Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Advice for His Holiness.

Returns to the present.

Pei Xia escorted Lucifer towards the resting side hall. Just like another annual Advent Day, at 10 o’clock when the sun is at its peak, Lucifer will leave the church in a float, touring…around the Imperial Capital before coming back..

They hadn’t gone more than a few steps when a young man dressed the same way as Pei Xia, but taller and stronger, with short, eye-catching red hair, rushed over.

When the red-haired young man shouted the words “Your Holiness”, Pei Xia could not help but frown in pain, because he knew that there were about to be 10,000 ducks quacking in his and Lucifer’s ears at the same time.

“Oh my God, the Light God above. Are you okay, Your Holiness?! Damn it, Pei Xia, you’re really not doing your duty. If it were me, I would have pulled out that damn bastard before he even threw the concealed weapon out! Pei Xia, you must reflect on yourself!”

Because the red-haired youth was arranged to guard at the back entrance, he was not able to protect Lucifer immediately, so he came up and excitedly circled around Lucifer.

The red-haired young man named Andrei, is also one of Lucifer’s personal guards, and also a supporting role in the book. As His Holiness’s guardian knight, Andrei was lucky to get more opportunities to appear in the story. Unfortunately, the author forcefully dropped his wisdom and made him into a foolish man with only His Holiness in his brain.

It is also because of Andrei’s strong admiration towards Lucifer that made Pei Xia suspect that the author was actually hiding in the closet[1]Hiding one’s sexual orientation..

Pei Xia knew that no matter what he said was useless, because Andrei’s load of words were essentially meant for Lucifer.

So Pei Xia only muttered in a low voice, “It’s because you’re like this that His Holiness arranged for you to guard the back door.”

In the next second, Pei Xia was nearly pierced by his jealous gaze, he touched his nose and stopped talking.

Andrei said bitterly, “Your Holiness, you really shouldn’t let this rookie accompany you to face the believers. Only I can protect you perfectly.”

Lucifer’s smile remained unchanged as he turned toward the side hall, “Well, Andrei, Pei Xia has done a great job. Can you be quiet for a moment?”

Andrei hung his head dejectedly, “…yes.”

Pei Xia glanced at Andrei with some sympathy. He still felt that Andrei was gay. Perhaps because Pei Xia himself is a gay guy, he couldn’t help but feel sad when he saw Andrei like this.

In modern times, Pei Xia’s parents divorced and each remarried and had new children. Pei Xia became a drag that both of them did not want. And when he grew up, he accidentally exposed his sexual orientation, making him even more despised by his parents.

Pei Xia also developed a slightly cold personality. He no longer begs for family affection. As long as he can live a healthy and bland life it is already enough.

As for love… this circle is somewhat messy. He also does not force it, just thinks about it. Maybe in the future he was lucky enough to meet his true love, and not having to be single for life is also quite good.

Now that he came to another world, with his small life still difficult to protect for the time being, he naturally had no energy to find the so-called true love. Not to mention that there is Lucifer on the side. Pei Xia feels that his aesthetic standards have been forced to skyrocketed by him.

If not for the fact that Lucifer is so beautiful that he believed that he was a shou[2]Bottom/uke., and Pei Xia himself is also a shou, and shou and shou cannot be together, maybe he will also love Lucifer bitterly like Andrei.

“Ai!” Pei Xia followed Lucifer and walked past Andrei. He couldn’t help but pat him on the shoulder, “My condolence.”

This is a no-cp[3]No couple. Sometimes can also mean harem. novel, your love is destined to be fruitless.

Andrei, “…” He showed a confused expression, “Condolence for what reason?”

At ten o’clock, the His Holiness, Lord Lucifer got on the float and started to parade the street on time. Pei Xia guarded the float on the left side, and the crowd shook him with unstoppable force.

“Long live Your Holiness!”

“Your Holiness, I will follow you forever!”

“May the Light God bless Your Holiness with eternal glory!”

Pei Xia couldn’t help but wonder whether this group of people believed in the Light God or believed in Lucifer?

Suddenly, there was a shout at the front, the crowd rioted. Lucifer frowned slightly, raised his hand lightly and the people unconsciously quietened down obediently.

“Pei Xia, go and see what happened.”


Pei Xia ran to the front and found that there was a young girl who accidentally fell to the ground and was stepped on by the crowd several times. From her appearance, it looks very serious. Pei Xia didn’t think much and directly picked her up and ran back to the side of the float.

“Your Holiness, she is injured!”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Lucifer comforted him with a sentence, then cast his light magic towards them. The gentle white light also fell on Pei Xia’s body, making his whole body feel warm and comfortable.

Soon, the young girl in his arms woke up. She opened her eyes in a daze, and when she looked up, she was confronted with Lucifer’s gorgeous face, “… ah!!! Your Holi-“

Before she finished screaming in excitement, her eyes rolled over and she passed out again.

Pei Xia, “…” This obsessive girl is terrible!

He carried the young girl to the side of the road and put her down to shake her awake.

At this time, the crowd on the street has begun a new round of praises. What pure and holy, great, glorious, kind, angel… These are just the usual words that he was tired of hearing, Lucifer glanced up inadvertently and caught a glimpse of Pei Xia who is coming back to the side of the float with a faint dissatisfaction showing on his face.

