The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King
The Real Young Master Becomes Popular After Entering the Dating Show With the Movie King Chapter 10

Qin Yanchuan paused, he did not say anything.

“That means I can refuse.”

All the people present looked at Chen Mingfei, but his expression remained unchanged.

“Wait, you mean to reject Wei Yang?” Qiao Anran’s eyes widened, his eyes flicked back and forth between Chen Mingfei and Wei Yang.

The whole internet knows how much Chen Mingfei likes Wei Yang, but now he has turned down the chance to date Wei Yang


Chen Mingfei didn’t seem to have any intention of explaining, and his expression didn’t seem to be fake, which made Wei Yang beside him feel uncomfortable.

What does this mean?

Chen Mingfei turned him down?

What game is he playing?

Playing hard to get shouldn’t be like that. Isn’t that just hitting him in the face in public?

“Mingfei.” Wei Yang suppressed the anger in his heart, “You…”

Chen Mingfei avoided Wei Yang’s approach and stood beside Lu Zeqing.

“It’s good to go to the art exhibition alone.”

This is already saving face for Wei Yang.

“Brother Zeqing doesn’t have a car, right? The art exhibition is a bit far, why don’t you take my car?” Qi Nan looked at Lu Zeqing with a smile, and turned to ask Zhou Shan.

“Can I? Brother Zhou Shan.”


Zhou Shan is not Wei Yang. Although he is gay, he has an extremely straight personality, and he only thinks that Qi Nan is kind-hearted.

“For the first date, Qi Nan will take my car? It’s not as good as your luxury car, but I’m quite reliable as a driver.”

“What did Brother Zhou Shan say? A car is just a means of transportation. What can you do with it?” Qi Nan said suddenly after finishing speaking.

“Why don’t Brother Zeqing drive my car, and don’t say that before the departure, the program crew said that there is no third party for a double date. I will take Brother Zhou Shan’s car, so Brother Zeqing can drive my car.”

“Qi Nan, what’s the use of being so kind to him? Lu Zeqing doesn’t appreciate it at all.” Wei Yang sneered, “Maybe he thinks you’re mocking him for not being able to afford a car.”

“How could it be?” Qi Nan bears the name of the young master of the Qi family, but walks the line of being close to the people, so he never shows off his wealth clearly.

“Brother Zeqing is not that kind of person. By the way, brother Zeqing, can you drive?”

“Director Qin didn’t say we can’t take someone, did he?” Qiao Anran couldn’t hear the deep meaning in the words, but only thought that Qi Nan was asking, in case Lu Zeqing doesn’t know how to drive.

“You and Zheng Qianfang can ride in my car together. I just changed the car and changed the color, it’s cool!”


Lu Zeqing did not reject Qiao Anran’s enthusiasm, which annoyed Qi Nan’s fans again.

[Our Xiao Qi was the first to invite Lu Zeqing, and he didn’t even say a word of thanks]

[That’s right, if Xiao Qi hadn’t asked, would Qiao Anran have invited him?]

[Lu Zeqing is just jealous of Xiao Qi, who made our Xiao Qi look good-looking, outstanding, and so rich, so sour like a lemon]

“Anran and Brother Zheng are in the same car. Zeqing can take my car, I am alone.” Chen Mingfei said.


[Is Chen Mingfei jealous because Wei Yang chose Xiao Qi before?]

[I don’t believe it’s that easy to break up after six years. As for chasing after six years, I won’t let go]

[Letting go doesn’t have to make a fuss, when you’re really disappointed, leave quietly]

[I hope it is really broken, Mingfei deserves better]


The two walked into the underground garage, and Chen Mingfei asked.

“Mn.” Lu Zeqing nodded, “You are more decisive than I thought.”

“I have seriously thought about what you said. Wei Yang and I were wrong from the beginning. He is a difficult problem to solve, and I stubbornly use what I think is the correct formula to solve the problem. No matter how I convert it, the result I get is all wrong.”

Lu Zeqing couldn’t help laughing.

“I know that you are a science student, but there is no need to compare feelings to solving problems.”

Chen Mingfei smiled and started the car.

“When I participated in the physics competition for the first time, the teacher told me to skip the unsolvable questions and don’t waste time trying to make mistakes. It will delay the time to answer other questions.”

“But I don’t listen to advice, I think I can solve it, and I’m about to solve it.”

Lu Zeqing asked in cooperation, “Then what?”

