Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Keep Sending Sweets

After Tang Tang left, Zhou Jinchen returned to the hospital room alone.

The atmosphere of the hospital is not a stranger to Zhou Jinchen. Even though he did not return to the mountains as an adult, he had never missed a visit to the hospital. It was just that he was a public figure and every time he comes, he had to put in a lot of effort to cover up, let alone would come to the hospital to take care of other people.

This time, An Xumo’s incident was purely an accident.

The small bedside lamp was dimly lit. Zhou Jinchen stood by the bed, less than a step away from him. The thin boy is sleeping sideways, his previously stretched eyebrows furrowed again.

The other party didn’t look like he was sleeping comfortably. His figure was a little too thin, his body curled up in a ball. He probably wouldn’t have been able to hold much height if he hadn’t been lying on his side, sleeping under the covers.

In a trance, the side profile that had gradually emerged and the milk dumpling in memory overlapped. An Xumo was too skinny. Although all artists who relied on their faces for a living were much thinner than average due to the need to be on camera, An Xumo was still the thinnest type of artist Zhou Jinchen had ever seen.

The way he curls up and shrinks into a ball, looking like a child, as if he was suddenly taken away after more than ten years. An Xumo turned back into that thin, little kitten following behind his older brother and calling him. He even held the edge of Zhou Jinchen’s clothes carefully, but when he held it, he can be happy for a long time, and you don’t even have to bother to coax him.

An Xumo is an example. No one else’s family has such a well-behaved younger brother.

Before the accident back then, Zhou Jinchen still had the willingness to make friends with others. Most of the people who play together are peers from similar families, which can be regarded as opening up social circles in advance. In a family like theirs basically have several brothers and sisters. The daily routine of peers getting along is like chicken flying and dogs jumping,[1]鸡飞狗跳: Frighten chickens to fly and scare dogs to jump everywhere which describes panic and chaos. and quarrel to the point of no return. Some are the more they quarrel, the deeper the feelings, while some grow up with bad feelings. However, Zhou Jinchen has looked around and he has never been able to find another child like An Xumo, who is quiet and well-behaved.

Zhou Jinchen looked at the boy on the bed in silence. Only after a while did he extend his hand over, as he gently pressed his fingertips to An Xumo’s brow. The tightly wrinkled part under his fingers came in contact with the outside temperature and slowly became flat.

It wasn’t long before Zhou Jinchen felt his other fingers hanging to one side, lightly touch.

When Zhou Jinchen withdrew his hand, he saw An Xumo opened his eyes. Those black eyes still had moisture in them. The boy blinked with difficulty and softly called out again, “Brother.”

Zhou Jinchen felt that he could vaguely smell the scent of milk again.

Although he didn’t get much of a response, the boy on the bed seemed to have expected this reaction. He raised his eyes to look at Zhou Jinchen and buried his chin a little more under the covers.

An Xumo’s lips opened and closed a few times, but the sound was very soft. It took Zhou Jinchen a moment to realize what the other was saying. He looked at the person and turned to the nearby water dispenser to get warm water.

There was a disposable straw on the bedside table. Zhou Jinchen inserted the straw into the glass of water and passed it over. An Xumo lifted his chin from the blanket and opened his mouth and held the straw.

The movement of him sucking and drinking water was also very small, and together with the silent Zhou Jinchen, there was still no sound in the room despite the presence of two people in the ward. When An Xumo finished drinking, Zhou Jinchen took away the glass of water and heard someone behind him whispering, “Thank you for coming.”

Zhou Jinchen paused in his movements and put down the water cup before turning back to look at the person on the bed.

An Xumo had already closed his eyes, his fever seemed to have gone down a little, and his entire face became paler. Under the gentle light, it seemed so transparent that he could see the veins directly under the skin.

The boy whispered, his soft voice that sounded like a murmur, “Brother, I haven’t dreamt of you for a long time.”

Zhou Jinchen lightly raised his eyebrows.

