Why is the Holy Son So Delicate?
Why is the Holy Son So Delicate? Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Protecting the flower[1]Chastity. for the first time.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, the sun was shining brightly. The doors to the Church of Light God were opened.

Countless believers rushed in just to seize the best seat to fully listen to the singing of the Holy Son.

Today was the annual Advent Day, and Lord Lucifer would personally lead the believers to sing hymns. The believers looked forward to it excitedly. When the bell rang, a person wearing a white robe embroidered with golden silk roses slowly walked towards the high platform.

He was an extremely beautiful young man, with long, silky hair as radiant as gold. At the first sight of him, everyone would be shocked by his out-of-this-world appearance.

His brows, eyes, nose and lips, there was no place that was not exquisite and beautiful. His beauty had a pure and holy touch and was beyond the gender barriers. A pure and straightforward beauty.

His azure eyes looked at his believers tolerantly. All those who were swept by his gaze were so excited that they looked like they were about to faint. His hands that were as white as jade without a trace of impurities were folding in front of his chest, his lips whispering the prayer, and soon, there were divine and warm rays of light that scattered from him.

Lord Lucifer!

The believers folded their hands together, full of excitement, but they did not dare to shout loudly, afraid of disturbing the Holy Son.

Afterwards, Lucifer began to lead the believers to sing the hymns. The pure and ethereal singing echoed in the church, enveloping the people inside. Hearing this song, everyone revealed a peaceful look. As if they had seen heaven in their closed eyes.

Except for one person. That is, Lord Pei Xia, Lucifer’s personal knight!

Pei Xia Christian, dressed in simple and exquisite silver armor, stood beneath the prayer table, impassively and dutifully scanning every possible anomaly.

The hymn gradually came to an end. Great, it’s safe today… Wait, what is that!

When the last line of the hymn was finished, Lucifer opened his azure eyes. He gave a perfect smile to the believers, then gently bent down and saluted. Just as he turned to walk off the stage, a foreign object accompanied by a scream came towards him,

“Your Holiness, please accept my love!”

The foreign object flew into a parabolic line, and flew precisely towards Lucifer. Just when it was about to fall on Lucifer, a silver light flashed and split the object in half.

“Your Holiness, are you okay?”

It was Pei Xia, who rushed over in a flash. And with one hand around the waist of the Holy Son, he turned half a circle to block him behind his body. He then backhandedly drew his sword to split the foreign object into two halves.

He asked the person behind him seriously, and his eyes landed on the ground where there were a few broken roses.


“Who is it? Who dares to attack His Holiness?!”

The believers were in disarray and began to spontaneously search for the b*stard who harassed the Holy Son. Pei Xia blushed with shame. He sighed while lamenting that Lucifer really deserved to be the Author Father’s beloved son, while on the other hand escorting him towards the back of the church.

“Thanks for your hard work, Pei Xia.” Lucifer half leaned on the other party’s arms, blinked his eyes and then smiled, “You’re such a brave knight.”

Pei Xia froze for a moment and immediately reacted that his boss was complimenting him. Because they had already left the chaotic church and were now very safe in the courtyard, he withdrew his hand back and straightened his body, then he saluted to Lucifer with the most standard gesture and seriously assured him,

“Your Holiness, please rest assured. I will certainly not forget my original intention and continue to study hard and practice hard to become a qualified Holy Knight.”

While still maintaining a slightly backward and weak posture, Lucifer gazed at him and slowly smiled, “…What a good boy, I really did not misjudge you.”

Pei Xia also smiled, inwardly relieved. Sure enough, superiors liked to have conscientious subordinates.

Pei Xia, the new Holy Knight who took office only two days ago, was named by Lucifer to be his own personal guard, which immediately made him attract the jealousy and targeting of countless people. But Pei Xia was not afraid, and even get more and more determined to stay by Lucifer’s side.

The start of this story began a year ago, and even happened in another world.

A year ago, Pei Xia was an earth nerd, and then he suddenly transmigrated after waking up.

