Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Chase after being rejected
The quilt is brand new, fluffy, soft, and warm enough. The body under the velvet quilt is also soft and can be posed in any difficult position with long and slender limbs.
Only the weeping sound coming from the soft quilt is obviously light but it’s as hard as a blunt iron that can’t be broken, one by one deeply cutting in the flesh of the human heart.
The crying did not last long, probably knowing that crying for a long time will not change anything, as a result, only the flood above the warning line was discharged, and the gate was quickly closed. Not long after, the quilt slowly moved, the moonlight outside the window spilled through the gap in the curtains, and the boy slowly floated from under the quilt to the pillow.
He still had his back outside and kept his eyes closed. If it wasn’t for the occasional whimpering sound, I’m afraid everything that just happened would have been traceless.
When the whimpering sound also stopped, the boy slowly sat up from the bed. He rolled out of bed, stepped on his slippers, and walked to the inner side of the room with its own bathroom. The crashing sound of water rang out and lasted for a while before the boy came out of the bathroom.
There were no lights in the room and An Xumo was only able to identify the direction by the thin moonlight. With a towel in his hand, he immediately went to the bedside but suddenly stopped moving.
Perhaps in recognition or too surprised, An Xumo stood by the bed for a full five or six seconds before suddenly dropping the towel in his hand and turning his head toward the bathroom to run inside.
There were water stains dripping from the towel on the ground, the boy ran too fast that he felt a sense of weightlessness when he slipped under his feet, but in an instant, a pair of hands reached over, firmly encircling him as he fell.
An Xumo still has some coldness on his body. His forearms were stained with cold water and so was his face. Nevertheless, Zhou Jinchen held him in his arms and clearly understood that the person in his arms who could not stop shivering wasn’t because of the cold.
“Xiao Mo.”
The low male voice was slightly hoarse and Zhou Jinchen wasn’t a verbal person, he could only hold the boy in his arms and tell the other party frankly, “Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing you need to do.”
After a while, the obvious trembling calmed down. Zhou Jinchen carried the person back on the bed; his younger brother was so thin that he was a little lighter to hold than the usual arm strength trainer.

The towel was left on the edge of the bed, swaying, but fortunately, it did not wet the bed. Zhou Jinchen took the cold towel away, wrung it out, and soaked it in warm water before bringing it back to help the person place it on his eyes.
An Xumo was lying on his back with eyes covered. He seems to have returned to his motionless state. Zhou Jinchen whispered a few words to him but there was no response.
Fortunately, when the towel was changed for the third time, the boy’s deliberate tension finally disappeared. He breathed evenly and lightly, and he fell into a deep sleep.
Zhou Jinchen sat on the edge of the bed, looking at An Xumo who was lying on the bed but couldn’t raise the thickness of the quilt much. He had envisioned many kinds of results today in advance but did not expect that the situation could become even worse than the worst. 
The next morning, before five o’clock, Zhou Jinchen was awakened by a movement on the side. He had already asked the crew for leave but he didn’t expect An Xumo to return to his usual appearance as soon as he woke up, insisting that he had nothing to do and didn’t want to delay the final promotional work.
As if nothing happened, An Xumo behaves as usual. He ate his breakfast obediently and when he was picked up by Tang Tang, he smiled and comforted the other party several times, saying he was fine.
It’s not that Zhou Jinchen didn’t mention what happened last night but An Xumo is the first to say that he would definitely cooperate with the work. His tone was much calmer than last night but his perception of confession equals treatment has not changed much.
Not wanting to stimulate the person a second time, Zhou Jinchen did not continue to explain. He sent An Xumo to the nanny car and he also got into the car driven by his assistant. When two cars left the hospital together and parted ways, the nanny car honked its horn to signal this way. An Xumo sat on the same seat but did not roll down the window.
The two met again when they attended the group interview of the crew on the same day. An Xumo’s performance was nothing strange. When he was asked about his relationship with the rest of the crew, the boy naturally admitted that the person with the best relationship in the crew was indeed Zhou Jinchen.
But Zhou Jinchen was vaguely aware of something.
This feeling is not as straightforward as the boy’s brief stiffness when he was touched by him in the past but it is deeper than the resistance shown by that stiffness. An Xumo is like slowly blowing a layer of a transparent protective film around him, blowing it bigger and bigger, and then making it impossible for people to get any closer.