An Xumo, however, couldn’t see the man’s expression, he was still keeping his eyes closed, “I’ve been studying acting lately, and I’ve been so bad at it that I don’t dare to see you in my dreams…..”

“But this time, thank you for coming……I feel much better.”

Zhou Jinchen still had the intention to interrupt him before but slowly dispelled the thought. An Xumo’s condition was not really good, and the concussion would still have a very unpleasant aftermath. Zhou Jinchen felt there was no need to irritate him any further, so he just continued to listen to the other party’s whisper.

“After I wake up, I will continue to work hard.”

Zhou Jinchen thought for a while, wondering if talking would scare people awake. After considering, he remained silent. The man walked back to stand beside the bed, then stretched out his right hand.

As if An Xumo sensed his approach, he slowly opened his eyes again. His gaze went back and forth between Zhou Jinchen’s face and hands. Although his gaze was still scattered, his eyes slightly bent.

Zhou Jinchen lent out his right hand and watched as the boy touch his palm and rubbed it slightly. He looked cautious like he would scare himself away if he moved a little too much as if it wasn’t An Xumo himself in the dream but Zhou Jinchen.

The side of An Xumo’s face was pressed against his palm, but he was careful not to put all his strength on the pillow until Zhou Jinchen felt a heaviness in his hand. He looked down again to make sure the other party had fallen back to sleep.

After waiting for a while, Zhou Jinchen slowly pulled his hand once An Xumo had fallen asleep. The temperature on An Xumo’s body was still a bit on the high, and as soon as he pulled out his palm, the constant temperature air even makes people feel a little cold.

Zhou Jinchen glanced at his right hand and lowered his eyes again to look at the sleeping boy on the bed.

A long, long time ago, he wasn’t prejudiced against this brother. However, by mistake, they were torn apart for ten years.

Ten years had passed. Zhou Jinchen’s initial shock and anger had gradually evolved into a cold indifference afterward. He has the same attitude towards everyone, and An Xumo was no exception. Reason has become the first standard instead of emotion, and getting along with each other became one of the ways to transform interests to achieve goals. Even for Zhou family, Zhou Jinchen has always been the principle of mutual benefit and non-interference.

Until Xin Zimai brought back the news that the person who had been regarded as a murderer had actually jumped to his death a long time ago. The long-standing illusion of calm was finally revealed. The physically and mentally exhausted Zhou Jinchen looked back, only to see the younger brother who had not changed but had been misunderstood by him for a long time.

It was just that they had been separated for too long, so long that Zhou Jinchen could only retrieve fragments of An Xu Mo from his fuzzy memories. Even if he felt guilty and wants to makeup, Zhou Jinchen himself had long been unaware of the ability to take care and look after others.

The only way he could think of now was to compensate An Xumo in his career.

Since the other party wants to become famous, Zhou Jinchen was also willing to give someone a hand. He himself wouldn’t be on stage for too long. When the situation improved, he might just quit the entertainment industry at the time of his fame. If the two were still on good terms by then, Zhou Jingchen wouldn’t mind leaving his resources to An Xumo.

He stood by the bedside for a while longer, until a soft knock came from outside. Zhou Jinchen walked over and opened the door. Tang Tang returned.

By the time An Xumo woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

He had slept for a full twenty hours. If he didn’t have an IV infusion to hold him up, he would definitely feel weak when he woke up. Even so, it frightened Tang Tang who was waiting on the side.

But An Xumo himself felt that he had slept so soundly that when he woke up, he could manage to ignore the slight feeling of dizziness and nausea.

In addition to a soothing beautiful dream, An Xumo had a lot of things to deal with urgently. Naturally, An Xumo was embarrassed to have caused trouble for so many people because of what he had done. But when he proposed to go back and continue with his task, he was firmly stopped by Tang Tang.

Activities such as interviews have been pushed off. The ballet and acting teacher have taken a vacation. Tang Tang stressed three times in a row just to make An Xumo remember his most important task—to have a good rest and an early recovery.

An Xumo thought about it and said, “I think it’s fine for me to participate in the activities.”