If Pei Xia knew that he would go into the discontinued dog blood novel that he had read before going to bed and become the cannon fodder of the same name as himself, he would have thrown his phone into the refrigerator to calm it down.

Unfortunately, it was too late. When he realized, he had already transmigrated.

After waking up in a daze, Pei Xia saw a European classical style bedroom, and he was lying on a neat and soft bed. Not far from the bed stood a carved round mirror, and Pei Xia saw a teenage face inside the mirror that was very similar to his own but more exquisite.

Suddenly, there was a stabbing pain from his brain, and fragmented pieces of memory poured in…

When Pei Xia finished digesting those memory fragments, he sadly discovered that the original owner of this body, Pei Xia Christian, was a cannon fodder in the novel he had read before going to bed!

In this dog blood western fantasy novel, the cannon fodder Pei Xia was a down and out small nobleman. He had a very pure body and was possessed by the evil spirit, then he looked for trouble with the protagonist and was purified into dust by the protagonist’s holy light.

But wait! If being possessed by an external soul = being possessed by a devil, doesn’t that make him equal to a devil?

Pei Xia fell into contemplation.

But soon, he was sure he didn’t count as a devil—because there was no such devil that was as weak as him!

The memory fragments that Pei Xia obtained were very obscure, and the only function was to recognize people, so Pei Xia knew the only three servants in this house: the butler Old Jack, the manservant Frank and the maid Annie; but he had no idea how the original owner Pei Xia got along with them.

Pei Xia, who pretended to tremble with fear all day long, woke up in the middle of the night. He squinted his eyes to see a hideous shadow at the head of the bed. The horrible odor made his soul tremble with terror. At this moment, he finally realized that he was powerless in front of the devil.

The devil shadow said suspiciously, “Strange, how can there be the breath of another demon, did the prey get marked by another demon? Tsk… Robbing it doesn’t seem like a good idea. But if he’s alive tomorrow night, I will definitely enjoy it unceremoniously jie jie jie jie jie[2]Sound of laughing.!”

The demonic shadow then left after laughing. Pei Xia lay there with his stiff body covered in cold sweat, not daring to move until the sun rose.

The moment the sun shone through the window into the room, he jumped up and rushed downstairs with a big dark circle under his eyes.

“From now on, I will be the most devout believer of the Light God!”

Because the master was too young and only knew how to play without thinking, the financial situation of the family had become increasingly severe and eventually the family had to lay off a large number of staff to maintain life. The last three surviving servants were astonished.

But no matter how much they tried to persuade their master to calm down, Pei Xia remained firm in his determination to go to the Church of Light God.

Love was precious, freedom was more expensive, but for the sake of life, both can be thrown away! He wanted to go to church and hug the protagonist’s thigh!

Pei Xia knew that this was a world with the existence of magic and gods. Magicians had a high status among ordinary people. And among them, the status of Light Magicians that were also known as Holy Magicians, was the most majestic. This was because, in this world, humans generally believed in the Light God.

This novel’s protagonist was the Holy Son from the church of Light God. The novel described him as having a beautiful appearance, divine temperament, kind heart and great strength, but he was also coveted by countless people, including women and men. So Pei Xia went back to the work details page several times to make sure that its classification was “no cp[3]No couple, no pairing. Sometimes can also mean harem.” rather than danmei[4]Boys Love..

The novel once described how the high level Demon dared to invade even the Church of Light God, and the protagonist, Lucifer, had the most powerful light magic, and that he alone could eliminate the high level Demon completely.

Therefore, the best way that Pei Xia could think of to let him live smoothly was to enter the church of Light God and get closer to Lucifer. He didn’t expect Lucifer to be close to him, he only hoped that the other party could see him as a colleague and help when he encountered any difficulties.

But the reckless Pei Xia forgot that this was Advent Day. According to the regulations, the Holy Son had to ride on a float today, tour around the Imperial City for half a day, and then return to the Church to lead the believers to sing hymns and prayers.

