Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Not in a normal state

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When Xin Zimai arrived at Jin Dian, the office door was still locked. Tang Tang who had arrived at the news was holding the key, her fingers shaking along with the key. She managed to restrain herself from unlocking the door. Once the door was pushed open, she saw the boy lying on the floor with his thin ankles exposed, and tears sprang to her eyes.
“Xiao Mo……”
The boy lying on the floor was padded with an expensive suit that had been pressed out of several bright folds. The owner of the suit was half-kneeling beside him with one hand pressed against the boy’s chest and the other against the side of his neck. An Xumo’s front shirt was unbuttoned several times and he slept there bloodlessly as if he was too tired to wake up.
The air conditioning in the room had been turned off, the windows were half-open, and the hot, humid natural breeze was pouring in from outside. The flow of air did not bring much substantial comfort but because of the rising temperature, the intruders who came in felt that the atmosphere is becoming more and more frozen.
Xin Zimai turned to the side and let in the medical staff pushing the stretcher. The two men quickly unloaded the stretcher and laid it flat on the ground, one opened up the oxygen mask while the other squatted down to check on An Xumo’s condition.
While checking, he asked Zhou Jinchen, “Did the patient suffer an external shock before he fell unconscious?”
“Has he experienced similar seizures or heart abnormalities before?”
Zhou Jinchen paused for a moment, “…… No.”
The doctor took another look at An Xumo’s face and chest, “Have you done artificial respiration, how about CPR?”
“I’ve done it all.”
A series of questions and answers were extremely quick. In a few seconds, another doctor has already torn open the oxygen mask and put it on An Xumo. When the simple oxygen bag was connected, the slightly strange sound of breathing rang out in the tense room. The two men carried the boy on the stretcher, fastened the stretcher, and pushed the person out of the door.
Zhou Jinchen immediately wanted to follow up; Xin Zimai hastily stopped him, “Jinchen! It’s not convenient for you to follow. I’ll go, I may have to ask the crew for leave tomorrow……”
But the man directly raised his hand to interrupt the other party’s voice, “I’ll go to the hospital and leave the matters behind to you.”
He looked at Tang Tang, “You also stay. Xiao Mo’s schedule is arranged by you, keep in touch.”
Zhou Jinchen finished and left the office with his usual expressionless face. He also took his wallet and mask with him but he didn’t even have time to put down his rolled-up cuffs.

