Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Accidentally fell into the Holy Son’s bath.

For a moment, Pei Xia felt a strange fluttering in his heart, because the person opposite was too seductive. Fortunately his will was strong enough to not let his eyes waver.

Pei Xia still bent over and maintained a serious look while holding up a clean white handkerchief, “Your Holiness, is your hand okay?”

Lucifer slightly lowered his eyes, there was a trace of fragility on his beautiful face, “It’s okay. It’s not serious.”

“Really?” Pei Xia couldn’t help but ask, “But why doesn’t Your Holiness use light magic to heal?”

Lucifer smiled with difficulty, “…it’s alright already.”

“That’s good then!” The handsome dark-haired knight breathed a sigh of relief.

Although only a small wound, when appearing on Lucifer’s flawless body, it is particularly dazzling. Judging from Lucifer’s habit of always being clean and tidy and taking a bath with rose petals, it is obvious that he will not let himself appear lousy.

Him dropping the wine cup today is already a big surprise.

Pei Xia was a little sorry. Probably no one has ever said words like “You are not right” to Lucifer before, so he is not able to accept it for a while?

However, Pei Xia still believes that Lucifer will not hold a grudge against him. After all, he is so kind and considerate.

He found a broom dustpan to clean the floor. The glass fragments and wine stains disappeared, but the smell of wine still permeates the air, especially from Lucifer, whose robes are almost soaked by the strong smelling wine.

Lucifer sighed softly and stood up. His white robe draped on the ground, he said, “Pei Xia, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” The competent knight asked as he stood by his side.

“The pope and the elders have unanimously decided to let me make a missionary tour around the continent, starting from the imperial capital the day after tomorrow, while checking the work of the Light God branch churches.”

Pei Xia tensed his body at once. He did not show any difference and tried his best to make himself look calm, “Yes, Your Holiness.”

“This time, I want you to go with me.”

He just mentions him, does that mean he will not let Andrei follow?

Pei Xia was a little surprised. He still remembers that the novel began with Lucifer’s missionary tour on the mainland, and that the Knight who stood by him was Andrei.

In the original plot, Pei Xia has not yet appeared at this time. And when he appears in the future, he will not be his current identity.

Let’s just say that he, a butterfly from another world, has accidentally fanned out a tornado with his wings.

Of course, Pei Xia will never refuse Lucifer’s request. Not to mention Lucifer himself takes the initiative to mention it, even if he does not mention it, Pei Xia still wants to follow him at all times.

“Yes, Your Holiness. I will protect you and do my duty as the Holy Knight, and will not let you suffer any harm!”

Pei Xia saluted and swore to him, but he was still a little puzzled, “Aren’t you going to bring Andrei along this time?”

If there are two personal knights protecting him, the security will definitely be higher.

Lucifer held his slender index finger up in front of his lips, “Shhh…” he suddenly showed a playful smile. Compared to his usual smile that never fluctuates like a mask, his smile now is more lively and radiant.

“Don’t tell Andrei, lest he’ll wake up all the long sleepers in the cemetery.”

Pei Xia laughed, “Yes, Your Holiness!”

It turns out that Lucifer, too, was distressed by Andrei’s noise.

On this side, Lucifer and Pei Xia walked out of the dining room after they finished discussing things. On the other side, Andrei was guarding the door with bright eyes, not letting go even the birds flying through the night sky.

Who knows if a peeping tom would magically appear out of nowhere. After all, this was something that had happened before.

As soon as he saw Lucifer come out, he immediately raised a cheerful smile and said loudly to Lucifer, “Your Holiness, may I ask where you are going next? Your loyal knight Andrei Anima will always follow you.”

Lucifer smiled back and said to Andrei, “Andrei, I have an important task for you to do.”

“Please instruct me, this subordinate will do his best to complete it!”

“Can I entrust you to take care of Rudy for me?” Rudy is Lucifer’s horse. With platinum hair, tall and healthy build, very good-looking. Simply the prince of horses.

It is said that Rudy has half unicorn blood, with a high IQ and can understand human speech.

“Yes, this subordinate will go right away!” Andrei did not doubt anything. He received the task and went to take care of the horse with his chest held high.

Pei Xia escorted Lucifer back to the small independent hall where he lives. With all the facilities available, all for the exclusive use of the Holy Son. As Lucifer’s personal knights, Pei Xia and Andrei were allowed to live in the side hall here in order to protect Lucifer from close range.

Although Pei Xia feels that Lucifer does not need much protection.

At this time, back home, Lucifer took off the outer robe stained with alcohol, intended to soak in the bath to cleanse his body. Usually when he does this kind of private matter, Lucifer does not let people around.

The nuns and Pei Xia were responsible for preparing hot water and flower petals for him to soak in. After that, Lucifer would bathe alone while Pei Xia guarded the door in case someone broke in by mistake. until Lucifer opened the door and came out of his own accord.

But today, before taking the last step, a slightly weak voice of Lucifer suddenly came from within the bathroom.

“Pei Xia, can you come in and help me?”

Pei Xia froze, “Of course. Your Holiness, are you sure I can come in?”


Did something happen inside? Did he fall down?

