Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Peel an apple for His Holiness.

The rain left Pei Xia drenched all over his body. He got off the horse in silence and climbed into the carriage. The wind blowing with the raindrops, pitter pattering, making a slight stinging on his face.

Pei Xia lifted the curtain of the carriage and whispered, “Your Holiness, I am coming in.”


Just as he was about to walk in, Pei Xia half kneeled at the door wondering whether he should go inside or not. The carriage is covered with expensive wool carpets, warm, dry and tidy. Pei Xia, who is in such a mess, will be incompatible in this exquisite carriage.

Pei Xia held the helmet and lowered his head, the rain dripping down his cheeks. He looked down and saw that the blanket under his knees had been wet by himself.

“Come in.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.”

In order to prevent the mud under the boots from soiling the blanket, Pei Xia removed his armor at the door.

He bent over and approached. But before he lifted his head, a white towel was put on his hair.

“Sit down.” Lucifer ordered indifferently. Pei Xia could only sit beside him obediently, he then saw the carefully cared and valuable hands actually held the clean white towel and began to wipe his hair.

The short black hair was quickly wiped half dry. Lucifer lowered his eyes, his pale gold eyelashes fluttered slightly, he looked at Pei Xia tenderly and carefully, “Are you feeling better?”

Pei Xia quivered and woke up from his daze. He was slightly embarrassed and put his legs together very tentatively, with his hands on his knees, as nervous as a schoolboy, “Yes, Your Holiness, but you don’t need to do this.”

“It’s okay.” Lucifer said with a light smile, his fingers had crossed the edge of the towel at some point and gently touched the flesh on Pei Xia’s neck.

Perhaps it was an accident, so Pei Xia didn’t think much about it. His heart was still beating frantically, “But…”

“No buts.” Lucifer interrupted him and used a towel to wipe the water droplets on Pei Xia’s neck. Then he came in contact with the wet fabric, he looked at him with a smile and said jokingly, “Wearing wet clothes must be uncomfortable. You can change your clothes here, and I promise not to peek.”

Pei Xia was finally able to speak, so he hurriedly said, “Thank you, Your Holiness, but it doesn’t matter. I can use Light Sword to dry my clothes!”

Lucifer’s smile stiffened slightly, “Really?”

“Yes.” Pei Xia reached out and snatched the wet towel from Lucifer’s hand, then rested it on his knee and began to release his fire-based Light Sword energy.

Although the Light Sword is not as outgoing and powerful as magic, when running a fire-based Light Sword, the body temperature will rise, which is very convenient for drying clothes.

Changing clothes in front of His Holiness?

No, no, no. That is so rude!

Pei Xia grinned to Lucifer, “Thank you, Your Holiness, for letting me come in to shelter from the rain.”

Lucifer looked at the towel in his lap and was silent for a moment, “You’re welcome.”

The clothes dried quickly. Pei Xia and Lucifer were sitting very close, he was a little restrained and didn’t dare to look at him. It’s not because of anything else, it’s that His Holiness is too beautiful, and Pei Xia is afraid that he will be shaken after looking at him for a long time.

And as a cheater who has read the original book, Pei Xia knows that Lucifer does not like people to look at himself with an excessive and peculiar gaze.

A sudden burst of relaxing and invigorating warmth enveloped the body, and now Pei Xia could not continue to pretend that he didn’t care anymore. He looked at Lucifer who was casting light magic on himself with surprise, “Your Holiness, many thanks, you are…”

Lucifer, a gifted and outstanding Holy Light magician, the favorite one of the Light God, is able to use light magic easily even without a staff or spell.

He nodded with a smile, his long, soft blonde hair swinging playfully around his waist, “This way, you won’t get sick easily.”

Pei Xia suddenly realised, and was very grateful. He then pushed open the window, “Buck, Mallory, come here in order!”

The cold wind suddenly cluttered in with cold raindrops. Lucifer, “???”

He hurriedly pulled Pei Xia in, “What do you want them to do?”

Pesha looked at Lucifer with understanding and said enthusiastically, “Your Holiness, I know you are a kind-hearted person, the glory of the Light God will always be with you. I understand your feelings of caring for your subordinates! You called me over first because you are afraid that others will be embarrassed, right? It’s okay already. Buck and the others are still out in the rain, I’ll ask them to take turns to come and receive the light!”

Lucifer sighed softly, “No…”

Pei Xia’s colleagues are burning with passion, “Buck, hurry up!”

