Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Expression of devout

On the third day, the sun was shining brightly. The Holy One, along with Pei Xia and six other knights, set off with two carriages.

The crowd cheered to bid farewell to the Holy Son, hoping him to travel smoothly and to spread the brilliance of the Light God to more places. Everyone had a happy expression. Except for one person – Andrei.

With tears in his eyes, he looked at Lucifer, who was sitting on top of Rudy, and he said, “Your Holiness, you really don’t need me to accompany you? The Light God above, without me around, how can your safety be guaranteed!”

Pei Xia, who was sitting next to the Holy Son, silently poked his head out, “He has me, as well as them.” He said, pointing to the other six knights.

Keeping a smile on his face, Lucifer waved goodbye to the crowd who saw them off, “May God bless all living beings.”

“May God bless all living beings!”

Lucifer is at the forefront, riding his beautiful, tall horse. Pei Xia rode a black horse on his side. As for the six other knights, two driving the carriages and four riding the horse on separate sides.

The small group then started to move forward.

Originally, the church had prepared to provide more people to escort Lucifer, but Lucifer refused on the grounds that he should not be extravagant and wasteful. In addition, his own strength is not low, so he only formed this small team.

Because there were no servants and no other priests, all the corresponding things of taking care of Lucifer were taken over by Pei Xia.

They slowly moved forward until they left the gates of the imperial capital, and the crowd of enthusiastic crowds became less.

It’s finally not so crowded. Pei Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

He opened the map he carried with him and looked at it. They had already discussed it before they left, and the first destination was Fad City. A medium-sized city relatively close to the imperial capital. If they go eastward, they will enter another country, Danadan.

After that they will march around the continent in the direction of East→North→West→South in a circle, spreading the light of the Light God to more places, and then return to the imperial capital.

“Cough…” There was a faint sound of coughing from his side, and Pei Xia immediately looked back and saw Lucifer covering his mouth with his hand.

He immediately pulled the reins of the horse to slow down and came to Lucifer’s side, persuading, “Your Holiness, now that there are no more believers nearby, you can take a rest inside the carriage.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lucifer’s voice was slightly hoarse, “Just a little illness.”

Pei Xia frowned in disapproval.

This matter about Lucifer’s cold is also related to tha accident last night when Pei Xia fell into his bath. Maybe because he was blown by the wind with his hair still wet. The next morning, he had a sore throat.

Fortunately, it was not so serious and not so obvious, so that the believers were not worried. Light magic is very effective in healing injuries and traumas caused by evil demons. Although it has a slightly worse effect on healing diseases, it is still effective.

Pei Xia wondered why Lucifer did not cure himself. After thinking about it, he came to the conclusion that The Holy Son’s disease must be so serious that the magic of light can only help him recover a little.

Thinking that Lucifer caught a cold has something to do with him, Pei Xia blames himself a little. He insisted, “Please go inside the carriage and rest; the believers will be worried if your condition becomes more serious.”

Lucifer slightly wrinkled his perfectly shaped eyebrows, his eyes hid the slightest trace of distress. He looked sideways at Pei Xia, his clear azure eyes could reflect the other person’s silhouette, “What about you, Pei Xia. Are you worried about me too?”

“Of course.” Pei Xia was surprised by his question, “I am your personal knight, so I will naturally worry about you.”

“Oh.” Probably because he was sick, Lucifer became a little unreasonable. He continued to question, “If you weren’t my personal knight, would you still be worried about me?”

“…” Number one rule for the employee: never be 100% honest with your boss. Pei Xia’s eyes darted down and he said with a somewhat concealed guilty conscience, “Of course, Your Holiness. I am the most devout believer of the Light God after all.”

Lucifer looked at him quietly, as if he had seen through his lies.

Pei Xia’s heart was shocked. Afraid that he will bring trouble for himself, he hurriedly began to think about how to make himself appear more sincere. So after a moment of silence, Pei Xia spoke,

“Oh, Light. You are the beginning of everything. When all living beings just started to grow, the Light God came to the earth, and He taught wisdom to the ignorant people.”

To enter the Church of Light, one must memorize the ‘Bible of Light’!

Since he has decided to be the most devout believer of the Light God, regardless of how devout he actually is in his heart, the outer appearance mustn’t be dropped.

“Well, Pei Xia, I can feel your devotion.”

“In that case, it’s better for Your Holiness to hurry and rest in the carriage.”

This time Lucifer did not refuse anymore, and obediently dismounted into the carriage. There are two carriages. One for Lucifer to use, and the other for several people’s luggage, supplies, and other things.

