Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 116.1

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Chapter 116.1 – Extra: Coming Out (End)
You can do whatever you want

《Yin Yang Well》 was a big box office success. The final box office speculation wasn’t over yet when another blockbuster headline broke the entertainment industry.
The famous actor Zhou Jinchen announced his retirement.       
As soon as the news came out, it immediately caused a huge uproar. Although the signs of Zhou Jinchen appearing less and less in front of the big screen in the past year have sparked a lot of secret speculations, no one expected that the 24-year-old movie star would actually take the initiative to give up his acting career at a time when his future was so promising.
Zhou Jinchen is still in the obvious rising period. If there are no mishaps, it wouldn’t be a problem to win three golds in a few more years, so it would be a pity to announce that he is no longer filming at this time. When the statement was released on the official Weibo account of the former Zhou Jinchen Studio and the current Mojia Media, the comments and forwards were filled with shock, suspicion, and disbelief. There were even reports that directly suspected that the news might be a joke that wasn’t funny.
But this is not a joke.
In the afternoon of the day the statement was released, Mojia Media held a press conference. The entire banquet hall was filled with reporters who came in a hurry, all of whom had a lot of questions to ask.
Is the news true or false? Did Zhou Jinchen decide to rest because he was physically ill? Or it wasn’t on his will at all but a calculated act of forced compulsion?
The accumulated urgency was like a monstrous wave, and it wasn’t until Zhou Jinchen himself appeared that the raging waves barely calmed down.
Zhou Jinchen has a slender figure, nothing different. He’s still as handsome and eye-catching as ever, handsome and ruthless.
He adjusted the microphone and said three things before all the questions came.
First, retirement doesn’t mean quitting the entertainment industry. He will continue to stay in the Film and Television industry behind the scenes as the chairman and CEO of Mojia Media.
Second, the main reason for not acting is that the above work is too busy.
Third, we’ll talk about the future later. Thank you for the support from the media, movie fans, and audiences over the past seven years. Thank you to all the fans for their love.
Despite the uncertain-sounding phrase “we’ll talk about the future later”, the veteran reporters who had been following him for a long time had a unanimous premonition when they heard Zhou Jinchen’s separate thanks to his fans.
The young film emperor is determined to end his career as an actor.
Zhou Jinchen rarely communicates with his fans and rarely exposes his personal life during non-working hours. He has been an actor from the beginning, one-way output – I act for you to see. Just bursting into the limelight depends on fate. Even the initial Jin Dian did not expect that his ability to attract fans could actually be comparable to the site traffic.
In various ceremonies and publicity in the past, Zhou Jinchen would just say that kind of very official expression, this is the first time he has thanked his fans so formally.
It’s the first solemn gratitude and also the final farewell.
The press conference lasted for six hours. Zhou Jinchen did not leave until he had answered all the sharp or suspicious or regretful questions.
While gifts were still being distributed to the various reporters, he went through another special passage. When he came out, there was only a lone nanny car parked at the entrance with no lights on.
The bodyguard went to drive another car while Zhou Jinchen directly pulled open the door and walked up.
The headlights were also not turned on inside the car, and there was only a warm yellow light shining dimly. A boy fell asleep against a pillow on the car seat and the warm light made the outline of his face softer.
Zhou Jinchen walked over and sat next to the person. Maybe he didn’t sleep well, the boy moved his head as soon as he sat down, and opened his eyes in a daze to look over.
The man’s body carried a cold outdoor air but not particularly cold. Just as An Xumo wanted to rub his eyes, the burst of chill came over.
Then, there is a hot and humid, gentle and warm that is quite different from the cold.
Because the mouth is too sensitive, one can tell when you are kissed. Men have more hobbies for kissing other places such as the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, and the tip of the nose, and when the gentle touch fell, it’s as if a light kiss fell on the tip of the softest heart.
An Xumo called out in a small voice, “Brother.”
He took the initiative to pull the person’s slightly cool palm over, holding the person’s fingertips with both hands to keep them warm.
Then, a gentle warm touch came to the forehead again.
The RV began to move forward smoothly, and An Xumo suddenly let out a soft sigh.
The lights in the car had been turned on and he naturally noticed the questioning eyes of the person on his side.
“A long time ago, there was a time like this.” An Xumo said, “I fell asleep in the back seat of the nanny car and woke up to see my brother.”
“The birthday banquet.” Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice.
An Xumo had just finished speaking when he was kissed again.
Zhou Jinchen explained to him, “Make up for that one kiss.”
An Xumo curved his eyes. His eyes were also beautiful with a delicate outline, long curly eyelashes, clear and bright.
A smile brings sweetness to the bottom of one’s heart.
Zhou Jinchen didn’t hold back and kissed him again.
An Xumo wrinkled the tip of his nose and asked in a small voice, “Didn’t you made up for it?”
Zhou Jinchen thought for a moment.
Thinking about what happened two years ago, he felt that no matter how many times he made up for it, it would not be enough.
At the press conference, someone persistently asked Zhou Jinchen whether the matter of him retiring was due to the recent death of a celebrity who fell into depression, which affected Zhou Jinchen and began to reflect on his excessive mental stress.
Although Zhou Jinchen’s answer is official, it’s also sincere.