Forty-two days after its release in the cinemas, the total box office of《Different Roads》exceeded 4 billion, nearly 1.5 billion ahead of the previous total box office champion. Whether it was distribution, investment, production, or actors, everyone related to the movie reaped significant benefits.
As a result, the value of the two main actors skyrocketed and many supporting actors in the film also expanded their popularity well. The most notable one is An Xumo who crossed over to star in his first film and yielded such good results.
However, when the heat of the film’s discussion topic gradually cooled down over time, An Xumo himself was given a piece of almost explosive news.
His studio made an announcement on their certified Weibo account, stating that An Xumo would return to school after a year-long suspension. Next, his life will be focused on his studies and his acting work will be focused on the holidays.
Judging from the current situation in the entertainment industry, it’s not uncommon for young artists to go to university. In recent years, news of celebrities taking part in the art examinations has received increasing attention. An Xumo’s studies were in the spotlight before the filming of《Different Roads》. After the film hit the box office exploded, there were endless posts guessing which art school he would go to.
Yet no matter the platform, media, or fans, none of them knew that An Xumo had actually taken the college entrance exam.
What was even more unexpected was……
The one he got into was actually P University.
The studio’s Weibo account is no less than the artists themselves and the number of followers is several times less than the main one. When the news was just released, there were still people below excitedly grabbing the sofa to occupy the front row, and half a minute later, the comments were slaughtered by a river of question marks and exclamation marks. 
“P University?!!!”
“My Mo was admitted to P University last year??”
“Is this the same P University that I think it is?! Oh my god, are there universities in the country that have duplicate names and spelling ah? I don’t think there is……”
Five minutes later, the comments and forwards quickly revived the fan trend.
“My Mo is eighteen, sings and dances well, have his first box office but he’s also on P University. Let’s walk by and find out [heart] [heart] [heart]”
“Now anyone who is a regular fan belongs to top2 [kneeling] education is not enough, embarrassed to chase the star and say that they are fans. Go go. Go and study [cover face]”
“Is it too late to start working hard to make P University the goal today ma!! Ah ah ah baby An, wait for me!!”
“Transfer needs: 1, 【link】 P University over the years’ college entrance examination grades cut-off. 2, 【link】 P University self-admission rules. 3, 【link】 what is it like to be admitted to P University? Can you pass the exam after working hard for a year? 4……”
In less than ten minutes, the keywords “An Xumo P University” were popular on the hot search; the news also appeared in the real-time search and hot recommendations of major websites.
The realities of domestic entertainment are here. Most of the young generation of actors graduated from specialized art schools and there are few examples of attending top universities like those in Europe and the United States. Some well-known colleges and universities in China have also published news about the emergence of school flowers[1]prettiest girl in schooland school grass[2]the most handsome boy in school. However, apart from the most famous one who married a wealthy businessman who graduated from the same school and has an age difference of 20 years, so far, other people have not been able to get many real achievements in the entertainment industry.
Therefore, An Xumo who has just acted in a blockbuster film with a good reputation and harvested a double box office success, and was also announced that he will be studying at the P University, has become a truly unique special case in the country.
In addition to being comparable to Chinese New Year fans and surprised and curious passersby, there is another group that is paying attention to this topic. After the news came out, questionable voices soon followed. Some doubted whether An Xumo had really been admitted to the school or whether he went to a prestigious college under the guise of P University. Some speculated that he was a special student in the arts; others focused on the words ‘drop out of school’ and questioned the reason for An Xumo’s dropping out of school.
With the matter of traffic of idols, a little news can set off a pink[3]fans and black[4]antis war in the circle of fans, tearing into a bloodbath.[5]lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom); fig. reign of terror; carnageThe news intensified and even the “trust relationship P University” black material has been made up to be decent. The surprised fans quickly began to organize purification control. The rumors were spread and refuted on various major forums and social media platforms, which made a lot of noise for a while.
Soon, an old picture was pulled out.
That photo is the honor list of a high school’s entrance examination. Although the names and classes of all the staff were protectively coded, An Xumo’s photo, results, and admission school are prominently listed.
The next day, the studio sent out another photo.
An Xumo’s acceptance letter.