Tang Tang slammed the table, startling Xiao Zhang, the assistant who was called in to help.

An Xumo hurriedly said it was alright. Xiao Zhang picked up the sliced apple peel on the ground and continued to earnestly peel the remaining half.

Tang Tang said, “The point is not the current activity!”

“That is?” An Xumo asked along, but he had other concerns, “I haven’t finished my acting classes…..”

“Acting lessons are not the priority either.” Tang Tang shook her finger. She took her phone and pulled up a chat, and showed the screen to An Xumo, “Look.”

When An Xumo received the phone, he saw on the screen was a chat interface between Tang Tang and a person noted as Sister Liu, a member of Ma Lao crew. She was the one who notified that An Xumo passed the audition before.

An Xumo read it twice before confirming. He was slightly stunned, “Let me……enter the group early?”

“Yes,” Tang Tang nodded. “Sister Liu said that you have no acting experience, and Ma Lao is demanding on this supporting role, so she asked you to enter the group early and go to the set to see how the others are filming.”

An Xumo’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Really?”

He remembered another thing after getting excited, “Then, will it delay other activities and such……?”

Although An Xumo didn’t have much enthusiasm for everything except meeting his brother, he never put off the work that should be done. He should have a sense of responsibility and will not waiver from the bottom line.

Surprisingly, Tang Tang directly waved her hand and said, “In order to prepare for the film, we haven’t taken on too many activities recently. The more promising plans are all long-term contracts, there’s no rush to execute the contract after you’ve finished filming.”

“Xiao Mo, you can concentrate on filming during this time.” Tang Tang said sincerely,[2]语重心长: meaningful and heartfelt words (idiom); sincere and earnest wishes. “Ma Lao is one of the most famous directors in China. You can definitely learn a lot of things with him.”

An Xumo paused, then smiled, “Okay.”

He was naturally happy, not only because of the advanced group could he learn a lot about acting, but also because he would be able to watch Zhou Jinchen for a few more days.

“But the necessary exposure still cannot be less,” Tang Tang suddenly turned around and ran to Xiao Zhang to bring An Xumo’s phone, scaring Xiao Zhang that he broke the rest of the apple peel.

Tang Tang handed the phone and apple together to An Xumo and stood beside the bed, “Come on. Post on Weibo, once a week is here again.”

An Xumo took the apple helplessly. He looked around, “But I’m in the ward now. It’s not easy to take photos, right?”

Tang Tang thought for a while and said, “Otherwise, you can use the previous selfie from your phone or just send a text?”

How can An Xumo have any selfies. The most he has on his phone are only gifs of Zhou Jinchen saved from the internet. If he really sends it out, it will be great.

He thought about it, opened Weibo to bring up the interface, directly input a good sentence, and set the timing.

An Xumo’s fans are already quite impressive. He didn’t have to go through any advance planning by his team to send Weibo, most of it was his own content. It was precisely for this reason that Tang Tang did not directly do it on his behalf, but instead urged him to send it every time.

This new Weibo is An Xumo’s own thoughts, but because of the timing, it wasn’t until 9pm that An Xumo’s Weibo page showed this content.

An Xumo momo: It’s the weekend, I wish you a good night’s sleep. [sleepy] [goodnight] [moon]

It was the happiest thing that An Xumo could share in the last few days.


The author has something to say:

After reading the comments, I answered a few questions:

1. Both brother and Xiao Mo have a lack of emotion, but the causes are completely different and the way they express is not the same. The whole story is a mutual healing process~

2. The golden finger refers to the career line. The development routes of the brother and Xiao Mo is ideal, and Xiao Mo’s upgrade will definitely be a little more cooler. His brother is basically full level, and all that’s left depends on Xiao Mo.

3. The relationship lines are sweet and sour, there will be enough aching and sweetness. Don’t worry-3-


1 鸡飞狗跳: Frighten chickens to fly and scare dogs to jump everywhere which describes panic and chaos.
2 语重心长: meaningful and heartfelt words (idiom); sincere and earnest wishes.

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