Lucifer couldn’t help but tilt his head and reveal a smile.

At the end of the parade, it was already afternoon. Lucifer was very busy, he had to endure hunger and went to the church to pray with the believers. Afterwards, he had to share the sacred wine and sang praises to God. Then when the night fell, he set off the huge fireworks formed by light magic…

Anyway, by the time it was all over, it was already late at night.

Pei Xia dutifully stood by his side and accompanied him through the hunger. And now, with the church door closed, they can finally have a good meal.

As the most distinguished Holy Son, Lucifer has the qualification of independent dining. He and two other personal knights dine in a separate room.

Because he was ordered not to talk during the meal, Andrei could only resist the desire to praise Lucifer, trying his best to maintain elegance and eat quickly.

As a result, when he had just put down his fork, wiped the grease from his mouth with a napkin, and was ready to praise the Holy Son along with the Light God for the delicious meals, he saw Lucifer turn his head to look at him very unusually and ask,


“Yes, Your Holiness!” Andrei answered excitedly.

“Then you go out.”

“Huh?” Andrei was stupefied.

Lucifer did not like to repeat himself a second time. He just smiled and looked at the helpless Andrei, whose excitement instantly turned into frustration, and walked out sulkily.

At once, only Lucifer and Pei Xia were left at the small dining table.

The candlelight is slightly dim, adding a touch of romance to the dimly lit room. Lucifer’s face seemed to carry its own holy light, and his long hair and eyes were shining.

In comparison, Pei Xia’s short black hair looks a little dull, but he didn’t realize it himself, his pair of honey-colored eyes look more thick and sweet under the illumination of the yellow dim candlelight.

“Pei Xia, are you angry?” Lucifer suddenly asked him. He held up a glass of sacred wine and shook it gently.

“No.” Pei Xia was taken aback, and although he refuted Lucifer’s question, he still unconsciously stopped his movement of using the fork.

Lucifer sighed softly, “But I can feel that you are angry inside.”

This is too godly. Is it really that obvious? Pei Xia was not very good at lying, and he explained somewhat awkwardly, “In fact, it’s not a serious matter, Your Holiness.”

“What is it?” Lucifer asked in a gentle voice. It was clearly a gentle tone, but it hides a hint of inducement, enticing the knight in front of him, who was not good at lying, to speak from his heart.

And as he wished, Pei Xia slowly clenched his fist, seemingly somewhat reluctant to face him, and he hung his head low, “Your Holiness, I will admit it, because what happened today also has something to do with Your Holiness…”

The corners of Lucifer’s perfect lips slightly raised an inconspicuous arc, “Continue.”

“I became aware…” Pei Xia took a deep breath and said, “That Your Holiness is very popular!”

The hand shaking the glass glass subconsciously speeded up a bit, and a small whirlpool formed in the red wine. Lucifer asked happily, “What else?”

Pei Xia slammed down his fork and said solemnly, “I think, Your Holiness obviously knows about your popularity, and also has the ability to make the believers quiet, yet always let the crowd chase. This is not right!”

Lucifer, “…”

The hand shaking the cup stopped.

Talking badly about the boss in front of him is probably an act of seeking trouble. But Pei Xia knows that Lucifer is a kind person who will cry because innocent people are hurt. So instead of having a more serious accident in the future, he should be warned in advance so that he can avoid creating the tragedy himself, so that no one else will get hurt and he won’t have to blame himself and feel guilty.

Pei Xia plucked up enough courage to say the words. Since it has been said, it is too much of a loss if he does not say the whole thing. He spilled all the thoughts on his head.

“The bigger the event, the more important it is to avoid accidents. I think that Your Holiness should restrain them. Whether it is to tell the believers that they should pray quietly, or to persuade them to stand still and wait and not always try to chase you from the beginning to the end… Anyway, you are the leader, you can certainly do it!”

After thinking about it, Pei Xia added, “Your Holiness is pure and kind, everyone must be able to understand.”

Lucifer, “…”


With a crisp sound, the expensive and exquisite colored glaze fell to the ground and broke into numerous pieces. The dark wine spilled all over the floor, and the sweet fragrance of wine filled the whole room.

“Your Holiness!” Pei Xia was startled, and quickly stood up to come around to help him deal with the mess. But Lucifer bent down to pick up the debris first.


As Pei Xia hurried to his side, Lucifer let out a short cry of surprise, then he straightened up his body with a slight frown and raised his hand.

A little bead of bright red blood is emerging on his white and fair fingertips.

“Pei Xia.” Lucifer looked up at the dark-haired, honey-eyed knight. His long, blond hair hanging down behind him, his face pale like snow, and he said weakly, “I will take your advice into consideration, thank you very much.”

“No, no, it’s not important. We can talk about it later.” Pei Xia couldn’t think of anything else right now. He hurriedly took out a clean handkerchief and bent down to try to wipe Lucifer’s fingertips.

However, the finger withdrew a second before the white handkerchief touched it, and he placed it in front of his rose-like lips, extending his bright red tongue to lick it lightly and slowly.

He looked at Pei Xia with pure eyes and didn’t seem to feel that there was anything wrong with his action.

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1 Hiding one’s sexual orientation.
2 Bottom/uke.
3 No couple. Sometimes can also mean harem.


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