Xin Zimai and Tang Tang stayed in the company, only Zhou Jinchen followed him to the ambulance. An Xumo woke up when passing by the bumpy area. Zhou Jinchen called him in a low voice but the boy only looked at the man for a while. As if he felt that the lights in the car were too harsh, he turned his head to the side and closed his eyes.
Although the doctor onboard has said that the patient’s vital signs are temporarily stable, An Xumo didn’t look too severe when he woke up in the car yet the man who was with him the whole time still didn’t show any signs of relaxing.
When Li Qiucheng arrived, the examination was already half done. He brought the medical records and went through them, and then he went to the doctor who examined An Xumo to ask a few questions before he said to Zhou Jinchen, “Don’t be nervous. Xiao An’s physical condition should not be too serious. Do you know how he fainted?”
Zhou Jinchen frowned, “Not serious?”
Li Qiucheng nodded, he pointed to the other party, “The heart was checked separately and the medical examinations are basically the same, none of them found any obvious abnormalities……”
Zhou Jinchen looked towards the closed door of the EEG[1]EEG: electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp. room; his voice was low and hoarse. “Before Xiao Mo passed out, he said he felt like he was going to die.”
Li Qiucheng heard the words and halted.
After the full set of tests, the results of some items will have to wait for more than ten minutes before they could get them. The hospital’s beds are very tight, so many processes have to go down. Not to mention the time, the application may not be approved. However, when Li Qiucheng returned with the results and called Zhou Jinchen, he found that the other party had already been transferred to a single ward.
There was a lot of space in the ward. Zhou Jinchen’s assistant, Xiao Yang, had also rushed over. The bed was covered with new sheets and quilts, and even the pillows were changed. It didn’t look like a ward but like a first-class hotel.
An Xumo laid in bed with his back facing the door, unable to see his expression. Li Qiucheng walked over with light steps and looked at Zhou Jinchen inquiringly.
‘Still sleeping?’
Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice, “Awake.”
When Li Qiucheng walked around, he saw that the boy still had his eyes closed. Under the light, his face looked a little paler compared to the quilt. Noticing the passing line of sight, An Xumo looked like he was disturbed, and he slowly shrank his face into the quilt with his eyes closed.
Zhou Jinchen took a lot of effort to coax him to pull the quilt under the tip of his nose.
Li Qiucheng walked back around and stood outside, holding the case, and said in a light voice, “Xiao An, there are no major problems in your body for the time being, and only your gastroenteritis still needs to be carefully noted. In addition to not overworking, exertion will add a burden to your gastroenteritis which will affect your emotions and make you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, after that, you must try to keep a regular diet and take more rest.”
The boy on the bed didn’t give him a response and Li Qiucheng didn’t mind much about it. After asking Xiao Yang to change the headlamp to a table lamp inside the room, he gestured for Zhou Jinchen to follow him and called the person out.
There was a balcony outside and when the two went out, Zhou Jinchen took the lead and said, “Is it still because of gastritis?”
“No,” Li Qiucheng shook his head, “that part just now was to calm Xiao An and let him stop thinking about it first.”
He turned over the case in his hand and explained, “All the examinations did not show any major problems. He’s physically healthy; the problem should be his mentality.”
Zhou Jinchen frowned, “Nothing was overlooked in the physical examination?”
“All the necessary items have been checked,” Li Qiucheng could understand his feelings and patiently explained, “If there is a lesion in one area, it’s impossible that it will only show abnormalities in one kind of examination. All the results are normal so the possibility of overlooking is almost zero.”
Zhou Jinchen reluctantly pressed down and asked, “What’s wrong with his mentality?”
“Before I say this, I have to ask, apart from the processes you mentioned earlier, are there any other special circumstances that occurred in the room before he fell unconscious?”
“For example, is there suddenly turning dark or in front of the sudden appearance of spiders, mice, and so on?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “No.”
Li Qiucheng then asked, “Is there anything Xiao An was particularly afraid of before, the kind that makes you uncomfortable when you see it?”
He expanded his explanation, “Perhaps a situation that you don’t like such as a narrow space or when there are a lot of people……”
Zhou Jinchen shook his head, “No.”
An Xumo is an artist, he didn’t have this kind of abnormality in his working state.
The previous organic lesions have been ruled out and now the influence of specific object has also been ruled out……Li Qiucheng pondered for a moment and said, “I have seen his EEG, although there isn’t much abnormality, his alpha waves show a tendency.”
“Alpha wave is the most relaxed state of the human brain and body. In Xiao An’s case, his alpha rhythm is less and his activity is in a higher frequency range. Simply put, it means that he is in a constant state of high tension.”
“Judging from the current speculation……” Li Qiucheng looked at Zhou Jinchen, “Xiao An, he, just now most likely had suffered from a strong stimulus. He had an acute anxiety disorder that is…. panic attack.”
Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment.
He said in a hoarse voice, “Because of my confession?”
“That’s not necessarily true,” Li Qiucheng waved his hand, “Looking at your description, it seems that Xiao An was already in the bad state before accepting the confession.”
“If it were a normal situation, he would certainly not associate the confession with the treatment he had heard before. Even if there is such an idea, it’s unlikely that he will show it directly in the eyes of a person with the consideration of normal people.”
“I think the problem should be in that photo. Didn’t you say that it had his parents on it? Could it be that his parents contacted him before you went there?”
Zhou Jinchen’s face remained cold, “Tang Tang said that he received a phone call yesterday. Tonight, he also has to contact with the other party.”
“Then, this phone call is very important,” Li Qiucheg said, “The cause of the panic attack has a lot to do with his early childhood family encounters and many patients have experienced childhood misfortunes. We’d better find out what happened on that phone call.”
Zhou Jinchen nodded and Li Qiucheng added, “By the way, it’s best not to ask Xiao An about this. If possible, it would be better to use technical means to recover the call records.”
He sighed lightly, “Jinchen, although Xiao An and you are both mentally ill, the two of you are in fact in completely different states.”
“You really don’t care but he is forced to endure it. There is nothing unusual on the surface but those things are always there, and they even magnified several times. It’s only because they are temporarily buried that no one can see them.”
“……” Zhou Jinchen said, “The more you bury it, the more bombs you’ll have everywhere under your feet, right?”
“Right,” Li Qiucheng added, “So when you make a choice, it’s best to give more thought to his ideas. After all, you’re now…… the person who can influence him the most.”
He looked at Zhou Jinchen, “You’re confession…… do you still intend to continue?”
Zhou Jinchen paused for a moment and shook his head.
“It’s good that you think so,” Li Qiucheng said. In the beginning, he would urge Zhou Jinchen to face his heart. In addition to An Xumo’s reaction, he also wants to treat Zhou Jinchen with it, but now……
“Jinchen, your self-control ability has always been very strong. You received professional correction and treatment in time but Xiao An is different.” Li Qiucheng pinched the bridge of his nose. “I have seen many such cases, the accumulation of years of stimulation, not receiving timely guidance, not detected by others, and finally……”
Li Qiucheng let out a low sigh, “Just now in the ward, Xiao An has shown autistic tendencies. Not only does he have to suffer the stress of an acute anxiety attack but he also has to face the uneasiness of having been seen by others in this manner after the attack.”
“Xiao An’s current state shouldn’t be suitable for formal treatment either so if you have time tonight…… it’s better to go and comfort him.”
Zhou Jinchen did not say anything and after confirming that Li Qiucheng had no other explanation, he left the balcony. Li Qiucheng looked at the man’s back and couldn’t help but rub his temples.
Let’s hope that their relationship will catalyze each other’s healing instead of making the situation worse…….

Zhou Jinchen pushed the door in, the boy on the bed was still in the same position as when he left, and there wasn’t even seem to be an extra crease in the quilt.
There was hot water at the head of the bed and slippers beside the bed. Xiao Yang left the room with a sign. Zhou Jinchen walked over and stood by the bed.
The room was silent and no one spoke. The summer night was so quiet that only the sound of cicadas in the distance could be heard faintly.
After a long time, the light of the lamp was also turned off, the sound of footsteps resumed, followed by the sound of the door being gently closed, and a few moments later, the ward finally returned to complete silence.
The soft black hair scattered on the pillow was suddenly haloed with a small water stain.
The top of the hair sank under the pillow, buried deep in the soft bed covers of the slender back, curled up in an almost broken curve. The soft quilt filled all the crevices but there was no way to hide the increasingly urgent, no longer suppressed choking sound.
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Guess if brother left or not, was.[2]sounds of child crying


1 EEG: electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp.
2 sounds of child crying

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