Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Get out, I don’t want it
Although he has lived in S City since childhood, after handling many investment-related jobs, Xin Zimai has also heard a little about the soaring rate of property prices in the central area of B City. What’s more, Zhou Jinchen bought a siheyuan that has been scarce and occupies a rather large area, which is not a real estate that can be bought with money.
Moreover…… Xin Zimai glanced at the location written on the real estate contract; he can’t help but feel astonished. This district, even ordinary commercial houses below 100 square meters should have risen to sky-high prices.
Even if you know that the boss’s family is rich…… I didn’t expect him to be this rich.
Zhou Jinchen was aware of Xin Zimai’s strangeness and only explained, “It’s a birthday present ten years ago. At that time, it was under my name and it was only recently found out to renovate.”
Despite the location and size of this property, it was certainly not much cheaper back then but at least it is easier to imagine that it is now.
Xin Zimai nodded and asked about serious business, “How to spread the news? Do you want to keep it?”
The property bought ten years ago and the siheyuan bought now are basically already two concepts. Don’t know what kind of news the other party wants to pass on to Yin Yuan’s ears.
Nonetheless, Zhou Jinchen said, “No need.”
He looked at the contract on the screen and said in low voice, “The high profile, the better.”
The more money is spent, the harder it is to buy a house and the more people would believe that he had moved to B City because of the hard-won real estate.
And not because of another person.
On the eve of reporting for school at the start of the school year, An Xumo received an invitation.
“Housewarming celebration?” An Xumo read the invitation over and over again, but still didn’t quite understand. “Why am I being invited?”
Tang Tang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why else, it’s because you made money for the company ah.”
She has always felt very helpless about her own artist’s self-awareness. When will this child really have the awareness that he is already popular?

“A lot of people were invited to this dinner, most of whom are famous artists in Jin Dian. Counting it down, it’s about the same as the company’s official party specifications.” Tang Tang explained.
If counting two more months, this kind of thing won’t definitely be An Xumo’s turn but now that 《Different Roads》 has just been released and the film still has heat, it’s not strange that An Xumo would receive an invitation.
“But me and this……. Head Yin, haven’t been in contact before. If there is no personal relationship, would you also send a private party invitation?”
It’s no wonder An Xumo thought too much. Not only had he never met this Head Yin before but the only time he heard of this name was when Xin Zimai mentioned Li Pinghui who was dismissed during the filming of 《Different Roads》.
“This time, it’s said to be a private dinner but in fact, it’s just a pretext for getting together.” Tang Tang explained. “It’s mainly because of this Head Yin prefers to put on a show. When there’s something going on, he will call many people over.”
“Not only us, but also many artists and executives in Jin Dian have received invitations. I have inquired about it, as long as they have time in S City, they will basically attend the appointment. Our itinerary has already been reported to the company for approval, so if we refuse now, it may be too difficult to deal with it.”
Since Tang Tang has said so, An Xumo also has no opinion. “Then it’s good to go and pack your things when you get back.”
“Ok, but……” Tang Tang glanced at the door to make sure that it was locked before lowering her voice, “This Head Yin’s reputation is not too good. Xiao Mo, you turn on and put your phone in your pocket when you arrive, we keep in touch at all times.”
An Xumo was a bit amused, “Even if the reputation is not good, he won’t be able to do anything at a party with so many people, right?”
“Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.” Tang Tang insisted, “He can even lay hands on someone like Lu Pinghui, who knows what kind of accidents may occur.”