Lucifer’s carriage is decorated in an extraordinarily cozy and exquisite manner, with a light fragrance inside, fruit black tea and refreshments. The interior is spacious, enough for two people to lie down and rest without feeling crowded.

Pei Xia helped Lucifer into the carriage. He was just about to lower the thick velvet curtain and return to his horse when Lucifer tugged on his sleeve.

“Pei Xia, come in and stay with me.” He looked at him tenderly and said, His pale pink lips curving up slightly in a gentle arc.

Pei Xia was surprised, “Your Holiness, is there something wrong?”

“Cough, cough…” He coughed lightly twice, pressing the corner of his forehead, and said, “I’m feeling somewhat exhausted from the cold. I would like to hear you recite the Light Bible. Is that okay, Pei Xia?”

It turned out to be like this. Really worthy of being the Holy Son, the difference between true piety and false piety is really big!

Pei Xia looked at him with admiration, “Of course.”

Lucifer smiled slightly and said, “Then come on in.”

Pei Xia was very touched, but he refused, “I can’t do that, Your Holiness!”

“???” Lucifer frowned.

“If I get too close to you, I will catch your cold.” Pei Xia said sincerely, “I need to protect you, so I can’t get sick.”

Lucifer opened his mouth, and didn’t know what to say for a while. After a pause, he seemed to ask softly, “But you just promised me…”

“Please don’t worry, I can recite it to you by the carriage window.” When Pei Xia finished speaking, he lowered the door curtain then mounted his horse to the carriage’s window.

He cleared his throat with confidence, “Be assured, I can recite it to you without reading the Bible, please listen – Oh, Light. You are the beginning of everything. When all living beings just started to grow, the Light God came to the earth, and He taught wisdom to the ignorant people…”

Lucifer, “…”

The other knights whispered among themselves.

“As expected of someone who was personally promoted as a personal knight by His Holiness, his faith is really pious!”

“As expected of His Holiness, his vision is really good!”

They looked at each other for a few moments and gave each other a smile of relief.

Recently, the weather has been terrible. If it is said it will rain, then it will rain heavily, pitter pattering on the ground.

Pei Xia is wearing armor, but the rain still penetrates through the cracks on the armor and wet his clothes. Lucifer sat in the carriage, so he didn’t have to worry about being wet.

By this time Lucifer’s cold had improved, and wished that no one would catch a cold after the rain.

Pei Xia thought about it and silently prayed to God to bestow him the holy light.

This is also considered a kind of magic, but in fact, Pei Xia and other Holy Knights are not magic users. However, after they become Holy Knights, they will receive the blessing of the Pope or the Holy Son and they will be able to pray to God to bestow light to their body, which is equivalent to gaining an all-around buff.

True magicians are very rare after all, not just anyone can be a magician. Knights like Pei Xia actually used a special power called Light Sword.

Compared to magic, it is less powerful and more dependent on one’s own swordsmanship and strengths. But the threshold is also low, so there are more people who can use Light Sword than those who use magic.

In Pei Xia’s case, he is a Holy Knight who can control the Holy Light and use a fire-based Light Sword.

“Pei Xia.”Lucifer suddenly opened the window and the cold rain swept into the carriage, inevitably wetting his face and long hair. “Do you want to continue the journey?”

“Yes, Your Holiness.” Pei Xia wiped his face and explained, “There are only fields and trees nearby, and there is no place to take shelter from the rain. It would also be bad to hide under the trees in case it will attract lightning. Not far ahead is Count Hobson’s fortress, which can be reached in about half an hour. By then, we can borrow the Count’s house to stay.”

The rain now is not yet so heavy that they can not continue the journey, but Pei Xia vaguely remembered that this seems to have reached a plot point in the original novel. He has forgotten the specific plot, only remembered the key character Count Hobson, and that there will be rainstorms for several days.

Therefore, it is best to hurry to Count Hobson’s fortress while the rain is not yet so heavy. Otherwise, the rain will be even heavier.

“Okay.” Lucifer nodded. He looked at Pei Xia and suddenly said, “The rain is so heavy. Pei Xia, get on the carriage to shelter from the rain for a while.”

“It’s okay, Your Holiness.” Pei Xia wiped his face, “We will be there soon.”

Lucifer suddenly lost his smile, looking at Pei Xia with a condescending face different from his usual gentleness, he said, “Pei Xia, this is an order.”

Pei Xia looked at Lucifer, who was still sitting inside the carriage with a light smile, his azure eyes resembling the sea and also a glacier.

Suddenly, intuition tells Pei Xia that it is best not to refuse again.

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