“There’s no need!” Lucifer raised a hand to ruffle the broken hair hanging in front of his forehead, he smiled, “You’re right. Considering their nervousness, just let them stay where they are.”

“Huh?” Pei Xia was a little surprised.

Lucifer did not say anything more, he clasped his hands together, slightly bowing his head, and murmured something under his breath. Soon after, there is a gentle and faint golden light spreading out in all directions, with him as the center.

It enveloped Pei Xia, enveloped the carriage, and then enveloped all the surrounding knights.

The warmth comes and drives away the cold, even in the rain, they will not stop moving forward.

There is no more confusion, only an eternal faith.

Pei Xia looked at Lucifer with amazement. He was in the center of the light, pure and holy, as if an embodiment of God himself. No wonder there was such a rumor saying Lucifer is the legitimate son of the Light God…

Pei Xia probed outside the window and said, “No need to come over!”

The light gradually extinguished, and everyone was full of energy at this moment. Pei Xia sat in the carriage for a while not knowing whether he should go out or not. The colleagues were still outside in the rain, and they still helped him look at his horse.

It’s embarrassing to sit in the car and enjoy the warmth by himself!

A steaming cup of black tea was handed to Pei Xia, “Try it?”

Pei Xia hastily took it, “Thank you, Your Holiness!” He was a little upset. As a subordinate, how could he let his superior serve him, no, he had to find a chance to make up for it!

Pei Xia quickly scanned everything in the carriage, serving tea is too late now, then…

“Your Holiness, let me peel an apple for you!”

Lucifer looked at him flatteringly, “Okay?”

So Pei Xia seriously picked up the apple and the fruit knife on the table, and began to show his superb apple-peeling skills. That’s right, as the saying goes, small details reveal a lot. Maybe after seeing that he used a knife so well, Lucifer will definitely be even more convinced in his swordsmanship!

Suddenly, the carriage bumped violently, followed by a few neighs. Immediately afterwards, somehow the wheels skidded, the whole carriage actually tipped over and flew out!

Pei Xia’s body uncontrollably slid to the left, his hand shook, and the knife instantly slipped from his hands, the sky turned. He glimpsed a sharp arrow flew over. He was horrified and subconsciously raised his hand to throw the apple out.

With a swoosh, the sharp arrow pierced the apple and fell to the ground from the weight of the apple.

Next to his side, holding the handle of the fruit knife and looking at the tip of the knife which nearly pierced into his heart, Lucifer could not help but fall into a deep thought, “…”


The sound of wheel collisions rang out repeatedly, the Knight driving the carriage was very skilled, and finally controlled the carriage squarely, without making it completely overturned.

Pei Xia held the armrests in the carriage and breathed a sigh of relief. He hurriedly turned back to see Lucifer, “Your Holiness, how are you, are you injured?!”

He still remembered that when the car was slanted just now, he slid over and squeezed the opponent.

Turns out it doesn’t matter, he just looks frightened. Lucifer suddenly coughed twice, slowly raising his right hand, which has a not deep not shallow blood trace, “It’s okay, just a small injury.”

Pei Xia nodded, “Then remember to use light magic to heal it.”

After speaking, he stood up and grabbed his sword and rushed out directly.

Lucifer, “…” He fell silent and snapped off the fruit knife.

“Who is it?!”

The wind and rain hadn’t stopped outside, and all the knights had drawn their swords and confronted the people in front of them.

What appeared in front was a shivering girl in thin clothes, and three men riding on horses and holding bows and arrows. They wore cloaks and their appearance couldn’t be seen for a while.

Before, they were shooting arrows indiscriminately, disturbing the horses and nearly making the carriage overturned.

“This is not something you should know.” The man at the head of the group had a hoarse and low voice, and he spoke in an unkind tone, saying, “Our prey is only this one, mind your own business!”

Pei Xia frowned and suddenly remembered something. If he remembered correctly, the man was probably Count Hobson, and the girl was the unlucky little supporting character.

It’s already entering the original plot. Unfortunately, he has forgotten the specific plot, the only thing he remembers is… Lucifer’s Holy Light!

So Pei Xia took a deep breath, turned his head and said loudly, “Your Holiness, someone in front is bullying a young lady! Asking Your Holiness to judge!”

Come on dear male protagonist, your second male love interest and the first female love interest appear at the same time. Please do not be polite and go straight to it!

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