After being shared a long list of kept rumors, An Xumo repeatedly promised that he would properly hold his phone and finally reluctantly let Tang Tang feel at ease. The next night, An Xumo arrived at the location written on the invitation.
Coincidentally, Head Yin’s new home happened to be in the building next to An Xumo’s dormitory. Although the entrance was a bit far apart, the straight line distance was only a few hundred meters.
When An Xumo was welcomed inside, he realized that the environment of this kind of high-rise villa which was only one floor away was so excellent. Not only the interior decoration, but also the open-air garden, the outdoor swimming pool, and the double-story duplex, you can clearly feel the distinct gap between this place and the public dormitory downstairs.
When he first arrived at the villa, An Xumo did not see Yin Yuan. Although he has recently become popular, because his debut time is still short, his position in the circle is not yet firmly established so he hasn’t yet entered the core circle.
However, An Xumo recently turned his focus on his studies and he had no extra thoughts. He quietly sat on the sofa where the guests were, waiting for the dinner to begin.
Tang Tang said earlier that this Head Yin likes to be ostentatious but no matter the discussions in private, he is a big boss and does have the capital to put on a show. Once the call was made, others have to come and accompany him. Therefore, An Xumo had not been here for twenty minutes when he saw many familiar faces he had only seen on TV before.
He had seen many classical films when he was studying acting and there were many films in which these people were present.
Now that he is here, An Xumo couldn’t sit alone. He greeted these seniors but what he didn’t expect was that not only some artists who have debuted for many years but also several movie stars and movie queens, who were extremely well-known, were very friendly when talking with him.
An Xumo had never been in contact with them before, even though the exchange of greetings was relatively brief, the initial nervousness subsided for the most part.
When greeting a movie star in his forties, the other party smiled and said a few words to An Xumo. Before he finished speaking, he looked in the direction behind An Xumo.
An Xumo didn’t have time to turn his head before he heard a familiar low voice.
“Teacher Sun,” Zhou Jinchen came forward and greeted the other party.
The two talked for a few minutes and the movie star Sun left. Zhou Jinchen turned his eyes to the boy beside him, and there was something in his gaze that An Xumo couldn’t read.
“Brother Jinchen.” An Xumo didn’t think much about it and smiled at the person.
Zhou Jinchen looked at him, “Did you have a good exchange with the seniors?”
An Xumo nodded his head.
Zhou Jinchen wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by a noise coming from the side.
An Xumo looked sideways and saw that the owner of the house had finally appeared in front of the crowd.
Yin Yuan is over 40 years old but he looks only in his early 30s. His appearance is excellent among the group of high-level people and his height of more than one point eight meters makes him even more eye-catching. Although the house is full of famous artists in the entertainment industry, Yin Yuan’s appearance hasn’t been suppressed much.
Coupled with the aura added, he attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he appeared.
Yin Yuan came this way, greeting people along the way, and when he reached Zhou Jinchen, he stopped and smiled at the person. “How come you disappeared after a while?”
On the side, An Xumo bit the tip of his tongue and took a few steps back without a trace.
The exchange before the meal didn’t last long, the host had already appeared, and the dinner was soon ready to start. Yin Yuan obviously enjoyed the feeling of being in the limelight. He first walked to the prepared microphone inside the room and stood on the high platform to give an opening speech before announcing the official start of the dinner.
The people were evidently accustomed to his style, only after a long round of applause did they began to take their seats. Amid the melodious music, meals were served one after another, and the snow-white tablecloths were soon filled with delicacies.
There were a total of three tables in the hall, with An Xumo’s qualifications, he naturally can’t get to the main table but his position is not far from the Zhou Jinchen who was at the main table. They could see each other with a slight turn of the head.
Therefore, he can also clearly see how Zhou Jinchen, who was sitting next to Yin Yuan, frequently talking with each other.
From the time the conversation with his brother was interrupted, An Xumo had vaguely sensed something, and now it is even more obvious at a glance.
Before coming, Tang Tang said that Head Yin doesn’t abstain between men and women, playing quite high. However, he was generous, and his bed partner’s requirements were basically met so there hasn’t been too much trouble. Coupled with Yin Yuan’s real ability and means, the board of directors of Jin Dian also turned a blind eye to him.
Tang Tang also advised him that Yin Yuan has very mixed tastes and had kept all types of people. Therefore, An Xumo must not think that he isn’t in danger just because he only met a Lu Pinghui.
Now, listening to the conversation not far away, An Xumo really understood the phrase “very mixed tastes”.
However, he didn’t show what he was thinking and didn’t even raise his head more than a few times, only burying his head and concentrate on eating.
With his stomach filled with warm food, An Xumo took a sip of juice and sighed with satisfaction.
He just felt that he didn’t care too much about anything anymore.
After the acute anxiety attack that night, the doctor in charge of the diagnosis helped to prescribe medication. It’s just that An Xumo’s time did not allow him to complete the scheduled psychological counseling sessions. Now he has to attend school in B City, the psychological counseling can only be transferred to B City.
However, during the few long nights of insomnia, An Xumo has figured out a lot of things. After that, his panic attacks never occurred again.
Although it can be taken as a relief, death is not something that can be chosen at will for An Xumo now. He has a large number of fans and a team that is always looking out for him, and it would be too irresponsible to leave now.
Therefore, he’s going to make himself work hard to stay alive.
There was a roar of laughter coming from the neighboring main table, causing many people at the remaining two tables to look over. An Xumo, who had just clinked glasses with one of the seniors, lowered his head and concentrated on eating the pudding in front of him.
What originally provided him with motivation was his sun, the illusion he once had about a complete family. But now, these motives have changed from the past to bitter cold, cold to the bones.
As a result, after receiving treatment for anxiety disorder, An Xumo finally hardened his heart and began to push out the only two remaining images in his heart.
Whether it’s the sun or the ‘mom’.
Get out. I don’t want it anymore. Thank you.

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