He didn’t stop acting because of psychological problems.
It’s because the psychological problems were solved that the decision was made.
His doctor, his lover, is the only person he cares about.
Right in his arms.
After the success of 《Yin Yang Well》, Mojia Media has launched a series of actions and subsequent artists’ training work. By the year An Xumo graduated from university, Mojia has successively acquired two famous media companies in the industry. With the presence of media companies, coupled with the box office success of several movies, Mojia had become a leading entertainment company.
The biggest characteristic of Mojia is it is rich and powerful which is inextricably linked to its backing by the Yuan Duan Investment Group. Four years after the establishment of Mojia, driven by the high-level awareness of the top management, the Yuan Duan Group, headquartered in B City, acquired the American Superstar Pictures. While acquiring cinemas, they directly gained the right to say in the investment and production.
That’s why An Xumo had the opportunity to pass the audition and get an important supporting role in 《The Guardian》, a joint venture between China and the United States, produced by a giant Hollywood company.
However, when the collaboration actually began, it didn’t go as smoothly as it had started. On the third day of his arrival in Hollywood, An Xumo witnessed a chaotic hand-to-hand fight.
And the person who took the lead was Zhou Jinchen, who came with a Chinese investor title.
Zhou Jinchen’s personality is very calm, even to the extent that it can be described as cold. Originally, the purpose of his visit to the set was just to see the progress and chat with the American producers. He was accompanied by someone throughout the whole process and the total time was only two hours.
As a result, when he was about to leave, he fell out with one of the members of the American producer team, and the two got into a fight on the spot.
To be more precise, it should be a one-sided beating and being beaten.
At first, the two people just argued a little louder, until the American man put on a very incomprehensible expression, waving his round, hairy small arms, and the next person began to pacify them. Compared with that man, Zhou Jinchen can be described as thin and frail. It seems to others that he can never take advantage of anything. He is also the investment representative of the Chinese side. In any case, he has to guarantee his people’s safety.
But the pacifying didn’t work because Zhou Jinchen directly punched the person down.
When An Xumo rushed over to the side of the set, the two had been pulled apart. The American man was beaten black and blue, his big gray beard was stained with nosebleed and dust into a dirty look, and the whole person looked wretched to the extreme.
Zhou Jinchen next to him also had dust on his body but compared to the other side, he looked unscathed as if he had just gone to the garden to pick a flower.
An Xumo who wanted to come forward was stopped by Zhou Jinchen’s glance, and only then did he have the mind to recognize the identity of the man who had been beaten.
John, Statham.
The current husband of An Xumo’s biological mother, An He.
In order not to affect the progress of the film set, the two parties changed the place for discussion. By the time An Xumo finished work and hurriedly went back to the hotel in the evening, Zhou Jinchen had already returned.
He said to set his mind on filming the movie without worries.
However, the next day, John Statham resigned with three people from the U.S. producer team, and on the same day, an investor from the U.S. announced their withdrawal of investment.
Even if it wasn’t put on the surface, anyone who uses their heads could guess that there must be a gap in the film’s funding.
The atmosphere of the crew became a little depressing for a while. If it wasn’t for the rare famous director who came out with the script, I’m afraid that even the progress of the filming would not have been completed smoothly.
But fortunately, the situation didn’t worsen, within a few days, the production company found a new investment company.
Before the crew could breathe a sigh of relief, they heard another shocking update.
The investment company that previously pulled out of the company was suspected of fraudulent voting for candidates in the general election has been investigated by the FBI. Tom Statham, as the company’s director, along with other senior executives was among the first group to have their assets frozen.
All the business of the investment company was shut down. If they hadn’t insisted on immediately withdrawing funds from 《The Guardian》, and completed all the procedures early, I’m afraid that even the movie would have been implicated.
The film’s shooting time wasn’t long, and the focus is still on the post-production’s special effects so by the time An Xumo heard the news, all his scenes ended.
“……fraud?” An Xumo was stunned by the whole story. After digesting it for a while, he looked at Zhou Jinchen, “Brother, what’s going on with Statham’s company?”
Zhou Jinchen recounted the facts again.
“No,” An Xumo shook his head, “I’m asking, him (John Statham) resigning on that matter, was it you who instigated it……”
Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment and finally shook his head, “It’s not me.”
An Xumo stared at him.
Zhou Jinchen’s voice was completely indifferent, “My plan was for him to be exposed for sexual assault, and fraud is a coincidence.”
An Xumo naturally knew that his brother couldn’t be involved in voting or anything like that but exposing sexual assaults certainly requires careful planning in advance.
He asked softly, “You know who Statham is, don’t you?”
“Then, have you recently had contact with……” An Xumo paused for a moment before naming the person, “his wife?”
Zhou Jinchen looked at him, and the boy moved his eyes away somewhat uncomfortably.
“Do you want to see her?” Zhou Jinchen asked.
An Xumo clasped his hands, his fingertips were a little white because of too much exertion.
After a while, he said.
If you don’t look, it won’t hurt.
A hand reached out and pulled the boy into his arms.
“She won’t bother you again. If you don’t want to have any ideas, don’t think about her.”

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