“I didn’t even make it to the rematch, and I didn’t finish answering the theoretical questions in the preliminaries.”

“The second competition… Coincidentally, I encountered the problem that I couldn’t solve. This time I solved it, successfully entered the semi-finals, entered the provincial team with the first place, and then participated in the national finals, and finally won. After getting the gold medal, I was recommended to A university.”

“But love is not an exam, and there is no chance to retake the exam. The teacher is right. If you can’t solve the problem, just skip it. It’s not worth the loss.”

If Chen Mingfei hadn’t been obsessed with that question and answered all the papers, he might have successfully entered the semi-finals in the first preliminaries, and he might have successfully participated in the national finals.

If he is lucky enough to win the gold medal in the first competition, then he will not meet Wei Yang, and the rest of his life may be spent in the laboratory of University A.

Chen Mingfei didn’t know if that kind of life was what he wanted, but he didn’t regret meeting Wei Yang.

He used to love physics, and immersing himself in solving problems would make him temporarily forget his anxiety.

Forget the heartbreak, forget the sadness, forget to care about whether he still has a place in his parents’ hearts after they reorganize the family.

After being immersed in the physics world for a long time, Chen Mingfei might get tired of it one day, and Wei Yang’s appearance replaced the physics problem, giving Chen Mingfei a new kind of sustenance.

He is not stupid enough to give up going to University A for Wei Yang, Chen Mingfei is a bit world-weary. He has never been able to find the meaning of life. The appearance of Wei Yang at that time just gave Chen Mingfei a new chance.

It was also the first time that Chen Mingfei became interested in things other than physics.

“Wei Yang is a physics problem that I can’t solve, and I persistently believe that I can solve it. I can’t tell whether it is because I am unwilling, or because I have spent too much time, and I should take it for granted that I should be rewarded after so much effort.”

“You don’t want anything in return now?” Lu Zeqing asked half-jokingly.

“Not anymore.”

Chen Mingfei felt that he should love the world like Lu Zeqing and live a free life.

There are many meanings in life, and sustenance can be a kind of mood, but it cannot be the whole of life. No one or anything should influence his choice.

He should be like Lu Zeqing, self-centered and more free and easy.

At this moment, Chen Mingfei suddenly realized that Lu Zeqing really didn’t care when faced with the scolding on the whole internet.

“I now know why you are so indifferent.”

Lu Zeqing raised his eyebrows, “Why am I indifferent?”

“In the first issue, you have been wandering away from us, and you seem to be out of the group.”

“Then I seem to fit in now?” Lu Zeqing asked amusedly.

“No, you don’t want to fit in at all.”

“I found that it’s good to be out of the group. When I go to the art exhibition alone, I don’t have to accommodate the other party. When I see something I like, I’ll stop and take a look. If I don’t like it, I can just move on.”

“Suddenly became so transparent.” Lu Zeqing joked with him, “Skipping this question, can you solve the next one?”

Seeing that Chen Mingfei didn’t understand, Lu Zeqing spoke more clearly.

“Didn’t director Qin say that there will be new guest in the next issue? There are four guests from the red party, so the guest who come will definitely be in the blue party.”

“No. I don’t want to solve the problem now, not in a year or two.”

Lu Zeqing chuckled, and then heard Chen Mingfei ask again.

“I found that your vision is quite high. I really can’t think of it. What kind of guy would you like?”

Lu Zeqing smiled.

“I like the cold one.”

Chen Mingfei glanced at Lu Zeqing in surprise.

“It’s the kind that just ignores me and doesn’t like me.” Lu Zeqing chuckled lightly.

Chen Mingfei: “…”

“I’m serious.”

“I’m also serious.”

After Lu Zeqing finished speaking, he suddenly thought of Jiang Siyu’s extremely charming eyes. For some reason, he couldn’t help but add.

“Anyway, I don’t like flower peacocks.”

Chen Mingfei: “?”

What kind of metaphor is this?

“Just spreading its tail everywhere.”

The more Chen Mingfei listened, the more confused he became.

“Are we talking about a species?”

“How do I remember that peacocks only spread their tails during courtship?”

“Isn’t it always arrogant and indifferent at other times?”

Lu Zeqing: “…”

The author has something to say:

Mingfei (enlightened): “Lu Zeqing is talking ironically, he actually likes peacocks the most.”

Qingqing (at a loss): “?”

Xiao Jiang (excited): “He thinks of me when chatting with other people, he really likes me.”


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