went to pretend to be intimate to bury the shadow because of Lin Rui to the recent Yin Yuan, this matter has been protected from the wind. An Xumo has obviously felt the change in his brother’s attitude. Not only these troubles cause by Zhou Jinchen, but even the various problems of An Xumo should also be solved by Zhou Jinchen —— the boy hardly cares about the contract which is the biggest headache for the artist.

However, this doesn’t mean that the problem now can be uncovered.

An Xumo looked at the man beside him, “That is to say, this time is a private matter?”

Zhou Jinchen looked back at him. There was slight helplessness in his gaze.

Failed to change the subject.

Eventually, he explained the coffee stain on his shirt.

“He punched me.”


How did the two of them fight?

“Yin Hanxing thought I was plotting against you with the title of an elder brother.” Zhou Jinchen didn’t show any intense emotions, “In a moment of verbal dispute, he moved.”

Plotting against me? An Xumo froze for a moment.

“Why would senior brother think so? And even if there really was a dispute…… you shouldn’t hit someone either ah?”

“Probably influenced by Yin Hanyue, he was worried that I would influence you from a young age as Yin Yuan did.”

Zhou Jinchen said faintly, “When he saw Yin Hanyue pretending to be sick to avoid it, he thought that you didn’t succeed in avoiding me.”

“I,” An Xumo was momentarily speechless, “Senior brother, he……”

He could understand what Yin Hanxing was thinking but this is not the case between him and his brother. It’s rather complicated to explain this matter clearly.

The boy finally let out a low sigh and carefully reached out to check the marks on Zhou Jinchen’s shirt.

“Are you badly hurt?” An Xumo asked softly, “Brother, why didn’t you dodge?”

With his knowledge of Zhou Jinchen’s skills, it was unlikely that Yin Hanxing would have much of an advantage.

As he leaned forward to examine it, the two were extremely close to each other that Zhou Jinchen could see the soft black hair on the top of the boy’s head with his eyes downcast, as well as the very light scent of milk shower gel of the other party.

“It’s not a problem.” He whispered, “Yin Hanxing is also right so I didn’t dodge.”


“I did plot against you.”

Zhou Jinchen had also considered a lot of things before opening his mouth. He had prepared mentally and even thought about how to remedy the situation.

But the boy’s reaction was extremely quiet.

Zhou Jinchen looked down and fully witnessed the process of his younger brother’s face and ears slowly dyed red.

Like a budding peach blossom in spring, inseparable and blooming at sunrise.


An Xumo felt dizzy all the way as if he was sweating finely from the winter sun. After the two returned to the set, they were routinely busy again, and it wasn’t until the end of the filming that he thought of another problem.

My brother only said he didn’t dodge it but he didn’t say whether he hit (back) or not.

Thinking about the fact that Yin Hanxing never came out of the coffee shop in the end and the compensation to the store was also paid by his brother, An Xumo couldn’t help but find it a little worrying. While it wasn’t too late, he stood at the roadside and called Yin Hanxing.

“Hello?” After the phone was dialed, the other side quickly picked up.

“Senior brother,” An Xumo called out tentatively, “sorry to disturb you so late, today at the café…… are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Xiao Mo.” Yin Hanxing’s voice carried the usual smile. Indeed, he didn’t hear anything unusual. “Have you already returned to the crew?”

“Yes.” An Xumo said, feeling uneasy, he asked again, “You and my brother have no major problems, right?”

Yin Hanxing smiled again, “No, Third Young Master is a very decent person.”

An Xumo felt as if there was something in the other party’s words but soon, the topic was taken away by Yin Hanxing.

The two talked for a while until Zhou Jinchen who had finished buying, came over to take the person away, and An Xumo was seen hanging up the phone. 

The crew is now in an intense filming stage with a huge workload every day which consumes a lot, it’s inevitable to be hungry at night. An Xumo’s stomach has been much better but he can’t still eat the crew’s midnight snacks. Zhou Jinchen will buy some easy-to-digest food for him to replenish calories to the boy so as to not have a craving.

An Xumo who was drinking sweet corn soup with the person back at the hotel didn’t know that the situation is not at all the same as he had imagined at the other end of the phone.

“Hiss….” Yin Hanxing couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath while the person applying the medicine didn’t even bother to raise his head and continued to rub the medicine on the bruise so that the ointment would melt away sooner.

“Dr. Lin, can you be a little gentler with the wounded?” Yin Hanxing smiled bitterly, “You’ll get complaints from patients later like this, okay?”

“One, I’m just a medical student, not a doctor.” The person being called expressionlessly squeezed out more ointment in his hand, “Two, even if there are patients in the future, they won’t be like you who repeatedly disobeyed and had to practice horseback riding.”

“This time it’s not horseback riding.”

Yin Hanxing seems to be tired and finally withdrew the smile on his face. He propped his forehead with his palm, blocking his eyes, and his voice sank.

“It was to make sure that the baby really doesn’t belong to me, which is why I got hurt.” There was a brief silence in the room.

“……So the baby has thorns and could hurt people,” “that’s why it beat you all over?” Another person asked the question subtly.

Yin Hanxing was amused by his words, and then he couldn’t help hissing again.

Even if it wasn’t serious enough to be covered in bruises, the wound directly on his chest was enough to limit the extent of Yin Hanxing’s smile.

“It wasn’t the baby that hurt me.”

He whispered, “It was the guardian of the baby, a fierce dragon with a thick and long tail who had the baby in his arms, and whoever dared to approach it would get clawed.”


The angel in white[1]laudatory term for a nursewho saved the wounded and rescued the dying, calmly said, “Then you are the knight who bravely seized the treasure[2]can also mean baby, it was used interchangeablyand dared to break into the dragon pond with a toothpick sword?”

“Then it’s still a wound from riding a horse.”

Yin Hanxing let out a low laugh, “Even if it is.”

Seeing that he was obviously somewhat in a different mood than usual, the person administering the medicine finally reassured him.

“Don’t be afraid. According to the usual story development, the knight or prince has to go through several setbacks and growth in order to retrieve the treasure at the end, the evil dragon will always be defeated.”

“It’s better to forget it ba, he’s not the evil villain in the story either.”

Yin Hanxing curved the corner of his lips, lowered his eyes, and gathered the darkness under his eyes.

“Moreover…..the baby himself probably doesn’t want to leave his dragon.”

The author has something to say:

I think the chapter is full of sugar! The front and sides are sprinkled with the main cp sugar

Senior Brother Xingxing has successfully changed from the villain everyone suspected to a charismatic star…[3]play on words, xing also means star.

Then, the dragon will take his baby to fight monsters~


1 laudatory term for a nurse
2 can also mean baby, it was used interchangeably
3 play on words, xing also means star.

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