The refreshing face slap came so quickly that the fans could not even do it for years.
Put away the firecrackers and put up the satellite instead.
There was a lot of news outside but the main person is not much disturbed. As the start of the school year is approaching, An Xumo has gradually completed the handover of his work and the variety shows and recording singles he had participated in the few months were still hot enough to maintain the heat for a period of time. With the team that was looking out for him, An Xumo’s most important thing to consider now is to adapt to his new life.
Of course, it’s not just his team that’s trying to take the pressure off of An Xumo, there’s another person as well.
When Xin Zimai pushed the door in, Zhou Jinchen was answering the phone. Only after the phone hung up did he raise his eyes and look over, “What’s the matter?”
Xin Zimai said, “Jinchen, that high-rise villa you have in the company next door, a new neighbor has moved in.”
The company’s dormitory buildings were all designed in a row. Although each villa was a single-family house, the distance between the two adjacent top floors was so close that one could see the other’s garden when looking over the open-air garden of one villa.
Zhou Jinchen doesn’t like to get along too closely with others. He naturally had the money to buy the two villas together but this was a benefit given to the artists and executives by Jin Dian and it wasn’t good for Zhou Jinchen to occupy two places by himself. However, the head of the family next door had already settled overseas and Zhou Jinchen hadn’t been at home for a long time, so he lived alone for a while.
Unexpectedly, this villa has now changed ownership.
Zhou Jinchen frowned, “Who is it?”
Xin Zimai said in a low voice, “Yin Yuan.”
Zhou Jinchen fell silent.
Xin Zimai looked at his expression and wisely changed the subject, “In addition, there is one more thing, Xiao An will start school in a week. Jinchen, would you like to see him off?”
Zhou Jinchen listened but said, “Have 《Different Roads》 accounts been divided?”
Xin Zimai nodded, “The key extension is over, the movie has been officially released, the total box office has just been announced, and the cinemas are splitting the bill.”
The total box office of 《Different Roads》 finally fell to 4.57 billion. Judging from the film that has already been announced, if there are no accidents, this record should be enough to maintain it for about a year or so.
Zhou Jinchen said, “After the dividing of accounts is over, I’ll leave the matters here to you.”
“……Huh?” Xin Zimai blanked for a moment.
Zhou Jinchen said, “I’m going to B City.”
“……” Xin Zimai swallowed his saliva for a moment, is this to accompany the child to study?[6]to accompany one’s child or spouse who is studying overseas; to help a child with their study, reading, or practicing together.
“But,” He was a little hesitant, “I may not be able to handle things here by myself…..”
“After a week, someone will come to help you.” Zhou Jinchen briefly said.
Hearing him say so, Xin Zimai also put down his heart for the time being. However, for the matter of going to B City, he still has some hesitation.
“Jinchen, Yin Yuan’s side……the company also sent an invitation, saying that it’s a new house and would like to invite everyone to celebrate a housewarming.” Yin Yuan is obviously aiming at Zhou Jinchen, his recent actions have clearly indicated this. “What are you going to say to him? We don’t have any real estate in B City for the time being, so if I can’t say anything back……”
“I already bought a residence in B City.”
Zhou Jinchen pulled out a real estate contract from the tablet.
“Just say that the conditions there are good and want to move in.”
Good conditions? Xin Zimai has some doubts. The high-rise villa is a special benefit of Jin Dian, the decoration, location, and transportation are the first-class level. In front of this kind of real estate, saying that the conditions are good……
But when he looked at the words on the real estate contract, the doubt was completely gone.
“Si-siheyuan?!”[7]Lit. quadrangle. A historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China. Throughout Chinese history, the siheyuan composition was the basic pattern used for residences, palaces, … Continue reading)
*something like this: credits

The author has something to say:
The male gods are chasing my brother; my brother is chasing me… [WeChat frown]

Yin Yuan appeared in the first few chapters, the text also has him embarrassed just after running to find out the relative[8]can also mean: parent; one’s own (flesh and blood); marriage; bride; close; intimate; in person; first-hand; in favor of; pro-; to kiss; (Internet slang) dear.visit…


1 prettiest girl in school
2 the most handsome boy in school
3 fans
4 antis
5 lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom); fig. reign of terror; carnage
6 to accompany one’s child or spouse who is studying overseas; to help a child with their study, reading, or practicing together.
7 Lit. quadrangle. A historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China. Throughout Chinese history, the siheyuan composition was the basic pattern used for residences, palaces, temples, monasteries, family businesses, and government offices. (Wikipedia
8 can also mean: parent; one’s own (flesh and blood); marriage; bride; close; intimate; in person; first-hand; in favor of; pro-; to kiss; (Internet slang) dear.

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