When he rushed to the street, the lively crowd almost squeezed him into a meat pie. Pei Xia blankly followed the flow of people forward. Suddenly, there was a burst of commotion ahead, with the crowd surging back and forth like sea waves.

A luxurious float surrounded by flowers slowly came into view. The float was huge, and there were priests on either side of the float, holding silver pots. They kept waving outward the holy water soaked with rose petals. There was a high platform in the middle, and Pei Xia couldn’t help but squint when he saw a flash of golden light.

When the golden light dimmed, he could finally see the person in the center of the float, which was also in the highest position—so beautiful!

The illiterate Pei Xia was then shocked by the beauty who stood at the pinnacle of humanity. If he must use one word to describe him, then he would probably say: Angel!

Blonde hair, blue eyes, holy and beautiful. How similar he was to the image of angels in the heart of the fools?

Pei Xia even suspected that, out of many believers of the Light God, a large part of them only wanted to see the beauty of the Holy Son.

Since the Holy Son appeared in a float, people were approaching him like crazy, and somehow, Pei Xia was squeezed to the side of the float. Lucifer stood on a high position, and his feet were about the same height of Pei Xia’s waist.

“Long live His Holiness!”

At that time, everyone was shouting praises to Lucifer, only Pei Xia stood there blankly. When Lucifer looked around, Pei Xia subconsciously raised his head, just in time to meet with Lucifer’s line of sight.

Both of them smiled at the same time. Lucifer smiled lovingly and Pei Xia smiled awkwardly. He saw a flash of confusion in Lucifer’s eyes, but it was only for a short while so he didn’t delve into it. He saw him continue to face the other believers with a perfect smile.

“May God bless all living beings,” He closed his eyes and prayed.

Just then, an angry voice came from the side, “You’re blocking me from seeing His Holiness!”

There was a sudden force, and Pei Xia’s pupils shrunk suddenly, his body was unbalanced and staggered forward. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to grasp something to stabilize himself, but as a result…

With a whoosh, the whole world was silent.

Pei Xia slowly looked up and saw the bare calf of the Holy Son.

In the next second, the whole world was angry.

Pei Xia was arrested as a pervert who attacked the Holy Son. People wanted to punish him, but the kind Lucifer stopped everyone. He not only did not turn Pei Xia into dust with a light magic, but took him back to the Church of Light God. He then took his hands, tenderly and sincerely asked him about what happened in the end.

At that time, Pei Xia was very moved by him. He apologized with tears in his eyes, explaining that he really did not mean to do it.

The holy Lucifer said, “I know, I understand. You poor lost lamb, you are the one who was hurt by others!”

Pei Xia: The protagonist is worthy to be the protagonist, look at the clear and bright eyes of the beauty. Look at how kindhearted he is!

Afterwards, Lucifer said that it was extremely unfortunate that everyone had misunderstood Pei Xia yet he didn’t have the chance to explain it on the spot. And as a compensation, he would fulfill one of Pei Xia’s wishes.

With tears in his eyes, Pei Xia asked, “Can I ask for anything?”

“Of course,” Lucifer looked at him encouragingly.

Pei Xia thought for a while and said, “I want to be the most devout believer of Light God!”


It was possible, but the specific method of implementation must be based on reality. Lucifer said that the priests in the Church were already overcrowded. If he wanted to sign up, he probably had to queue until a hundred years later.

Pei Xia said, “I don’t have light magic, so please let me become a knight to stay inside the church and stay by your side!”

Lucifer then smiled, “Okay. As long as the heart is pious, the identity is just a false name. But to become my personal guard, you have to be strong enough to do so.”

So Pei Xia entered the Holy Knight training camp, where he endured a full year of hard training. From the once skinny white chicken, into a white boy with six pack abs!

He couldn’t help it. He was born white, so he couldn’t get tan.

After that, living up to his day and night private training efforts with excellent results, he was selected by Lucifer as a personal knight.

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1 Chastity.
2 Sound of laughing.
3 No couple, no pairing. Sometimes can also mean harem.
4 Boys Love.


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