Pei Xia didn’t think much about it, pushed open the door and darted in. The bathroom was filled with white water mist, which made everything look hazy.

Pei Xia looked into the bath full of flower petals. The beautiful blonde young man was sitting in the warm water with his back facing him.

Pei Xia took off his dirty shoes and walked over to him, asking suspiciously, “Your Holiness, what is wrong with you?”

“I’m…” Lucifer turned back sulkily and lifted an arm stained with crystal drops of water and put it on his head, as if in great distress, “I am drunk.”

Pei Xia, “??!”

Lucifer looked at him delicately, as if he was looking at some great hero who could save the world. He said, “Xia, I’m dizzy and can’t stand up. Can you come over and help me?”

“Of course.” Pei Xia was speechless.

He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t drunk at dinner, but got drunk in the shower instead, and… wasn’t that glass of wine already dropped by him?!

Could it be that he was poisoned by someone?!

Pei Xia’s thoughts went fast. His hands and feet also moved quickly, holding a large bath towel while half kneeling to the side of the bath. He wrapped the towel to Lucifer’s body and then helped him stand up.

The water trickled down his body, and a few rose petals inevitably got on him. It is as if these thoughtless dead things are also obsessed with this body that is favored by God.

Actually, Lucifer is a little taller than Pei Xia. He is slender and has thin muscles on his body. He is not as weak as Pei Xia imagined.

But he is probably really drunk at this moment. His arms and legs weak, he immediately leaned on Pei Xia after he got up. Pei Xia hurriedly reached out to hold him. But his feet unexpectedly slip from the sudden movement.

There is water everywhere!

His eyes widened fiercely, his face full of horror. In the next moment, he fell into the water with a plop while half-hugging the Holy Son.

“Puff–” Pei Xia stood up from the water, raised his hand to wipe his face, spraying out the water he accidentally choked into his mouth.

This is bad. Not only did Lucifer fail to make it to shore, but Pei Xia himself was also wet.

“Your Holiness, are you all right?” Pei Xia immediately went to look at Lucifer.

He saw Lucifer rise from the water, holding the edge of the bath and coughing a few times. The white bath towel had floated away, revealing the man’s beautiful and powerful body. Rose petals stained on his body. The red color matches his light golden hair. In the slightly dim light, he may be mistaken as a bewitching spirit.

Pei Xia froze and saw Lucifer fiddling with his wet hair that was stuck to his face. His long, soft blonde hair looked extra messy at the moment. His azure eyes were watery and hazy, inexplicably fragile and beautiful. It makes people feel a sadistic desire for no reason.

“Cough, I’m fine…” His voice was slightly hoarse, his gaze touched Pei Xia’s body.

Pei Xia quivered. He quickly picked up the bath towel and raised his hand, covering all the areas below Lucifer’s shoulders tightly.

“Your Holiness, I probably know why you are drunk!” Pei Xia said seriously.

Lucifer, who was looking at Pei Xia with confused eyes, “…hm?”

“Because it’s so stuffy here! The high carbon dioxide level creates a lack of oxygen and the brain creates an illusion as if you were drunk.”

Yes, it is because of this that Lucifer, who did not drink at dinner will feel “drunk”. Pei Xia also felt his body temperature rise after coming in, making him feel a little breathless.

Undeniably, probably Lucifer’s beauty also played a role in it.

But Pei Xia will never admit that he is this kind of person. He considers himself very restrained and seeks quality in his relationships, and is never the kind of person who loves whoever he sees looking good.

Pei Xia did not wait for Lucifer to say anything. He jumped out of the water, went around behind Lucifer. Grabbing his arm and dragged him up, then half dragged half pulled him to the window.

Pei Xia looked solemn. He reached out to push the window open, and the night wind rushed in.

He held His Holiness Lord Lucifer, who was wrapped in a bath towel, in his arms against the window, so that he could receive maximum fresh air.

“Are you feeling better, Your Holiness?”

Lucifer, whose face is covered by the wind, “…”

He lifted his hand and pressed his temples with a soft sigh. A few strands of blond hair floating behind him as it was blown dry by the wind. He called out, “Pei Xia.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.”

“You are truly a… knowledgeable Holy Knight.”

“As it should be.”

Finally, the Holy Son regained consciousness. Pei Xia closed the window and was about to get another bath towel to wipe his hair to avoid a headache, when the Holy Son waved his hand and asked him to go out.

“I’ll do the rest.” Lucifer pushed Pei Xia out, his fingertips gently slid over the back of Pei Xia’s neck as he said gently, “You’re all wet too, go and clean up.”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness.” Without further insistence, Pei Xia obediently left.

Within the dimly lit candlelit bathroom, the Holy Son, Lucifer, pinched a wet rose petal that had been taken from the back of Pei Xia’s neck with his fingertips.

It is as if he was loved by the world. The Holy Son, no matter where he sits, is always being chased by the light. His holy face contains a smile, but the pure azure eyes quietly become deep, as if there is something indescribable hibernating in the gloom.

His shadow was reflected on the carved wall, and when the candlelight swayed, the shadow suddenly became hideous.

He was looking at the rose petal on his fingertips and suddenly moved fingers. He crushed the rose petals. The bright red juice flowed down his fingertips…

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